Dark Souls 3 – PVP Edition (Live Action Parody)

Not in the mood for an invasion? Why not say screw off with a cleverly positioned gesture? Invaded by Dark Spirit ‘Does this sword make my penis look small’ ! (Curl Up) Surprise b*tch! Hey! Where’d you go?! Several minutes later… Hey! Several more minutes later! Hey? Come and get me! My backs turned! WHERE are you?! Where did you go?! Is there a cliff around here? ECHO Too long! Where.. are you?! 45 minutes wasting my life! I’m outta here! Dark spirit ‘Does this sword make my penis look small’ has died. The Buff
Another exploited utterly useless negligible boost of a stat to give the buffer the delusion of an edge in battle. But is instead viewed as a waste of the duelers time. Summoning Dark spirit ‘Parry Panic’ AHHHHHHHH!! Get back here! Get back here! You get back here! AHHHHHH! Damn it! AHHH! I’m gonna cut you off! AH! I’m gonna cut you up! How much stamina do you have?! Gotta get outta here.. What..? It’s not working! Damn it! It’s the wrong bone! Oh, ok. Dark spirit ‘Parry Panic’ returned home. ..F*%# You! Got stamina?
If you can’t beat him just out run him. Summoning mad spirit ‘Meta Buff’. Let’s get serious! Oh my God his connections awful! What the hells happening..? Uh oh! Stop it! You stop that! I’m ready. How did you get behind me?! GAH! I’m not dead yet! AHH! My shoulder! AH! I used tears of denial. I’m dead! I’m dead leave me alone. OW! LAG…
More dangerous than any Dark Souls boss fight. Nope! F! off! Nope! We’re done! Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Get lost with that crap! What the hell.. Why’d you have to go and do that? I was fighting you legitimately! F^$#@! You ruined it! That was an accident! You RUINED MY LIFE! Nothing? Really? NO! F*[email protected] off! We’re done! Fine. F^!& it! Mad spirit ‘Tiny testicles’ has returned home. DON’T DO IT!
Resist all urges to heal especially if you called for the duel in the first place. Alright.. Let’s see what we’re working with here.. Oh! Look at you! Let’s get it on! What the hell are you doing?! Are you really gonna make it that easy for me? Alright Whatever.. (Clap Sarcastically) 360 PARRY
..that just happened. Oh Jesus Christ! What happened?! OH God! Oh Jesus! It won’t cooperate! I can’t see! I’m gonna kill you if I can find you! Where did you go?! GAH! Are you right- OW! Leave me alone! Leave me alone. OW! I’m gonna have to roll.. I’m rolling.. I’M ROLLING! Okay I’ve got space! Holy Shit! AHHH! Oh shit! Am I stabbing you..? I can’t see.. GAH! I… Now it’s fixed.. F*** THAT CAMERA!
That camera belongs in the lowest circle of Hell…

You forgot invading someone and they make it seem like they want to have a fair duel then when they once they get scared they run off and summon 2 people.

If someone invades me while I'm not looking for PvP I will going to heal the shit out of myself and summon all the phantoms in the area. And spam R1.

To be accurate, it needed 10 times more rolls.
Heh, why people are not ridiculing this concept? Thats the stupidiest thing to do in melee fight. No wonder there was not a single roll in any trailer.

you forgot the brazilian mage that kills you with soulstream through a wall

still solid 8/10 though my lads

there should be hacks and also glitches.
don't forget the ganks too…

I just "discovered" you, guys!!! Oh, my God, I don't remember the last time I laughed that much!!! I wanted to see ganking though… But you are perfect!! I want to see more videos for Dark Souls!!!!!!! Please, do more!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Dumbasses forgot to include spammers, and rage quitters, and the egotistical kings/queens that believe they are better than everyone

My Dark Souls 3 PVP experience in a nutshell.
Enemies with 10 million billion ways to heal themselves, lightning enchanted weapons and shit and even though you have the biggest fattest shield possible and a lot of Stamina, they somehow still makes you stagger after just two hits. And then when yuo go all out in pissed off rage to attack them, no matter how you hit them it's impossible to actually land a blow, which I can only assume is a combination of I-Frames and Lag.

when the samurai dude showed up to fight,, shouldve had him speak japenese from anime on sight,, in his own world… wouldve love that


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