Dark Souls 3 DLC ► 20 MORE Secrets Within The Ringed City

in the last episode we went over the main secrets in the DLC and As I’m sure you noticed it’s so easy to think you found everything, but there’s always more secrets tucked away For example until very recently I did not know Midir had a grab attack When I first beat Midir it was with a silver knight leader cosplay and in the five hours it took to deplete Midir’s Gigantic health pool, I remember continuously thinking “Man Ledo could have looked so much better” because a few days before release hundreds of assets were data mined from the Ring City patch and Amongst these were the Ui icons for a certain armour set look closely at it So it’s a well worn silver knight set and it has a few extra Modifications to set it apart from the other standard sets of the legion just look at those horns It would have been so perfect for ledo because he’s described as an eccentric Silver Knight a man wearing well-worn armor from his distant travels around the outskirts of the world Another thing that didn’t make it in are a few more lines of dialogue from the locust preacher This creature gives exposition on many characters of Dark Souls 3 and if my source is correct he was supposed to also say “Of all the fingers he alone was embraced by the Abyss, for he was human and never a grub, fear not the dark my friend and let the feast again So he’s describing a finger of Rosaria, but which one For a little bit of background fingers of Rosaria our red phantoms who invade kill and pillage For their own benefit and to gather tongues for their mistress in return they can be reborn Though those who are reborn one too many times run the risk of turning into grubs something that does happen to Yellow Finger Hazel in fact “Of all the fingers, he alone was embraced by the Abyss, For he was human and never a grub” so place your bets who do you think this is describing? There are only really three options for there are only three male fingers of Rosaria: Creighton the Wanderer, Ring finger Leonard and Middle Finger Kirk Personally I think it’s Leonard in this dialogue He was the one who eventually stole Rosaria’s soul in some misguided effort to keep it safe I believe he’s the finger in question because the dialogue says he was human and never a grub and Leonard is described multiple times as rejecting rebirth and the restoration of his scarred Flesh therefore unlike the other fingers he would never risk turning into a grub and losing his humanity of course for whatever reason this dialogue was removed which makes it unwise to draw conclusions, but it is interesting nonetheless For what does it mean to be embraced by the abyss that’s something we’ll go into in our locust video I promised so keep an eye for that Speaking of locusts. Have you ever tried to listen to the locusts below the swamp they say a variation… and While I was straining my ears listening for this fairly pointless dialogue, so I could fill out my 20 questions I noticed that the abdomen of the locusts is Remarkably similar to that of the angels look at the Iridescent wings and the stinger in particular Are these reused assets or is there some parallel to be drawn between the two creatures? Or am I trying really hard to make this a valid point to include in the video who knows? Just above the locusts is Lapp in what can potentially be the last place you meet him – “Please someone tell me who am I?” Why am I here? Keep revisiting him here and after reloading the game three times We get solid proof that Lapp was not lying about forgetting his name And he was not lying about going hollow if you make him hostile here You can unlock a more satisfying ending to Lapp’s story The Lapp Arc of Patches Quest line is really well executed and you have to love the clues they give you from the signature squat the slightly tuned voice and Especially the part where he risks his life to find you treasure if you failed to pick it up But did you know that it was always possible to guess who Lapp was? simply from his name a Lappe is a word in Middle high German that is used to describe a simple-Minded person or It’s ironically used to call a smart person a fool and obviously this suit Lapp to an insane Degree because he’s both lost his mind And it’s ironic that of all the intelligent people to lose their minds it would be our best friend Patches furthermore in Middle High German the name Lapp Also refers to a mender of clothes or shoes and was used to describe a cloth a rag or a patch Lapp also means patch in Swedish Anyway after you’ve talked to Lapp about the ring City. You can track this information back to its source Why where did you hear name love? Oh, it doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you what I know The Rings City is said to be at world’s end Past this heap of rubbish as far as one can go But you better think twice the Forsaken Ring City was walled off by the gods to contain the pygmies and The Dark Soul is better left well alone Number eight have you noticed what I’m zooming towards These parts of the dreg heap are on an endless trip Downwards and you have to wonder are they meant to provide the illusion from a distance that the dreg heap is collapsing downwards and inwards or was this just an asset that they forgot to lock in place and Some dreg heap assets should feature more prominently in my opinion For example if you look left at the very edge of the drop down to the Demon prince you can see the entire undead settlement cobbled together here and further down in the Demon Prince Arena there’s the rubble of the first firelink shrine you can even find the well and the stones Dead circle at the center and Of course don’t forget this part of the Grand archives This rooftop you can jump to in early Lothric This room where you first encounter Lothric knights, the courtyard in Lothric with two enormous snakes wait what I had this tweeted at me by @BestSiegmeyer on Twitter who discovered these giant ash coated snakes That bleed he posits that they might be primordial serpents But if they are they certainly lack the familiar features the signature nose the teeth the moustache thing No, whatever these are I’m not sure they’re from any age We know of, note however that they are impaled with the weapons of the Lothric knights as if a battle took place here Number 11 with every major drop in the dreg heap there’s the ghost of Gael to guide you but, did you notice also he’s ripped off a part of his red cloak and Weighed it down with a stone these additional markers show you where to go I bet He regrets it now that cloak probably could have done with the extra range in the boss fight The most significant piece of red cloth is located in the shared grave of the ring City Signifying the drops downwards that’s necessary to progress you upwards Speaking of does Patches really screw you over with his final kick Or is this him trying to help you and while we’re on the topic of Red cloth Yeah, I know it’s not really in the Ring City, but it was added with the Ring City patch Ornsteins plume, thanks to a small change.org petition Was added and it might have been a simpler task Because there was an edition of the Dragon Slayer armor which also had a similar plume and similar cloth physics Another thing added with the patch was these humanity sprite icons which signifies which bonfire location is the most active So whether it’s for PVP or for co-op use these to your advantage. Number 14 one area you can’t access despite it being plastered everywhere as promotional material is this lonely tower just past the first judicator giant and if you get the judicator giant to throw you over there You discover That there’s nothing inside Interestingly enough though there are these statues that you found around Irithyll though who they’re of has always been a bit of a mystery and given that they’re meant to be out of eyeshot I doubt this is much more than a reused asset and never meant to be seen up close and my God were some things not meant to be seen up close In the world brought to ruin by the breaking of the shell are two crumbled kingdoms off in the distance One is Lothric 100% is even a 3D model You can get close to and look at properly But further in a blurry 2d asset at the edge of the end of the world is this structure? It has elements of Anor Londo it has elements of that old Drangleic footage we saw but whichever it is I think that they’re trying to convey that this place at the end of the world contains the ruins of the most significant kingdoms and Lothric being featured so prominently here leads me to believe that our Unkindled Adventure© was potentially the most significant of all, as an aside this place at the end is what you saw in the opening cutscene With a pilgrim come to die outside the ruins of Lothric “the fire fades” “and the lord’s go without thrones” and of course the lords of cinder weren’t the only ones to Abandon their thrones so too would the pygmy lords one of whom Crawls towards Filianore this dude is dedicated look at his skull its disconnected entirely from his spine. I decided to devote about 67 gigabytes of file space to record this guy’s Journey all for this incredible payoff run death.exe I’m sure a bunch of you guys did this too. It’s the end of the game you have to drag it out somehow Number 17 the big question is what exactly does Filianore’s egg represent and how Exactly does it add obscure the pygmy [lords] and the dark soul and this end of the world scene And it’s fairly well established that wherever this is it’s in the future for example Gael’s weaponry is incredibly worned the pygmy lords have heard rumors of a red hood Coming to Devour them and of course the entire world has fallen to ash, and I’m still working on my theories but right now, I believe Maybe the time passed naturally for everyone else except us With their world slowly grinding down to ash, but for us It seems like we were fast forwarded to more or less the exact moment Filianore would eventually die For a pygmy is crawling to her somehow still expecting her to be alive I’m getting off topic. Sorry. I’m just really keen to make the main story video for this place But what I wanted to bring up for at this point was that there’s this obscure animated film by Tokuma shoten called Angels egg and without a doubt Miyazaki was inspired by this film when creating Filianore’s design And I hoped to watch it and discover the meaning of the egg through this film We’re actually going to have a movie night where we stream and watch the movie together Over on my discord so check out the description for that Another theory I’ve seen about the egg has been thrown around ever since Filianore’s design was shown and it talks about the resemblance between Filianore’s egg and the vagrants of Dark Souls 1 and have to agree. Then is a resemblance Look at them. They’re cracked in much the same way with a coarse dark interior and Remember these creatures were only present in Dark Souls 1 which was during the close of the age of the gods So even from a timeline point of view it makes sense that Filianore who was likely placed here in the age of the gods May have possessed one of the last vagrants these mysterious creatures Used to appear in other people’s worlds if you dropped items or if you lost a large amount of humanity in your own world and very very interestingly the cracked vagrants simply drop humanity and Twin humanity Suggesting that the humanity fragments of the dark soul might have made up that dark interior And for an egg with a black inside that obscures the dark soul of humanity from those who would claim it this feels very significant Speaking of time passing after you’ve used the Envoy Banner to arrive in the Ringed City Time passes in Ariandel And the fire that you lit to eventually engulf Ariandel takes root in the Chapel But that’s not the only visual change in the outside world because as noticed by xaonzen reddit There are now more trees in Farron keep Did they really need more trees here? I didn’t realize I mean it looks a bit nicer, but why? this baffles me if they decided to devote development time to this then what else in the outside world has changed Well one thing has the epilogue of dark souls 3 the song played in the credits after you beat the Soul of Cinder Has changed it’s become a little bit more powerful and with a few more instrumentals I’m going to just let this play for a little while so we can let the end of souls sink in a little bit I’ll see you next time in our story explanation of the Ring City Also, thank you to the ton of new Patrons we got in the last video this video would have gone out earlier for you guys But as you can probably tell I got really really sick And I didn’t even think I could narrate and hopefully my voice doesn’t sound terrible it probably does I’m going to listen back to it now. I’ll see in the next one. Thanks for watching goodbye captions done 1/1/18 2:19 pm by jimbo slice

I'm pretty sure that the serpents in the courtyard are a more developed version of the pus of man, it's the only thing from Lothric castle that resembles a snake.

I think it was probably Leonard because he was never reborn, and to become a grub, one must be reborn too many times. The reason you can see he wasn’t was because I’m the description of his silver mask, it states he wasn’t

This is very likely just an aesthetic echo but the vagrants pass between worlds, are nearly the embodiment of the distortion of time and space in anor londo, have crab or scorpion claws, 8 insect like legs and 2 misshapen crab stubs are growing strange growths that look almost identical to what comes out of rom the vacuous spider and master Willem in blood borne and cast a scatter bead spell quite similar to the attack mikolash uses in blood borne, at their core vagrants have this multi dimensional appearance and nestled in their glowing growths burst forth the small rings of miracle echoes which were only present in Darksouls 1.

The locust men and angels also share insect legs and it's quite likely that as chaos infected men to make demons the dark soul of man infected the only life living in the swap where the souls had settled, and changed these simple yet hardy insects into what would become vessels for the souls of these pilgrims who carried true humanity, these lord souls change what they make contact with just like the blood of the old great ones. and if we look at the great lord great souls they are aspects which were absent in the fogged world of arch trees and everlasting dragons, they came into being as aspects of nature out of nowhere and to be such an aspect is to have written indelibly on some surface underlying a reality where that reality's natures, aspects, and laws are; a sort of meta layer. Simulation theory and the occult both recognizes a plane out of human experience bound to our existence where code describing nature or natural laws are written, it's between those meta layers that the great old ones in bloodborne would have ascended, to allow a persistent consciousness out of space and without form. I'm thinking miyazaki is aware of this aspect of occult writings and it's why it seems to be so cognizant and consistent in the games he directs, I refuse to dig too far into occultic writings because I generally don't want anything to do with them but I am also aware that those old ones lovecraft wrote about are not entirely his own concept and that there are concepts he likely based his ideas on that go back to pre demonological concepts in occult writings that are based around explaining perceived randomness as the will of a natural aspect, this blossomed into pagan religions the world over but also there are occult writings from early civilizations and those that took up the mantle of their ideas that there are intangible natures or that these seemingly random or living things like the motion of fire or the ordered nature of heavenly bodies are aspects of intelligence which belie our reality, the seas responding to the moon's position and phases would be interpreted as one being giving another being orders because to the observers they could notice the Gravitational forces of the moon.

IRL occultism aside we see these underwritten natures and aspects within miyazaki's work, the aspect of deathly conglomerations with purpose after life in Nito and the one reborn, Kos to Seath and what appears to be a larger goal of spreading the seed the of Kos or some being above Kos, a palid one, seath begets himself into the hominids, once men, now gods who poses the soul of fire, some other eldritch nature perhaps, and in reincarnation his soul and aspect slips within a great stoney spider perhaps a descendant of a transposed aspect of Rom, we see a descendant of Seath waiting to be consumed by the death conglomeration of Aldritch,

As strange as this might sound I think The moon presence is the result of an inter-dimensional "breeding" program perhaps guided by it'self to inherit the aspects of nature and other great ones who underlie natural aspects and supernatural aspects and is likely attempting to fight the established natural order which is the abyss, the void and darkness and it's avatars are in mankind with the darksoul but also in amygdala whose heads resemble human effigies.

All of the above is probably bullshit but it comes from the persistent idea in soulsborne games of natural or supernatural aspects vying for dominance and that really all the "actors" are simply puppets of natural laws and truths.

Maybe filianore held the crab thingy in an idea that if anything happens to it then it means something will happen to her

1. The crab is the last of its rare kind
2. Filianore is one of the LAST of her kind

3. The age of Gods and fire is over and dead

And since the egg/crab vanished, then shall she too.

She felt when the crap dissipates maybe then it was time for her to accept it and let go and extinguish herself?

What' with the three scratches on the statues you said were a reused asset?
They look like they were added later, not like a part of the statue.

I know I'm awefully late to the party, but if you look closely, the angels also have locust legs. There's definitely a connection.

I’d say the serpents at lothric were snakes that were to be dragons, such that the covetous serpent rings indicate. They may have been young and untamed, the knights trying to put them to rest.

I've never played Dark Souls, but I really enjoying your way of telling stories ! Thanks for bring me the history of Dark Souls !

The kingdom beside lothric that we saw looks like the kingdom on ds 3 cover where soul of cinder grab the ashessss

Okay, question… Since the "End of the World" is at the end, and the sun is still shining (which it does when you re-link the first flame, but not when you usurp or extinguish it), does that mean that this is the world in the future if you decide to link the flame?

i know im late, but im pretty sure you got the "lappe" german thing wrong, first of all, even tho in some accents it sounds like "Lappe" the word would be "Lappen" and it only really means a patch of cloth, usually one thats used to clean up things… it is not precisely defined what it means to call people a Lappen, it is mostly used as a insulting term describing someone who is incompetent or a whimp, but it is used to describe people in general who are unimpressive, fail at things or are bad at things, especially if they like to talk big

"Lap" is also Dutch for a piece of cloth. Mostly used when describing a patch of cloth that is wrapped around the hands when handling hot pans on a stove.

Hey man 🙂 your Videos are great ! This is my First game from the series and your Videos with all the explanations and theories makes it an even better experience 🙂 by the way im German and i never heared the word "Lappe" in my hole life XD

Hmm in my opinion it might be Kirk who got mentioned by the Locust Preacher
Because I remember his background story from DS 1
There was the Fair Lady, leader of a covenant, one daughter of chaos and sick from poisoning. To level the covenant, you can offer your soft humanity to heal her.
If you kill Invader Kirk in all his locations, his armor set can be found on a corpse near the fair lady.
So he invaded other people, which grants you in Souls 1 a humanity, then gave them to the fair lady to heal her
In some way, he sacrificed his humanity to safe one other person
And isn't that a feat that make us human?

I really expected that angels looked a bit heavenly, but Dark Souls said "Nope, let me mess that up"

9:20 Its Gwyndolin look at the moonlight set from DS1 is basically the same only without the Crown. The statue are all over Irithill because Gwyndolin led Irithill and seemed to be the main deity worshipped before he was userped by the pontiff and Aldrich. The same figure appears on the doors to the Church of Filianore becuse as the learder of the Dark oon Blades he was in charge of safe guarding the heirs and legacy of the Gods as well as punishing those who wronged them. Basically its symbol of the protection of the Moon.

not certain how well known it be. yet after you defeat the Cinder Soul. every map that exists within that time period has the dark sign within the sky, the maps that are outside your current time have their regular atmosphere,

The Preacher doesn't only talk about dark souls 3 characters. When you first talk to him after the first judicator giant, he describes Artorias

Weird story here, but every time I complete a play through of ds3, I get a cup of hot coco burry myself in cozy blankets and watch whatever end of the world I’ve set up. The end theme is way too nostalgic for me lol!

I feel like the one embraced by the Abyss was actually Kirk, but only for the fact that the only way to become a Darkwraith in DS1, where Kirk is from, is by traveling to the Abyss and talking to Kaathe.

hmm well i did not know that soul of cinder can parry you, i just found out recently when i fought him in ng+8

i dont get it if this place is at the end of the world it means its far from lothric why does it have things from the grand archives and a building before the vordt boss fight

For number 14 the broken off land with the castle so we say at the top doesn’t it look like the thing from the wedding or funeral of Anri just before anor Londo

I feel number 16 could be the brother of the twin princes, that same crawl happens when he crawls out during the boss fight. Plus the crown, prince, princess?

Did anyone travel back to the beginning areas for the eclipse? I read down that it occurs after Aldrich and Yhorm are dead.

what if the vagrents are able to think for a purpose they apear seamingly out of nowhere tasked to collect what if she has the only vagrent who doesnt have this purpose but a more pure form of the vagrent and the others collect to reform themselves and to try again to become pure

did yall know the rosaria finger boi in firelink shrine has unique dialougue if you hit him while wearing xanthous crown?

I'm pretty sure that's only the future if the age of fire continues there is plenty of evidence of ash and ruined because of it lasting too long

Im wondering why nobody is mentioning the great joke VaatiVidya has said at 9:08 for that i shall invite you for a cup of tea !

That movie is so fuckin strange. I watched it with some of my friends and we just sat there the entire time screaming "WTF ARE WE WATCHING!?!?!"

i know this is old video and i recently started ds3, im happy to watch your video, since i have no time/chance to look around the places (more desperate to survive)… xD

It's sad how the pygmy lord thought "only a few more steps and Filianore would have saved me", when in reality he was fucked from the beginning because there's no one in there.

Go to the far right from where the pygmy lord was crawling. There is a fairly small area, arena like space, to fight 1 last time.

4:52 The word "Lappe" does not exist in german language. The correct word is "Lappen".
Edit: Oh, forgot to say: Yeah, Lapp (Patches) is indeed a Lappen.

I always thought Filianore broke up into filia-nore. Filia as in the suffix 'philia' which is a strange love for something, and nore as in 'noir' which means black in French or as one could take it, dark. Love dark, or love of the dark??

did you know in the room in irithyll were smoughs hammer is theres two picture hinting the dlcs since the release of the game

The ringed city stands at the edge of the world protected by the name sake ring from the rest of the world crumbling and grindind in on itself. This city is said to have been a gift to the pygmies though a prison would be a much better discription, for it contains the pygmies and with them the dark soul which gwyn feared. At the heart of the ringed city sleeps Filianore, daughter of gwyn, embracing a partly broken egg. A certain darkness is visible within the egg. No doubtedly, the egg symbolizes the ring of the city while the darkness stand for the pygmie's dark soul. Strangely enough, this same relationship between light surrounding the darkness can be seen in the tiny sprites called humanities and the amolgamation of a great numer of souls forming a single grand soul (gael and midir souls). The edges of humanities give off a fine white light similar to how, when enough souls come together, they form a white border around a dark centre, resembling humanity. It is highly unlikely that the two last bosses, possesing the largest number of souls and thus housing the biggest souls, up until now, have by mere chance a strong resemblence to humanity, the egg and the ringed city, but perhaps this is not what happens to every soul, perhaps it is just a symptom of geal consuming the blood of the dark soul and midir having eaten the dark for his entire life, both of them etching humanity itself upon their souls, altough geal wasnt fully there yet, as seen by his souls only completing half of the border around humanity. This is just my theory and if this was all intended to be interpreted as I have, it could have been backed up significantly better. For example by midir dropping a humanity upon death which would be unique and entirely useless. But if that item would exist in ds3 it could make so many thing clear. But as it stands we will not know the answer because miazaki wont ducking make dark souls 4 what the hell?!

Nobody has talked about the four statues in the room right before the drop to Midir that look very much like the primordial serpents. They have arms and possibly legs but the face is definitely the same.

Just a theory but what if the egg that is being held signifies the abyss, it’s hidden innocence, and it’s final takeover. The egg can be metaphorically seen as the dark sigil: white edges covering up and hiding the inside leaving it untouched. The egg’s inside also looks extremely similar to the tendrils of the abyss seen on the watchers armor. What if when you break the egg open it finally breaks the last hold on the abyss and the current world of fire and allows for the abyss to take over completely ushering in the long awaited age of darkness that was constantly put off. The vagrants even have a place in this, vagrants would show up when you lost large amounts of humanity but nobody really knew much about them. What if these vagrants are heralds of the age of darkness to come? When you break the egg open time seems to fast forward and the world begins to change (for example trees in Farron woods grow denser, darker and new tendril-like branches appear) showing that the world has slowly been corrupted by the abyss. Just a theory however

I've finished the game and honestly? It's solid, a bit on the easy side (except maybe Midir). I kinda disliked how the events from DS1 never happened (Ornstein leaving the cathedral? WHAT? Gwyndolyn falling "sick" when I've clearly killed him?) and don't buy the "repeating cycles" bs. When you get familiar with more and more japanese storytelling you'll see that what we in the west attribute to careful planning and symbolism is just a front covering "let them tell their own story" attitude. Creating story and lore theories based on Japanese games is misguided, because they don't "hide" the lore, but rather not create it at all with a mindset that it's best to let the player's imagination tell the rest more often than not. A lot of lore theories come from assets that have been put in different locations to save time. It's like trying to read lore from anime backgrounds – a lot of it is individual artist's whim, and not a carefully planned effort.

6:24 "Or was this just an asset that they forgot to lock in place?"
Are you shitting me, Vaati? From doesn't have the best programmers in the world, but who would even entertain this idea for one second??
Same with Patches' last trick. OBVIOUSLY he tried to help you. C'mon, son.

Also the snakes were teased as an enemy or boss in pre-release pictures.

Sad we didn't get to see Drangleic castle in the world brought to ruin. Would have been nice to see the three kingdoms of the trilogy together.


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