Dancing Puppets – Episode 2. Russian TV series. Mystical Thriller. StarMedia. English Subtitles

I’m sick and tired of you! Nika, wait! Yulia
disappeared, and her father… Hello, police? Nika, Nika, wait! Wait! Nika, look! Police? Please take my call. Nika, I’m a private detektive! I’m very happy for you. Do you know how to
use a vacuum-cleaner? You failed to find her and you
exposed yourself to the police! I want you to find my daughter. I came to Martha Rudolfovna. Please come in. The living-room is straight down
the corridor and to the right. Do you think she’ll kill Martha? What? How did she die? It was an accident. It is very convenient to
talk about an accident. I have a feeling that nobody
knows what happened in reality. What is the Kulichki? There is a mental
hospital at the Kulitchki. I see. Thank you. Star Media presents Anna Kamenkova Alexei Sekirin Hello. I’ve come to the archives. Hello. Here you go. Maria Paley Alla Ivantsova What was the patient’s
surname, did you say? Sakharova. Sakharova… Which one do you need? Are there several of them? Yes. There are two. Tatyana
Sakharova and Yulia Sakharova. Which one do you need? Exactly. A mother and
a daughter. I need both. Art Director – Svetlana Smirnova Music by Alexei Chintsov I helped her! I hired her and
gave her a roof above her head, and what did she do? She pours
half a liter of my perfume on herself and rummages in my lingerie! Martha Rudolfovna, I beg
you! I didn’t want to! Get out of my house, now! Martha Rudolfovna, I have no
place to go! Please! I beg you! This is enough! Martha, where will she go? I don’t know. Let her
go back to her Torzhok… Where are you from? My father will kill me if I
come back! Martha Rudolfovna, I didn’t do it on purpose!
I just wanted to be beautiful! ‒  Yulia!
‒  Shhh… I wanted to be like you… Yulia, you could have asked
for Martha’s permission! Girl! Hairdo, make-up and
perfume are not important! Youth is the main beauty! Nonsense! Youth doesn’t mean anything! This is not a problem that
this girl hasn’t got lucky with both face and
figure. The problem is that there is no brain
in this ugly head. A clever woman may be a
beauty even… with such makings. Do you really think so? Well? Will you talk to the
comrade or shall I close him in? Captain, why close in? This is not a problem.
We’ll find a pretext. Vesta, my beauty! When I took her, she was as big as a loaf of bread! I bought her at the police
breeding house, from Snigirev. Will you have some tea? Don’t
stand like a stump, sit down! No, I won’t. A summer cottage
was robbed, the Konovalovs’, I have to go there. This is it!
Shall I take him with me? Let him live! He seems to be
a normal guy. He has a dog too. A dog? A Southern-Russian sheep dog. A puppy. You’ll have troubles with this breed. I am already suffering.
She is chewing everything… Let’s go. We’ll see Uncle Snigirev off. What about the documents? Well… God! By the way… He is registered
in Moscow and he isn’t married. Get out! Not married! Hell
hello to our guys from me! I saved you! Thank you. May I sit down at the table? You may. What did you want
to get to know about Yulia? Again, Nicolay? The man is suspicious. Let’s look at that man. Here you go. Thank you. May I take it with me? Of course, you may not. The
papers shall stay in the archives. What a pity! May I
take a few notes, then? Do you have a pen? I do. Thank you. Lida? Yes? What is going on? Why are
there strangers in the archives? Anna Vladilenovna,
he is from the police, concerning Sakharova’s case. You
signed the permission yourself. ‒  I didn’t sign anything.
‒  How can that be? Wait. What about this?
I beg your pardon. Isn’t it your signature? Where is it? I didn’t sign anything. I saw the permit! He showed it to me! Where is it? Here it is!
Isn’t it your signature! Come to my office with me.
We’ll discuss it there. Leave the medical file, please. Well… So, she called me at night,
frightened, all in tears. Something happened
between her and her father. Do you know what had happened? She didn’t tell. She just asked
me to let her stay at my place. Did you let her? Of course, I did… I piled
up the trouble on my head. I can understand her.
She is just… Her fate was grave. Her mother died young.
Her father is a bastard. I just feel hurt for I
let her live in my house and she unleashed dogs on me…
in a figurative sense. This is Gzhel. Yes. What? My dad collects the brand. ‒  I beg you pardon.
‒  This is OK. Did you quarrel? Well… I had no wish to quarrel with her. However, she triggered
scandals often. Such scenes! What scenes? Yulia is an incredible person. She is a genius when it comes to
parasitizing on her troubles. We had a classmate…
a student of the same year. Vlad, our top student.
He helped her write her thesis. And she gave him in
to the dean. Just so! What for? She said that he was selling theses. Did he? What difference does it
make? This is not important! Her deed is, though! I feel
sorry for the boy. He was good. He tried entering the
institute to study for free three times in a row,
and then he was expelled. His heart failed and he
got into the hospital. How could she do such a thing? I also had troubles because of her. There are such people, unfortunately… Do you want some more tea? No, thank you… Yes, Babkin… This is it! Lena, you forgot to take your medicine. Later, mum. No, now! Yes, thank you. Is it your interview? Yes, it is. What can one talk with
a former model about? I doubt that they can read. What? Who? The models. I see. You stayed at her place for so long… I started to worry.
I wanted to call you. Mum, Konetskaya is an incredible person. She has such zest to life!
Almost like an animal. She offered me to have
dinner with her, so… And I cooked your favorite custard pie. Mum, I’m, sorry. I couldn’t refuse her. I don’t think anybody can. Do you know how she eats? I don’t know.
You dined with her, not me. She is eating as if she is hungry.
However, she tries to hide it. I’m sure that she orders bloody steaks. Ugh! Bloody steak… Bloody steak… Good girl! How awful! Bloody steak… There is something from
an animal in her indeed. It is attractive. I’m sure
that she has a load of admirers. I shall ask her about
her admirers next time. Will you go to her again? Yes. I want to get to
know more about her. Maybe I’ll write a series
of articles about her. What about a book? Or did you decide to
never write a novel again? I don’t know, mum.
I talked to Konetskaya, and… I don’t know now. I see. Go on, work! I’m working, I am working… Vesta, don’t pull me!
Come here, Lord! I told her that I could speak to my
acquaintance and he would hire her. “No, no, no need to,
everything is fine”… Did she have money? What money? Her father used
to give her some kopeks. He stopped supporting her
after they had quarreled. So… Yes, I fed her, if you mean it.
However, this is nothing. I didn’t mind. I can
understand any situation. However, she could have
behaved more politely. I come from the institute
and see her things lying about the apartment,
some orange and tangerine rinds… I gather the mess…
I don’t mind cleaning, but… she was making rows! Is that normal? I don’t get it. Did she make a row
because you started cleaning? Yes. I cleaned the carpet and the sofa. It violated her personal space…
in my house! Is that normal? She was standing all white,
her eyes were mad, she was shouting so
loud! It was terrible! I couldn’t sleep at night after that.
I was lying thinking: “What if she is mental? Who
knows what she is up to”? I came up to her in the
morning and asked her calmly: “Yulia, could you please leave”? Do you know where she went? Thanks God, no! You know what?
I’m not interested at all! The subscriber can’t be
reached at the moment. Be quiet, be quiet. What’s the matter? Sleep, sleep. Sleep, girl. Lie down. Vasya, where are you going? Nowhere. Damn it. Nowhere. Sleep. Hey! Hi. How are you? What are you doing here? I called you but you wouldn’t answer. Are you crazy? You’ll wake mum up. I forgot about mum. It’s weird that she doesn’t
close you in a box for a night. Did you say what you wanted? I’m sorry. Stop it. Can we talk like normal
people? Just for five minutes. ‒  Take the foot away!
‒  Just five minutes, OK? Take the foot away! This is it. Take your
hand away, There you go. All right. Let’s do it. Lena, what’s the matter? ‒  Why did you stop writing?
‒ What? You used to write a novel
about some physicist. You wanted to finish
it as soon as possible. Look, Vasya. Did you come
in the middle of the night to get to know why I
stopped writing a novel? I did. You could have asked
at the editorial office. Wait. You didn’t want to talk to me. Look, Vasya, what do
you care about my novel? I’m surprised myself.
However, I fell something… Stop it, I tell you. Hands off! You look unwell. Thank you. No, I didn’t mean it.
You’re dull and as if lifeless. One could catch fire of you before. Your eyes were shining
when you were talking about that physicist.
He had a weird surname… with many consonants. Shtadrtman. Albert Shtadrtman. You said that he was always walking
with his notebook in his hands, he was writing without
watching his step. Everybody was afraid that he
might fall into an open manhole one day and break his neck. Vasya, don’t do it, will you? Why did you stop? Vasya, I need an inhalation, go! Be quiet, calm down! This is it.
You don’t need an inhalator. Breathe, breathe! Breathe
with your diaphragm. This is it. Do you see? Talk to me. I don’t want to. You want to tell me about it.
You want somebody to help you. You want to write again. Remember! You’re sitting and writing a
novel that was almost ready. It was ready. All the more so! What happened next? I was walking to the publishing house.
I was holding my novel. It was in March. I passed a newspaper stand.
I saw his photo. Whose? Whose photo was it? Lena, what happened?
I woke up but didn’t see you. This is it. Everything is fine. Good evening. Good
evening, Olga Petrovna. I don’t know when it is evening
for you, Vasiliy. It is night for us. Vasya, go! Calm down… Lena, stand up! Get off! Here you go. Don’t worry. Do you see what you’ve done? Leave and don’t come here again. Go, Vasya. Did I say something unclear? Good night, Olga Petrovna. Everything is fine. Yes. Everything is fine… fine… Here you go. Thank you. I thought that you and Vasiliy broke up. We did, mum. Why did he come in the
middle of the night, then? He just wanted to talk. This is none of my business, of course. However, I don’t want him to hurt you. Men can do that. When you father left… Mum, stop it! He just wanted to get to
know why I stopped writing, Of course! One hundred
thousand is a large amount. What hundred thousand? Here you go. Read! I thought that you knew. One hundred thousand… Let me make a goldeneye for you. We could watch some
good movie after that. They lived poorly. Tatyana was proud. She never asked anybody about anything. You know, it’s not a way out to be proud
with a child on your hands. First, she managed… Are these things hers? Yes, of course. She got worse later. She slipped into depression.
When Yulia was about 10… Tatyana got bad enough
to attempt a suicide. She cut her veins in the bathroom… I see. I can understand
why they took her to the mental hospital. Yes. They explained
to us that any person who attempted a suicide is
sent to the mental hospital. Yes, I know. How did it happen… Oleg Borisovitch didn’t
help them, did he? No, he didn’t. You know,
he was never interested in Yulia and Tatyana didn’t
ask him about anything. She was trying not to hear about him. She used to say that he
was a terrible person. I was very surprised later,
when he came to the funerals. He was a polite and amicable man. He paid for everything,
took Yulia and left. A polite and amicable…
Nevertheless, she was afraid of him. It seemed so. Yulia looked
very much like her father. Tatyana was scared of that.
When Tatyana got to know that Yulia wrote to her father,
she suffered a nervous breakdown. She was shouting that “you’ll
only communicate with him over my dead body”! This
is what eventually happened. Yes. She is a good girl, Martha.
I think you shall give her a chance. Why? Because people deserve a chance. You did many silly things
when you were young. Do you know what your main problem is? You’re ready to forgive
everybody anything. This is the root of all your problems. Will you think about it?
Promise me to think about it! I will think about it. You did well! You gave
a great performance! What are you talking about? I mean this story with
the perfume and the rest. You did it on purpose, didn’t you? You started to cry and played
a fool. “Martha Rudolfovna, you’re so beautiful!
I wanted to be like you!” Martha Rudolfovna will
fall for it, no doubt! Did you hear is all? Do you think they won’t throw me away? Of course, they won’t! She’ll
love you even more after this. One doesn’t know what is better, though… Good-bye. Yes. Good-bye. One second,
Makar! I almost forgot. There is a photo here. A photo… She is beautiful. Who is she? I don’t know. She is some
Tatnya’s distant relative from Moscow. She is either
an actress or a model. Do you remember her name? I think Magda… No, no.
Martha. Martha Konetskaya. Are you still here? But, Martha Rudolfovna… Mansurov sent me an
invitation to his exhibition. Will you go? I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. Do you really want to be beautiful? I think I’ll give you a chance.
I’m interested to see what will come out of it. Even more so… I’m ready to work with you… I don’t know, Martha
Rudolfovna. Thank you! Don’t thank me. Thank Valentina. She defended you.
Are you satisfied, Valya? Very much so! Yulenka, you shall
listen to Martha Rudolfovna. If somebody knows something
about beauty, she is the one. I got to know that Sakharova
had an aunt in Moscow – Martha Konetskaya. She
used to be either an actress or a model in her youth. I sent all
the data to your e-mail. All right, bye! Stand still! Hands on the car! Be quick! What’s the matter?
Guys, what’s wrong? Hands behind you! Behind you! Behind! Calm down. What’s the matter? What has happened? What is your problem? Go! Go! Are you crazy? Hold this! Move it! Sign here! Captain, what
shall I do with the drunk? We’ll sort it out. A night ward was killed
in the hospital tonight. Did you do it? Comrade Captain, Comrade
Captain? May I have a call? I told you that you
shouldn’t have come here. Wait! Comrade Captain! Damn you! Look at how cool Sakharova’s auntie is! What shall we do with this now? The subscriber can’t be
reached at the moment… I would like to know
where that subscriber is. Lidia Yuryevna, please look here. Is one of these people
a man who was trying to illegally obtain
Sakharova’s medical history? This one, on the right. Sign here and be free. ‒  Thank you.
‒  Good-bye. Good-bye. Next one! Be careful! Did you manage to see a person
entering the hospital building? It was dark there. Can you identify him?
Is he among these people? This one, on the outside. Turn around. Very good. Walk a bit. Go back! Try straightening your back. This is a difficult case. Everything should be radically changed. Remember one thing, my girl.
There is fleeting beauty – one looks, gets
impressed and this is it. One is not interested anymore. However,
there is another type of beauty. It’s when you want to
keep looking at somebody. A person might have a
big nose, small eyes, and stuck-out ears… This is real beauty! This is what we can make out of you! Why do you think that
it is something criminal? Maybe some other
agency outbid Dubrovina. She would have told me. You’re so nave, Vasya! How do you think it happened? Did our competitors paid
her for her to stop writing? Why not? This is silly, Borya. Why take a bestselling
author out of the market? She is scared. Somebody
scared her to death. Do you want to say that she
described somebody exactly? Some real crime?
And somebody scared her. I don’t know. Maybe. Stop it, Vasya. It only
happens in cheap novels. She was talking about some physicist… with a terrible surname. Str… Stranman. Shtadrtman? Yes. Albert Shtadrtman, you’re right. She made him her main
hero in her new novel. This surname rings a bell.
I know! We published his obituary. An obituary? Yes. He died in January. There was some silly
story concerning his death. When did you see this
person entering the hospital? I told you… there was
dark… It was night. A lamp was shining by the entrance… It is from Moscow. Calm down! Hello? This is Strelnikov. Yes. Yes. I got you. I got you, we’ll do it. Guard! Take this guy to the
cell. Let him sleep. Don’t touch me. I’ll go myself. You got lucky, Makar
Andreyevitch. You may go. But remember — you may
not get so lucky next time. Do you understand? You may be free. What‘s the matter? Nothing. Work! Straight back is the
main thing. Straighten up! Where are your four points —
heels, ass, shoulder blades and the back of your head?
You shall touch the wall with them. ‒  Do you understand?
‒  I do. Remember, girl. It makes no
difference what you put on, what make up you have,
how you did your hair. The main thing is a straight back.
Modern girls are so stooping! When they are 30, they run to
the surgeon to make surgeries to lift their tits or wear these
terrible bras with fittings. If you bear your back
straight, you won’t need either a surgeon or a bra
for long. Let’s try walking. Very good, very good… What? You’re dreaming about an affair
with Mansurov again, aren’t you? All right, go. Here is a stimulus
for you — if you study well, I’ll take you to the exhibition
and present you to Roma. He loves beautiful women.
He’ll be our jury and tell us whether we succeeded in making
a beauty out of you or not. So get ready.
We’re going there on Friday. Are you serious? Will you take
me to the exhibition with you? Of course, I will. Just wash
mirror in the bathroom, Cinderella, it’s the second time I ask you
about it. And gather the books. Don’t forget about your back. Very good! Hello, Seriy? Hi, this is Makar! I’ll be in Moscow in three hours.
This is not a phone talk. We’ll talk when I get there. Where are you? I’m by the house of Sakharova’s auntie. Look, I don’t get it. Why did
Togoyev fail to tell us about her? Togoyev didn’t know about her. She is some distant relative. Tatyana didn’t communicate
with her either. I got you. His security service didn’t
check her relatives. Seriy, why did you fall silent?
Seriy, what’s happened? I think this is Yulia Sakharova. Are you sure? No. However, she looks just like her. I understand. It means she
does live at Konetskaya’s place. I see. What is she doing? She is going somewhere.
Shall I wait for her here? No. Follow her. Don’t
let her see you. Go, bye! I see. One can’t even eat
in peace with this work! Man, do you have a condom? I’m sorry but I don’t. Is she Yulia or not? Let me check it. All right, I’ll do it. You’ll arrange an
accident for the old woman. I’ll pay you for this work.
It’ll be like this and in no other way. What if it turns out that
you won’t get the money? It won’t. I saw the testament. Valentina will get her summer cottage.
The rest goes to the relatives. What do you have to do with it? I’m her only relative. This is interesting. What if
I go to your auntie right now and tell her about it?
How much will she give me for such information?
Hey! What are you doing? Do you know how much I
suffered to make her trust me? I put up with everything,
I agree with everything. Do you think it is easy?
I’m holding up with my last strength! If some idiot interferes with my plan, I’ll strangle him with my bare hands.
I’ll do it, you know me. Besides, I won’t get punished for it. All right, it was a joke. Take it away! I’ll tell you when she
decided to leave the house. All right. She ordered Konetskaya’s murder! Serezha, I’m sick and tired
of you! I can hear you well! Makar, what shall we do? Look, leave me in peace! I’m thinking! He is thinking!
Look, we shall turn to the police. Let me call Kalashannikov
from the 101st department. Let them sort it out. Tell me first… did you
get to know anything about that guy who was
talking with Sakharova? Of course I did! Good boy! I didn’t follow him half a day in vain. He is Savelyev Pavel
Yuryevitch, born 1988. He is currently on probation for
a theft that got him convicted for three years. He is a
heroin addict who buys stuff from a Chan. By the
way, he owes him money. You know everything! How did
you get to know about Chan? I asked guys from the
drug control department. They are working on Chan.
Shall I call Kalashannikov? Serezha, listen to me.
Who are we working for? Your Kalashannikov is not
our client, Togoyev is. He pays us to find his
daughter. We’ve found her. I don’t want to get involved
in this case anymore. We’ll go to Togoyev now, inform
him on the results of our search, get our wages and let him do
with his daughter what he waits. Wait. What about Konetskaya? What do you want me to
do with your Konetskaya? While you go to Togoyev
with your report, Konetskaya might be killed! Serezha, switch your brain on! Sakharova wants to arrange
an accident with Konetskay when she goes out of
the house. Is that so? It’s 12:30 a.m.! Do you
think 70-year old models still go to clubs at night? How do I know? I don’t know any models! This is it! I’m sick and tired of you! If you want it so much,
please go to the Stretenka and watch her house
as long as you want to! I’m going to Togoyev! Now? Why wait, Serezha? Why wait?
I’m sick and tired of this case! The sooner I get it off my
chest, the better! I’m going! When I call, you shall be ready.
Look, this is the attic’s door. I’ll give you the key.
You’ll go two staircases down and wait until Martha
leaves her apartment. This is all information
concerning your daughter. Thank you for your work, Makar.
I didn’t expect you to find Yulia so fast.
My security service will work on this case from here.
This is your wages. I beg your pardon, Makar… Did you discuss this
information with anybody? Oleg Borisovitch, there
is professional ethics… Good-bye. Good luck. Sort it out
and bring Yulia to me. Do everything so that she was alive… at least until I talk to her. Oh, Yulia, Yulia… What are we having for dinner?
Broccoli? Martha hates broccoli. She won’t have dinner today.
This is for Valentina. Where is she going? I don’t know. She just said
that she wouldn’t have dinner. Did she say when she
was going to come back? She didn’t. Look, I need to leave for a
few hours. Can you cover for me? Lie something… that I
went to buy some medicines for Valentina. Will you? Sure. Thank you. Where are they? What are you looking for, Serezha? I’m looking for one thing. I see. This one? Thank you! Well… where are you going to do? We’ll walk down the avenue. What avenue are you going to
walk in a car? Tell me the truth! I decided to pay a visit to Konetskaya. Why didn’t you tell me about it at once? Because you think that
this case is closed and the rest is not our problem.
And I think we shall somehow warn here. Stop, Serega! We made a
deal yesterday, didn’t we? We handed all the
information over to Togoyev. He knows that if something
happens to Konetskaya, we’ll know that Togoyev’s
daughter ordered her murder. His daughter. I got it. Do you realize that he
won’t be able to clean up? He will have to forget
about the elections. He’ll spare no efforts to
keep Konetskaya safe and sound! What more arguments do you need? Togoyev may care about it. However, we shall
talk to her. Hold this. How are you going to do
it? “I beg your pardon, Martha Rudolfovna. Please don’t worry.
Your niece ordered your murder”. Do you want the old lady
to die before her time? I’ll be careful… no heart attacks. Close the door! Don’t forget to walk the dog! He is so stubborn! End of Episode Two

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