Crazy Preacher Vs. Atheist – Part 1

Crazy Preacher Vs. Atheist - Part 1

god sabbaticals know how to tell you if you don't reach me in your unit I've seen you go to hell you might not believe in hell we might laugh at all gotta learn one day or the kebab rosetta beep Lanie or dashing of teeth or inhale for a party who's gonna be it this will be inhale and Jesus said you can't have to mash your mama but you hate God judgeth descended from God Allah you don't serve God nobody mom god you hate God maybe thank God stance will you hate your heart is weak in this real we had no Christianity in the world the middle line better off if we had known we Lynch it leave it it'll be on the world we booby oh god I love you better off pain pain imagination

SilentSabre: Maybe you should invite him to a biology class. He seemed confused when you told him about parents.

If hell is full of all the partiers and freethinkers, and heaven is full of these loudmouthed idiots, send me straight to hell…..

Well, can't the deans do something against those preachers? I mean is a university a private or a public proberty? If it is private than they have no right to offend the students. If I would own an university I would put a sign on the wall, which reads: "Preaching forbidden! Leave you medieval viewpoints at home!"

If Christians didn't HATE everything-one & dammed everything-one, people may be interested. All ancient religions are out dated intellectually, it's inability (in today's NEW WORLD) to compete with science and that people are no longer bronze/dark age thinkers-well a few-OK allot…LOL……the youth of today-tomorrow are very smart and can see-smell BS…A man loving Jesus (another man) is an abomination cause you can't love another man according to the bible-LOL! Practice what you preach Christians! Jesus' shown up on a major Roman holiday (palm Sunday) and did what this man did, this is how/why he was ultimately executed

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Exodus:22:18

"A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them." —Leviticus:20:27 (KJV)

You know why these religious preachers do this, right?  It's for training.  It's like the test or exam of theology.  You have to be willing to get out there, in a public and defend your ideals.  Oddly enough, it's very similar to the tradition of public lectures in science.  It's a test of skill.

It's useless to argue with christians. They're delusional and refuse to use their mind. They are only good to laugh at.

The guy in the leather jacket is exactly right…. the would WOULD be a lot better of without religion……. but that is simply not going to happen any time soon.

Believer for 40 years & stressed out.Freethinker since & happy & tolerant.Religion is sick & God is a man made contsruct.Its an addiction.

…they both got everything wrong, are lonely strongly opinionated men who want attention, and they smell bad. 

Love these debates but they frustrate me sometimes… i wish i had Jean-Paul sartre's attitude to religion, a man so thoroughly atheist he deemed the whole subject beneath his intelligence to consider. Simply religion is divisive and restricts us as a species. Check out a book that's causing a bit of a buzz in the UK and has been pushed by dawkins himself, it's called 2082 the chronicles of hope. On the website the 1st chapter for the 1st book is on there for free, there's a speech in there by an atheist politician that's genius

Funny how these street preachers never offer anything to back up anything they say. All they can do is yell at you real loud and read from an ancient book.

Clearly you are incapable of reading if you think I haven't written a single sentence with correct grammar. But that is hardly a surprise.


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