Crane Game – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Machine à pince Mon bébé! Non non non non! Tiens bon chou Allez! Allez! Mince! Oh non, dernière pièce

This totally just happened IRL:

I mean like what the fuck a baby in a crank whatever and the Mom doesn't get the baby back don't you know how sad that fucken is!

First off i loved the baby stayed in that claw machine 2 the mom would have killed the real baby and 3rd why did she not use the 3 quarters that fell down and most importantly how did the baby got in there and relly last if she had a baby why was a bolling ball in the stroller oh and finally proof that baby is the child of that mom proof because picture at the end and pls make more baby vids

@kimmy_G at 1:18 behind her there's a picture of her and the baby so she wanted to kill the stuffed toy because it probably reminded her of the baby

gg 🙂

for those all who said she never had a baby that’s her baby. look at 1:11 there’s a picture of them together

Wait i have a question if she has never had a baby why dies she carry a stroller and at the end there was a picture of her holding a baby
Before she put the pillow on the stufftoy!!!

Reasons she was crazy.
1. In 0:13 how can a claw machine pick up a bowling ball?
Edit: the bowling ball is in her stroller
2. The baby must be crying.
3. She became more crazy of the doll she was insane and pictured as a baby so she went beast mode and try to suffocate a pickle plushie.

My friend:oh no she murdered pickle Rick

(Realizing I have no friends)

The mom is a dumbass all she had to do was call for help not play the game to get her baby out if she called 911 or an employee it would be a lot easier

Okay, so an explanation for the kiddies:
The mother is mentally ill, as seen by the fact that she lost her baby, got it stuck in a crane game, plus when she opens her purse you see the worn-out cigarettes and the lighter. She wants to get the baby out, perhaps due to instinct, so she decides to spare a few coins. She gets a pickle instead but doesn't notice or care. The baby is stuck in the machine, which is the "cyanide" part. But then we see that the mother would've killed the baby, so that's the "happiness" part.


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