– Mmm crafts! ♪♪ – Merry Christmas! It’s
Meisha and I’m here to tell you something
amazing. Today we’re going to make our very own
Christmas tree ornament. We’re going to be making a
baby Jesus in a manger. Here’s what you’ll
need. Two popsicle
sticks. Colourful
construction paper. Some ribbon. A marker. A pair
of scissors. A ruler.
Glue. First you’ll glue the
two popsicle sticks together. So, it looks
like this. Let it
dry. Next you’ll trace a
triangle using the outside edge of your popsicle
sticks as a guide. Cut out your
triangle and glue it to the
popsicle sticks. Now it’s time to fill
your manger. Cut out a circle from
your construction paper and draw a little
face. Put a dab of glue on
the chin of the face and stick it to the
manger. Take your yellow
construction paper and cut it into
little strips. Glue your little
yellow pieces to the back of the manger so that ends
our sticking out. Like this. Next measure and cut a
12 inch length of ribbon. Now glue the ribbon
end to the top of the popsicle sticks. And once it’s dry,
you’ll have your very own baby Jesus in
a manger. You can hang it on
your Christmas tree. Beautiful. For
many Christmases to come. For me and everyone here at
“Hey Meisha!” headquarters I want to say,
Merry Christmas. For more from “Hey Meisha’s!”
countdown to Christmas with
puzzles recipes and crafts. Visit

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