how’s it going everyone?! It’s CHLANGIE here
back with another video and today we’re going to be playing murder mystery 2
with Alex crafted RL screenshot right there absolutely beautiful *Intro music* Let’s do another one really he left
okay well this is all I I feel so embarrassed people come up to me on
Alex’s meetups because it is this meetup I feel so various but that is awesome as
someone recognized me but anyway is or back again oh my god guys even wearing
my shirt this is our god this is cool but now I’m this is alex’s meet up
because they already know i joined his fan servers and I don’t know him
personally i just i joined his fan servers and you guys could do that too
are you guys going to do is follow him on twitter crafted RL and ya know he’s
hiding in here he’s got the scratch knife i want to check his inventory i
want to see if I can do we trade with him because I know he does straight day
so still let’s go hide somewhere so we can
get it’s so crazy guys actually wearing my shirt I don’t even know how to react
to that celebrity I want to see the inventory i
don’t want to sound creepy or seem creepy but the check is inventory he’s
got three phase he’s got three splashes he has a night plate he’s got to
university got a bunch of bats he actually doesn’t have as many oh he’s
got a splitter oh that is actually pretty cool that’s
pretty cool on and i have no idea what just happened because I was too busy
looking at someone else’s inventory yeah and are so anyways guys I’m there’s
a ton of people in here which is absolutely awesome ok so this is the next Brad I’m next
I’ve ever look I’m next to someone’s right my shirt that is so awesome let’s
go hide I were innocent so actually what I want to try to do is get the gun I want to wait for the sheriff to die
and i didn’t want to get the gun all right oh baby okay well people are dying i
don’t know if you guys can hear that now let me turn the volume on there you go
now you guys can hear people die which is great this girl’s gonna kill me with her like
godly prudential pretty nice God he’s got the same God lieutenant Scott I
don’t know but that’s a really nice one and it turns everyone blue no someone
shot her someone shot her somebody shot her she’s
gonna she’s gonna murder me although she’s not God’s murdered me oh my god i actually thought I got away
but here I am lying on the ground dead burned alive that was tragic to watch
alex is gonna do a trade you don’t have any God knows I have nyteblayde will
trade I wish I I wish I didn’t have my plate
if I didn’t have a knife late i would actually give him one of my god leads
and trade for night late i’ll be pretty cool to trade i have a3 God Lee’s yeah is that he’s actually look at this is
actually doing actual trades this is pretty cool let me see what does he have
he doesn’t have any got all these except for the night played well I traders 50
IQ than one but you don’t sorry Alex the night isn’t all that great i mean
it’s awesome but you know you could buy it so oh my god this guy so weird all
right next round hello Alex saw Jack the dude is this alex is big no I’m confused this is the back of Acts
crafted are well I think he might be the murderer guys I’m calling it out he’s
the murderer is any and there’s a random pic here in the middle of everything
okay either he’s the murderer or he is doing trades or something I think you
might yeah I know I absolutely knew it I knew it he was gathering a crowd i
always do that when i’m streaming and the poor pig is just here I don’t pick
that is somebody coming yeah oh yeah he just shot murdered i mean the sheriff
did you guys hear that alright okay he shot the guy that’s
wearing my shirt I think he’s up there yeah oh no it’s please now missing disgrace
that shoppy way you killed me oh my goodness he just straight up
murder me with the overseer knife Wow alright let’s see who else he gets is
anyone close to the garden I don’t think anybody’s close to the gun come on guys didn’t order this person oh
my god this person’s like up on something ok so he just couldnt others person and
he’s by the gun he’s guarding the gun it looks like as I think the gun was up
there also but just killed him so he just murdered oh my goodness this person says I’m
sorry wow that was actually a pretty awesome around I’m not gonna play so
he’s over here is the other people that person has my shirt that’s so cool i
can’t believe it but the funny thing is a person hasn’t even acknowledge me so
the other person that is wearing my shirt said hello to me and this guy is
where make sure I need you now I don’t even think he knows I’m in here already
doesn’t he just doesn’t care I don’t know but anyways we are innocent
and I equipped my on my seer knife which is pretty cool I wonder why alex is that using his
godly knife him what is question all right i’m gonna oh my god i just
died i’ll try to meet this music right side out who the heck killed yet even
see you killed me I just I blacked out what geez this person for a sketch this
person got here twice in a row and this person had a very important question for
for him and he replied what is question and his question was do you like horses
he still never reply boys and girls we don’t know yet if Alex crafted RL likes
horses alright cool so all he got an overseer
knife macy I mean over your gun Oh oversee you’re gone ohmygod ohmygod
have any cool guns to give him i only have cool knives i really want that
overseer wanna i really wanted I really want that one he’s trading with people but I literally
don’t know what to give him i don’t have anything to give this is so weird i mean i-i don’t have anything to give
so I don’t oh my god i don’t think i should do a straight because I don’t
think okay there’s people dying this way there’s a lot of gunshots in here and
murder oh there’s the gun know why does this
always happen to me I always see the gun and it always always just died when I
right there you guys I don’t know I don’t really
know what I could give him i don’t think i could give him anything for being
honest I don’t think so I mean he’s just there probably trading with people i
really want that overseer not a gun that one but oh never that is actually really
cool knife oh my god right oh my god this guy is just as an
anchor tell my kids christmas me well Alex just left completely randomly
I don’t know if he was leaving for sure or if it was an accident but he did
leave so I’m going to end this video here fig you guys all so much for watching if
you guys didn’t already know i have played with them in the past and if you
guys want to go check out those videos just go subscribe to my channel and
check them out i have played with Alex with Dennis with sub and with coral and
gents and Samantha the only person having yet is with sketch but if you
guys are interested you guys would go check those out on my channel thank you
all for watching I’ll see you guys next time bye way actually you know what I’m
sure lets me keep this going for one more round this guy wants to trade with
me so just don’t hate don’t kill me


meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow ( skilledclock needs to be BANNED FOR SCAMMING )

_/﹋_███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃

wait does alex cork sketch Denis and sub even now u? I'm saying because when u try to get close to those they will walk away

That wasn't really Alex he got banned for 14 days for no reason so someone must of hacked the account while he didn't use his real account

People scam because they don't want to work hard to achieve things that they want so they steal other people's earnings..

dat guy that scammed alex probably lost the night blade already but i cant belive alex accepted before that guy put his things in.😂😂 but dat guy that scammed alex did have any godlys so? xD but alex has more godlys now (; 😂

hey guys and girls get the game animal jam play wild and buddie me I'm dashingfox08 plz plz plz Doo thank u!

U scammed him? If no show me ur username


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