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when I was a kid I hated horror every
time I went to my mom’s house though my sisters would always want to watch a
horror movie and I’d cry on the stairs and call my dad and beg for him to drive
me home early when I was 12 I overheard my sister talking about the plot of
Silence of the Lambs to her friend and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it
every night that week my best friend was a big horror fan too and she told me
about Bloody Mary which if you don’t know about Bloody Mary it was a myth
based on the Queen of England from the 1500s and the myth is basically if you
turn off the lights and stand in front of a mirror and say Bloody Mary three
times she’ll appear and murder you at least that’s how I heard it not only did
I refuse to use the bathroom without someone outside the door for a long time
after that I also refused to look in the mirror for long periods of time when I
did my brain would freak me out and frantically say Bloody Mary Bloody Mary
over and over again and I’d get out of the bathroom as quickly as I could
it took me a long time to realise that Bloody Mary wasn’t real and even if she
was she wouldn’t appear if I didn’t say it out loud but that’s just how I am
these uncontrollable fears take over my mind no matter how irrational and then
just don’t stop thinking about them when I was 14 I finally watched my first
horror movie on my own terms child’s play I curled up in a blanket
and was at least 10 feet away from the TV with the lights on and I actually
enjoyed it to be fair it is also a comedy so then I watched another horror
movie and then another one and soon enough I became horror obsessed another
thing about me is I have frequent nightmares especially when I’m stressed
most consisting of being trapped in a room or staring at a screen with scary
images so one moment I’m trapped witnessing something
horrifying in my dream I wake up I put on something horrifying to get my mind
off of it why you may ask I have no clue my guess is that it keeps my fears
fictional it lets me take control of how scared I am in a safe environment but
it’s not only restricted to nightmares in general I experience a lot of
day-to-day anxiety and again someone might ask why the hell
I’d like to watch horror when I’m always so anxious but it’s just me taking some
control of my life I like being scared for fun fear can make you get really
excited and your heart starts racing but this time you’re laughing and smiling oh
girl I know all about being terrified of scary movies
wait did you guys hear something what was that it’s Chris I just thought I’d
chime in and drop some neuroscience about anxiety before I do that though I
need everyone to pause this video and go subscribe to cosmos new youtube channel
and you know what follow her on social media while you’re at it all that
information will be down in the description below she’s an amazing
artist who helps me out a lot with the channel and she’s doing some awesome
things so yeah like I was saying I used to be terrified of scary movies for most
of my life and I’m a 34 year old man but then I started dating my beautiful
girlfriend Tristan who is horror movie obsessed like Qadri milk I forced myself
to watch scary movies and I actually kind of liked them now
how’d you milk and I’ve been doing the same thing and it’s called exposure
therapy which is something anyone with anxiety could do and I’ve actually just
wrote a blog post about it so check it X ayat comes from a part of the brain
called the amygdala which is part of the limbic system this little almond shaped
part of the brain triggers our fight flight or freeze response the amygdala
is connected to the hippocampus and the hippocampus is a part of our brain that
stores our memories so the hippocampus reminds the amygdala that we should be
super scared of something and that’s when the amygdala gives us anxiety well
the National Institute of Health has published studies discussing how
exposure therapy calls down the activity of both the hippocampus and the amygdala
which in turn makes you less anxious so go out there and confront those fears
baby girl and now back to Qadri milk because of my reasons for watching
horror though I realized I can’t just watch any scary movie I want for example
most horror movies don’t get to me I watch them I have fun and that’s it I’ve
probably seen get out like 10 times and enjoyed it every time but deer cut when
I watched midsummer it was a whole different situation I spent the last 20
minutes of that movie with my eyes covered asking if it’s okay to look I
felt sick to my stomach I could barely sleep that night which is funny because
I slept like a baby after watching The Human Centipede so I’m not entirely weak
although don’t be confused I do not like that movie nor do I recommend it so
creepy scary horrific movies okay existential and eerie crap that gets
into your head I’ve learned that it’s okay to set boundaries with yourself
every once in a while it just isn’t my thing
so all this being said I don’t like scary movies that just aren’t scary in
fact the worst part about horror movies is they’re so damn many of them finding
a decent horror movie is like shoveling a diamond out of manure it’s not always
easy but when you finally find a diamond you forget about all the poop for a
while although a diamond to me might look like a rock to you so don’t be
overly concerned about trying to like what other people like or pushing
yourself to watch things you hate your experience is probably very different
from mine and horror is subjective you might be scared of mannequins and dolls
while I’m scared of a booth in the live-action elem movie horror is
subjective don’t sweat it thanks everybody for watching but I even
bigger thank you to cashew milk she did an amazing job she is going to explode
here on YouTube so make sure that you go check out the description down below go
subscribe to her new youtube channel follow her over on Instagram and Twitter
and her and I actually have some really cool projects coming up but thanks again
everybody for watching and we’ll see you next time

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I've always loved horror. I was 'that friend' who brought the horror movie to the slumber party, haha!! Then, later in my life I found myself homeless in a very vulnerable position. Recently, since escaping that a few years ago I've become obsessed with watching horror. I realized about a month ago that there is nothing that I have seen in a horror movie that I have not similarly experienced in real life. It's so weird watching how people act and actually knowing that it's not what people would do if actually in that situation. It's super weird. BUT…I just simply stopped taking anxiety and depression meds a couple of years ago after taking them for a few years. A lot of people would probably say that it's because I'm not homeless anymore, but I know that it's because I boosted my self-esteem through watching my beloved horror. 🙂 I finished a round of pills, and just didn't feel the need to go refill the prescription.

I love horror movies! They're the only kind I can watch all the way through in one sitting. I normally stop halfway through movies to read a plot synopsis because I get super anxious not knowing how it will end and can't focus. I'm a real fun date lol. But horror usually ends the same way so in a strange way it's comforting. Unless it's the 1972 version of Last House on the Left – I had to take a shower after that one, a little too intense and actually possible for me.

Ps – love the animations, great collab. 😊

This was an awesome colab! Thank you for sharing, I hope you can do some more of similar content. When she shared her experience, combined with your knowledge, it was both very helpful and informative.

I love horror movies. I watched my first one when I was around 6, Nightmares on Elm Street. Still the scariest movie ever.
My 5 sisters and I used to play Bloody Mary when we were little 😃.
Great video!

I’ve been in therapy for years now and I have OCD that affects my life pretty badly on a daily basis. And exposure therapy has helped me a lot. One of the things I have the worst is driving anxiety. Because of my ocd, I have these cyclical, intrusive thoughts about bad things that I think are gonna happen to me while driving. Like that I’ll have a car accident and kill a person or an animal. I get nightmares and panic attacks and used to have to pull over regularly until I could calm down.
So my therapist told me the way to help this is to drive more and more. I do drive to work, but I also make myself drive even when I don’t have anywhere to go. And I do notice that if I don’t drive for a few days, the anxiety flares up again.
My therapist has also helped with other coping techniques. Like she’s given me breathing exercises to do while driving. She’s also walked me through some of the thoughts that are irrational or exaggerated by my ocd. She also has helped me use logic to understand that statistically, my fears are less likely to actually happen. Like how I live in a very small town. So there aren’t even that many cars on the road for me to be able to get in an accident with them. And in my neighborhood, most of the roads are 25mph or under. So even if I did get in an accident, it’s gonna be less severe than if I were on a highway.


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