Coonnection Between Mental Health And Spiritual Health ?

So I have to say I really appreciate how
how much of a healthy mind it seems that you have the way that you process
information the way that you experience the world the way that you are you seem
to be present at all times even the way that you’re putting that much of
attention in me really appreciate that person’s I talk a lot about mental
health with the youth it is a word that more and more I become uncomfortable
saying because when you say mental health
you’re already separating the other holistic health to one that focuses only
on the mind right and when I talk about mental health for me is body health is
spiritual health and it’s not only the mind right I wear a shirt that says
breathe because for me it’s also connected to the to the body my question
for you is can you talk a little bit about the connection between the mental
health and the spiritual health because I see so many similarities and the way
that your experience in the world which seems in a very spiritual way but I also
don’t even want to call it a spiritual because it would be creating a division
of how to experience the world so you should spread and avoid that word
because it’s the most corrupted word on the planet right now so let me put it
this way in the yogic sciences there is no separation between what is body and
what is mine we talk about the body like this
physical body mental body emotional body energy body etheric body and there is
what is called as an under my cosa so the five bodies is what we are talking
about we are not talking about a mind because what is it that you call as a
mind if there is a certain volume of memory and a certain amount of
intelligence attached to it that’s what you call as a mind isn’t it so yes it is
is it so hello why are you not in talking terms with me so if you look at
this every cell in your body has much more memory and much more intelligence
than you entire brain has for example memory you definitely don’t remember how
your great-great-great-grandfather ten generations ago look like but his nose
is sitting on your face right now your body remembers even a million years ago
how your forefathers skintone was not forgotten a thing this kind of memory
processing is not possible in your brain for sure
and when it comes to intelligence what is happening in a single molecule of DNA
is so complex your whole brain is not good enough to figure that process so
both in terms of memory and intelligence is a lot more all across this body than
just here this has become important mainly because we have kind of taken
education straight out of European culture and put it here in the European
culture taught became very important because they went through about 300 to
400 years of very dogmatic religious practices that anybody would think
something different was dead so they broke away from that about 150 years ago
which they called as Renaissance which was a big breakthrough for them that
they could think for themselves otherwise everything that you need to
say is already said in one book if you say one more thing you are dead
this was the culture so they made thought human thought into your very big
thing but you understand this whatever kind of thought you have he is only from
the limited data that’s coming that’s already stored in your mind isn’t it so
with this limited data you may make permutations and combinations of it but
nothing new will ever happen so when we say mind or Manas we are looking at a
dimension as memory as a separate silo which is all across the body there is
more memory in every cell in the body than here and we are looking at
intelligence chitta has something totally different
so to keep these two things separate is most important it is only your memory
which gets corrupted it’s in your memory that you go sick you cannot go sick in
your intelligence if I speak this people will become very you know they think
it’s not compassionate to say these words but I want you to understand this
this is because we have gotten trapped in our own memory bubble that this
memory can go corrupt what happened 10 years ago it can rot in your mind and
become something very big after some time and caused this while people always
will argue but there is a chemical process yes this is the most
sophisticated chemical factory on the planet the question is only are you a
great CEO or a lousy CEO there is a way that you can keep your chemistry the way
you want just look at my eyes and see I’m always toned yeah never touch the
substance always toned and I can calibrate I can calibrate how
intoxicated I want to be or how less I want to be any moment
this is not something see the the important thing is this the question is
not about intoxication being good or bad the problem is it takes away your
faculties that is a problem so as we looked at it earlier one of the most
important thing for a human being is that our actions are successful whether
you are driving or riding or doing something if you throw a ball it must go
where you want otherwise you feel not good because the purpose of human action
is success so if success has to happen your body and your mind must take
instructions from you so within what alcohol drug the problem is your body
and your mind won’t take instructions from you that’s the whole problem so we
are not against intoxication we are against you becoming incompetent
that’s the important thing so we can show you a way that you can
simply sit here and totally toned out without anything from outside you want
to tone it down this moment you can just turn it down and do what you
absolutely no impact on the system this is not just talking like that there’s a
whole lot of research on this scientists have found that there is there are
millions of cannabis receptors in your brain why is it there because your body
is supposed to produce it you’re not supposed to smoke you’re supposed to
produce it in your system and the Israeli scientists who research this
extensively called that dimension of chemistry in us as onon the mind because
you did not find any appropriate word he searched the Indian scriptures and found
the word Ananda and called it on in the mind that if you want you can just be
blissed-out right now so if you are blessed out will you get crazy I’m
asking well others think crazy your other people may think you’re crazy
because you always blissed-out that’s their problem they are the ones who
crazy because they have lost their bliss even the little joy that they had as
children that also they’ve lost their carrying such a grave face as if they
practicing the last posture in their life yes I’m telling you you don’t have
to practice it will naturally come when you die you get the posture you don’t
have to practice out all the time on the street so mental health looking at it
separately is not the best way to do it you must look at the physical chemical
balance within the system if this one thing you manage being physically well
mentally well is a natural consequence the problem with the whole kind of
Education we have is we want the consequence without the process you
don’t bother about the consequence you handle the process right the consequence
will happen now you want mangles are coming already there in Bangalore mango
is sweet everybody likes to eat it but nobody is interested in the tree
if you nurture the tree mangoes will fall on your head you don’t have to
dream about mangoes anyway it will come instead of nurturing the tree people
dream about mangoes this is called as being goal-oriented in yoga we say if
goal-oriented you have one eye on the gold you have one eye on the goal and
only one eye to find your way you have become incompetent it’s very important
that today this moment whatever the hell you are doing to do it as well as you
can is more important than what will happen in the end what will happen in
the end there is no such thing somebody one of the celebrities in the country
coming and asked me Sadhguru can you tell us how we can beat Pakistan in the
cricket match I said beating Pakistan beating Pakistan
is Indian Army’s job you bloody hit the ball er how’s the


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