Consuming Alcohol Comes With These Serious Spiritual Consequences

hi there welcome to be the light Channel hope you enjoy don't forget to subscribe for more topic today is consuming alcohol comes with these serious spiritual consequences by Zara Sita a very small number of people can't really stand a tan even fewer choose not to drink it while there are some societies where alcohol consumption is illegal the majority of countries produce and consume alcohol on large scales although it is mass produced mass promoted legal and ingested by a multitude of people all over the world most people don't ever consider or understand the spiritual consequences of drinking alcohol let's begin by taking a look at the etymology of the word alcohol etymology means the root of the word where it is derived from the word alcohol comes from the arabic how cool which means body eating spirit and gives root origins to the English term for ghoul in Middle Eastern folklore a ghoul is an evil demon thought to eat human bodies either as stolen corpses or as children the words a lambic and alcohol both metaphors for aqua vitae your life water and spirit often refer to a distilled liquid that came from magical explorations in Middle Eastern alchemy in the words of writer and health enthusiasts Jason Christophe in alchemy alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity hence its use in extracting essences for essential oils and the sterilization of medical instruments by consuming alcohol into the body it in effect extracts the very essence of the soul allowing the body to be more susceptible to neighboring entities most of which are of low frequencies why do you think we call certain alcoholic beverages spirits that is why people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol often blackout not remembering what happened this happens when the good soul we were sent here with leaves because the living conditions are too polluted and too traumatic to tolerate the good soul jettisons the body staying connected to a tether and a dark entity takes the body for a joyride around the block often in a hedonistic and self-serving illogical rampage our bodies our cars for spirits if one leaves another can take the car for a ride essentially when someone goes dark after drinking alcohol or polluting themselves in many other ways their body often becomes possessed by another entity I became aware of this phenomenon years ago when I was given a spiritual vision in this vision I was transported as an observer above a popular bar and nightclub above the venue where a variety of ghoul like entities inside the bar were people drinking alcohol socializing dancing and so on I watched as certain people became very drunk I saw their souls while connected through a thread exited the body I understood that the soul was leaving the body because of the great discomfort of being in a body highly intoxicated with alcohol when the soul exited the body other non benevolent entities entered or latched on to their vacant shells once the entities took hold of the body they used the body to play out all kinds of dark acts such as violence low-level sexual encounters destructive behaviors rape and more years later while reading a book called man's eternal quest by Parramatta Yogananda this spiritual master clearly explained the exact same thing as I was shown in the vision I began to look back over my life and remember situations where I saw dark spirits hanging around people who had become very drunk let me elaborate a bit when I say I saw these entities I have had the abilities of clairvoyance the ability to perceive things beyond the natural range of the senses which can include ESP extrasensory perception Sixth Sense psychic powers Second Sight telepathy and more clairaudience the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world and the experience of being a spiritual intuitive and empath since childhood I have the ability to see energies and spiritual manifestations that most people don't see as I looked back over my life I could remember many incidents of encountering non benevolent spirits in the presence of intoxicated individuals I also have had experiences of looking into the eyes of a few people who were surely possessed by dark energies that were not their own I also remember a psychology course I once took in part of this course we studied advertising in the effects on humans we looked at the advertising for alcohol a master teacher of this subject illuminated the fact that most alcohol advertisements are in with hidden messages and images not typically perceivable to the common sight yet perceived through the subconscious knowing how powerful the subconscious is in our decision-making feelings reactions beliefs etc the slick sales teams of alcohol as well as tobacco and other products use this sinister technique to trick us into buying their products and joining the societal cult of mental apathy and cultural obedience many of these hidden messages and images were extremely sexual working to influence some of the basest urges and primal nature of humans let this example bring you to a place of curiosity and questioning why have the marketing teams felt the need to trick us and coerces through subliminal messages to buy products that are harmful to the human body and to our soul how many times have you or someone you know after becoming quite intoxicated with alcohol behaved in a manner uncommon to them perhaps you experienced the changing of voice violence sexual promiscuity ingesting of harmful substances destruction to property conflictual behavior and other negative expressions consider these experiences and ask yourself is this the manifestation of light love and positivity do these occurrences represent a path of consciousness and health it is a known by many that ingesting alcohol depresses the nervous system kills brain cells is toxic to the liver weakens the immune system and has many other harmful effects we are taught that long-term alcohol use can lead to unwanted weight gain diseases of the liver lowering of intelligence and negative effects on hormones drinking alcohol while pregnant can lead to birth defects mental retardation and deformities in the developing fetus yet still it is mass promoted and supported by our mainstream culture have you ever considered that alcohol is a slick tool of the supporters of the matrix global mind control and oppression program to keep people on a path of disempowerment and sickness we have to ask why is alcohol legal throughout most of the world yet in many countries and specifically the United States psychedelics are illegal the conscious and safe use of psychedelics or visionary medicines are known to assist in mind expansion to initiate spiritual experiences where people have communed with the divine healed numerous physical and spiritual ailments increase intelligence help to repattern the brain in a positive way assist people in aligning with their souls purpose and have inspired many people to create great works of art and other innovative creations it seems that these substances would definitely be banned and discouraged if there truly is an agenda seeking to oppress the human potential and keep us in the dark regarding who we are as spiritual beings our innate potential in the path to empowerment as we strive to heal awaken and transform our world I pray that we wise up to the dirty trick played upon humanity in regards to alcohol non benevolent forces have wanted to keep us oppressed disempowered and asleep how many of us have seen families broken and lives lost because of alcohol and alcoholism do you think it makes us smarter or healthier overall better people it's time to change things let's stand behind replacing the rampant abuse of alcohol with more health enhancing practices and activities and learn how to live awakened and empowered lives before I close this writing I want to share a little more about the history of the word alcohol there have been some people who look into the etymology and discover this explanation alcohol noun 1540s early 15c as alcohol fine powder produced by sublimation from medieval latin alcohol powdered or of antimony from arabic al qu al kol the fine metallic powder used to darken the eyelids from Kahala to stain paint Paracelsus 1493 – 1541 use the word to refer to a fine powder but also a volatile liquid by 1670s that was being used in English for any sublimated substance the pure spirit of anything including liquids sense of intoxicating ingredient and strong liquors first recorded 1753 short for alcohol of wine which was extended to the intoxicatingly meant in fermented liquors in organic chemistry the word was extended 1852 the class of compounds of the same type as this upon further research we can find that in ancient Egypt the eyes of both men and women were lined top and bottom with a thick black powder known as Kohl Kajal or maida met the outlined eye resembled the almond shaped eye of the Falcon god horus observed in the eye of horus glyph it was believed that this shape invoked the God's protection and warded off evil spirits yet if one were to dig deeper as a scientist researcher or truth seeker does you will also discover these interesting facts one dr. Rachel Hadji are an accomplished modern-day editor author and medical adviser while researching an article on alcohol for her online medical journal found additional meanings in ancient Arabic texts to alcohol genie or spirit that takes on varied shapes or a supernatural creature in Arabic mythology 3 alcohol any drug or substance that takes away the mind or covers it for the word alcohol is also linked to the fixed star in astronomy known as algal also known as the demons head v the current Arabic name for alcohol ethanol is alcohol properly meaning spirit or demon it is not a coincidence that alcohol has often been referred to as spirits there is a deep history behind this intoxicating substance there are layers of information throughout our culture sometimes we have to look below the surface of things to find the fullness of truth I encourage you to deeply consider the information shared here look at the effects of alcohol in your life in the lives of the people you know and in society at large make conscious informed and health enhancing decisions the more people who awaken to truth and seek health and liberation from mind control agendas the more likely we are to make positive changes and co-create a world we feel good about living in

It is not a coincidence that alcohol has often been referred to as spirits. There is a deep history behind this intoxicating substance. There are layers of information throughout our culture, sometimes we have to look below the surface of things to find the fullness of truth. I encourage you to deeply consider the information shared here, look at the effects of alcohol in your life, in the lives of the people you know, and in society at large. Make conscious, informed, and health enhancing decisions. The more people who awaken to truth and seek health and liberation from mind control agendas, the more likely we are to make positive changes and co-create a world we feel good about living in.

I drank wine with Ambien, not good at all, what a bad night that was , i was taken to hell !!! I was a guy being chased by bad souls, and could not save myself, i died that night alittle, stop drinking !!!!!!!!!!

Have been drinking a lot for years while knowing being attacked by demons, now sober for 3 years and feeling amazing. If i can stop with that shit everyone can just stop drinking take it day by day goodluck all ❤️

I know, I remember a associate would start out pretty before we started to drink that night but at the end of the night she would not be pretty anymore. She looked ugly, older and gross too. Everytime. Like she was someone else. 👧🍸🍺🍶🍹🍷👴💩

Does anyone else get freaked out a little with that intro music, like aliens coming to kill, War of the world's type of anxiety. 👽👾 scary. It gives me the creeps each time I hear it. But I love these videos. I forgot to fast forward this time. Ugh.😬😨

No wonder me and my twin flame can't get together cuz he can't seem to put the bottle down. I don't like alcohol because I always felt like I became someone else. The same with smoking weed one time I smoked weed and I can see the trees literally walking. Now that I don't do anything I can communicate with the trees I can feel their vibration and I talked to them. The same with anything in nature I have a connection with them that is deep. I don't consume alcohol and I don't do drugs.

ha. ive had 2 visions. one 2006/2007 i seen angels out my window on every rooftop for as far as my eyes could see for hours not ones that flew around they were bright 8ft i think tall i thought i was losing it. next day i found out my neighbor passed away the one in 2009 didnt have anything to do with seeing hell or heaven or the end of the world, or why people should repent. mine was why i had to experience good and bad things in my life, it lasted 2hrs. all i could say was WOW thats brilliant. he asking me if i was ok because its a pretty weird experince i just said im kinda freakin but i can handle it, it was explained to me though thoughts not actually talking. i could see myself and what i was always pictured jesus looking like. we were on my ceiling. he was alot taller then I. i told him i couldn't leave my family they reallly needed me at that time but after some time and feeling so much love it made my eyes pour tears i said i want to go now the love was indescribable in my heart. when it was done my room lit up sooooo bright then it felt cold and i was uneasy. it felt scary. so i turned the lights on. the change in my outlook on life and attitude were soooo different i had more patience for things and people which i still do most of time except if your sneaky or manipulative or a liar. no patience for that!!!!!! and i can read people pretty good. so your saying because i have gotten back into having some drinks once and awhike. now im going to hell. im not good enough. ok. so the fact that i do anything i can for someone even if its gonna hurt me in the long run cuz i know ill figure or because ive put someone elses life before mine. now because i drink sprits not spirits lol. im not a good person. im not worthy. so i guess it was the demons i saw on those rooftops. i am a recovering addict. please people don't let this video make u think your're a bad person because your not perfect only GOD is. he needs all kinds of different angels. ones to spread the the word the true word, ones to help guide people and ones who have no problem with fighting, so they can kick some demon ass. as long as you dont hurt others, do not judge others and always help even and especially when it puts u out. anyone can give when they have it but if you only have a one $ to your name and someone is on the street and is hungry you give them your last $ …..and if u go home and have a beer or 2. do not think you are not worthy!!!!!

It is not b00ze that damns the soul – it is the heart. Alcohol has nothing to do with it. ESP is demonic work. This video is nonsense. I don't drink anything but coffee because booze is depressing.

Great video!! found you through suggested videos. I just started a Youtube Channel not long ago and very interested in the human evolution and spirituality topic. Keep following your passion and creating great content. Sending you good vibes and lots of love 💖

Not everyone abuses alcohol. Wine was one of Jesus’ first miracles.
Which came first the chicken or the egg? Which came first the narcissist or the alcoholic? Let’s talk about processed foods, sugar and pharmaceuticals that numb and interfere with spirituality. This is ignorance.

I only drink on occasions if there is a celebration of somekind. When socializing with family and friends at a get together. But I don't frequent bars or clubs…I do know my limit to drinking. I haven't had a drink since Valentines and it was wine. Good video…There is a liqour store in every corner of a neighborhood to lure people to drink and get drunk.

I’m so grateful y’all covered this! I hate alcohol w/a passion. I drank red wine when my son was a toddler til he was 7 years old. Only one bad experience was all it took til that nasty habit came to a screeching halt. Never again 🤮

😕 alcohol is poison… literally, for the mind, body, and soul… it causes wet-brain, hallucinations, liver damage, depression, insanity, and even sometimes suicide…

liquid evil…

The minute you demonise something you invoke the law of attraction, in reality there is no such thing as good & evil believe it or not and if you’re spiritually attuned you will know this. Having said that overuse of any drink, food or drug isn’t going to benefit you in anyway, balance is the key and for once I agree with government as regards alcohol, stick to their guidelines and YES drinking anymore than two days in a row dramatically lowers your spiritual vibration.

Alcohol is spirit to distort spiritual knowledge also identify. Demoniac spiritual world is inhuman idiotic world…… India is in advance


I had a spiritual awakening when I stopped drinking alcohol for one month last year. I did continue to drink from time to time but soon realised it was pushing me off my spiritual path. It's the devil.

I have a problem regarding the same…….my friend consumes alcohol and I say him that it's not good at all but he says that it's good because his dad was consuming it for a long time but it never affected the health then he should also continue it.


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