CINtA – Religion Does Not Forbid Love, But Theirs Was A Forbidden Love //

CINtA - Religion Does Not Forbid Love, But Theirs Was A Forbidden Love //

I know of friends where 1 partner is a Muslim ,
and the other one is not a muslim,
and marriage + relationship is no problem,
even with different religions,
and there was no need for religious conversion.
Nowadays religion is not as important as it used to be .

Well done movie, I love it. good acting for the most part, but the translation does not really translate well to what they are saying. especially at the end, "being a muslim woman is so hard being easy."

Innalillahi wainna lillahi ro'jiun u know chinnes u are the terrorist not Muslim don't say Muslim like that…. Go to Muslim and u will go to heaven if u in chinnese u not in heaven but the world so u gonna to hell chinnese

somehow, the words of siti's father got my attentions..big time! like how he said "faith doesn't comes from desire but faith comes from the heart". real talk! the guy will never knew in the end when he practice being muslim due to his personal interest or perhaps, he will regret in the end?
So when we want something, think carefully and ask our ownselves if that's our heart and mind what we wanted to be.

remember my muslim professor who is married to catholic girl.. but they living together peacefully even they have different perceptions in religions. he said, they don't force each other to be in the same religion. so inspirational.. however, it's not religion should we blame but the persons who thinks religion separate us.. yes..definitely, not religions fault but people's fault.

I hope, even we all came from different vices or religions, we practice respect towards other people.

thanks for this short movie..meaningful!

glad got lost in this page. haha

The filmmaker only conveys what he has been feeling and only from one side of the mind alone without learning and and finding out more what is ISLAM truly

The man A Su in this story actually gets HIDAYAH in his love for SITI

Maybe if my story version
ASU Got hidayah through love learn ISLAM then sure with ISLAM become USTADZ give counseling about RACIST CHINA and married to other better MUSLIMAH than SITI which have been in dating by others

I think it's better than making the issue of tradition and religion into a romantic tragedy

sorry I am not proficient in English… XD

where is my comment who delete it y is that oohhhhh I know why is that because what I right was that's the truth thay doesn't like to hear the truth ha ha haaaaas

islam mengizinkan laki" muslim menikahi non muslim, tapi tidak bagi wanita muslimah.
stiap agama punya perintah dan larangan, dan semua diatur dalam kitab suci kami.
yg jdi masalah bukan china nya, tpi agama/keyakinan.

Love has no boundaries. Religious and ethnic indentity are not the essence of who we are. Who we truly are is Love. Our Being is more than just religion and ethnicity. We all from the same Source. Society has dictated people how to be… how to live. We have become priosoners of social norms. But we are evolving. Boundaries will diminish because love and understanding will flourish. Love will never cease as long as us Beings exist.

pork meat is haram in islam cuz the pig eat filth and it's excavator animal , and not only pig meat is forbidden in islam but also animals that feed on blood/meat , anything that feed on dirt are dirty and haram for muslim , meat that slaughters as sacrifice for pagen idols are also haram in islam for muslim to eat .. in islam we also follow the law of abrham and abrham law say to not eat pork , isa " jesus : also said not to eat pork , so we as muslims follow this tradition and not eat those haram meat . . also any food that come from haram source such as stealing or swindling is also haram for muslim to consume

islam does not forbid love , it forbid adultery and sex outside of marriage , you can still love someone and not have sex with them until you get married .. stop promoting wrong image of religion , I am not religious myself but I still stick to tradition and will not have sex outside marriage . . I can still love someone with out having sexual relationship with them .


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