Christopher Hitchens on Science vs Religion

Christopher Hitchens on Science vs Religion

you one-wayness guessed by the whale engine oh thanks for coming you might not think it to look at me but my background as a a British family of the Royal Navy and the examination for captaincy in the Navy used to be very demanding one you can read it in the novels of Forester and maybe some of you have read Jack Aubrey getting the nautical Commission came a day when a young man was sitting for his exam and he was asked what he would do if a great wind got up and was blowing him towards the rocks and he said he would tax a starboard and pylon an extra sail they said said the Admirals what if the wind continues to blow towards the rocks and there on the port side is that I continue to tack to starboard and add another mainsail or stud sail and they asked him the question again and he gave the same answer and finally one of the Admirals said where are you getting all this sail from and the young captain to be said the same place you're getting all that wind from the relevance of my story which you must already be asking yourself about is this what matters is not what you think but how you think and all the discoveries have been made and all the Enlightenment that's come to us is from the scientific and the philosophical method not that of a pro or assumptions of faith or the belief that wisdom comes from revelation so now we know what the church used to tell us wasn't possible which is that we are a primate species produced by evolution you know on earth where 99.9% of all species hitherto I would say created the derivative peared have already become extinct and now a good number of religious people will now accept that but it took them a while and you can see the process by which they try and explain things away and then try and take credit for them at first it was argued that God had put the fossil bones in the rock so people's faith could be tested nice try didn't last long then the verse attempts which still go on try and ban the good news of evolution and there now many Christians and some Christian authorities and and some Jewish ones to say no no no of course it did all happen and it's amazing to look at the evidence and and the extraordinary scope and variety and even beauty of it in fact come to think of it it proves that God must have been even cleverer than we thought now you'll notice that there's something completely useless about this argument it doesn't teach you anything and it cannot be falsified and an argument that supposedly explains everything invariably explains nothing at all the physicist who discovered the Big Bang I'm moving from evolution now was actually a Catholic priest in Holy Orders and a professor at the University of Leuven and after his quarrel with Einstein about general relativity and his hypothesis of the Big Bang he went to the Pope he said look this is how I think everything began a fact I think it's a sure thing and it's it's very important and the Pope said well if you're right I can have it taught as dogma in the schools if you like so everybody has to believe it now you see again the difference of method and approach that wouldn't have been again for the theory of relativity or for the study of physics to have it preached as revealed truth we still don't know a great deal about what happened in the first instance of our cosmos we still don't know quite how the cut how the quantum works we know it does we don't quite know why and therefore I'm going to argue at the time I have that the late great Stephen Jay Gould a non-believer was wrong when he said that religion and science can be made compatible I'm very glad that there's a counter of very good wish you could keep your eye on it as well every second every single second a Sun a star like our own the equivalent of our own blows up and goes out that happens every second okay if I keep to time see if you can imagine this our brains aren't really constructed to imagine it very well if I keep to my time five hundred and forty great stars the Suns would have vanished from the cosmos it's a sobering thought we're fortunate in being around observe the continuing effects of the Big Bang and the mass destruction that it's unleashed in future generations if there are enough of them won't be able to observe it so well why is that because as the Hubble telescope has shown us the name the man through the telescope was named Edwin Hubble was slightly wrong he knew the Big Bang was still going on he knew the universe was still expanding but he thought the universe rate of expansion would start slow what's been discovered by studying the red light shift is to the contrary it's blowing apart much faster than we thought and with huge massive swathe of actual current and potential and future destruction soon two galaxies you can already see it in the night sky you can see the future in the sky already not as a vision not as a revelation not as an omen or a portent you can see there are dramatic galaxies coming towards you but the collision between our galaxy and Andromeda is a certainty it's inscribed in all the laws of physics we know it's coming it'll destroy some stars but they'll probably succeed in making an amalgamation may even become the only remaining galaxies see if you think that religion is any helps you in considering that very real and important fact a little while before this momentous event I'm sorry to have to report our own star will be disqualified from taking part in the grand merger because it along with the 540 Suns that will will be lost to us in the course of my remarks will blow up and swell up and burn out and joining us 543 Assessors and in more proximate news and what I might call more local more suburban news the luminosity of our Sun is increasing at a very alarming rate and in an easily foreseeable future the temperature of our little planet will become that of Venus in other words it will be completely uninhabitable and that will be small but obviously to us very interesting development and it will complete a Grand Slam so far all the other planets in our tiny a server system are not conditioned to support life they're either much too cold or much too hot as large areas of our earth are already much two-parter much too cold soon will join the too hot club and that will be a complete shutdown and some people tell you that our universe and our cosmos was fine-tuned for existence just so we could be here now on truth claims nothing I've said could be overthrown by any evidence or we'll find out is more about it we don't say on non truth claims or faith claims that we know when we don't I'm sorry Jim ash atheist do not say we know there is no God we say to the contrary no argument and no evidence has ever been abused that we consider to be persuasive there's no reason to believe in evidence or argument ontology or science the same with the afterlife of course we don't say that we know there isn't one we say that we don't know anyone who can bring any reason to think that there is this is a very important distinction and it's very regrettable that you miss it and I'm sorry to say in action that the immediate loser in an argument about things of which we can and can't be certain we're the only thing that is certain in these laws is the principle of uncertainty the immediately so the man who has to leave the island sorry Dinesh again right away almost is the one who says I already know all I need to know I already have all the information I need indeed I've been given it by a supernatural body I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen but when I hear people on the bus saying that they're talking to God I well what do you you you move closer to that person or am i right in thinking you edge slightly away I think that's a very good thing I would be able to complete everything I wanted to say I've saved a bit for the next four minutes the argument that some that finally adduce against against the laws of physics and the heat death of our universe is well don't spread the news because it would lead people to despair I don't want anyone to despair we have a number of consolations we have our own solidarity we have love we have literature we have our duties to each other what leads to despair is to live the only life one has being told what to do by despots and crackpots and pseudo-scientists who claim the right to order us around in the name of God humanity has to outgrow and transcender that oldest of all the journeys thank you very much honestly Dinesh what what complete piffle you're lying yourself today science will tell you scientists will tell you in advance of what it would take to disprove their belief a great bow gesture JDS full day night was his name was once saw okay what would it take you to stop believing in evolution by natural selection and random mutation said rabbit's bones in the Precambrian layer would be pretty decisive we'd have to give up on that if that was so I'm stone said if my theory works there will be an eclipse of the west coast of Africa at exactly this time know exactly Eclipse with a solar event describable in advance off the coast of Africa at this time and it did happen the theory was not considered scientific until then have you heard ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters anything like that from the other side say this is what it would take to make me stop believing in something which I believe to be true without any evidence at all no nor did they have the courage to use the following words revelation salvation the conquest of death to be religious is to be a theist to believe in God is to be a deist deists don't believe that God intervenes theists do did you hear any claims of divine intervention from the other side did they have the moral courage to say that you can live eternally perhaps if you were to join one church but special one but you can live eternally if you have enough faith no do they believe it themselves I certainly hope not do they allow in any of their presentations any of their amazing presentations that they are making extraordinary claims they're making supernatural and super human and divine claims they're claiming to know God what God wants of you what he wants you to eat who he wants you to sleep with in what position on what days of the week you should eat this or that what animals you should avoid devouring they claim to know something that we claim is not Noble now which of those claims is the more plausible and they don't that extraordinary claims involve extraordinary evidence which is why evidence is such a casual thing with them however we do have extraordinary ins that I laid out earlier of how our cosmos originated them and how our DNA has been found to be sequenced and some of these things are lovely to contemplate and some of them are rather sobering but none of them require God are you reflect again on what I've said about the death of a son every second about the impending collision of the galaxies about the rapid expansion rate of the Big Bang and you ask yourself I can't tell you this isn't happening without a purpose I certainly don't have enough knowledge to say that but I can say with reasonable certainty I don't think all this was undertaken this vast creative destruction so that one primate species on one small planet could hear the Pope telling them that aids may be bad but the condoms are worse I ask you ladies and gentlemen what could be more self flattering pathetic and yes superstitious than that I'm going to close with a wager if there's view on the other side of this argument we've already voted think that religion makes people behave better you'll have to answer this question and I'll be here afterwards I've lost it many times in public too many religious authorities you have to name a moral action taken or immoral a thought or statement made by believer that I could not make because I'm an unbeliever you have to show there's some relationship between morality and faith you won't be able to do it whereas I can tell you in reply to Rabbi Shmuel is disgusting innuendo Adolf Hitler's first treaty was with the Pope and they both stuck to it I don't think this birthday was celebrated in every pulpit in Germany every year adult Hitler told the Cardinals of Germany he was only doing to them what the church had to the Jews what the church had done to the Jews for many centuries and he was more or less right and it's disgusting to be told he had Darwinian authority for that I rest my case thank you why would it matter if we blew it up it belongs to God he knows he knows his own he knows who's going to heaven and hell look hard to know where to begin the American anti-slavery society was founded by people like Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin and other secularists and skeptics at a time when the whole justification for slavery north and south and across the seas was that it was validated by the Bible which it is dinesh didn't attempt to deal with that question I submit that if we knew half of what we know now about physics about but about biology and astronomy the Abrahamic religions couldn't be founded in this day none of them could be founded and believed in by people who knew what we now know human species is let's say at least 100,000 years old it's probably much older maybe a quarter of it in years you have to believe this to believe an Abrahamic religion have to believe the following but for let's call it a hundred thousand years humanity is born doesn't live long mostly dies in childbirth dies of its teeth dies in terrible wars famines plagues dies in fear because it doesn't know why there are volcanoes doesn't know why there are plagues doesn't know why there are earthquakes or tsunamis fear misery shame terror cruelty of all kinds and for the first ninety seven thousand of those years heaven watches like this but then after ninety seven thousand years of it decides we can't let this go on we'll have to intervene but only in the most barbaric and backward parts of the Middle East will we show our face to people who can't read who are terrified who are ignorant who live basically with and like animals now I submit that whatever may be the case whatever is true whatever may remain to us to find out and as Socrates says the great definition of wisdom is having some idea of how ignorant you are whatever the outcome is morally scientifically or logically that cannot have been the case religion is false I take my stand thank you you

I know for a fact that I am the only intelligent person here.
None of you would understand my view because all of you have bird brains.
So instead of reading my comment, go get fucked.

Truth is truth…what is happening in the Book of Revelations is now happening…the Bible is prophetic..God DOES exist…spirit or soul being…spirit is a point source of conscious energy…5th dimensiion..

Then the media was found to be full of crap on 90% of the science it published and Hitchens now looks like a fool.

I love Hitchens but his astronomy is poor. When the Milky Way and Andromeda "collide" , we won't be the only galaxy, that's nonsense.

he called out the book burners book,he called out the preachers.but he  could not expose the third part of this shake down.that is here[the origins of war in child abuse]tube it.

It's a shame because biblical truths and scientific truth shall never shake hands so the biblical could go on for another 2000 years but Mr. Professor Hitchens, tried to give people the truth. A WMv

Watching Cristopher is almost like going to church where they profess to reveal the truth about our place in the Universe when in actuality it's Someone like Christopher who does it so eloquently.

that's just stupid. HOW did goat herders 4000 years ago know that the black matter of space had substance that could be rolled up or stretched — long before science knew this ?? HOW did they know how to describe a dinosaur — long before science knew that dinosaurs every existed ?? How did they know that there were 4 dimensions — long before Einstein in 1915 ?? How did they know that the life info of a Man was in the blood — long before science understood DNA ?? How did they know that the earth was round — long before science knew this fact ?? How did they know that the earth looked like it was hanging in black nothingness — long before science/NASA had pictures showing this ?? We are to believe that these goat herders knew these things and wrote them down ……. how?

Hitchens was not a genius. What he was was a very clever, talented polemicist and debater, who often said ridiculous things with great conviction so as to make them initially sound credible. Case in point, his comments in this video. What he largely does (and repeatedly in most of his debates) is set up "straw man" Christian arguments in order to bulldoze them down in public for applause. For example, his linking of Hitler with Christianity. Even if that were true (which is ridiculous, as Hitler was anything but a practitioner of Christianity), it would not discredit Christian claims, as it has nothing to do with them. It's a well known debater's trick known as "Fallacy by Association." If you want a real agnostic argument, Sam Harris is infinitely better and more intellectually honest than Hitch.

Science teaches you snakes have venom.
When they bite you, they inject that venom and it attacks your body.
Science has created antivenom, which attacks the snakes venom.

The bible attempts very ludicrously to teach that snakes speak to you, and will tell you to do bad things.
Somehow, billions of people would rather believe the latter.

Blah blah blah Mr, Hitchens you are dead and in HELLLLL How is Satan treating you lol/ you still believe there is no God Satan will show you

This is why they are defunding the public education system in America and the dumbing down of every aspects of our lives. Read read read.

This dead fool now has his folly laid out before him. A fool and his soul are soon parted. Such a pity – knowing these stubborn jackasses – he’s cursing and swearing and asking for ‘ evidence ‘ in Hell, they don’t listen – they don’t learn

What a message of hopelessness and despair, to bad he never got a revelation of the truth. He says the only thing that justified the slave trade was the Bible, not even close to the truth. This is chapter 4 out of my book "God Said What?"

Hitchens was 100% on the button regarding religion but he really didn't understand cosmology enough to use it in arguments. Conflating red shift with the gravitationally bound Andromeda galaxy's motion is nonsense.

That`s what I`ve always loved about Hitch, he doesn`t take any prisoners, he doesn`t give a flying fuck about political correctness and he is never polite just for the sake of what others might think of him, he always told it like it is !

I would love to hear hitchens debate Jordan Peterson. I feel like that would be a sight to behold. Mostly because JP would get his ass handed to him lol

Scientists intelligence can't go beyond human standards. So you can only be so 'smart' until somebody just as smart calls you on it. Then what do they say. It's just stupid to rely on the story of the bible. That's an easy out. So two different beliefs by two finite minds. It's just a matter of choice actually. Don't put your belief in anybody who sits down to crap just like you. It all stinks.


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