Christopher Hitchens Explains Why Religion Poisons Everything

Christopher Hitchens Explains Why Religion Poisons Everything

There is one constant in the universe (or universes if they alternate between matter and anti-matter) is the speed of light (e=mc2). The one constant is not a deity (religion). Some people think it is, because if a deity created the universe, they must be the constant. Physics says otherwise. It's best to avoid the words everything, all and always as that implies a constant about something, but the only constant is the speed of light.

What made me truly grow to hate religion is how certain people are condemned when in reality these so called sinners are just people most of whom are much kinder then so called Christians ect actually. Mainly the groups who get persecuted for no reason are " sexual deviants " i.e promiscuous people and homosexuals. Really most of the nicest people I have ever met were promiscuous , I have had many gay friends as well. For me who is someone who has seen the beauty in so called sinners and seen they are as beautiful if not more than anyone else , having friends who work in adult films and also transsexual friends and really just that whole group is one I have come to bond with and love. Sexuality is beautiful and a way to bond and share feelings with one another it should not merely be for two people in their perfect little fairy tale marriage that will last 2 weeks it should not be defined or written off either. For me who has seen true beauty in these people religion is the real evil. It is toxic and really can't seem to choose whether it preaches love and acceptance or hatred but leans toward the latter. Keep in mind this is only the largest reason why I grew to hate religion there are near countless others.

And athiests are Hippocrates and people how believe in evolution. Because I guarantee you everyone of theses people celebrate Christmas. Just to name one.

Funny so many centuries passed yet not single person have seen this “ god “ it must be good in hide and seek

Religion is an excuse for people to remain lazy, ignorant and not take responsibility for themselves. And belief in god is a constant stroking of their ego… in their minds, justified elitism. Is it any wonder they won't give it up?

You will always be a great man, Hitchens. Your contribution and work against gullibility and irrationality has been invaluable.

Hiitchens may be dead, but his legacy remains. His lectures, and lessons and debates are truly inspiring.

You can eat a plague of locusts… Very good nutrition. It is more nutritional eating locusts then the crops the locusts attacked in the bible. common sense is not so common. Mathematically religion does not add up apart from stabilising the western world. In a modern age of the yr 2018 I would suggest that everyone knows the know. We are all programmed to believe in things we do not actually believe in. Buy make up so you are not real ladies. Believe in war so you can fight, men. It's all bullshit. The world leaders can deliver peace without a problem and so much more than that

Since I have gone non religion. My life feels like a burden has just been lifted off me and my life is so much.

Religion is poison!
Does your god love me by killing non-believers and burning witches and burning LGBT? I don't need that kind of love!
Burn down USA and Russia !
Burn down Middle East and Israel!
Time to pay for your genocide of others!
Nuke Jerusalem to ground!

Here in norway there was a king that forced his people to believe in this new religion (previous religion; norse mythology). You would be killed if you didn't believe in this new "God".

Religion have done more bad than good. and the fact that people still believe all the lies from old books that could have been written by someone who wanted control over the people is honestly kind of scary. Religion has caused wars and fights. People will use their religion as an excuse for all sorts of things. There's no evidence that some kind of god exist, and if he does exist, then he's doing a shit job at controlling his people, and protecting earth. Whenever something good happens christians will always say "oh thank god", no, thank the people that made that good thing happen, don't thank some fantasy man in the sky

Oh yeah! Perfect unmistakable name for the channel and its contents. Fucking bravo!!! Finally some balls In a wheelbarrow. Right On!

Religion is like a turd. There are ways to fool mankind, about a turd. You could start out that a turd can become fertilizer. You could fool mankind that a turd smells good, can be eaten, looks good, and the weak minded will say uh huh. But in the end, IT IS STILL A TURD!!!!!!!

FUCKyourGODmyth… You had me at Hello! Or rather, at "FUCK your god" haha. Subscribed. Anything I can do to help rid humanity of the scourge of religion.. and continue watching debates and lectures from spectacular wonders of our world like the late Christopher Hitchens. Cheers!

The question I can't seem to answer is why would we need to be saved from God himself if he loves us and supposedly wants to save us?

All religions are cults, it's just a continuum of matter of degree, fundamentalists of all kinds are the worst. Most liberal theists are actually agnostics. The real percentage of atheists in US is closer to 26% when people feel safe taking a poll. At its least evil, religion is a terrible unnecessary divider of humans.

May I point out that religion isn't a poison. Religion to me, is meaningful and useful. I grew up in a Irish 🍀 Catholic faith. To those atheists who think that religion is the cause of problems and chaos, are sadly mistaken. God created us. The reason why there's evil because of free will. We humans can either worship God and praise him or disobey him. To prove the evidence of God's existence. Read the books of Saint Augustine of Hippo, Scott Hahn, Bishop Robert Barron.

Cancer is a medical disease and atheism is a spiritual disease. Sadly, most atheists have so many defects it's hard to explain it with a paragraph.

He's an eloquent speaker, intelligent, and humorous, but I'm disappointed, not having heard any actual arguments; just a lot of appeals to his audience's emotions and conceit.

know what bullshit is?know how to spot it?how is it you eat it, and think you are immortal then?

Zeus, Thor, all those Roman and Greek "god's" fell into laughably moronic thinking age's ago. This , and the "religion's of today, will be all gone in 50 year's ,or less. Them, maybe we can make some real progress as a world.

I didn't think we needed a dna test to 'realize' that we were part of nature. Apparently this bloke perhaps does. atheism is just another bullshit religion


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