Christianity and World Religions

Christianity and World Religions

all right welcome those that are watching bye bye YouTube tonight we probably will be two weeks on this particular one we've been doing a series on world religions versus Christianity are actually shouldn't be vs. it should be compared to Christianity and tonight we're going to start on probably one that I see is probably one of the greatest threats to true Christianity in America and we're going to take a look at this now this session is addressing the deception that has been that has and is sweeping the church in America it's not political it is moral as our society has normalized sin many times it is either normalized in the church or at least overlooked and not addressed so think about this in the 60s was the big push to throw off all restraint and it was free love free sex and the sexual revolution took place in the 60s before that time I'm sure things like that were happening but it was all it wasn't broadcast for the whole world to see today sex outside of marriage before marriage is normalized in fact it's expected and whenever someone takes a vow of chastity or to remain pure till marriage they're criticized I remember some people that became famous among the world and when the world found out that there were all still virgins they were criticized and they said well we you know we have promised rings we made a vow that we would keep ourselves pure till marriage and they were criticized why because the world has normalized sex before marriage and that's immorality the Bible calls it in many translations fornication and so they've normalized it and so when the world normalizes it and it becomes normal when the church speaks about it well that the church is blasted because they're touching on something that's you know not politically correct and let me just say this the the political correct thing is nothing to do with politics it's an immoral value system that's all it is it got the label political correct but it's an immoral value system it promotes immorality and so tonight we're going to deal with something else that our American Society is normalizing okay now this session is addressing the heresy that a person can be gay and be a Christian at the same time almost sexuality is not a repeat is not been pardonable sin it can be forgiven yet the person must repent change their mind and heart attitude about the sin whatever that sin is and live by the grace of God in obedience to the Word of God however more people are changing the Word of God rather than changing their heart the session will show the start of the gate church in America the session in no way seeks to malign anyone in the sin of homosexuality that is not the purpose of this okay now don't follow me on this they've normalized sex before marriage they're normalizing homosexuality there's a whole list of sins that the world is is pushing the normalize okay and so you know it be and they celebrate it oh let's celebrate this immorality okay so what are they gonna start celebrating theft that's that's a sin fraud where they gonna start celebrating from maybe they have already in the wall street yeah so it's like let's let's come out of the closet and let's celebrate sin that's basically I don't care what the sin is okay so it is in no way seeking to malign anyone that's called in that sin because I want you to understand something regardless of all the spin out there that you can get of why person uses in this particular thing whether it's that or and in our study we're gonna see that there are there's growing educators now that normalizes certain things that we see is disgusting and gross and and yet educators are starting to normalize it their lists really not that bad okay the session will show how biblically this is incorrect I've put some scriptures up there yeah and next time I'll put it in black letters rather than white for such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ and no wonder for Satan himself transforms himself into what angel of light he appears to be good isn't that what he appeared as not so much as an angel but he appeared as a friend to Eve in the garden Hey look God's been holding out on you I'm your friend I'm here to tell you the real truth when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees one time he says you're of your father Satan he's a liar he's been a liar from the beginning when he speaks he speaks of his own resources all his resources are lies and so Paul is saying look these are deceitful workers they appear to be good but there's no wonder they appear to be good to come they're just like the one who sent them Satan transforms himself to be an angel of light therefore it is no great thing that his ministers Ultra also transformed themselves into ministers of righteousness whose end will be according to their works Paul said in Galatians I marvel I Marvel you are turning away so soon from him Christ who called you in the grace of Christ to a different gospel which is not another gospel but there are some who trouble you want to pre Verte the gospel now there's a difference between corruption and perversion corruption is when you take something that is clean or pure and you add something that is impure that corrupts it perversion is adding corruption to it and preventing it in presenting it as being pure that's the difference between corruption and and that that is perverted corruption is added and it's presented as being pure okay they they want to pervert the gospel of Christ but even if we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel than what you've already preached let them be accursed as we've said before so we say again if anyone preaches any of the gospel than what you've received let them be accursed Paul gives a warning to Timothy the spirit expressly says in the latter times some will what they're going to depart from one from the faith these are people that were born-again believers names written in the Lamb's Book of Life some of them are going to depart from that face giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons speaking lies in hypocrisy having their own conscience seared with a hot iron all right in your notes it's Sunday morning at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas cars by the hundreds begin filling the filing pass Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in the local Taco Bell the parking lot feels the car is empty and a stream of people Bibles in hand making their way into the church the meeting opens with the congregation vigorously singing the latest heal song and vineyard music some raise their hands to God while others openly weep caught up in the emotion of the moment eventually Pastor Joe Hudson makes her way to the podium opens her Bible and begins her Sunday sermon the congregation listens attentively nearly 4-thousand in attendance and most all of them are openly about homosexuals who sincerely believe they have an intimate relationship with God the question is and by the way in an interesting that the LGBT has chosen the rainbow colors as their flag by the way how many colors are there in the rainbow seven how many colors are in the LGBTQ six what is the number of man six interesting why is why is homosexuality so dangerous to true Christianity we looked at the Mormons earlier in our in our studies we looked at your hobos witnesses we looked at unity in other groups that describe themselves or label themselves as Christian quote/unquote but you can easily spot that they're not truly a Christian group because their core doctrines are so far off center to true Christianity okay so the Mormons add the Book of Mormon listen that you interpret Scriptures through jehovah's witnesses they've taken the bible and they've retranslated it to fit their doctrine and we saw in unity things there we can spot yes this is a counterfeit so they're easy to spot no they're not really true Christians not accorded the Bible but when we look at homosexuality Christianity outside of their warped interpretation of scriptures concerning homosexuality their core beliefs are much like ours they believe that Christ died for all our sins they believe in expressive worship under God and believed in experiencing the presence of God in their worship services they believe in many of the core Christian beliefs and we'll see they have many scholars quote-unquote among them that have through exegetical apologetics proved they say how the scriptures that we use to show that homosexuality is a sin has been misinterpreted by us they are so dangerous because they are so close to our beliefs but are so far from the truth that's what makes it so dangerous it's so deceptive is that they they're so close but yet so far you know if you're off if you're off 1/16 of an inch when you go out one foot let's see how far off are you okay if you go out 16 feet you're off 1 inch so if you start off just 1/16 of an inch wrong when you're going in this direction but you're off 1/16 of an inch 16 feet you're one foot off at 192 feet you're one foot off the further you go from the starting point and you start off wrong the further you get away from where you're supposed to be and I believe with this whole issue here they're off and they're always going to be off because they're not believing in the full totality of the Scriptures the danger is now beginning is now beginning to be lived out many in society and Christian communities are being swayed to believe that what they believe is a lie there's way to believe it as truth but it's a lie several mainline denominations are now beginning to accept them into membership in ordination as ministers because many are buying into that lie those who speak the truth are being labeled among other things as hate mongers now granted there are people out there like I said last week what is it Westboro Baptist Church you know they go to funerals and God hates on us that doesn't represent Jesus Christ at all as well say right now Westboro Baptist Church is not a Christian organization okay doesn't represent Jesus Christ so but yet when we speak the truth we are over hate mongers we're or called all these different things homophobes and all these other things and and I'm a god of phobe alright I'm not a homophobe at all I know people that are homosexual I'll hug there next to them a level and they know what I mean when I say a love of my love them in Christ okay because many are buying it a lie those who speak all hate mongers in the 1960s sexual immorality was pushed openly to be an accepted lifestyle since then sex before marriage to consider the norm rather than being immoral as the Bible says it is it's accepted by society as being OK in the norm for people to publicly declare that they are virgins are criticized or mocked over the past few decades LGBT has been pushing and pushing to normalize homosexuality sitcoms have normalized it more and more TV dramas shows have have normalized it and disdain those who do not accept it as a normal lifestyle more and more school districts throughout America are adopting curriculum that teaches kids that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle bottom line is sex outside of marriage is called sin it is immorality therefore to normalize it is to normalize immorality and it is celebrating immorality the same is for homosexuality it is called in the Bible immorality so to normalize it is again to celebrate immorality all right all right it was founded originally founded in Los Angeles in 1968 by Troy Perry October the 6th 1968 which and it didn't have it in these notes but I do remember some of my research that he started off as a Pentecostal minister it's interesting enough October the 6th 1968 a dozen people met in Perry's home for his first service of the Metropolitan Community Church as word got out his congregation doubled within size within the first month the next two years were a blur of activity for Perry the reinker II the reoccurring ad coupled with occasional write-ups in The Advocate ensured that a steady stream of curious and searching Souls would visit the church most had had encounters with Christianity at some point of their lives but had left the church delusioned when it became clear that they would have to forgo their same-sex attraction now there was a now there was a man claiming that they could be they could reconcile what they had previously considered as an unresolvable conflict they could be gay and be a Christian as this novel concept gained momentum other gay Christian leaders emerged within two years new mcc congregations formed in San Francisco Chicago San Diego Phoenix Honolulu and in Dallas the Cathedral of Hope while Perry continued his ministry efforts a sense of outrage began growing within him over what he now considered to be society's injustice towards gays he became increasingly involved in homosexual activism fighting for their rights in every arena opened to him in the ensuing years he led protest march in Los Angeles Sacramento and petitioned the National Council of Churches to receive MCC as a denominational member fault pro-family leaders such as Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell and wrote two books the Lord is my shepherd and knows I'm gay and don't be afraid anymore Torrey Perry has received numerous awards including the Humanitarian Award from the ACLU in an honorary Doctorate degree from ceará University in Santa Santa Santa Monica Santa Monica easy from you say however his crowning achievement came in 1997 during his fourth visit to the White House when he was included in a select group of religious leaders honored by the Clinton administration perhaps greater perhaps greater that he has direct contribution to the cause to celebrate are those carried out by others who followed in his footsteps yes MCC has grown dramatically since those early days but more significantly the idea of homosexual Christianity has grown gained credibility and legitimacy by making inroads into mainline denominations just four years after Perry found founded MCC William Johnson became the first openly gay man to be ordained by a major denomination in the United Church of Christ since that time one Society of barrier after has fallen by the wayside is homosexuality through the new religion of Tolerance has continued to gain widespread acceptance within our nation so we're going to take a look now at some testimony of a former homosexual Christian by the name of Joe Dallas Joe Dallas is gonna raise two questions if we're gonna try to answer concerning this now we're reading his testimony I'm starting on page five quote 22 years ago I also crave justification for my homosexuality he said I had decided that I was gay and felt utterly incapable of changing my sexual desires instead of conforming my actions to biblical standards I chose to adjust biblical standards to accommodate my actions now that's huge because that's what people do I can't get around with the Bible says so I have to change what the Bible says I have to adjust the Bible so it can say what I wanted to say and people do that not just for homosexuality I've counseled with people who who do that to justify adultery well God wants me to be happy I heard a preacher say that all God wants me to be as he wants me to be happy and having this other person will make me happy so people and and they use some scriptures I'm like those are completely out of context you can't you then that's where you get in trouble so anyway my sip my subsequent six year involvement as a staff member of a pro homosexual Metropolitan Community Church became the fruit of that compromise and remains a deep source of regret to this day during my tenure as a self-professed gay Christian I often was confronted by believers who ordered the standard passages of scripture on homosexuality like anyone steeped in propaganda however I knew which scripture passages would be thrown at me Leviticus 18:22 Leviticus 20:13 Romans 1:26 to 27 first Corinthians 9:6 to first Corinthians 6:9 and 10 first Timothy chapter 1 verses 9 and 10 all of which clearly condemned homosexuality and I could recite he said the pro-gay interpretation of each leaving my Christian opponent and me at a stalemate problem of course was that we were debating my revised view of the Bible without addressing the state of the heart and mind that had led me to that revision in the first place when our friends who call themselves gay Christian insist that God approves of their orientation and behavior we do well to challenge the interpretation of Scripture they claim supports their position when that debate concludes however they will often fall back on two general arguments by which they accept and even celebrate their homosexuality the first is based on the seeming seeming immutability of their sexual orientation in other words they can't change it the second is their sense of God's presence in their lives while they're openly and actively homosexual okay so so here's the two questions is there a divine intent for sexual expression and if there is how do we determine what that is so they say I can't help it and because I can't help it therefore God made me this way so I am to celebrate the way God made me that would be there firstly the second does God's presence in our lives indicate his approval they say I feel God's presence I go to these churches and we're all gay and we feel God's presence among us therefore that is a sign of God's acceptance because we feel his presence so those are the two questions all right so question number one bottom of page five is there a divine intent for sexual expression and if there is how do we determine what it is when Troy Perry remember the guy who founded the gay church when Troy Perry homosexual activist and founder of the MCC writes about his sexual awakenings he describes an encounter he had with another man although married his wife in fact was an adjoining room during parries Tyrus explains his rationale for committing homosexual adultery eventually he says I came to realize that what we were doing seemed right for me while admitting it did not constitute love he nonetheless refers to the episode as a marvelous education consistent with this subjective approach to ethics Perry's first sermon to his newly formed church was titled be true to you should the authenticity of our sexual desires be the criteria about which we judge their rightness if so one wonders whether pedophilia incest or sadomasochism Sato Mackin yeah okay might also be legitimized as long as they seem right to an individual now what you understand something we don't have time to study it tonight but when you read in Romans chapter 1 and when Paul talks about you can see the levels of degradation that man goes to and at each level God tries to stop them and they don't and so he lets them go to the next level into the next level in the next level understand it's not going to stop here at homosexuality there is already a growing voice the pedophilia is not a bad thing it started it started over in Western Europe it's come over to America in some colleges you've heard some magic in fact and may have listed some I think The Washington Times that did a post in the link is at the bottom of page page 6 okay now I try to wrap my head around the the grotesqueness of that and how is that even right 100 years ago what we're talking about now being normal in our society people would have gasped what do you mean people celebrate sex before marriage really people celebrate homosexuality really I just can't fathom that and here we are talking about that a pedophile maybe right after all so if it just seemed right to use whatever your sexual as gross as this is bestiality if it just feels right to you it must be okay that's the logic that they're using to justify it if it feels okay for me then it must be okay for me Wow Pro gay apologist my name dignity argue that same-sex contact between consenting adults is a far cry from the horror of pedophilia or incest yet that response evades the broader issue are we to conform our sexuality to to a revealed intent or to our own deeply ingrained preferences in other words the intent for our sexuality has been spelled out for us in the Word of God are we to use that to define our sexual orientation are we to use what we feel if we claim to be Bible believing Christians which most of the gay religious movement identify themselves as yet draw our mortal conclusions not from the scriptures but from our own passions then a glaring contradiction exists in cries out for correction but the gay apologist counters how could God condemn something I've tried so hard to overcome and even ask him to remove Mel white gay author and former ghost writer to a stellar list of Christian leaders argues this point in his autobiography stranger at the gate movingly he recounts years of prayer psychotherapy and shock treatment geared towards obliterating his homosexual desires when all efforts to remove the temptation towards sex whether the men failed he determined by concession that since his prayers to be relieved the homosexual feelings went unanswered those feel therefore God ordained now again the same argument that he's using can be used for a pedophile I just can't help it I I just can't help that feeling so therefore it must be okay do you see how how off that is you're looking to your own self and saying you're justifying it because of what you feel we'll open up for questions in just a little bit his testimony echoes that of hundreds of religious homosexuals who assume that unwanted temptations that are not completely removed through prayer must therefore be feelings that cannot be removed at all subsequently what cannot be removed at all must be by its very immutability legitimate for example I prayed for God to remove my temptations but some of them remain therefore God must expect me to yield to them so wives try to use that the next time you go to the store I couldn't resist I prayed God removed the temptation it didn't leave so it must be God's will for me to buy it it's not gonna work probably yeah yeah you can try in contrast Francis Schaeffer provides a better approach to the frustration of deeply in great temptation he says so I must ask very gently how much thought does our identification with Christ provoke is it not true that our prayers for ourselves are almost entirely aimed at getting rid of the negative at any cost rather than praying that the negatives be faced in the proper attitude regarding sexual temptations Schaeffer is more specific he says quote here in the midst of life there is to be a strong choice by the grace of God it is not a matter of waiting until we no longer have strong sexual desires but rather we are to understand what Jesus means when he talks about denying ourselves that which is not rightfully ours in court placing the concept of being true to ourselves above self-denial I and I fear many like me in the gate church decided homosexuality was natural because it came naturally to me having brief predetermined the rightness of it I read that determination into the Bible rather than submitting that determination to the Bible's Authority remember I've said in the study of scriptures there's what's called exegesis the extra Jellicle process is taking the script that the text and letting the text say what it says you have no no preconceived interpretation you're letting the scriptures say what it says I so Jesus is when you take your predetermined interpretation and you force that upon the Scriptures and that's what many anybody who justifies what this Bible is clearly said is wrong they've done ice of Jesus and interpreting the scriptures not exegesis not letting the text say what is what it's saying that is the crux of the problem if there is a divine intent for our sexuality and indeed there is then we do well to face what it is not what we wish it to be to be to do less is to set ourselves up for a lethal combination of heresy and tragedy the second question that Joe Joe Dallas asked was does God's presence in Our Lives indicate his approval of our lifestyle no I feel God's presence in my life quote unquote is something you're likely to hear from someone aligned with the gay religious movement quote and at my church people are born again and God's Spirit is manifest how could that be if he disapproves of homosexuality in quote I can testify firsthand Joe Dallas says ^ this line of reasoning if upon my first visit to a pro-gay congregation I had encountered a Roman orgy in progress it would have been easy to dismiss the very notion of gay Christianity at MCC Church however I witnessed traditional hymns sermons that were theologically conservative and even an occasional altar call isn't this evidence I thought that God's sanctions homosexuality a cursory look at Paul's first letter of Corinthian church refutes this erroneous thinking the Corinthians were very carnal and full of division and incestuous relationship existed openly among them remember a a man had his his his father's wife it would be his stepmother they were sleeping together and the church wasn't doing anything about it in pawsley what are you doing this guy's opened sin and you're not mourning over it you just drunkenness occurred in their communion celebrations yet God's press yet God was present in their lives at the very least as born-again believers they had the Spirit of God within them however grieve the Holy Spirit may have been with their behavior so remember the Apostle Paul deals with the Cara's motto that the gifts of the Spirit in chapters 12 13 and 14 of 1st Corinthians chapter 12 he lays out the difference of the four types of gifts there's the spiritual gifts manifestations there's gifts of administration so forth chapter 13 he gives the pinnacle of balance that love is the motivation to use these gifts not to draw attention to yourself and then chapter 14 he gives corrective teaching on how these gifts are to be used in the worship service so you have all these things going on and Paul says yeah you're speaking in tongues great but there's no benefit to it because you're not operating right and how you're doing it so Paul gives corrective teaching so the present of God was there even though there was air Paul addresses that era in his letter to them could God's press construed to indicate his approval of the behavior well of course not because Paul corrected it now let me come to I'm gonna move away from from Jodi Alice's testimony here and I want to interject my own little thing here note the author of this study is conveying and giving credit to his sources I got an ejectment own point of view in regards to God's presence among them the scripture says now the spirit expressly says in the latter times some will depart from the faith giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons Paul says in 1st 2nd Corinthians we read it at the beginning and we read agin such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into apostles of food Christ they say I'm representing Jesus Christ the word apostle literally means sent out one many times we call them missionaries but an apostle as though is kind of like he's the one that that cuts the trail if you will implants churches so these people are there their blazing the trail planning these churches saying I'm an apostle of Jesus Christ but their false their deceitful and no wonder Paul says for Satan himself transforms himself until the angel of light appearing to be good therefore it's no great thing that his ministers transform themselves into ministers of righteousness but they're not ministers of righteousness they're deceitful workers of darkness the author of this study doesn't agree that God's presence is among them so much as it is a seduce of spirit angel of light or among them to deceive them into believing that they are experiencing the true presence of God it is also noted that even Mormons and other Christian cults say that they experience God's presence in fact just came to me in first Corinthians at the beginning of chapter 12 in 1st Corinthians I want to read it Paul says this a concerning spiritual gifts brethren I don't want you to be ignorant for you know that you were Gentiles carried away to these dumb idols however you were led therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God cause calls Jesus accursed and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit now I remember hearing dr. dr. mark Rutland teach about this and he was giving the cultural background when he says that you were Gentiles carried away to these dumb idols however you were led and he talked about that in Corinth there was the temple and it escapes my mind somebody can anybody tell me in Corinth what was the temple that was there what and then in Ephesus the problem there was anyway in the temple there Corinth was such a vile vile city that in the temple there they had any given time a thousand temple prostitutes male and female homosexuality was just as rampant as heterosexual was in city of Corinth and he talked about how the in those temple worships people would lather themselves up and say such frenzy and even in that frenzy they would babble and in tongues and Paul is saying you're not like these people let away to these dumb idols okay so even though there may be a counterfeit and the devil always has a counterfeit for the real just because it's counterfeit doesn't mean that's the real thing you know I don't know I just don't know him this is just my my opinion I don't know that well there are times that God's presence can be felt even by people that are wrong men named King Saul a better remember him had murder in his heart he was hunting David down he wanted to kill David he heard that David was with Samuel and he went he sent two other captains and captains came back so you know had an encounter with God and some saw himself winter and when he got in the presence of Samuel the Spirit of God came upon Saul and he began to prophesy and the Bible says they prophesied all night long so that people are saying is Saul among the prophets now because he's prophesying on that long the next morning when Saul got up off the ground he still had murder in his heart so I believe that a person even a sinner can experience the presence of God but that presence or manifestation of God does not have is not a sign of God's approval and we'll look at that we'll let's look at it now this is what we're fixed and read if you got your Bibles go to Matthew chapter 7 Matthew chapter 7 we're going to look so it is possible for people to be in the presence of God but that doesn't mean that God's stamp of approval is in that presence so Matthew chapter 7 Matthew chapter 7 and we're going to look at verse number 22 Matthew 7 verse 22 was go back 21 well let's go back to verse 15 Matthew 7 verse 15 beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves Jesus says here's how you'll know them you'll know them bother what fruits do man gather grapes from thornbushes in other words do you go to a blackberry bush and expect to get grapes or vice versa nope can't do it he says even so every good tree bears good fruit and every bad tree Bears bad fruit a good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown under fire therefore you will know them the false prophets by their fruits verse 21 not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but he who what does the will of my father which is in heaven what's the will of the father obedience for many not a few but many so there's gonna be a lot of people who thought wait a minute III and here's the here's the criteria that they give that they say this should have been a stamp of approval that we were accepted by you he says many would come to mean that they said Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your name and in your name cast out demons and done many wonders in your name then I will declare to them I never knew you depart from me you who practice lawlessness so in other words these are people who lived in Gnome sin that's lawlessness sin is lawlessness now go with me to Luke's Gospel chapter 13 Luke's Gospel chapter 13 verse number 22 and Jesus went through the cities and villages teaching and journeying towards Jerusalem then one of them said to him ask him a question Lord are there few that be saved and he said to them strive to enter in through what the straight or the narrow gate people accuse me of being narrow-minded I say thank you that's exactly what Jesus said I was supposed to be these are the borders that I use it's called the Word of God I can't stray outside the borders of the word of God my thinking has the line and that's narrow thinking to the world strive dinner in the narrow gate from many I say to you will seek to enter in will not be able when once the master has risen up and has shut the door and you began to stand outside the door knocking and saying Lord Lord open unto us you will answer to say to you I do not know you where you were from then they will begin to say look at this here's the criteria this is the justification that why we need to be in heaven we ate and drink in your presence and you taught in our streets we heard sermons from from your word we worshiped with worship songs like everybody else did but out but I will say I tell you I do not know you where you're from depart from me you workers of iniquity and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God knew yourself some us talented look I'm not disdaining people that are caught in this deception I pray for them I pray for them because they are deceived and there they are going to have a rude awakening when they pass into eternity because they've lived in this deception that they're ok with God but they practice lawlessness they live and open sin it's not just them we're talking about people that that live in whatever the Bible calls the sin I think gossips and gossip is in lunch witness yeah so you know we have to we have to line ourselves up the Word of God okay so God's presence alone does not validate that we're okay with God our obedience to God's Word all of his world back to quoting our source mister Dallas could God's presence be construed to indicate his approval of their behavior hardly likewise though our friends and the pro-gay churches claim ongoing fellowship with Christ their foundation is experiential in contrast to the sure foundation Christ commended when warning against claiming knowledge of him apart from obedience to him Jesus said but why do you call me Lord Lord and do not do the things which I say whoever comes to me and hears my sayings and does them I'll show you what he's like and then he gives the illustration of a man building his house on the rock the firm foundation it's interesting to note he also tells the story in Luke Matthew chapter 7 it's interesting to note is this from the ground level up both houses look the same you realize that from the ground up both of the houses look the same it wasn't until the storm came and revealed that one house had no foundation to stand on it was destroyed the other house remained firm now I don't think I'm I'm misconstruing the scripture or the story that Jesus is talking about here he's talking about he who hears the word and obeys that one is going to survive Paul talks about in 1st Corinthians the third chapter Judgment Day for Christians it's not for sinners but is the judgment seat of Christ we all must appear before the judgment seat of Christ that our deeds may be tried by fire and we have a foundation our salvation is Jesus Christ we make that judgment day our salvation is not in question all right your works maybe but your foundation isn't now when we look at someone who what was Paul what was King Saul's sin what got him rejected by God what was his sin no partial obedience he partially obeyed God he didn't fully obey God he partially obeyed God in the in the in the in the when God gives the law to the people he said be diligent to obey all my law he said that multiple times be diligent to obey all my life we don't get to pick and choose what we want to obey I wish we could trust me there's things I don't have to obey Haley nobody have to okay and there's a reason why is God and there's the saying that we'll learn under the law were under grace we are under grace what does that mean there's a misinterpretation that we're now under grace which means there's a lower standard quite the opposite and I have left my notes a long way from years quite the opposite grace is a higher standard in the law God said you can't murder you can't stop the heartbeat of another person jesus said if you hate a brother it's equal to murder so in other words you may never pump plunge a knife into someone's heart but if you hate them jesus said that's equal to murder no he represents grace he is grace Jesus said you've heard it said in the Old Testament you should not commit adultery so in the Old Testament you could be eat up in your eyeballs with lust but as long as you didn't physically commit the act you were okay you didn't break the law the jesus said if you look after all lust after her you've already broken the law of grace you've already broken the law you've already committed it with her so it's a higher standard and that's why we depend on God's grace God's grace doesn't keep us in sin God's grace leads us out of sin and when you read the teachings of Paul and deals with grace it's always don't you understand God's grace leads you out of sin it empowers you to live free from sin Romans chapter six it is a good place to start all right all right page page team Joe Dallas says all of this makes our encounters with those claiming to be gay in Christian reminiscent of our encounter between Jesus and the rich young ruler Jesus loved the young man and was accurately aware of the spiritual hunger posed in the question good master what should I do to inherit life eternal life like our friends or our loved ones in the pro-gay churches this young ruler obeyed many of the commandments but something in his life his riches which he deemed invaluable was holding him back when Jesus put his finger on this one area the ruler walked away unwilling to relinquish and obey there in the gospel of marks account of the convert of the conversation it ends the rich young ruler walks away but who knows someday perhaps years later this same man may have re-examined the contrast between earthly in eternal wealth maybe Christ's way of speaking truth gently but firmly never left his memory perhaps just perhaps he finally yielded to what seemed so important only to find a hundredfold more when his life was conformed to Jesus's words then transformed by it no possible the sound bible teaching i received as a young Christian haunted me pursuing me even in the midst of indescribable rebellion it would not be ignored truth finally conquered convinced when I realized I had been kidding myself into believing what I wanted to believe rather than what I truly believed this ends the conversation of Joe Dallas a former so-called gay Christian so now we want to get to before I open up for questions how do their scholars quote unquote and their apologist and remember apologists are not apologizing for something apologetics is giving a defense so how did how did their apologist rebuttal the scriptures that label homosexuality in its behavior as a sin how did they get around that when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by the devil what did the devil use he used the scriptures the devil twisted the scriptures to make it fit the situation that would take Christ away from the truth of the scriptures so it is with their exegetical apologetics quote unquote in the following scriptures in regards to the issue of Sodom and Gomorrah they would say we have misinterpreted the encounter of the men of the city wanting to have sex with the two men in Lots house who are angels as being the sin of rape not the sin of homosexuality of course what was one of the names of the cities it was destroyed Sodom we get the word sodomy which is the act of homosexuality Leviticus 18:22 you shall not lie with a male as with a woman it's an abomination Leviticus 20:13 if a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman both of them have committed abomination they shall surely be put to death their blood shall be upon them this they would say the ippolit the gay apologetics would say is the law in Christ has set us free from the law and that either one there was a cultural bias about homosexuality or to the original language has been misinterpreted in today's language in reference to their first excuse they themselves believe that adultery having sex outside of our committed relationship is wrong but yet adultery is in the law as being prohibited so so do you see how that that logic doesn't work because see one of the things they say is this is that God wasn't forbidding homosexuality he was forbidding extra relationships so as long as you have a committed relationship between each other and inside of that it's okay with God Romans chapter 1 26 and 27 for this reason God gave them up to vile passions for even their women exchanged the natural use which was against nature likewise the men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust for one another men with men committing what is shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty do their penalty of their error which was do they claim they claim that in context the Scriptures is expressing forbiddance of many sexual relationships and not of a committed loving relationships between relationship between two homosexuals 1st Corinthians 9 I've seen 1st Corinthians 6 Paul says do you not know that the unrighteous here at the kingdom of God Paul gives a list that the Corinthians are very familiar with do not be deceived neither fornicators not adulterers or adulterers nor homosexuals nor sodomites nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revilers nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God next verse what you didn't put in there says and such were some of you and he talks about how they were delivered from that first Timothy chapter 1 verse 9 knowing this that the law was made for the righteous person but for the lawless and the insubordinate for the ungodly and for the sinners for the ungodly and profane for murderers for father for murderers of fathers murderers of mothers from and Slayers for fornicators for sodomites for kidnappers for Liars for perjurers and if there's any other thing that's contrary to sound doctrine so in regards to these two passages of scriptures these apologists go to great lengths to try quote/unquote to prove that the Greek words that are translated as sodomites and homosexuals will not be original translation but but have been misinterpreted by those who have a bias against homosexuality now another Bible that many of the gay Christian community use is the message Bible the message Bible is not a translation it is a paraphrase you understand the difference between translation and paraphrase the Living Bible is a paraphrase the New Living Translation is a translation a translation is will you go to the original language and you trans translate that word from the either the Hebrew in the in the Old Testament the Greek in the New Testament and you put that in the in the most best express word of what our language you're translating into for us it's English sometimes there are words in our English language that doesn't fully capture what the Greek word meant so how many times in Greek translations was the Oh what's the Bible that expounds upon it Wow I got hurricane doing a lot going on up here amplified thank you anybody have an implied Bible if you read the amplified bible it amplifies it I mean it'll it'll take all the nuances it's like chewing a steak very slowly and getting all the juice out of it you know you're just chewing on and you're just getting all those juices out of that's what the amplified bible does okay so but the message Bible is not a translation and many of the gay community will use it because in the New Testament of the message Bible homosexuality and sodomy have been removed completely out of the message Bible okay I am in no way I hope you don't see it this way I'm not maligning him I'm just letting you know what he said I used to use the message Bible it was kind of an easy reading it was kind of like The Reader's Digest reading Bible and then then I started noticing some things that were missing I'm like wait a minute that's completely different than what the original says so I started getting a little I don't know about this and then when it came to the area of homosexuality I really raised my eyebrows so wait a minute here there's something missing here this is what gene Peterson said is alive 2017 and this is I cited it know it inside it there but if you need the reference if you want to go look it up yourself you can it's a website Christianity today we pointed this back in 2017 in an interview with not Christianity day with another reporter he said Eugene Peterson was a minister for many years and I think the Episcopal Church Presbyterian Church I'm sorry which one was it anyway he was a minister he said I would not have said 20 years ago but now I know a lot of people who are gay lesbian and they seem to have as good a spiritual life as I do I think that kind of debate about lesbians and gay might be over people who disapprove of it they'll probably just go to another Church so we're in a transition and I think it's a transition for the best for the good I don't think it's something that you can parade but it's not a right or wrong thing as far as I'm concerned interesting enough the very next day he retracted that statement but it's just interesting that he would even say that to begin with so in your notes let's just take a look at the differences first Corinthians chapter 6 in the New King James says this do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God do not be deceived neither fornicators which that's people have sex before marriage not idolaters those who worship things other than God nor lead altars those who are married and have sex or someone that's not their husband or wife nor homosexuals nor sodomites nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revilers nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God now that's a translation from the original Greek Eugene Peterson I'm not I don't remember what version translation of the Bible he used when he wrote this maybe he used multiple so the message Bible is a paraphrase this is what he said don't you realize that this is not the way to live unjust people who don't care about God will not be joining in his kingdom those who use and views each other use an abuse sex use and abuse the earth and everything in it don't qualify as citizens in God's kingdom so that's where they get the justification as long as it's a committed relationship between two homosexuals we're okay with God because we're not violating we're not abusing the these the the monogamous relationship all right so let's go to Timothy first Timothy 9 you know when this the law was not made for the righteous person but for the lawless the insubordinate for the ungodly for the sinner for the unholy and profane for murderers of father as murderers of mothers for man Slayers for fornicators for sodomites for kidnappers for Liars for perjurers and if any other thing is contrary to sound daugher so Eugene Peterson paraphrased it as this he says it's obvious isn't it that the law code isn't primarily for people who live responsibly but for the irresponsible who defy all authority riding roughshod over God's life over God life sex truth whatever a lot missing from that paraphrase from what the what the true scriptures are saying so how so let me just stop right there and let me just open it up for questions or comments well throwing a lot at you you know and and again this is a no way to malign people who are called in the sin homosexuality I pray for them pray God deliver them but it's still a sin be like the Church of the thieves you know what you know how would that work you know sure couldn't trust whoever took the offering good yeah questions comments because whenever Satan comes to you as an angel of light it's hard to be gay unless you've got yourself ready fraida that's why it's so important to put on your armor because when you have your armor on Satan will not come against you there and so that if if people could ever understand that angel of light and I think and I'm speaking of a person that I was middle 30s before I got saved that angel of light just can seem so real and make it so right and especially if you have not been in church for a long time you're going to believe anything that makes you feel good and you hit on something there it's all about feel now let me just say the gospel of Jesus Christ is a very positive thing it's the most positive thing to known to mankind the problem comes because Paul gives Timothy instruction to teach exhort rebuke that's the review part that people in convinced they don't they don't like that part they like the exhortation part but they don't like to be corrected and you know as as minister we've been given the responsibility to speak the truth even if society doesn't like it and you know people want to feel good God wants us to feel good in the wink we feel good is when we surrender our life to Jesus Christ and when we surrender our heart soul mind and strength to him because that's you know that was in the law love God with all your heart soul mind and strength and when Jesus said love God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself people think well code that's the alt that's the only law that Christ gave Jesus was saying this at the cliffnotes this covers it all he didn't do away with the law people want to feel good they don't want to deal with sin you don't want to deal with conviction wants me to be happy not then it goes be more selfish that statement that the fellow made everybody's name did he retracted by the very the very last two words there as far as I'm concerned it isn't what the Bible says it's what he's concerned no and the next day he came out and it's supposedly retracted all that it said he doesn't believe in same-sex marriages and in so forth and so on but well I mean that's a that's a that's I look at them like honey so anyway try to say oh but yeah yesterday you know so anyway just it's that you know here's here's what I here's what I tell people it doesn't matter what I believe what you believe all it matters what the Bible says when we stand before God that's the only thing he's gonna use huh that's right wolf in sheep's clothing alright so we thank you for watching tonight and we hope to see you next week

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