Christian Missionary Insult's Dr Zakir Naik During Question & Answer Session

so insulting you know are you insulting me are you insulting me are you insulting me yes sir I had a different question for you before but I was standing back there and around four times like you have said that Bible is actually like if you test it it will be proven wrong now I have a very general question what's your name in your name is Sean yes and by profession I'm an accountant wait I have a very general question for you let's suppose like I have a Christian let's suppose Bible wrong for the sake of an argument Bible is wrong right my beliefs are wrong now why do I find that Muslims in particular have to degrade other religions just to feel superior why is that I may be wrong but that's what the perception is what I learn or what I see this is what I see whether that's a question that if he's following Bible and uiview Bible is wrong why should Muslim degrade the non-muslims and it's a very good question we are not allowed to insult a non-muslim Allah says in the Quran in surah anaam chapter 6 108 revile not those who they worship God besides Allah lest in the ignorance they will reveal a las manos Allah we are not supposed to insult or degrade any other God video shipping Bible four times sorry you just judge Bible four times alright you did Bible four times you proved Bible for name that Bible is wrong ah he think I proved Bible I'm going surfing if it is ok brother two plus two is equal to find is it correct yes sir two plus two is equal to five is it correct you know was it correct or wrong wrong also I am Seldon you know I own Shalini are you insulting me are you insulting me for what are you insulting me by saying two plus three is equal to five is wrong I'm insulting you I am telling you it's all right very good same thing I'm telling my insulting I am only telling it is wrong when I say two plus two is equal to five you are telling I am wrong you are saying you're insulting me same way I am NOT insulting the Bible and telling Bible is wrong if bhaijan says in the if the Bible says in Genesis chapter 1 verse number 16 light of the Moon in its own light it is wrong what is wrong we have to say is wrong but I am gonna insulting I mean tell me yes of course feeling insulted no use in English why is it that it has to be that way no you are as to is not fine we understand that but it is not not Bible is the Word of God and if if I am bleeding if I have the words of God according to you not according to me exactly so if you believe God can make a mistake it's your problem not my brother has not made a mistake and he will have a rain cataract God I have not made a mistake that's the reason Bible is not the Word of God and I'm proving to you that the Bible say in the book of Genesis chapter number 1 was summer 16 Almighty God made two lights the greater light the Sun to rule the day the lesser light the moon to rule the night so Bible says light of the moon is on line or in science and Quran it says light of the Moon is not its own light light of the Moon is not just no light but Bible specifically says as the light of the moon light of the moon is reflected that is what the Quran with Bible says own light Genesis chapter 1 verse 16 have you read it I am the reason I am Telling You Almighty God created two lights the greater light and the smaller life it's meaning a light of its own so if Bible made a mistake it made a mistake I am NOT insulting the Bible I am Telling You like how you told me I am wrong so if I feel himself I feel himself the correct well why did he say I'm wrong but it is wrong on me to feel insulted if I'm wrong I'm wrong it will be foolish for me to argue and say no no you know just because you are saying I'm wrong you are giving me you are trying to help me out Carrie you are trying to help me oh no no yes the same man Brian will help you brother no sir per favore insulting any other religion in harem in Islam you cannot insult cannot degrade but if you mention a fact a factor of fact from the answer the question

Genesis 1:15
“Let them [sun and moon] be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give [emit] light on the earth.”
Over the years, a number of skeptics have pointed to this verse to claim that if the Bible were really the inerrant Word of God, it wouldn’t make such a basic mistake as saying the moon emits light. The moon has not and does not—as far as we know—emit any sort of light. Instead, our rocky satellite simply reflects light from the sun.

To uncover the answer, consider first how earth-centric our discussions are. We say that the sun rises and sets, even though we know that the earth actually revolves around the sun and rotates on its axis. We say that the stars “come out” at night, even though we know they’re always there—just hidden by the brighter sunlight. Our point of reference determines how we discuss what we see.

To us, the moon does give light upon the Earth. The fact that it does so by reflection rather than emission is not relevant to the biblical passage. The Hebrew word used for emit/give light in this verse ('owr) can mean both “to be or become light” and “to be illuminated or become lighted up” (Strong’s 0215).1 To demonstrate this word picture, imagine that someone uses a mirror to reflect light in your eyes. The ultimate source of the light is not the mirror, but the mirror appears bright to you because you’re on the receiving end of the reflection.

Taking this verse out of context can make it seem inaccurate, but when we step back (cf. Genesis 1:14–18), we understand more about the purpose of this passage. Other than providing light, God created the sun and moon to mark the seasons, days, and years, which they do quite well. Notice that the Bible does not provide detailed schematics and charts on how this works, since God gave humans the ability to discover these through observational science. The purpose here is not to explain all the details (though it is factually accurate and not a simplified metaphor for “primitive humans”); the purpose is to give an overview and the reasons why God did what He did. Thus, the description of the moon as giving light is not detailed, but it is quite accurate.

Ultimately, the Bible does not say that the moon emits light. Only that it is to give light upon the Earth—which it does by reflection.2

The real message to take from this passage is that God created two spectacular heavenly bodies that are constant reminders of His amazing power. This verse lets us (earth-centric humans) know exactly what God intended: how the sun and moon came to be and why He created them.


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