Christian Missionaries Accused Of Forceful Conversion In Madhya Pradesh

some breaking news coming in there is a religious conversion route that has broken out in the state of Madhya Pradesh the case has been registered against six people for alleged religious conversions in multiple nations Satna district but jungle activists are creating quite a ruckus since last night they are alleging Christian missionaries converting people at an event that was going on in a village for the last several days the but rondelle activists also forcefully took 42 people to the police station demanding registration of the case for religious conversions against them a car was also allegedly set on fire by the Bajrang Dal activists and we're seeing the visuals there of this fire now and include of smoke emitting outside the car which is completely charged so this is information coming in right now from Satna in madhya pradesh Clippy go straight across not William Andrew for more details and updates I'm Indra tell us more what exactly is going on why is there tension why is the state police not being able to calm the situation down and what is the allegation that has been made by the Bajrang Dal activists well the incident happened late last night this place is about 15 kilometers from the Satna district headquarters and there but rondelle activists they vandalized this spot where they allege that religious conversion is been going on for the past several days here 42 people were forcibly taken to the Civil Lines polarization in Satna and there it was alleged that these people were involved in religious conversion of one person who has also spoken to the media and thereafter prolonged all activists insisted that a case be registered against them but the police was not released in a case thereafter they resorted to further vandalism a car was set on fire and early morning today a case was registered against six people at the Civil Lines police station in Satnam and also a case has been resisted against unidentified people for setting that car on fire as far as why the police has not been able to take action or why speedy action was taken article is because of the fact that these Bajrang Dal activists did not just vandalize the spot where this incident was allegedly happening but also because there were 42 people who on the other side was telling the police and claiming that they were not indulging in anything illegal that it was their religious function they were talking to people and no one was forced to come to that spot so the police was in some sort of a dilemma whether to resist in a case or not confusion how can these Bajrang Dal activists take law into their own hands and how can they you know make these allegations without evidence if there was there was information of these alleged conversions by these missionaries why not alert the police how could the police have allowed such kind of vandalism and and vehicles being torched well at the first place there is an anti religious conversion law in place in matriculation if anyone wants to convert through some other religion or if there is any conversion happening that take administration has to be informed but having said that on the other hand everyone is free to perform whatever religious activity he or she wants to do the Christian people who are there on the spot they claimed and are still claiming that they were not forcing anyone to convert into any religion neither has anyone been converted to any religion it is just the apprehension and the fear of the pudendal activists that the police has actually resisted a case against these people on the ground no such evidence was found by the police and that is why the police took so much time to register a case but the Bajrang Dal activists they insisted that all those activities that were being carried out on the spot they what they tantamount it to religious conversion in fact late in the night they brought out this man as well who then claimed that this the religious missionaries the Christian missionaries asked him to take a dip in a pond and thereafter say that this is their forget his own family these are all allegations that are being leveled by the Bajrang Dal activists and one person is all of a sudden popped up but the fact remains that this event was being organized and held at that spot for the past several days and this is not the first incident of such kind that has happened in but the finish in Jabalpur in Bhopal in Indore several incidents have happen wherever there is any kind of religious congregation of the Christians the Bajrang Dal activists they barge into that spot and say and allege that it's a religious conversion happening and it is because police the pressure of these activities that the police is forced to act right commander Sharma they thank you so much for joining us and getting us all the information and updates on this incident that has been reported from Satna from a village in fact that is in Satna district in multiple – thanks for watching the video for more 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After torturing and destroying Carol celebration and setting car on fire the hindutva activist playing the victim card they try to says forcefully converting.We know they cannot forcefully convert anyone because most people,money are in Hindus hand .


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