Christian Dating: 10 Smart Dating Do’s!!! – Tips in Honoring God – What everyone needs to know [HD]

Christian Dating: 10 Smart Dating Do’s!!! – Tips in Honoring God – What everyone needs to know [HD]

[landing kicks] When it comes to fighting, Will watching movies teach you the
rules and fundamentals of fighting? Or driving? Will watching movies teach you the
rules and fundamentals of driving? Or how about dating? Will movies teach you the rules
and fundamentals of dating? Unfortunately, movies,
tv shows and dramas don’t always show the smartest
way of doing things. Yet, they can negatively influence
people to make poor choices. So to avoid making poor choices, We’ve listed the ten best things you
can do to get the most out of dating. Number 10 Focus on Education The older you become, the harder
it is to finish your education because you continuously gain
new responsibilities. With a good education, more
dates will be open to you. Number 9 Develop Character When you meet that special someone will that person stay with you? Or eventually leave you? Be a role model. Have pure motives. Good character will keep
your date by your side. Number 8 Have Proper Outward Appearance Certain clothes will
attract certain people. Do you want decent dates
or trashy dates? How you dress and whom you hang
out with says a lot about you. The first impression
takes effort to change. Don’t flaunt your body
or your money. Chances are, if your date finds
someone who flaunts better than you, then, they’ll leave you. So dress decently and attract people
who will see your character. If you didn’t have to dress modest, then no one would get mad
at peeping-toms. Use your appearannce to invite people
towards your good character. Number 7 Guard your Heart Not everyone you meet is
worthy of your heart. Your first love is
usually the deepest. So if you give your heart and become
really attached to your first love, your second or third love would
probably not feel as special. Don’t you want your love to be happy? Having a broken heart would
make trusting and loving difficult. We all are created to have
one life-time lover. Don’t let your heart be mishandled. Number 6 List Qualities and Flaws So list qualities and flaws that
your date must have. Also, since dating
leads to marriage, and since no one is perfect, list
flaws that you can tolerate as well Why spend the rest of your life with
someone who has flaws that you
can’t stand? Furthermore, know what your flaws are
just in case they are discovered. By making the list, you won’t be wasting
other peoples’ time and your time. Number 5 Don’t get physical. Once you get physical, like holding
hands, flirting, cuddling, kissing caressing, making love, Your mind becomes pre-occupied with
physicality and not character analysis. Getting physical makes breaking
up even more difficult. Do character analysis. because once your married, you’re locked down. Divorce isn’t
a spare tire. So don’t get distracted with
physicality. Instead, spend time learning
each other. Prevent temptations. Don’t let anyone test-drive you, only
to be left behind so they can test drive somebody else. Maintain your physical value. After marriage, you have all the
time in the world to get physical. Number 4 Respect like brothers and sisters When you respect others and guard
and protect other peoples’ hearts, your reputation will spread. People will see how special you are. and will want to be
around you all the time. People who say, “just live your life” or “just have fun” may sound friendly on the outside, but aren’t protecting you from
painful consequences. When you date someone,
their family is included. Someone respectful knows that
their date, even fiance, does not belong to them,
until they are married. Number 3 Treat all dates like interviews Dating is what you do to find a
husband or a wife. You’re interviewing candidates
to become your spouse. Find their strengths, weaknesses,
how they handle tough situations, and their past. Common life and religious goals
will reduce arguements. Some interview questions
should be asked upfront, such as demographics, while others should be
asked later on, like personal history. The best way to meet new people
and interview them, are through group dating
and community service. If you realize that someone
is not worth your time, don’t be afraid to dump them. You’d be doing them and yourself
a favor by not wasting time. You then free
yourself for another. Number 2 Understand the relationship
between man and woman The relationship is like
a basketball team. You have the team captain,
the man, and you have team players,
the woman. Both play unique roles. Neither is above or
below the other. Both are equally important. The man is responsible
for major decisions. The woman is responsible for
overseeing what the man cannot cover. If anything goes wrong, the man still
carries the blame and must take full responsibility. Relationship are not 50/50.
They’re 100/100. It takes 100% effort to properly
maintain a relationship, just like cars, houses, or businesses. Men must lead
and be allowed to lead. Women must support, and be
heard, protected and respected. Understanding each other
helps settle arguements. 90% of your happiness or misery will
come from the one you end up marrying. And the number one thing
you can do when dating is to Save yourself for Marriage. Why settle for less and make
love with someone who has not promised to stay with
you through good and bad? Why risk getting STD, AIDs, HIV, rejection, broken heart,
low-self esteem and unplanned pregnancy, for temporary pleasure, with someone who has not
seriously vowed to stay with
you until death do you part? Why loose your virginity
and cheat your spouse? Why water-down
the honeymoon? If someone breaks up with you because
you’re saving yourself for marriage, then that person didn’t
really love you. To love someone means to place someone
above yourself, and to protect the future. Love is proven
by marriage. The more pure you are,
the more people will respect you. It’s your track record
of self-control. Now thing about this: If we didn’t have to
save ourselves, then being cheated on
wouldn’t hurt, and rape, wouldn’t be a crime. Rape is the theft of
someone’s purity. So whatever you save from
now, until your wedding day, will be the greatest gift and honor
you can give your spouse. It’s worth the wait. True love waits! Your love is
like a cake. Take time to develop it
to its greatest taste, carefully chose who
deserves it. And only, when it is
ready to be served, share and enjoy! The three phases of a
relationship are first, you’re friends, then, fiances, then family. If you search for a correctly,
you reap the benefits. If you date correctly,
you also reap the benefits. Time and people
may have changed, But the Nature of
Relationships, Love, Hurt, Intimacy, Forgiveness, Pain, Betrayal, Honor, Respect, Maturity, Responsibilities, Promises,
Loyalty Trust, Healing Has not changed. [GPS: “Recalculating”] It is never too late, to Start making smart moves.

Thanks for the observations.

Re rape, the idea is, even w/ consent, you're giving away a piece of you (ie. for illustration: purity = $100) and if it's the first time, u give away virginity. (ie. ea sexual contact = loss of $5 so to speak). so something is being protected and taken.

Re marriage, i agree i think i should've said more. but i've geared this more for high schoolers, n might be a bit 2 everwhelming. i can include something in the description. thanks!

"why water down the honeymoon?"

Because it has to be barrels of fun to ejaculate prematurely on the first night of your marriage. /sarcasm

Your view of rape is also twisted and abominable.

To understand the seriousness of rape, is to understand the seriousness of saving one's self for marriage.

Curious… Christian men, what are your hopes and expectations for what your Christian sexual marriage will be like in the future? Also, are you for or against giving your (future) wife oral and why?

Expectations: to live according to God's design of love.

Marriage is not just about sex.

@007bcom It goes like this, if the woman is an american christian, she already has a preception that men only turn to christ because of pre-existing impotence. societally, men, who are believers in Christ, are associated with sexual perversion even when they are involved in the most puritanical sexual interaction confined strictly to a heterosexual marriage. I dated a woman from the dalles oregon, and my hesitation concerning your mentioned subject revealed all of these things to me.

@CRYSTALclear678 . like proverbs, Gaurd your heart. always gaurd and reserve for the wedding day. nothing is gauranteed and you two will meet more people. you can date and have a Christ centered relationship. BUT, gaurd ur heart and not get attached. remember, he's not urs and ur not his UNTIL, you are married. keep doors open. God may lead you elsewhere. and keep in prayer.

I feel like adding some myself.
1) Stop seeing or talking through any means of communication with someone of the opposite sex of you. This may cause problems in the future and destroy trust.
2) Do not be curious as to think "what if I married that guy?" this starts the cheating trend and will destroy your marriage.
3) See other people's weaknesses that you aren't married to, but see your
spouses strength and celebrate their strengths with them.
Do what it takes to stay faithful.

4) If you are already thinking or start think or talking to a member of the opposite sex, then excuse yourself from them entirely. It doesn't matter if you are being rude to the other person.

What is more important:
Being rude to another person or keeping your marriage together once married?

4) When trying to stay faithful to your spouse, dispose of all male friends who aren't related to you (delete them if you struggle with incest) to lead you away from tempting to cheat.
Do this especially if you are married.
What is more worth it? Being rude to others or losing your marriage?

"Just as there is a smart way of buying a house or a car, there is also a smart way of finding the right significant other." Here's the funny thing about that, you wouldn't buy a car if you haven't test driven it right? So why marry someone you haven't had sex with? I'm not saying have sex with everyone you date, but you would think sex is part of the dating process. Not the first part or even an early part but still part of the dating process none the less.

@elgmalone . Test driving a car has limits; you can't drive it beyond dealer's limits. Physicality in dating has it's limits; holding hands and such are the limits, and sex is outside the boundaries (boundaries as in things you wouldn't want ur significant other to do with another person).

Dating = researching cars. Marriage = purchasing car.

@elgmalone . Rephrase:
Dating = testing a car driving within speed limits. (Physical limits)
Marriage = owning a car driving with no speed limits. (Physical limits)
of course watching out for law enforcement in either case.

It amazes me that so many people could be willing to go into marriage blindly. When you make a life long commitment to someone, you don't want any surprises. Not everyone is sexually compatible. Sex isn't the most important part of a marriage but it IS important. Bad sex can destroy a relationship. You need to know what you like and what you don't like. No I wouldn't want my husband to sleep with another woman behind my back. But I don't care what he did before we met.

…Starting off with Kung Fu and car drifting is awesome!some good/ interesting advice, but gotta ditch the "RING" icon, cheesy-sorry….

WOW, I guess I should have consulted you about how to raise my children. OR, I don't give a rip about your opinion. While religion does twist people, Christianity is NOT religion, not as you seem to think. Christianity, in the realm of religious thought is the only truth. So, you can go back to the rock you were living under, buhbye!

Your analogy, one used for decades, if not longer, is as stupid now as when first uttered.
The analogy would be correctly stated that you should have sex with men, women, animals, trees, etc before deciding what kind of entity to marry
Well, assuming you chose a girl, then you already know you want that model, so buy one!
That was mostly sarcasm, since all sex other than hetero is sin.
So do you have sex with all women on earth until you find the BEST SEX?

I'm guessing you're a virgin then? First off I don't consider only heterosex to be a sin. No I didn't choose a girl, I'm married to a man. No I'm not gay. And no I didn't have sex with EVERY man, only ones I found myself in a serious relationship with but I did have sex with more than 1 person and what I can say is some couples are great together sexually even if the relationship ends up having problems, and others could have a real connection mentally and then end up not being compatible…

…sexually. That may not seem like a good reason to not stay together, but the fact is in a long term relationship both are important. I've been with my husband for 13 years and married 10 out of those 13. We have a 5 year old son. We love each other. We love talking and spending time together. But he often works late. Sometimes he comes home exhausted and holding a conversation together is just too much. I'm talking about working 19 hours a day 5 days straight and there are times when…

…I'll wait up for him to come home, knowing that the only reason is so we can have sex before we go to bed. It's a stress reliever, it's intimacy, and it does have to be done right, for both of us. For us the sex is great and it has been since the beginning. I've had sex partners before him who were also great, don't get me wrong, that's not the only reason my husband and I are together. We get along very well. We just love each other. But the sex IS an important part of a relationship …

… and to dismiss it so easily by going into a relationship and letting it be a surprise, being inexperienced, or starting off a marriage without ever having had sex, it just doesn't seem right to me.

I am married, nearly 23 yrs, two children, thanks. See your ability to gain knowledge by assuming is lackluster, at best. unless there is a physical problem and this would easily known beforehand, there is ZERO compatability issues when it comes to sex. Take two people, inexperienced, put them together in marriage and they learn together, at the same rate. The car analogy fails further when you consider that anyone who has been walking gets any car, they'll enjoy having it and appreciate it

"test driving" a car still has it's boundaries.
"test driving" doesn't account for reliability, reputation, etc.
"test driving" is actually the last in the priority list, and yet still has boundaries.

my wife and i both didn't have sex prior to marriage and were virgins on our wedding day. having done so has kept us from comparing from pasts and less insecurity.

sex is meant for the person (who vowed via marriage) to stay and also help raise the child(ren)

Or if you want the traditional Christian way of getting the girl you want – just rape her; 50 shekels to her father and she's your wife!
Deuteronomy 22:29

Different strokes for different folks I guess. If it works for you it works. On my wedding night I started my period. So we didn't have sex. But for us… we had already been living together for 2 1/2 years. There was no pressure to have sex that night and we didn't care. We went on our honeymoon the next day and didn't have sex because… well like I said… . But it didn't matter. The ceremony was really just throwing a party and the honey a vacation. We had long since solidified our …

…commitment to each other. Since then… we've had a child and decided it was best for me to be a stay at home mom, so the legality has served us well because all 3 of us get benefits through my husbands job, but that's all it really is to us. We knew we were committed to each long before we got married. In mind we were already married and have never looked back. Maybe it's because we're both atheists and maybe some how the ceremony makes the sex on the wedding night more important? …

… I never really understood religion so I really don't know your thought process here. But we did what works for us and has worked well for 13 years. I followed the example of my parents, also atheists, also lived together before marriage and whom have had a strong relationship for 37 years out of which they have been married for 35.

Been single and celibate for nearly 30 years. the women in church who are married or not attracted to me are very supportive and proud of my commitment and resolve.I have found the opposite to be true of most single women. They hate me for it because I represent what is being withheld or denied them i guess. So many precious women have been hurt and abused by men that i find myself being judged for just being a christian man.

Many Christians date with the intention of marriage. Within the context of this video about Christian Dating, it is not erroneous to state that "dating leads to marriage."

tips for christian men dating american christian women: 1. have lots of money 2 have lots of money 3. have a seventies porn star hair cut 4. threaten real christian men with physical harm if they date women in your church (that is so that you can fornicate with those women exclusively) 5 have lots of money 6 have lots of alchol 7 have cigarets 8 have some illicit drugs 9 know how to arue in circles using lots of adhomynims 10 drive a nice car

I love how this video was put together and the message! I shared it with as many people as I could. Thanks

Sometimes married couples don't "swing it" like they used to. parent/child relationships are more than just friendship. Romantic love and marriage is much more than friendship and sex.
It about building a life together… Instead of relying on yourself. That's why trust and responsibility play a big part in it, your responsible for your spouse.

Ouuhhch!! The Lord is good! Proverbs 5:20 hit me like lightning! I've always had a thing for "dirty and wild" girls. There was this uncanny appeal! Throughout the entire video I was asking myself "why am I watching this again?" and by the end I had this mini-breakthrough! Lol…it's hilarious at times the ways God communicates his will to us! I'm amazed! Message received loud and clear Lord!

i believe that it is never too late to avoid divorce! i have gone through lonely times recently but im so happy i stayed with my wife now. hope this site helps you as much as it did me… bitly.com1agNT4V

this is crazy and i hope no one becomes a victim of this presuptious propaganda. if you want to 'court' a woman, then you simply tell her you want to take her out and don't be backwards or stupid about it. If she throws a 'tude' at you in response, then leave her be and have nothing more to do with her ever again. women can smell fear, and if your full of fear, she will not favor you

As you get closer to God, you will find the "magic of the sphincters" tighten and you can reach out and just grab your partner's sex organ for a good grope (such as Josh Duggar), then get out the Crisco and say "Jesus loves you and so does my penis". It's party time with the Lord Savior!!

Hi everyone. PRAISE JESUS. I just had such a rude christian pickup line and I just walked away and said nothing. This guy said to me "Would you love the LORD more if I just sat on your face?" Is that a pick up line or what?

"After marriage, you have all the time in the world to get physical"… HA! That's hilarious XD everyone knows that's when the abstinence starts…


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