Choosing Possessions Over Jesus Is Eternal Suicide

– [John Piper] Suppose your heart
considers the worth of Jesus and considers the worth of possessions. The gladness you could have in Jesus,
the gladness you could have in possessions. And suppose your heart is drawn to prefer
possessions, which is what is happening to billions of people. Suppose your heart is drawn to prefer the
worth of possessions, and you turn away from Jesus. And you embrace as superior to Jesus all
that earthly possessions can give you. And suppose you succeed,
all your life you succeed, nothing but success. And by the end of your life,
suppose you own everything. The world, everything,
not just Apple and Google, Mobil oil, all of it, it’s yours. You call all the shots. You own them all. That’s what he envisages, right, verse 36,
“Gain the whole world,” and then you die. And instantly, you realize it was suicide. It was eternal suicide. And suppose, facing Jesus, you say,
“I’ll give you everything I have. I own it all. I’ll give you everything, the whole world,
in return for my soul?” What do you think he will say? I think he will say this,
“You would try to buy your soul with the very possessions that destroyed your soul? The very possessions that you preferred
over me.” Christ replacing, Christ belittling idols
have no currency in heaven. And he will turn his face away,
and you will perish forever. What you just tried to do with your money,
that ransom, has been paid. For the many, for the elective God,
the ransom is paid, and you preferred not to be a part of it. You preferred not to be with Jesus. You preferred to make crystal clear you
were not elect. That’s what you meant to do. You’re going to go with the alternative

2:08 I THINK he will say this:
Thanks for your opinion on what you THINK The Almighty will say.
3:25 Preferred to make crystal Clear you were not the elect. Did he have a choice? Wasn’t it crystal clear anyway?
Confused Maybe?

" What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose your soul?" Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Mark 8: 46-37.✔️
When will we understand it isn't even a fair trade ( lose the world to gain your soul)!!
'' Vanity of vanities, ….vanity of vanities ( meaningless and inconsequential), all is vanity. Ecclesiastes 1:2✔️✝️

Where have we ever heard bring me your garbage and I will exchange it for gold?😯


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