Chloe – A Story of Infertility, Adoption, and God’s Love

I grew up on my parents’ 100-acre property and I refused to stay inside, I loved being in nature. I would just go out there by myself and I would have all this time and I would be talking to God and we would have this conversation and, I didn’t know that was strange or unusual, I would just pray to Him and sometimes He would say something to me and speak to me. I was about 10 or 12 years old, in the middle of the day God gives me a very vivid picture of a little kid and I’m holding her, swinging her around in my parents’ yard and she’s just laughing like crazy. In the picture that I had in my mind she had dark skin and dark eyes and God said “This is going to be your daughter and her name is going to be Chloe.“ Walt and I grew up together, I think he moved to town the year I was born so we’ve known each other my whole life. When I was 10 we moved right across the pasture from him so we grew up together. Her family and my family were friends so I got to go over to her house frequently. Of course she’s a little munchkin so I’m not really paying attention. First I was using shampoo and conditioner but not anymore, now I use this, I don’t know the name, but it’s good for your hair. My whole life I was like, “I think Walt Manis is amazing“ and I always thought “when I grow up I want to find someone just like him“, who was in my age group. I went to university about 30 minutes from where he was living and when I went he just kind of came in and helped get me settled and helped introduce me to a church and so we just started spending more and more time together and we were sitting in this car just talking and we had this conversation about what our dreams and our hopes were for the future. I said that I felt like God had just made me to be a mom. That’s what I wanted more than anything; I wanted to be a mother and I said that I had actually a name picked out already that I wanted to name my daughter and he said “I do too“ – which I thought was weird because I didn’t think guys did that. And I was like, “What’s the name?” She said, “Chloe.” And he’s like “you’ve got to be kidding me!“ “You won’t believe this, God gave me when I was 12 that name Chloe“. So he’s telling me this story and I’m thinking this is crazy, like first of all, I don’t have a lot of experience with God speaking to me like that. She was in the same place that I was – we couldn’t believe it, you know. In the picture Chloe had olive skin so he always thought he would marry a woman with olive skin. She can’t have a brown-eyed child; I didn’t know what to do with it. I think we both knew pretty early on that we were going to get married. It just, I don’t know, the best way I can describe it is that Walt felt like home to me, from the very beginning I felt like, this is where I belong with this guy. When we first got married we decided we wanted to wait a little while to have children, we ended up traveling, doing some work with some different missions agencies, and then at a certain point we realized now this is the right time we want to start pursuing having children, and we were so excited, we thought it was going to happen immediately, and so we, like, yeah, let’s start our family, let’s have children and then, months turned into years and pretty soon we were 4 years into trying and still nothing. I had always clung to this promise that God had given me about the daughter so I didn’t know when it was going to happen but it was starting to get hard to wait. It was really hard, I think I struggled with questioning God’s goodness in that time because I just felt like it was so mean, you know, such a mean thing to do. Yeah, sorry. There was probably a 4 1/2 year period that I would say was really really hard on us individually, on us in our marriage and also like the way we were relating with God, especially for me I felt like, is God good even when He’s not doing things that I would define as good? All of her friends were having kids and she had to just wait and put on this cheesy smile, this fake smile, and say “we’re happy for you“. And every time we would hear about someone getting pregnant we would just be devastated because we were thinking this isn’t going to happen for us, we’re just fools, we’re fools who want kids and it’s never going to happen. And then I would say, somewhere, I feel that God shifted something in me so significant. There was a point where I started to realize, actually no, I can live a really full and happy life and experience so much with God and know Him so deeply and be satisfied in the deepest way a human can be satisfied even without having a child. It sounds like a simple concept but for me that was a big change, a big shift in my perspective. We kept praying through that time “God, if You’re saying that You don’t want us to be parents just take this desire away from us“ but more than ever we wanted to be parents; the desire was almost getting stronger. He kept compelling us in His love to love this idea of being parents and love this idea of having this little girl. So that’s what we did, we just kept praying. There were tons of people praying for us and with us, people that we didn’t even know, people would come to us and say “this bible study group I’m a part of is praying for you guys“, is praying for this situation. That was a really special thing to get to feel the body of Christ on a larger scale like standing with you through something. Annie is, like, “well, maybe we are supposed to adopt“ and I was adamantly against it. How are you feeling about adoption? I don’t want to speak about adoption. I had this thought of, like, I don’t want – I called it – a band-aid baby. We are struggling, we are hurting and, I don’t, I didn’t want just a fix, I didn’t want just some kid, I wanted the kid that we were supposed to have, and God, He progressed me from being adamantly against adoption to be “you know, I just want the kid that God wants, maybe it’s not supposed to come through biological means, maybe it’s supposed to be through adoption“. So, what do you think? I think that I’m very excited to adopt but waiting will be hard. We had gone through all the paperwork. Annie had done so much work and I had supported her in that but I still wasn’t convinced that adoption was right. I remember one night we were at Walt’s sister’s house and I was checking my email and there was an email that came in and it said “it’s a girl“. I clicked on it and I realized it was from the adoption agency and they said “we just wanted to let you know that a birth mother has chosen you guys and you’re going to be parents.“ I just sat there looking at the email like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe this. Annie gets this email, she’s super excited and I’m just like, I’m gonna wait and see, because I don’t know, you know? We have some adoption news, finally, there’s something happening. Yeah, we’re really excited. She’ll be born in late February or early March. Coming close. We’re working on a name right now. We’re working on it. The name, Chloe, is completely off the table. We’ve abandoned it. We’d decided oh, that was just a fluke thing, a coincidence that we both liked that name. That was nothing. So we had even talked about a different name and the social worker working with us said “the birth mother would like to meet you before she has the baby”. We’re like, yes, we want to meet her, sounds great, so we took a trip up to Wichita. Today’s a big day – what are we doing? We’re going to meet Alison for the first time. Are you nervous? Yes, a little bit. We went to the house where she was living and we knocked on the door. She opens the door and it looks like a grown-up version of this little girl in my head that was from the past and I was like, oh my goodness, what in the world? So in a second, in my head the name was back on the table. We went up to this room and sat and talked for, I don’t know, 3 hours or so. The social worker says let’s talk about a name. Have you thought of a name? She said, yeah, well ever since I got pregnant even before I knew it was a girl I’ve been calling this baby Chloe. We were just floored. And both Walt and I, I don’t even remember what we did exactly. I just know that I was ugly crying. We were weeping and she was like, oh, you hate the name. And we were like, oh my goodness, no, we love the name, God has spoken, He’s told us this name. It just dawned on me, before I even knew you guys existed or anything, it was like, I want to name this little girl Chloe and I didn’t know if you guys would like it or stick with it or anything like that, I just kind of figured maybe you’d have something else. So that’s why when I threw it out there and said I’ve been calling her Chloe and you guys were “oh“! And I’m like, okay I’m sorry, it’s a bad name. All those doubts about having the band-aid baby were completely out of the window and it felt like I just had full body shivers, the Holy Spirit was just right there. This is so much a God-thing that’s going on right now. You’ve been planned for, for a long time. Before you were even conceived, we knew your name and I think we know what you’re going to look like, I don’t know, but we’ll see. I love you. We look forward to seeing you. When the birth mom said the name Chloe, in an instant, I had become a father. Even before she was born I was her dad. This surreal presence of God was just all around us and I felt Him saying to me, “See how much I love you? Do you see this? Do you see what I’ve done? I’ve been writing this story, you had no idea. I’ve been writing this story for years, since Walt was a kid I’ve been writing this story“ and I realized how foolish I was, I guess. How my perspective was just so skewed in my own pain, that what I saw as Him not loving me was in fact Him being the most loving He could’ve been. Day of! Yeah What are you about to do? Go to the hospital and I can’t find your toothbrush holder. Are you nervous? A little bit. Yeah, I was just crazy nervous that morning I remember going to the hospital, and then all of a sudden it was happening, all of a sudden the Dr came in and was like, “Ok, she’s ready – you’re going to have a baby now”. I don’t know, there was just all this movement and bustling around and then Chloe was there. I was looking at this baby, my baby, I was just looking at her, all of a sudden; she wasn’t there and then she was there. Hey girl, how are you doing, Annie? I’m good, I’m really good! So many years of anticipating her as a child, she’s here, you know? She’s been a part of our lives for so long and she’s finally here. I remember holding her and looking at her face and saying “I’m your mom, I’m your mom“. It sounded so weird to say those words. There was no mistake, I am the father of this child, just like God had always planned it to be and I’m completely owning it, like, on cloud 9 just amazed at what God has done. It was like He was whispering to me in that moment, like “I’ve been here this whole time and you didn’t know but I’ve been here this whole time, I’ve been walking this thing with you and I was just saying trust me, trust me, trust me, trust me I’ve got something good, got something good up ahead.“ It’s a constant struggle to just sit in His sovereignty. When everything is falling apart in your mind, just to wait And there were so many people that got to celebrate with us. I can’t even count the number of people who came and said that they had prayed for us or that they had waited for this baby with us or that our story had somehow spoken to them. I don’t know, it was just such a special time of seeing like this wasn’t just about me and Walt and this baby and our birth mother, it was about all these people that God wanted to touch and encourage and bless through this story. He just doesn’t leave anything to chance and it’s not random. It’s just amazing, it’s a miracle. It only speaks of God. People can say “it’s just a coincidence, you know?“ You can’t convince me that. I think God is incredible. I think it’s incredible the way that He flung the stars into space and that same God, the same God who keeps the world from falling apart, He loves me. He loves me. With or without us ever having a child, that’s what He’s taught me through this. He loves me and I can be so secure in that love. And to be able to trust that and to rest in that. It’s the greatest gift.

Such an amazing testimony and a reminder that God has many plans in His mind for His children (Isaiah 25:1).

Beautiful story! We trying to adopt child, but we need a little help!
Thank you and God bless you!

It is quite amazing what happens when we stop praying for what we want, but for God's Glory to shine through.

I've watched this video so many times!! It is the most amazing story about faith and patience and love, and the love that God has for us. When she says "It's like God was saying see, I've been here the whole time", it gives me goose bumps. Life happens and sometimes we forget that God is right here, sitting right next to us!! Such a beautiful family!!

Your story reminded me of my own situation years ago. When I was 18 I met a man who disregarded my limits and treated me with violence. I became pregnant.

 Abortion never even occurred to me. I always felt that the baby was a gift from God despite horrible circumstances. Throughout my pregnancy I hadn't made a final decision about whether to keep my child or to choose adoption. While in natural childbirth class the instructor told me about a couple who had several other children and who wanted another.

 I interviewed them and noticed how much they loved each other and held hands. They shared my same faith. I had chosen both a boy's and a girl's name as I wanted to name my baby. If my baby was a girl she would be Kasia which means "Pure." If the baby was going to be a boy I chose "Geoffrey Francis" because Geoffrey meant "Peace With God" and Francis referred to St. Francis and also meant "free." My second choice for a boy name was Nathan: "Gift from God."

I ended up having a son, 10 pounds, 11 ounces by natural childbirth. During labor I received spiritual clarity that I was to give my child up for adoption. Once he was born, holding him, we bonded strongly. It was a marvel to see his full head of dark hair, his fingers…what a gift from God!

I always knew I would meet my son again someday. About six months after his birth I wrote to the adoptive parents asking for a picture of my son. They send the photo and told me that they named him Nathan! Wow, that was my 'second choice!' His original birth certificate read: Geoffrey Francis and then it was changed to "Nathan!" Knowing this confirmed for me Nathan was with the parents God had chosen for him.

Over twenty years passed…Dring the time of my parents decline both my son and I at the same time began to seek connection with each other, again in perfect timing.

We first wrote a series of letter to one another…I learned that I was a grandmother! After about six months of writing, I reunited with my son and his adoptive parents and met my granddaughter for the first time!

They met my parents, and my son was present during the time of both of my parents passing which was a blessing for all.

In the last several years, both my son and granddaughter have undergone very deep personal challenges and brokenness. Prayers are appreciated for their healing…and for Nathan's adoptive parents and siblings as well.

Chloe's story touched my heart! Thank you!

after 55 years of soul searching. Born and raised as a christian I regretfully to say that GOD is a concept nothing more

Send my love to your family. You guys are awesome and Chloe will love you forever. Take it from me. I'm an adopted child although I'm now 32. Your story is so special. Love you guys xxx

I cried as I watched throughout. I felt the presence of God throughout your testimony. Very powerful testimony guys. Your daughter Chloe is gorgeous.

I can't stop crying from how beautiful this is. God is such a faithful God. He is the Author of our lives and every story He writes is a beautiful one. Jeremiah 1:5

5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Wow. Guided and abundantly blessed… "He that bringeth up his son or the son of another, it is as though he hath brought up a son of Mine; upon him rest My Glory, My loving-kindness, My Mercy, that have compassed the world." ~ Baha'u'llah, Bahá’i Faith

Thank you for sharing this story, i really needed something Godly and inspirational today! I'm happy for this family and it warms my heart to be reminded of Gods plan… Not mine! Maybe that's why things are falling through and not working out the way i want them to. Sometimes i wish God would make things more clear to me, patiently waiting isn't something I'm good at. Lol
Congratulations 😉

Wow what a story about this baby and her name💞💥all the years and God brought it to life for them💞💥God Bless To All💞💥

Not really religious but I want to be desperately. This really moved me though. I was moved when she said "Do you see? Do you see how much I love you?" Praying for a moment this. Clarity. Praying everyone gets this moment.

You can not believe how much your story has touched me. I was able to bear my beautiful boys, that's not the reason. The reason is because in my life, I knew that God had a plan for my life. And I lost faith in that plan somewhere along the way. But when you said that you could hear God whisper to you, that he had been there all through the journey, and that the God who set the stars in the sky….loves you….you….that was so powerful. Is so powerful. That is my struggle, so thanks you for reminding me that God is Good all the time…even when we do not understand.

This really touch my heart, i am so happy fot all three of you. I cant have children myself. Having my own baby was a dream i had for many years i even told myself maybe i won't be a good mom. I just got married to my first love , we hadn't see each other in 30 years, we got together and now married he had 3 kids and they all have children so i became a grandma of 8 grandbabies from the age of 7 to 6 month God has blessed me with the babies i always wamted. He had a plan from the day i was born i never new it but now i understand. I love you my father God in your son Jesus name. Amen

I don't know how many times I have watched this video, but it's been many. Everytime I hear your story and see how great our God is through you, it makes me tear up. I am just so happy for you and happy that He cares SO much, it's the most incredible thing ever

This story always makes me cry so much, it's so beautiful! I never wanted kids, but I've always wanted to be married and I believe God has promised that to me several times.. Still I wait.. Now I'm nearly 50..

Me and my wife tried to "reproduce" a natural way for two years. Then we tried many non-invasive methods (sperm activity improvements, hormones etc), nothing worked. In our country IVF for first 2 children (or even more, I don't sure) is free for women up to some age. So we tried IVF. It succeeded from the first attempt – two embryos were implanted, one survived. We wanted more than one child, so we planned to start second IVF session when our oldest daughter is year and half. We continued to have unprotected sex, but thought that chances for the pregnancy are very small or non-existent. Our second child was conceived on the night of celebration first birthday of our oldest (they have year and 9 months difference). Our third child was conceived naturally 3 years after the birth of the second (as planned), so now we have 3 daughters, with age differences 1.9 and 3 years. Nobody knows what prevented first pregnancy, but apparently the problem was with my wife, not me. We discussed an adoption (just in case an IVF would fail), and probably would go this way, but it is much more complicated than IVF (in our country it is almost impossible to adopt a baby or toddler, you have to bring the child from abroad) , and it is rather long and expensive process. We would try a "surrogate mother" method first, we even have found the clinic, the Biotexcom in Ukraine – it is not expensive and simpler than an adoption, and you get a child with known genetics.

God is the greatest. He loves everyone of us and listens to our prayers. What a heart touching video it was. Miracles do happen. You just have to believe in the power of God. Lots of prayers for u and your family.

How amazing and powerful is our everliving GOD! I felt his Love and reassurance! He truly deserves all the Glory! Thank you Jesus ❤

Thank you so much for sharing. Here's my story of my 5 miscarriages and struggles with infertility:

Hi there! This was such an inspirational story! It's so good of you to share this with us. I think it'll give hope to many out there. I am unable to conceive as well. I got my little girl through surrogacy. It turned out wonderfully for me as well. Wishing you the best for the future!

Happy to hear that after so long you are going to have baby.I also am waiting for my baby from so long.I had many complications while getting pregnant.Than i conceived for 3 times but always resulted in miscarriages.Now at 43 i am married again.I have persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy.Surrogacy is the last option for me now i guess.I have researched about surrogacy alot.I am looking for a very good clinic that has very good reputation.
Good luck and congratulations to you,

I'm glad to see the video.I also ave some questions regarding surrogacy.Shortly my story is that we are from Japan where surrogacy is totally banned.Then we moved to europe.Here we didn't found any good clinic.Than we moved to Ukraine.There we found a very good clinic.The clinic arranged a surrogate for us.She is pregnant with our two daughters.But i have few questions.Like when babies are born who will hold the baby for the first time?
Like when the baby group up what we should tell him/her about his/her birth?
Like there will be change or not in our behaviour?
Just curious about these questions.

This is such a beautiful story. Literally, I started crying after seeing it. No doubt, God is great. This video proves the power of hope and love. Many ladies who lose their hope will again became motivated. Your husband loves you a lot. May God bless your family like this always.

Hello to both of you. Oh my god. This is such a great video. I cried at least thrice while watching this. This really makes you believe that there is a God. There is someone up there. You guys deserve all the happiness in the world!

I am so happy for you. I can understand I can understand the feeling of having a child. My aunt went for surrogacy. She went to Ukraine for it. It was a great experience for her. Best of luck to you for your future family.

That's really lovely story! I really want to complete my family. It's really important to have a child in life. I agree that's really amazing…You guys look so beautiful together. So, yeah! Now, I'm having surrogacy by the end of the year. I'm trying it still so hard…

This was such an emotional video. I loved every part of it. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. All the family videos were so amazing. God really is great. He made wondrous things happen for me. I will always be thankful to him.

I cherished this video to such an extent. It extremely addressed a portion of similar sentiments I have had through the troublesome years of sitting tight for a kid. Much obliged to you for sharing!

This is such a beautiful and wonderful video. I am happy that people understand that everything happens for something good. I found a happiness in a different way. I have struggled a lot in my life. The miscarriages and then Infertility problems. I suffered a lot. It took a lot out of me but this was not the end I knew. I Knew that something is written for me. I chose surrogacy and it was like a miracle. I went to a clinic in Europe. That clinic changed my life. I am happy that I am a mother now.

This is an amazing video. I'm sure it's going to inspire so many people out there. Just like I am so inspired by your story. I had my baby via surrogacy too. It was a very exciting journey for me. I wish happiness for everyone going through this. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Much love.

Hey there. This is such a great video. I am so glad to see this video. Thanks for sharing this. A lot of people will get hope from this. Good luck. Take care.

Astonishing! M crying this time! The best story I 've ever heard!!!! No doubt God is dependable. Hez wonderful!! His designs and contemplations for us are vastly different from our plans. God works in ways we can't see. Ur story fortified my confidence. God favours you and your family considerably more! Peace.

Walt and Annie, bundles of good wishes for you. You are undoubtedly the lucky ones. The blessings of God come to those who believe in Him. You waited for the miracle for so long. Your patience and prayers gave you this little angel. Your life has a lesson for all those who have lost hope. You are blessed because you were committed and dedicated. You knew that only your hope can render the best.

Such a beautiful video ! It was so intriguing that i couldn't blink my eyes for the entire time. This video is giving such an important and motivating message. Thank you for sharing this with us. This can transform someone else life for sure.It surely gave me hope that God is planning something better for me. Even if i am unable to have a baby at the moment. I will get rewarded for my pain and suffering one day.

This really did make me cry. I believe we all are some way or another thriving towards our destiny. We all have our own dreams and goals to achieve. When I was told I was infertile I completely lost hope. However, then I found about surrogacy and IVF. I researched on them and was amazed. I am now visiting a clinic for the process of surrogacy. They have been very helpful in this matter and I am hoping for the best.

Life is much unpredictable.
Seems like you are living a whole life in a single moment.
Such a blessed thing it is.
Felt so amazing that cant be describe
Beautiful it was.

wow, such a heart touching video. Those couples who have always dreamt of their own children cannot be too much disappointed anymore. Adopting a child is well and good but having your own baby is exceptional. Surrogacy treatment provides us such facility. Thanks to science and modern technology.

hey Walt and Annie!!! How beautiful words you said. I like it most. God is writing a beautiful story for you. while you are making useless efforts. I am watching your video in Dutch. That’s the amazing facility that you have provided for your users. Usually, I don’t like to comment over the video but I am doing so on your channel. Hope so I will subscribe to the further videos.

Hey there guys! You have a very motivating story. This is literally making me emotional. Adoption is a beautiful option to opt for. I'm glad you're happy in your life. Thank you for sharing this video with us. Thumbs up!

The struggle with infertility is real. This problem even affects the relationship between the couple. Just by the way, you two are totally couple goals! I'm so happy for your happy ending. Your adoption story will inspire many of us. I had surrogacy for my first baby. I might consider adoption for my next one!

Such a wonderful video. Infertility is an awful moment. Love to see your courage that you have to share your journey. My husband and i were going through the same trauma. We opted surrogacy and feel we are lucky like many around us. Well apart from my fortune your story is amazing and everything happens for reason. God bless you and your family.

That is so good. Good for you. God does have a plan for all. You just have to wait and let it reveal. Remember us in your prayers too. Bless you all. Good luck with your lives.

God knows very well about anything.We don't know about which things are good and bad.if you have positive thoughts and beliefs on the positivity.You had better success and conceiving.It is the right for all to become parents.Just we had to wait for the right tie.When you had the right time, everything was done normally and perfectly.Really helping and strength given video.Thanks for sharing.

My supplications are with you and your better half. God's arrangement for our lives is preferable and more honored over anything we can envision for ourselves. We had an early MC a year ago and it broke our hearts however God helped me mend with His message of peace over my life. I know He has an awesome shock in His palm sitting tight for you folks. Be honored and know whether God put the longing to be a mother in your heart He put that craving in you on purpose! He won't backpedal on His promises!

On July 06th 2016, I had woken up and was scrolling through my social media pages, landing on this video. I watched the whole thing and cried. That same day, my then-boyfriend fell 9 ft at a construction site, through the main floor of the house he was working on, to the basement. I got that horrible phone call saying that my boyfriend had fallen and was heading to the hospital. I didn't know what was going to happen, I didn't know if he could walk or if he could move. I didn't know if he had hit his head or if he had broken his legs. Throughout this time, all I could think about was this video that I watched that same morning. All I kept thinking was "Chloe, Chloe, Chloe". I had to believe, that if God was with Chloe and her parents, then God was with my boyfriend in his time of need.

When I had finally made it to the hospital, I was told that my boyfriend had broken his back. For a long time after he wasn't able to move without using a wheelchair. I couldn't help but think that this would be the rest of his life. But soon enough, he transitioned from a wheelchair to a walker and then from a walker to a cane. Fast forward to today, two years later and he is able to walk without any aid. And my then-boyfriend is my now-fiance!

This family doesn't know and will never know the strength that I needed in order to move forward and to keep hoping. Now, when there is something I think I can't overcome, I just think of Chloe and I know God is with me.

Omg throughout the whole video I had no idea the little girl he was visioning would actually be her in the end! I thought it was just a random little girl to show he would have visions when he was younger. So cute!!

Please, what is the name of the Organization that arranged for the couple to get the newborn? Thank you so much!

I’ve watched this so many times and each time, I cry tears of joy.
I know God has a plan for everyone, therefore I believe that I too shall be gifted this beautiful gift that motherhood is in his timing. I’m turning 26 next month and I really want one of my own now, but I know God has a plan. God bless these two and baby Chloe. 💕

When God give us an answer we need to trust in him. I nevered been so moved by a story thanks for this video myself and hubby are on a journey to adopot.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched this beautiful story. It makes me cry every time. Chloe is by far one of the most beautiful little one I’ve ever seen.
Thank you for sharing your story. Your family is beautiful.

Please pray for my husband and I.. We've been married 14 yrs.. It's gone by so fast.. We have been trying for a baby for over 5 yrs.. This video is 100% us in every way.. Same emotions, same words, same prayers.. We feel forgotten.. All the friends having babies and making memories, making a life.. And we wait and wait.. I refuse to compare or be jealous, but I find myself pulling away from friends and family because their families are growing, or they're asking questions why it hasn't happened, or give unwelcomed opinions.. It seems like a special club that I haven't been able to join because I haven't been specially selected.. Still we continue to wait.. But God is faithful.. I know he is.. And I know the promises he has made to us.. We're still waiting for our promise.. We're still waiting for our very own Chloe.. This testimony is proof.. One day soon, I will come back to this thread and share OUR story of Gods goodness and faithfulness too..❤

Infertility is one of the most horrible things in the world. Even though it is a highly common problem nowadays we still haven’t one proper solution for infertile families. And I definitely can understand people that wish to have their biological children. But I think that couples that prefer to use the surrogacy treatment make a huge mistake. Did you know that our genetic and our body, in general, know better if it is necessary for us to create biological children or not? So now you know this fact. Maybe sometimes the adoption is the best option? You would help a lonely child. That baby could find a beloved family! And here you don’t know, maybe in the future, this baby will have some problems? Who can give you strong guarantees that everything will be perfect with the health of your newborn? Because even the clinic will forget about you as soon as they close the door behind your back. For example, I know that Ukrainian Biotexcom is popular among intended parents. I think that the main reason for such popularity is their rate of success. But I also know that they also can’t give you a kind guarantee about your future and future health of your baby.

Sometimes we have to remember that JEHOVÁ, GOD has better plan for us that we do for ourselves.
We might not understand why he does things sometimes a certain way but he's never wrong.

"You have been planned for for a long time. Before you were even conceived we knew your name." Def sounds like God.

I want to know more of this story!! Gods power reigns on everyone, this story is so blessed. I want to know their facebook handles, or instagrams. I’m obsessed with gods power.

Such an amazing story! It just goes to prove that absolutely NOTHING happens in God's world by accident! An incredible testimony. ❤

A beautiful video! I adopted my son from the State of Hawaii permanent adoption program and it cost me only what it cost for filing fees, and air trip to Hawaii for court and to bring him home. Check into interstate adoption through the state welfare system. He was 6 months old when I brought him home and now he is 22. God will always help you find a way, trust in Him.

This really spoke to me. I'm so glad that I found this. My husband and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years and last night I had a dream that we adopted 3 children. A 5 yr old girl, a 3 yr old girl, and a 3 month old boy. I'm not sure when it will happen but I'm clinging to that.


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