Carbon Copy-The Return Part 1by Nicholson1968

Carbon Copy-The Return Part 1by Nicholson1968

so many of us have fallen from the great
lie the myth of progress the shiny idea that things can only get better the
human condition humans themselves technology will perfect us and the world
around us but what if but if progress isn’t
inevitable what if it doesn’t get better computers
they got this start by calculating the fastest way to kill then you clear dream
on against the bomb we think we’re doing the right thing we think we learn from
history but as a great physicist once said science advances one funeral at a
time Shiva the destroyer deep in thought
belonged to a former professor of mine it’s beautiful
dr. Singh would always say that our conduct must be good so as not
to wake in the sleeping destroyer and Shiva wakes the world will tremble so he doesn’t wake up them hi this is in
1968 thank you for tuning into my new project
Carbon Copy the return gonna connect some dots for you here and this one I
started off in the beginning of this video you’ll notice it is the opening
scenes credits to a Netflix series altered carbon which was based on a 2002
novel of the same title by Richard K Morgan and the series takes place over
350 years in the future turn 384 in the future a person’s memories can be
uploaded on a disc-shaped device called a stack which is implanted in the
vertebrae at the back of the neck these storage devices are of a design and have
been reverse-engineered mass-produced physical human or synthetic bodies
called sleeves as they’re known are used as vessels that can accept any stack so
basically you download your consciousness memories into a stack it
can be implanted into a new body a synthetic body a sleeve okay now anybody
that has followed this channel on YouTube for 2007 I was talking about
this also on my blog in 1998 and then it later became Nichols in 1968 dot-com
talking about what is the temple of God what is the enemy of humanity after and
anybody that’s followed me for any length of time knows what transhumanism
is if you do not then you need to after this video
do your research go to my website have plenty of information things I was
talking about that people thought I was crazy back in the day but now if you
type in transhumanism into the youtube search engine or Google search engine it
is all over the place also in the beginning of this video I also played a
clip from a movie called uncanny they mention Shiva and the destroyer and its
role and you that don’t know who she is Shiva is
part of the Hindu Trinity Brahma is the creator of the universe Vishnu is the
preserver of it Shiva is the destroyer and the transformer in their Trinity and
what they believe and it’s very I want to make the connections here because
this will help you to understand why secret societies Luciferians different
religions people do what they do because i want to make the connection here
notice that in the opening altered carbon if you go back and look at it
again with a snake enter twice obvious the snake intertwining around the woman
with the angel wings that kind of thing that that’s the obvious thing but when
you look at it again notice that there are cities and buildings mixed in with a
snake a creating a new Kingdom symbolism based on altered carbon and things that
are not supposed to be done which are an abomination to the creator move forward
to the second clip with Shiva and what they believe is reincarnation or do you
destroy it and you take you start over its birth rebirth dying it’s a circle
it’s a vicious circle that they believe in that’s why you see the snake eating
its tail the dragon eating its tail the aura borås the figure eight around and
around it’s a vicious circle that we can fix what’s going on just by overtime and
this is what you have to understand about what we call people is they
believe if they don’t accomplish this in their lifetime they will die and come
back keep on keeping on – you finish what you started the great work which is
called in free Masonic lodges called whatever you want it’s all the same
thing is this is what they do what they do because people ask me all the time I
go why don’t they do this don’t they know they’re going to lose
in the end what they’re not taught the way we’re taught and they are taught
other things in their secret schools and one of these things is reincarnation and
the rebirth the phoenix rising from the ashes to live again that same of that
whole thing it’s repackaged under different names
now I have to say this is probably one of the most important videos that I’ve
ever made and for me to say that that should tell you something that I’ve been
doing this a long time so I really need you to watch to the end of this video
because they love the questions I get asked is okay this is fine what you’re
showing us so what do we do about it what does it mean so what you can decode
certain things or see things or whatever but understanding what you’re looking at
is very important because it keeps you away from being controlled mind
controlled whatever it keeps you in a safe place
knowing the deception that is around you at all times in this fallen world and
knowing who Jesus Christ is and the Creator it is very important a lot of
people don’t want to believe that and that and that’s part of the deception in
the end times is I’m not a religious person I don’t believe in organized
religion they don’t have the answers and the reason they don’t have the answers
are telling half of the truth they’re telling one part that’s true about Jesus
Christ but they’re not telling you first Corinthians six three that we judge
angels in Jude 1:6 that angels that left their first estate and they went
somewhere in their punishment where did they go they came here so err it isn’t a
nutshell we get to judge fallen angels because we’re not going to judge good
angels and you need to figure out where they went and what happened and I’ll
touch on that probably later in part two so what I’m going to share with you in
this video hopefully will help you to understand
and of the people that are allowed to rule this world for right now for an age
for a time is and when I say elite I mean a small group of people I don’t
mean they’re better than us this mean it’s a small group of people because the
masses have been programmed and led down a path that it’s not supposed to be and
led astray per se so the basis for a lot of Luciferian Satanism secret societies
Rosicrucian earners Illuminati all these things at the root are based on hermetic
alchemy now that’s different than traditional outcome traditional alchemy
is the concept of transformation of common led into common goal you know
trying to get rich but hermetic alchemy is about the transformation of one’s
self so knowing this is very important because it’s under different religions
different secret societies it’s a root of they’re called different things it
doesn’t matter but I’m going to I’m going to read a statement here and when
I read the statement you can pick almost all the legends itself one Christianity
are the follower of Christ that singled out when I read the statement you can
apply it to almost a new age you can apply it
Hinduism Buddha everything you can apply this information to those beliefs except
one and I’m gonna read this to you okay alright
remember hermetic alchemy transformation of oneself that it’s only possible if
one understands the true nature of oneself and the firm understanding that
one is the essence of debonding man as he is born is the product of nature
however man can improve himself to become more than nature he is able to
manifest his true divine potential by transmuting his common everyday nature
into the full divine that he really is there are many ways to
do this over the course of history people in different cultures have
stumbled on different practices to accomplish this okay I do not believe
that okay and that’s what they believe different think about it then in
Christianity the only way you become complete is you come as a man believe on
one Jesus Christ there to show you the way to overcome death for the next stage
when you die every other religion so sacred societies they want to become
human gods in a physical form and it is completely opposite of what God is
trying to show us and tell us go read Ephesians 6 10 through 18 the armor of
God is a spiritual armor Satan wants you in a physical armor in Chains Technology
robotics machinery and alchemy there are three phases I’ll show you this because
you’ll see it all in media movies scientific community the three phases of
the great work okay three phases of the great work free masonic alchemy it’s all
the same three phases three pillars doesn’t really matter okay so I’m going
to read this information that I’ve written down so get it to you where I’m
not just off the cup very important that you understand this so the the first
phase of great work is blackness okay and what is the first thing you
encounter when you close your eyes blackness and what I’m reading this to
you it is this is what they believe this is their philosophies and okay not what
Nicholson 1968 hooding is okay the first thing is blackness the first step is
blackness when you enter your inner world you enter into darkness this is
the first experience the first stage of the great work here the operation of
purification takes place here the fix gets dissolved by the volatile by
becoming aware of the volatile mind the bodily consciousness diminishes and okay
symbols black is always indicated by something like a raven a Ravens head a
dark jacket darkness night solar or alumina clips the tomb hail or death
when the matter enters the stage of blackness is called led or satin camel
say that again when the matter has entered the stage of blackness it is
called lid or Saturn remember that Saturn stage two phase two is whiteness
okay this is the perfect purification when all blackness has disappeared in
the color white appears then it just said that life is conquered death that
the king has been revived that earth and water have become air that the child has
been born that heaven the volatile the female and the earth the fix the male
have married it is the realm of the moon when one has purified his awareness of
self during meditation by eliminating thoughts or otherwise then at a certain
point life appears this can be put is not necessarily a visual light inside
oneself the light that appears is metaphoric is absolutely clear pure
awareness of self so the philosopher says that when one has attained this
stage one needs to destroy the books because they become superficial from
this point one needs to continue this purification of awareness to the next
stage of redness of red the third stage is red black white then red okay the
third and last phase is characterized by the color red when the white stone or
the white elixir has been made it needs to purify further until the matter
becomes totally fixed and is completely stable then we have the red salt or the
red stone the red elixir the stone of the lies whatever you call it when the
divine light has emerged during meditation one needs to make it last
this demands a continued effort of holding one’s attention to the pure
awareness not only for the length of the meditation session but also
during everyday life a certain point to pure awareness of one’s divine self will
be permanent okay that’s what they believe black
Saturn lid right white purification you’ve got red tongue the Phoenix that’s
that’s also symbol of the redness of the Phoenix that’s your rebirth coming out
stronger than before this is what they believed is a spiritual alchemy or a
spiritual ascending and that you can you can become divine in the physical and
that’s what they believe okay and in Christianity you become
divine in a spiritual sense and the next step they don’t believe that they don’t
they don’t believe in that next step so once you understand you know these three
phases and I want to do it simple for you basically I’m just going to break it
right down for you the black signifies the burning up the purifying you burn it
tell it times to light and it’s pure and then the third stage of the red stage is
death or you’re like waiting for the two to come together you’re waiting for the
black and the white to come together to make a total complete that’s what they
believe the Union the yang the Masonic checkerboard floors is they believe in
order to become one you have to be both dark and light good
and evil both you come together and then the red and alchemy forms it is the red
it is the phoenix rising from the ashes stronger better black white red so I’ll
share some more information later in another video that’s Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs that is a story of alchemy you know plain and simple but Disney put
out because in hermetic alchemy
you’ve got the three phrase it the three phases of the great work and it includes
the seven metals as well the seven metals guess what there were seven
dwarves so I’m not going to go into that here but it’s remember Snow White has
black hair what her skin was white as snow
with red ruby lips there you go black white red I may do something later in a
different video but it’s all there those pieces this next clip I’m gonna show you
is from a commercial from a couple of years ago by Katy Perry and it’s a
perfume commercial but it’s the same thing that I’ve been talking about is
things are based in hermetic alchemy and it’s short but it tells you you start
off at a basic level and you ascend you sin to the throne you ascend to up
enlightenment whatever that is and the colors are also involved too
you have the black red white and the gold for completion as you’ll see as
this commercial progresses as she starts off in a basic form a servant whatever
it is simple and then the ascension starts through alchemical process it is
the story based in a lot of things so please enjoy this I’ll be right back look around you look in the news look in
the medical science fields this is what is going on the tampering with humanity
my name is Neri Oxman and I’m an architect I direct the mediated matter
group at the MIT Media Lab and the mediated matter group is essentially
focused around digital fabrication technologies that are inspired by nature
Michelangelo said that when he looked at raw marble he saw a figure struggling to
be free the chisel was Michelangelo’s only tool but living things are not
chiseled they grow and in our smallest units of life ourselves we carry all the
information that’s required for every other cell to function and to replicate
so here this is a split screen to present my split world view the split
personality of every designer and architect operating today between the
chisel and the gene between machine and organism between assembly and growth
between Henry Ford and Charles Darwin my work at its simplest level is about
uniting these two worldviews as designers we must today bring into
account not only the digital but also the biological so from nature inspired
design to a design inspired nature we live in a very special time in history a
rare time new life forms that were computationally grown additively
manufactured and biologically augmented I like to think of synthetic biology as
liquid alchemy only instead of transmuting precious metals you’re
synthesizing new biological functionality inside very small channels
it’s called micro fluidics in our first piece of clothing we combined two
microorganisms now these two microorganisms never interact in nature
in fact they never met each other they’ve been here engineered
for the first time to have a relationship inside a piece of clothing
think of it as evolution not by natural selection but evolution by design we
then started growing these channels on the human body varying material
properties according to the desired functionality where we wanted more
photosynthesis we would design more transparent channels and here it is for
the first time unveiled at Ted our first photosynthetic wearable liquid channels
glowing with life inside a wearable clothing Mary Shelley said were
unfashionable only half maeda what if design could provide that other
half what if we could create structures that would augment living matter what if
we could create personal micro biomes that would scan our skins repair damaged
tissue and sustain our bodies think of this as a form of edited biology this
entire collection wanders that was named after planets was not to me really about
fashion per se but it provided an opportunity to speculate about the
future of our race on our planet and beyond to combine scientific insight
with lots of mystery here’s to a new age of design a new age of creation that
takes us from a nature inspired design to a design inspired nature this will
allow us to produce better prosthetic devices building skins wearables that
correspond and respond to the body and this is just a teaser for one of the
collection of wearables that we are about to launch in my lab that shows you
how we can scan the face and compute the final breath before we die as a quadriplegic must be frustrating
for you someone who like to get things done with their hand what if I told you
I could offer you something but enable you to walk again
I call it step a computer chip that has the potential to change everything
it’s a new better brain I instead before the system operating
your body for you give everybody else here you know only you may I point
something out in the drum surveillance footage search Brandner Marine Corps
address for one for citrus Negroes we need a plan
I’ve got this this doesn’t seem like a well-thought-out plan stay down you are involved in this somehow you
need to let me know well I was in the area detective it’s done what do you think I should do you are persistent we started there you
go all around you it’s in your face upgrade you just got to see it upgrade
yourself become a better human that’s the answer to everything you just have
to look for it Beyonce telling you it’s any music movie scientific medical
fields all around us so people know the part they’re playing and some people
don’t they’re compartmentalized and they’re helping a bigger agenda that is
you know detrimental to humanity it’s detrimental to us and you have to see it
for what it is because it’s the same old life from the garden is you know the
snake the serpent told Eve you know God was very specific he said do not partake
of this knowledge introducing droid DNA by HTC it’s not an upgrade to your phone
it’s an upgrade to yourself this tree call it whatever you want do not partake
of this fruit because you surely will die and that’s what this is is
technology I’m not against technology of a
pacemaker you know adding a limb making ourselves better and healthier
technology in general I’m not against but when technology is used to control a
person where mankind is going that’s what I’m that’s why I’m against and that
is also in in prophecy of where we’re going with the mark of the beast is
controlling a vessel a person with technology a mark of a beast when you’re
not human you’re a beast you’re one of the other so it’s the same old line is
don’t pertain of this technology in your body because you you know it’ll kill you
and it’s therefore it was put in place for a reason while we’re not supposed to
certain things it’s not a punishment it’s a warning but see the elite Lucifer
Satan the same old lies you know oh that’s just wrong you know you surely
won’t die see where we’re going this it’s nothing that it’s just repackaged
and a fancy package you know and here’s a quick you know just a quick example of
the outcome the alchemical symbol right here is the circle square and triangle
okay so that’s how chemical symbol right let’s take the freemason G accomplice on
the square it’s the same thing is the compass makes triangle but then also a
compass as you use the compass you can go around in the circle so you have the
triangle and the circle okay and then you’ve got the square the compass and
the square the square does the square get it square circle pyramid all three
pieces are there it’s just rearranged in a different way but it’s the same thing
most architects and a mason is a builder build buildings architects are you know
they build things in New York Battery Park which they believe and this is the
other thing they believe certain things bring energy on this earth certain
things that are put in place on ley lines things across the world they put
in place bring energy from above so below whatever whatever you will say but
in Battery Park is what they call it now battery want energy but there’s three
buildings this architect built these three buildings and look at the rooftops
when is a pyramid triangle one has a circular and the other one has a square
all three pieces of a compass and square-free Masonic or all three pieces
of alchemical you have to see this because it is all around you and once
you see it it doesn’t control you it doesn’t lead you down a different path
and you don’t want to go because once you see it you know what it’s about you
know what’s up that’s why I do what I do and
a lot of people don’t agree with that clearly the Bible tells us to expose it
in Ephesians 5:11 which states and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works
of darkness but rather reprove them or expose them so that’s what I do here on
this channel like right now iron man I told from the beginning and
one of my first videos of iron man I’m gonna break it down here is the poster
that you’re looking at here is an Iron Man 3 the name of this is called a fall
from grace they’ve recently changed it called heroes fall but when it came out
and their original artist this was called a fall from grace why would you
call it a fall from grace and I’ll tell you on is this is what we’re not
supposed to protect right now we’re under the age of grace Jesus Christ okay
so the abomination is not to mix with metal and technology iron and clay the
last kingdom and remember when I stayed in this video of the four colors that it
completes everything the three phases you get to the gold complete you’re a
total package okay now look at this notice wanna the will not symbolism
everybody goes oh that’s Illuminati okay what does it really mean is first of all
one side is a human which is good or the right way the other side is the
abomination the wrong way the dark and the light mixing together to make a
total package remember what I stated what they believe they are mixing the
light and the dark together to mesh and then you go and to the next phase of
what they believe in and look at the colors okay of an iron man red black
white gold it’s all there I mean all the colors are there a complete total
package of what they believe is the total man a God on earth II we are gods
kind of thing symbolism and you think I’m just reaching
with the alchemy but in the final one here is a picture of what is in the
chest of an iron man there you go the how come you symbol I’m on the pyramid
right there I mean that’s alchemy ax at its best in symbolism of the part and
we’re just see it’s totally opposite God dwells in the hearts of men
that’s where Satan wants to dwell in the hearts of men made his way in a carbon
copy a carbon copy is trying to duplicate what the Most High once that
is all what’s going on on the face of the earth right now is the enemy is
trying to carbon copy duplicate it and it’s all around us the most high is
everywhere all the time how can someone duplicate that how can
the enemy Satan duplicate being somewhere all the time
5g Wi-Fi that’s why Satan is also known as the Prince of the air deeper meaning
stuff you’re not going to hear in a church and making the connections the
the connecting the dots and that’s why I love you guys and I want to share this
with you to share with your kids your kids kids I don’t know what everything
that’s going down but I do know that the mark of the beast has to do with
technology transhumanism you can see it look around you you’re being led down a
path of Technology my friends whether you like it or not it’s that’s just the
way it is that’s pretty obvious you can’t get away from that but technology
taken too far for control pretty scary stuff
so in summary of this video all the things that I’ve shown me the tampering
the they’re trying to copy the Most High whether you believe that or not that’s
another subject but it’s very important in Matthew 24:37 339 but as the days of
Noah were so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be now this is what I’m
talking about organized religion in churches is they always claim that Jesus
Christ will return when there’s rumors of wars there’s earthquake
there’s pestilence all this stuff which has already been around that’s it that’s
nothing new it’s been here for already you know
hundreds of years but it’s very important in this verse it says the
coming of the Son of Man will be like the days of network very specific of
what’s going on in the days of Noah and understanding what was going on in the
days of Noah and where the technology that I have shown that is real and it’s
coming to pass where did we get where did man get this technology now now
you’re getting to the root of it is the fallen angels that’s why in an everyday
organized religious church they’re missing the boat is the technology that
is coming on the scene is not from God it is from the Fallen Angels originally
where it originated from and that’s where we are today and it’s going to get
to a point where mankind you mean it is being destroyed and wiped out point of
there’s no more humans guess what what happened with the days of Noah only
eight people were saved eight figure eight you remember the snake the
dragging in itself the eight hmm what a coincidence eight people were saved Noah
and we’re saved because of their genetics their genes
the first book of the Bible is Genesis and that’s why it’s very important when
they list who begat who why would you name all of that and the lineage why is
it so important about a bloodline in the blood because of the tampering of what’s
going on that’s why had to start over with Noah
again because animals humanity everything was being tampered with
because of what was going on in the days of Noah Jesus Christ will have to return
to break that up again and look where we’re going everything I’ve shown the
tampering GMO foods ain’t even touched it the chemtrails in the sky all of the
conspiracy theories that people follow a conspiracy are not conspiracies are they
if you look around for those who books that are
they’re not conspiracies so stay tuned part 2 coming up I speak to the return
speak to the technology of the Fallen where it comes from
Saturn key worship if you’re not familiar with that you can’t wait for
part 2 go to your google or whatever search engine type in keyword soup
you’ll probably find Nick Wilson 1968 dot-com it’ll probably be number one or
number two when it comes up I’m gonna leave you a little teaser to part two
and I’ll see you then enjoy it love you guys Nichols in 1968
I’m out bravery wasn’t in being a warrior it came from knowing what was in
his heart he recognized what was Rodney stood up
for it the ring you

Thank you brother for your amazing work! you, A Call For An Uprising, Richie From Boston and Hacking The Headlines have truly opened my eyes to the deception of the world that we live in. God truly have blessed you with some amazing discernment to be able to not only identify all this symbolism in the mainstream media like music, movies and even the occult science but to also be able to link what is going on now to scriptures, you really motivate me to pick up my bible and learn more and to pray for discernment! I thank you so much once again for your great work, God bless you brother, will keep praying for you. Can't wait for part 2!

As a subscriber for the last 5 yrs. I thank you Nicholson for your work! Your videos have helped to wake up many of my friends.

Thank you for speaking and explaining some of the pictures. My boyfriend loves your videos and has followed you from the beginning and is now legally blind, so he is very excited that you are talking behind your videos now! Awesome job!

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The mark of the beast
Biometric ID number used for give a human being their own numbers (digital ID) connected to bank account and sim cards, drivers license, PAN, etc. This is the objective of the ID2020. which can only be the mark of the beast, isn't it?
•(if I fail to understand the whole picture, please correct me), in transhumanism agenda, the mark will change the body to the core etc, and cause an abomination in the temple (our body). But didn't Jesus say it would be the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel?

So now that reading my active thoughts is old news… I'm now seeing the phone has capability to read my memories without my conscience actively hosting these areas. It can also see thru my eyes, no longer needs a camera, it hacks mine. I do not consent. Please hurry Yahuasha.

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Wow just wow . Super amazing . Thank you so much for your work . I love listening , watching and learning from you .

The fruit, is/was knowledge of Good AND Evil which is knowledge of duality!!! The Luciferians want to continue to blend Good and Evil.
Jesus wants to bust it apart through us. In the beginning God says what he made was Good! The fall happened because of knowledge of both, we can't unring the bell. We can't just be Good because knowledge of how to be Evil is there as well. Blending of both has already happened!!! The separation of duality occurs through the blood of Jesus, and his death on the cross, for us! Here is how you know, ask yourself, Was Christs' suffering and death Good or was it Evil? What the Luciferians are depicting is further blending through sex magic, blurring the lines between Good and Evil. What does a world without Evil look like? Eden…

Basically what I see is that centuries ago that Religions used to control people and basically run the world and out of that paradigm came the Knights of the Templar or Freemasons whom believed in freedom from the Church and freedom of belief. The freemasons were into Alchemy which is basically just Science (creating things out of Earth's resources).

Since I'm not religious and I don't believe that any group of humans actually understand God or his creation and I don't believe in any end times scenarios or any handbook from God. My question is who is really the bad guys here, is it the Church who oppressed their people or the Masons who were forced to hide their ways from all the religious dogma and control?

I don't think there is an easy answer to all this..

As far as my research goes they don't think that you have to be evil to reach enlightenment but that we all have the ability to be good or evil.

YES! Nicholson…he who hath eyes to see and ears to hear..listen to what the Spirit is saying! Spot on brother, God Bless you!

The sick thing about Satan, is that he knows his time is short so he will try to bring down as much of humanity as possible..

In the Bible it says "in the last days knowledge shall Increase", and boy has it ever. I stay away from any smart stuff, no cell phone, no smart vehicle, no WI-FI, hardwired internet, say safe and informed everyone, God Bless.

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Just want to add to this … I keep seeing the commercial for Shriner's Children's Hospital with all the kids having prosthetic legs and arms .. SMH. They are combining kids with AI and ppl don't see this if they are not awake.

Once again, bringing an excellent presentation with precise biblical conviction.
Thanks to the word of Ya in your heart Nicholson. Shalum!

I find it strange that Netflix is releasing so many movies that include fallen angels and cloning. A good example is B: the beginning, an animated series based on the cloning and inbreeding with angels. It has a LOT of all seeing eye symbolism and grievous murders.

Good Job! It really is all about Transhumanism…completing the lie of the Serpent – "Thou shalt not surely die" —thing is you have to give up your Human, God given body and be locked into this reality and the artificially constructed ones that are separate from God's Creation… Seems kinda like dying to me.

3 of those colors also match the colors of the horsemen of the Apocalypse the pale horse sometimes called pale green

mad scientist rarely consider if they should do something only if they can God said not to mix the seed

hi Nicholson! the center is in reference to your bedtime stories video. excellent video. I liked the shout-out you gave two games exposed. those video games are very violent and they all have hidden messages that are in plain sight. thanks Nicholson love your work love all that you do keep making all this great content more people need to know everyone needs to know Renee Baltimore Maryland #we do not consent

The Church has not taught Christians the POWER we have in JESUS CHRIST.
God tells us we are in a war not a physical war but a spiritual one Eph 6;12
God gave us the Armor and weapons we need Eph 6;10-18 Heb 4;12
He tells us we die from lack of knowledge /spiritual knowledge/ Hosea 4;6
He has given us power to tread on serpents Luke 10;19
Learn to loose and bind Matthew 18;18,
Take every though captive 2 Cor 10;4-5
Use Isaiah 54;17 as a covering prayer
We are called to be the salt and light Matt 5;13-16
Suit up get into the battle you are in it whether you like it or not.
Don't be found asleep Matt 13;36

It is almost humorous that they believe they're walking in or following light when in reality they're still stumbling around in the dark…

hermetic alchemy , as you describe the process sounds like king Nimrods pursuit in becoming geborehm (spelling?)

Totally understand your deciphering the scriptures to mean what your saying. Even though the true church is asleep please don't stop trying to awaken us. We're talking people who have been lied to their entire lives about almost everything and have become very skeptical and suspicious about everything. THX for your work…excellent quality video….must share.

I don’t know if you check messages left on here,but I wanted to ask if you had done a video concerning this witch that all of these celebrities are hanging out with now. Your video about Beyoncé made me understand how she has turned to the dark side and now her husband is doing “art” with this evil woman! I looked her up and I found all of these evil satanic pics of her ! There is even one of her holding a naked baby girl and pointing to her vagina!! I am outraged !! As I dug into these pics I found her with many celebrities ! Evil is all around us and so many people have no idea!! I cannot believe I didn’t see this stuff before ! All I have been doing is researching for the past year and what I have found is scary to say the very least ! Anyways,I hope all is well and just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to all of this! It’s very important to teach our kids to not look up to these people! Kylie Kardashian is one of the ones in pics with this evil woman and so many girls look up to her! I have a 10 year old daughter and I am going to show her all of these pics because I do not want my child looking up to this trash ! God bless 🙏🏻❤️😇

So chances of my getting an answer on this are probably slim, but I'll ask anyway. I do believe in Christ Jesus. That said, why are we the "lucky ones" who have to deal with all of this if there's no such thing as reincarnation? I realize it's been here before, but not in my parents' generation to my knowledge. I also realize time is a man-made construct but while this happened in the days of Noah, it doesn't appear it happened since.. How does this work, knowing previous generations didn't deal with this? Anybody?

Hey Nicholson , I bet there will be lots of black goo symbolism in the new venom movie , u should check it out

Here is wisdom..
Satan will copy everything God has created so Satan can be like God..
Open your Eyes People..
Any Idea who Satan is?

Bingo you are so right on!!! Did you notice the huge inverted six sided triangle on Trumps Tower of invocation? He is constantly giving the 666 hand signal and all these Christians, which I am one too, are giving him and evil more power. We were warned in the OT not to lean on the arm of the flesh and in the new warned by Christ Himself LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU!! The churches are failing miserably telling people they are going to be gone no need to study the Word what a lie and not showing them how evil is manifesting itself today…so glad I found you keep up the wonderful job you are doing…Father bless

For years I have Satan merely Xerox copies, and poorly. The evil of H+ and transhumanism has me reflecting on the oil and clay scripture in a way I'd never have imagined. Thanks for another excellent video.


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(FREE) [GUITAR] NoCap x Polo G Type Beat – “Lost Soul” | (Prod. Noah Cuz x Seph)
(FREE) [GUITAR] NoCap x Polo G Type Beat – “Lost Soul” | (Prod. Noah Cuz x Seph)

(FREE) [GUITAR] NoCap x Polo G Type Beat – “Lost Soul” | (Prod. Noah Cuz x Seph)

Dark Stories : Episode 1 – Dark Soul
Dark Stories : Episode 1 – Dark Soul

Growing up, she had a twisted sense of humor. Sometimes the evil took over the now-little puriness of her soul. Selfish , deceiver; what she built her life on. Anybody who dared to get close would suffer greatly. How convenient people were to her, Disposable and worthless. What did she …


When was the last time you’ve prayed? Had God ever replied? Do things go well in your life because you are putting effort into it… or because an entity is moving strings for you… and thousands of other people? Hi, I’m Jolyne Bitter Blackness and I want to apology for …