Capricorn 2017 Forecast | Extreme Luck Success & Prosperity

Welcome this is the energy vibration
reading for all sun moon and risin capricorns Happy New Year I want to say
thank you for being here thank you for returning to this year of
the year 2017 I want to say thanks to each and every person out there who has
been supporting me in the year of 2016 if you are a newcomer thank you for
being here I hope you will stay I want to say to each and every person there
I’m wishing you a wonderful new year because 2017 is going to be a powerful
year for you guys you guys have double energies all over the place so this is
really good please remember to listen to your Sun
and Moon rise in science because those are going to give you also more
information that is going to help you throughout the year I want to say to
each and every person out there it has been our Efik journey but you’re at
least you’re at the end and it’s looking very beautiful it’s going to UM the
energies are going to just vibrate at a very high vibration and this is looking
good for you guys and this year okay what I’m going to say to you guys is
that um I am going to give you m things that you should look at and who as a
Capricorn person okay so the year 2017 you are an energy of an an element of an
earth person but your is vibrating with the energies of the magician so this is
a wonderful powerful year for you Capricorn’s especially the business
people because you are going to bring magic out in this year this is just
fantastic and powerful as we look at your quality it’s a cardinal sign most
of you capricorns our cardinal sign which is just so good your colors are
going to be brown gray and black okay that’s what you’re going to have as
colors for the year 2017 your day is Saturday okay this is a day of resting
for you so your best days is going to be on a Saturday okay
your ruling planet is Saturn so Saturn governs who you are and this is why you
guys are so much of an art working person
the greatest compatible per people to work with or to have relationships with
is Taurus and Virgo the Taurus in the vergis because they’re also the element
of the earth energy element and the best person to marry two is a cancer I yeah
this is what a lot of researches say but some Capricorn people just do not get
along with power Kansas people so you know they take you knows but it’s the
best marriage partner you guys is the cancer so if you’re looking for someone
to get married to the cancers are the best people to get married to your lucky
numbers you guys had so many lucky numbers for the year 2017 the number one
the number four the number 8 the number 10 the number 13 the number 17 19 22 and
26 and 26 is another 8 22 is another 4 and there and I see here 3 4 so 4 4 4 is
the Angels number so you capricans are going to awaken and connect with your
angels and guides in the year of 2017 which is just so wonderful
your birthday zodiac time is begins on the 22nd of December until the 19th of
January 2018 so this is wonderful your strength is you’re very responsible
your discipline and your self-control and you’re a good manager so this is
wonderful for you Capricorn so your weakness is know it all don’t do that
know it all not a lot of people like that and another weakness you have
you’re very unforgiving and it is very hard for you to forgive someone
it’s very whatever someone a situation you guys are very hard to forgive you’re
very unforgiving and there you had to work on this weakness in the year of
2017 con condescending you’re very condescending you you expect the worst
stop expecting the worst people that does what you throw out in you need to
be positive everything is going to be okay if you find yourself going in the
negative frame of expecting the worst everything is going to be okay
everything is going to be okay everything is going to be okay
everything is in the divine perfect order remember this is going to be your
mater everything is in the divine perfect order as we look at your energy
in this year of 2017 which is just so word you’re one of those um so DIAC sign
that has the god two energies you have the universe but you also have empress
this is wonderful for you capricorns congratulation because another no other
sign had two energies um and finished on the readings but you guys have the
universe the universe is also the energy vibration of the hurt the universe
governs the hurt and it helps you Capricorn people and it is also at end
of a cycle it is the aspect of a loving wisdom but someone who is a woman the
feminine energy of a woman she is devoted and it’s the end of a cycle and
new beginnings so for you Capricorn so I’ve been going
through chromatic situation this is just going to be a powerful yardie year 2017
enjoy these energies because you also have the Empress which is another earth
energy element who is coming in so you have these two powerful the world card
is one of the best and one of the most powerful cards in and the energy of the
world is an earth element and also the Empress is an earth element so this is
fantastic it’s a lot yet at the aspect of who you are as a person your true
soul is going to shine out in this year you
Capricorn so this is a powerful wonderful year as we look at January we
begin January with the Sun coming out and this is wonderful the Sun is the
source of all things and for you guys what you guys have gone through the last
couple of years with a Sun in January this is just so wonderful even though
there is Mercury retrograde ending in January you the Sun is so powerful
bringing out wonderful things for you guys it’s linked with source created the
Sun so this is it’s like the Sun is here protecting you Capricorn’s beginning the
year to show you that new energies new stuff new vibration you you have left
the old behind and you’re going to begin on a new journey it is a male principle
of male aspect of who you are as a person and it’s associated with
cooperation working with groups and partnerships so this is just going to be
wonderful for a lot of you everything becomes very clear and and and and and
you’re going to move in positive new energy direction good fortune is going
to come to you and contentment of bliss in your life this is so wonderful I’m
loving this fire energy for you guys in January because you guys have been going
through a horrific time you know you’re going to you know you’re going to find
out who you are as a true human being a species on this planet your personality
and your character is going to take a radiance outlook you’re going to radiate
and you’re going to connect more with nature which is wonderful you’re going
to encounter healthy relationship and safety in your life because you
capricorns are really hard for the healthy relationship and safety
limitations and time and space are going to stripe away the soul of your
refreshment bring in temporary protecting and removing the chaotic
situations out of your life so that meaning is this the end of
your car Matic situation this is wonderful for you guys for the month of
January as we look at the month of February
you have rebirth and this is wonderful and fantastic for you guys because
rebirth this is wonderful this is you have lost and release and move yourself
away from negative situation in your life in January and in February you are
going to get this beautiful rebirth which is just so fantastic
whenever the energy of rebirth comes up its letting go release and detaching
yourself letting go of aspects of yourself and pattern that you no longer
need and you no longer use you know the energy of the death of the self and
releasing the ego to become who you are as a true beam and to be consciousness
this is what is going to work for you in the month of February thank God for all
you capricorns out there it’s going to be wonderful as we look at March we have
the energy of um the a on and that is judgment so in March what is going to
happen is that you’ll be working with Pluto you’ll be working with the planet
of Pluto and you’re governed or the planet of Saturn and you’ll be working
with a planet of Pluto in Mars which is wonderful but the Aeons a water energy
is a water energy but there you’ll be working on your masculine and feminine
side the common sense the ability to understand and forgive this is wonderful
this is a powerful reading for you capricorns because whenever you are
going to release yourself of self judgment you’re going to release
yourself or offer you know you’re going to have this rebirth of wonderful
energies but you’re going to see yourself as a to spiritual conscious
person and this is good because the common sense is good because
you’re going to whatever you do and your think about any actions you are going to
be taken it’s going to be common sense the ability you’re going to use the
ability for understanding and forgiveness so this is just going to be
working out in such a beautiful way there is a new process and a new start
of a new and your blueprint is going to be awakened and this is going to be
wonderful for the first three months from January until March it’s just going
to be powerful and wonderful here you’re going to be advised of new growths and
transformation of you as a person this process is going to be about taking away
things that no longer serve you vibrating on a higher energy vibration
which is just so good for you guys and this is wonderful as we look at the the
first three months in the year focus on it the Sun comes out which is bringing
just fantastic energies so it’s as you move some people will be moving and be
relocated and the Sun you’re going to feel and you’re going to think this is
wonderful I should have done this a long time ago you’re going to feel in
February a rebirth of a sense that you’re feeling yourself differently and
in March good news because when judgment comes with all these energies it’s that
you have accept who you are as a person and a beam on this planet as we look at
the month of April we you will be vibrating in your own energy vibration
which is the earth energy temperance works with zodiac energies of Virgo and
Sagittarius so you’re going to take on the energy vibration of the virgos and
the Sagittarians and you’re going to work with some of you are going to work
with the vergis and Sagittarius people but some of you are going to learn to
integrate an aspect of yourself the creative
process of yourself but classical female who you are
you’re going to become the gods and goddesses you Capricorn in in April so
this is wonderful this is powerful because you’ll be working on the
feminine send it to Asia and the wisdom so you’ll be awakening and your inner
wisdom this is going to be a wonderful powerful month for the month of April as
we look at the month of May you have another earth energy vibration so the
second quartile in this year is going to be wonderful because you be having the
air event the air event in the month of May is an earth element and it is
working with the sign of the Taurus is and this is good this is passion of
people so you’ll be working in May with a lot of people a lot of group of people
you’ll be learning stuff but yet still teaching stuff and you’ll be balancing
off learning and teaching so your wisdom and intuition will be helping you
because you will be trying to provide information but yet still inspir air all
the people and this is just powerful for you guys because when you’ve reached
this level of accepting and certain in an external aspect of yourself but yet
still connecting and and vibrating unconditional love this is just so
powerful and so perfect this is wonderful as we look at June we have the
energy of the I princes which is and water energy and this water energy you
guys love this water energy because by working with your in to issue the I
princess is going to connect to you at a very high energy vibration level and
awaken you and to your intuition your independency she’s going to help you to
bring back and release that independence of who you are as a human you’re going
to be a calm and very wise human being and
this is just so perfect because this is just working good for you for you know
certain aspects of who you are it’s going to come out and this is going to
radiate just like the Olli spirit the goddess is coming out in you and you’re
going to become yourself a God so you will be taking on the role of becoming a
spiritual beam but also teaching and bringing out information and connecting
to other people and and supporting them through their journeys which is just so
wonderful but working with the eye princess in the month of June is going
to be just fantastic because the emphasis and the silence of working from
out your intuition is just going to be powerful so as I look at the overall
energies for the second quarter it is just going to be fantastic it’s going to
be perfect because the earth energies and the water is here but the water
energies bringing in the intuition so temperance it’s selling you in April
have a little balance balance weight away how things and then in in May it’s
bringing balance to you which is a wonderful sign because it’s an earth
energy element that’s the air phone so you’ll be having situation with a lot of
group of people as I have said but in June your intuition is going to become
so I and so sparkly and on top this is just a wonderful energies for you guys
as I move on and we are going to the third quarter of the year 2017 and it is
July as we look at the month July which is wonderful the energy of the fool so
this is wonderful because the energy of the fall is in hair element but it works
with the planet of Uranus and this is you know you’ll be awakened in the
masculine aspect of yourself the principality of the masculine aspect of
yourself which is just so perfect and this is associated with principle of
courage ecstasy without an affair so you will be just going on a new journey
without even knowing and thinking about it because you have connect with who you
are as a true spiritual beam and you’re going to take that journey and move out
in that direction which is just wonderful and powerful because what is
happening is that the fool is going to give you so much energy vibration it’s
going to help you to listen more to your intuition and to heal your intuition and
you’re going to bring out elin for other people so this is wonderful whatever you
know your energy vibration is just going to change so it’s wonderful in July in
August this energy of the star comes out and energy of the star comes out and it
is linked with the energy of Aquarius and I know most of you capricorns do not
like that energy but this is what you’ll be working with in the month of August
and it’s balancing the masculine and feminine aspect of you is reassuring
your self-confidence and recognizing who you are as a person this is this is
really good for you guys because you are going to face the darkness and see the
storm and walk through the storm and come out bringing light to yourself and
you’re going to have blind faith in the divine in the intuition in the trust in
the inner voice and the universe which is just so powerful and so wonderful as
we look at September we have the energy of the lover so there is going to be a
situation in the month of September which I’m your partner if you have a
partner if you don’t don’t have a partner it’s going to have to do
something with your business partner in September it can also has the energy to
do with someone who is vibrating on their hair sign which is the Gemini’s so
um it can have to do with geminis and the cancer people so look out for who is
going to be blessed in your life or for whatever reason in
September because it has something to do with ID or partner your business partner
or family members that carry the energy vibration of the Kansas and the Gemini’s
so this is wonderful because you already know what’s going to happen and who and
that is going to affect you it’s a time when relationships you’re going to learn
to m to bring important growth in relationships in your life so you know
if you’re no longer going to just block people you know you’re going to connect
you’re going to look out and go out and connect with your soul mates your soul
family that is what going to happen in September is that you guys are really
going to look for a connection with your soul groups and your soul meeting your
self family you’re going to want you’re going to look for an exception of in a
community with these soul groups who you vibrate with and this is just going to
be powerful because careful you need to have careful consideration with things
in your life at this time so it’s teaching you and it’s learning trust
your intuition along the way it’s good when you trust in your intuition as I
look at the third quarter it’s wonderful because there’s going to be a new
beginning in July there is going to be you know in
July you’re walking away from something and the universe is going to bless you
with blessings that you have been asking for and the lovers is going to be here
with you and what they’re going to but you’re going to be working on specific
relationships you know it can be with your kids and all of that because I see
a lot of energy for kids coming up in the year of 2017 for the Capricorn
people so the the third quarter for 2017 is going to be a time when you’re going
to leave something behind and start on a new journey which is going to bring you
a lot of prosperity and abundance E as we look at October November and
cember which is just so fantastic for you guys and it is really just so
fantastic you begin with strength and October helps you to begin with strength
so the energy vibration of strength is always the time when you look for the
masculine aspect of you you go within and you connect with the power of
insight and enthusiastic the passion and brilliancy you’re going to let go of
certain control each issues in your life when the strength energy comes up and
you’re going to overcome fear and this is what all capricorns need to learn in
the year 2017 is to overcome all fears their affair is just an illusion of
keeping you one place you’re going to release that fear and get over it okay
this is wonderful clear that fair release yourself affair and all those
negative talking’s that you that you will get from time to time as I look
forward as I look at the month of November there is going to be a great
cleansing coming in which the energy of the tower another fire energy so this is
wonderful and powerful I just and and and this cleansing that is coming in in
November and you’ll be linking with the planet of Mars and this is good because
Mars is good to work with in November this is wonderful for you guys and what
is happening is that an eel in a renewal and the destruction of an older form is
just going to completely the chaos you’re going to release yourself of the
chaos and there’s going to be eruption of something that you just let go and
said no more and clarity is going to come in your clairvoyant is going to
kick in and this is just going to be wonderful for some of you who vibrates
with that energy and this is good this this tower energy is really good to
break down Oh and the program that your program
yourself in the third dimension because November is going to bring you guys out
of the third dimension into the fourth and the fifth foot so this is wonderful
for you capricorns because you will be just letting go of the third dimension
energies as we look at December we have the energies of another fire energies oh
my gosh it’s a lot of fires for you guys another fire energies comes up for you
Capricorn’s in December you have and this is so wonderful because the year
energy vibration reading this is the general you guys should go back and
listen to the general because I have a video I have done a video for the
general energy vibration of 2017 and why I want you guys to do that it’s because
whatever is happening whatever achievement whatever success that you
guys are going to have in December it’s going to come in really powerful because
the December has the same energy vibration of the Emperor and the Emperor
is your masculine is the passion your Emperor is your personal power and
leadership so something is happening for a lot of capricorns in the last month of
December 2017 which is going to bring you out and bring you into and you’re
going to have great achievement in your life as a person but not only am as an
inner achievement or personal achievement but you’re going to achieve
victory and success in something that you are working on so it’s going to be a
personal power but yet still it’s going to be an energy of the rulers of
leadership power so this is just going to extremely be wonderful wow this is
fantastic for you guys so achievement you guys I’m going to say
that this year because I’m looking for home in this reading I think that 2017
for you capricorns it’s going to be a year where you’re going to be the
greatest achievers is a year of achievers you know if we’re you
Capricorn 2017 it’s going to be an a year of achievement and this is going to
be just wonderful for you guys because you’ll be achieving so many thing so
many things and this is going to be wonderful of yeah I’m writing this down and this is this is powerful and this is
wonderful so um as I give you a Bulbul of your own
entire year which is wonderful you start the year with the Sun which is
beautiful then you have transformation in February
in um March you have judgment of information just boom and coming to you
then you have temperance and temperance is wonderful because you’re going to be
working with a group of people in an organization at the end in June your
intuition is just going to come out so strongly you’re going to connect with
the I princess which is your wisdom and your inner wisdom and your into issue
okay and then um in July you’re just going to walk away on a new journey and
your wishes and dreams are going to appear to you in July and um September
the lovers comes up so you will have a situation with a lover relationship
which is going to be fantastic and then you have strength in October and in
November you have the tower so you’re cleansing in November of the whole
entire year and in December you’re going to be you’re going to be a very good
great achiever in the year of 2000 and tambour 2017 so this is wonderful this
is beautiful okay as I go further and I am doing for
all the energies for all the people who are looking for work business business
and working people and for everyone at least but it’s just like the aspect of
your mundane world which is a materialistic and we have the energy of
um what you should use to attract the law of attraction and first you have
practice practice every day I practice my ability to reach my desired financial
goals so what is going to happen is that practice is going to be one of the most
important thing that you should um accomplish in the month and in the year
of the year 2017 because when you practice something you becomes very good
at it okay so every day I practice my ability to reach my desire financial
goals so by practicing you will reach your desirable a financial goals okay so
whatever you are doing just constantly practice constantly going at it
constantly being at it every day and you are going to become very perfect and
this is why the energy of achievement comes in the month of December because
you begin the year with the Sun the Sun and you end the year with another fire
sign of achievement so a lot of you and the the law of attraction is to keep on
practicing for some of you next energies I have for some of you is fate you need
I have faith that I can manifest the wealth and prosperity that I deserve
this is another law of attraction that need some of you you need to have faith
that you can manifest the wealth and prosperity that you deserve you need to
have that fate whenever you have that fate and you know this is what I’m going
for I’m going to be achieving and manifesting that financial abundance
that I need around me and prosperity then it’s going to happen know that it
is going to happen have blind faith in it that is going to happen because it is
going to happen we need to change our vibration and let go of fear and worries
and all those battles and use fate have faith blind faith and knowing that
whatever you’re trying to manifest in your life it’s going to happen okay as I
move on to the next energy we have the energy the message from your soul and
for you Capricorn people the message from your soul it is empathy I am open
to see both sides of the situation so this is just so wonderful this is a
wonderful energies for you guys you guys got really nice wonderful energies
because empathy is one of those wonderful wonderful and vibration that
we should all try to vibrate with because empathy it’s not that you need
to take on other people situation but you just need to learn how to have
empathy but leaving your and it your own energy vibration out of a situation
okay so empathy you don’t truly understand others motivation if you
haven’t um lived their lives and seen the world through their eyes it is also
easy to judge another person’s behavior matching up against your own label it is
not right so you can’t judge people and this is another energy off
judgin P because if you have not lived some money someone else’s life and
you’re not aware of what that person has accomplished or it has feel in their
life and their circumstances and their story you can’t judge another person so
that’s that’s that’s sort of an energy what it is actually saying you need to
live someone else’s life to understand why they behave the way they behave
we’re all sparks of the divine with a purpose here in this physical dimension
and we can all avert or a free will ok so some of us have lost our way along
the way of the part to love and it is a human and reaction to judge others
before examine their journeys through their eyes and wit compassion your job
is not the judge your job is the love and understand and I just so love this
for you capricorns because I’ve always said I never judge another person I do
not carry the energy vibration of hate or judging people or disliking people I
just accept people for who they are and that is what we all need to do on this
planet you don’t have to judge someone if you don’t know anything about them
just learn to accept people who they are and you you will realize and then you
will change your own energy vibration so you know most of the time people judge
other people I don’t do that you know it’s ok you know a lot of people will
just make stories about other people don’t do that because you really don’t
know what is their journeys you don’t know what is
their stories you’re not aware why some people behave the way they do and we
just you know if we all were alike we could not have been on this planet we
would have find something that is wrong we would have changed it so we should
all learn to understand and try and accept people for who they are as we go
forward or till your love energies in the year of 2017 we have a situation
children your love life is being affected by children I am not sure what
is going on with the capricans out there and their kids but there’s a lot of
situation that a lot of Capricorn some of you who have kids so we’ll be there’s
a lot of situation that is going on with your kids so if you do not have a child
for the love read and it has to do with connecting to your inner child okay and
um it can you know whenever I love energy so it says connect it has a basis
to do it read children it can one for some people you’re trying to have kids
and it’s not happening and that is really becoming a problem in your
relationship and this shouldn’t happen because sometimes um if it’s not meant
to be it’s not going to be okay you can always adopt kids or you can always try
other methods and ways but do not let it affect your life and affect people
around you okay because it’s going to affect some of you love life if your
realize that you are unable to have kids and what is so powerful in this year for
you Capricorn’s if you are really trying to hurt to be fertility it’s a wonderful
year if you were planning on having a having children this is a good time
because the energy of the Empress she’s also
the energy vibration of the pregnant person so if you are trying and you have
been trying for years to get pregnant and it’s not happening this is a
wonderful year to do it because the energies are here to help you for the
next set of group of people who have kids
um I you know my expressions and my views about kids and relationship is
that um there is different love and there they’re just different types of
love but the love for your kid is unconditional your kid will always be
there when a partner has left you okay you can never leave your kids because
you brought them in this world and you always have a connection so it’s just to
learn how you balance your relationship with your kids and we’re your partner
and how does your partner except your kids because there is a saying you can’t
take the cow if you don’t take the calf and the calf is the baby cow so whenever
you’re getting in relationships and you already have kids you have to learn to
make sure that your partner can connect with your child otherwise do not begin
that relationship because it’s going to cost you a lot of problems in your
relationship so always make sure that your partner meet the kids and I always
think that it’s after six months that your partner meet the kids and make sure
that there is a good connection um so that there isn’t that doesn’t raise a
lot of um conflict in your relationship okay
and for the rest who doesn’t have kids and eel you’re in a child because there
is something broken in in the aspect of your inner child that do not want to
connect to a relationship and this happens to a lot of capricorns whenever
they’re in in a bad relationship and they come out
they really don’t want to connect with someone else give yourself the time and
yield yourself before you move on as we look at the energy the second energies
for some people out there because you guys got to love energies someone from
your past is returning in your life so this could be for some people it’s going
to be reconciliation so for some people this energy can happens for a lot of
capricans because um Capricorn’s or people if they truly love you and there
was something that they and if you were really trustworthy and someone they
wanted to have a relationship with they will connect with you again it’s the
only reason why they will connect to you again if there was something that was
very beautiful in your relationship and depends on how what happened why you two
were apart but they will connect to you again so you know for you capricans if
you’re ready it could be that you had met someone and there was a wonderful
soulmate relationship and what happened is that you to some aspect on City a
situations happen so that you two really had to break off and they’re coming back
so it could be the meaning of a soulmate of a twin thing relationship so that’s
the only time that capricorns really reconciliation it with an ex partner or
ex loved one okay and they always know okay we’re moving on to your last and
final card I think and again we have the energy of embrace and embrace is that
this year you’re going to let go of everything that was holding you back
Let Go you capricans just let go let go of the controlling energies let go of
the relationships that the stuff in the situations that are holding you back and
to open your wings and fly okay this year of 2017 it’s going to be the
beginning of the rest of your zodiac life on the herd so this is a powerful
powerful energies because whenever two energies comes up in a year for and it’s
a Zodiac stir bill and especially for you capricans
with two energy vibration of the world and the Empress this is just going to be
and most of you are going to achieve great achievement as a year of great
achievement for you guys so I want to say to each and every person out there
this is going to be wonderful for the energy of the Empress your affirmation
is going to be I shower all my relationships with loving attentions and
watch them blossom this is so wonderful another time for the Empress’s out there
I shower all my relationships with attention and watch them as they grow so
this is wonderful for you capricorns out there the next energies I have in the
next affirmation from some other group of capricans you will have the a
cremation that says I acknowledge my my M my many blessings and I am open to
receive in my heart’s desire this is wonderful so again I acknowledge my many
blessings and I open my heart to receive my hearts
Dyer’s so this is wonderful so you capricans are really blessed because you
capricans are going to have the energy vibration of two energies so you
capricorns you group of capricorns which is not a lot because the less people who
were born on this planet is born under the zodiac sign of the capricorns it’s
like you guys are very special okay the less people born on the zodiac sign is
the Capricorn so congratulations the universe is going to bless you in
abundance see and accept the energies and stuff and let go affair release
yourself and acknowledge who you are as a spiritual beam and accept the energies
and the new your going to start your life in a higher consciousness all you
capricorns so thank you for being here please like share these videos please
remember to listen to your sun and moon rise and sign and I want to say to each
and every person out there I have a wonderful year it’s going to be a
fantastic year and if you’d like a personalized reading um the Elm the
special is still going until the 31st of March 2007 so I want to say to you guys
love is the only thing that is read namaste you

WOW !!! thank you sister for these powerful and magical messages for the year 2017 ….i pray all will come true …. sent you many blessing and love …. HAPPY NEW YEAR 20 17 ….

i had suffered serious illness problem in 2015 and it has taken almost 1 years.It's like rebirth.I went upto death mouth and from there i made my comeback.I lost my job.Recently i got job now i can sense some positive vibration around me.Because of my mother and God blessings i am alive.Very soonly i am starting my 2 nd innings of my life.Thanks for positive reading for 2017.I born on Jan 20.

I'm dating a very sensual Taurus….Cancers just can't get their life together…. your reading does inspire me…. thanks so much!

Very grateful and inspiring. My own Angel and Druid cards reflected your magnificent positive reading. So pleased I have kept faith in my cards and recent runes. God Bless X

my father was a cancerian and he was a hard taskmaster.. I have a friend who is cancerian too but I don;t let her boss me around..

i am so grateful i was drawn here, my first but not last visit! THANK YOU for all this hopeful positivity! I have an album and song called "Only Love Is Real'!!! love the music too.

I am so amazed how did u know it's been a shitty few last years? Just glad it's as u say now over I've had the hardest time for the past 4 years! Just last year my family lost my mums parents and then my dad passed in May 2016 I am so happy I've stumbled across yr video thank u soooo much

I am in love with a cancer n he is just awesome.I wonder how this year turns out for us…..wonderful reading…..what are the odds of getting it all right!!!your usage of cards reminds me of something….. i am a Hindu n Hindu horoscopes say that I should pray to Lord shiva(creator and destroyer of universe) this year.Your main card "the universe" had Lord shiva in it…..not being religious…but that's what kept me listening ur video….n it turns out to be accurate. Thanks and many love.

Thank you beautiful message. It's true, I'm a very negative minded Capricorn so I'm skeptical. But I will make an effort to stay positive. Pretty West Indian accent you have, my parents are West Indian.

I am cancer with rising Capricorn!confused which sign is my true personality!Taurus moon and Libra descending but on the cusp of Leo!

Three months over till today but no good surprise in my life and all negativity had happened till now. work is slow and getting slower day by day. expensive are higher than actual income

It's very frustrating, I really wish someone can tell me why it's like this.
Every year I watched/listened to next/this year forecast, I found it matched perfectly to what I had been gone through in the previous year. For the past 5 years or so, every forecast I had checked out was one year late…I never able to really "forecast" anything. This forecast, and many more I've watched since the year started, as an example, all details are mirroring what happened in 2016. It's such a great year and I achieved one of my biggest life goal in the last 3 months of 2016.
Thanks for you reading anyway.

Wow we are in June and I have already begun working with my intuition…giving people intuitive tarot and oracle card readings…I want to get better with working with tarot and oracle intuitively…I am sooooo excited!!!

I   like to thank you for the information about copricorn,you have a very clear to have a personal reading with you


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