Can “Evil-Eye” or “Drishti” Affect You? Nani Asks Sadhguru

Can “Evil-Eye” or “Drishti” Affect You? Nani Asks Sadhguru

This fire-wash, we call it Klesha Nashana kriya, that means, an act which will take away
the impurities that gather around you. there is a certain way to do, which few generations ahead people knew exactly how to do, We have relieved people of various
chronic ailments just by this fire-wash. Superscript: Can “Evil-Eye” or “Drishti” Affect You Nani: Generally in our homes… Generally, this dhrishti is a very big thing. Dhrishti, don’t you know? Initially I used to think this is one myth
my mom just wants to do and “okay do it.” But later, later when… when I started having this some accident at the shoot or something, something, it kept on happening and particularly,
I had this back to back hits and… and then I had this back to back accidents also and
then without me realizing I started believing it. Suddenly I… I started reminding my mom “Amma, Dhristi I’m leaving” So, this concept of dhrishti
prevails in many ways, told in many ways People say some energy,
they say something else, something else… But it is a very household thing. It’s a very popular belief. So, what is your opinion on this? Does this exists or no? (Applause) Sadhguru: Daily are you taking bath? Nani: Yeah. Sadhguru: No, why I’m asking is in Chennai,
they’re having bath once in three days. (Laughter) Nani: We still have not gone that far in Hyderabad Sadhguru: You haven’t gone there yet. Nani: Haven’t gone there yet. Sadhguru: Still in Hussain Sagar So yesterday I was speaking with a
prominent group of people in the evening, one of the government officials said,
“All these rich people are having shower every day.” I said, “Where do you come from huh”? In South India, without having a shower,
we won’t step out of our home, no matter what. Nani: Yeah. Sadhguru: Even if you don’t drink, we’ll shower first. So, don’t start this new culture that the government is telling us now have shower once in – “Thank God, it’s Friday”! So, You wash your body with water. It’s not just about removing the dirt. Even if you don’t have any dirt, have you
seen after a day’s work, if you pick up a lot of stuff, you come and have a shower – uff
it’s like new life has come – does it happen? Hmm? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Not just cleansing the body, it’s not the soap
– just the water running over your body. You go take a dip in a river, stay there for ten minutes,
come out, just see – it feels like you’re born again. Because, you need to understand,
this body is made of fundamentally five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. This season in our yoga center, because we have a wind tunnel,
in the sense from the silent valley, the winds – the monsoon winds that blow,
gets kind of focused in the valley and when it comes towards the yoga center
it’ll be coming anywhere between seventy seventy to hundred-and-ten kilometers per hour
different times of the day. So at this time all our people are doing sadhana,
just standing in the wind like this because this is a wind-wash. Water-wash, you’re doing every day;
wind-wash you can do. People, Yogis were always smearing themselves with earth,
but today that’s become mud bath in the spa, okay? So mud bath is there. Similarly, there is the fire-wash. This fire-wash, we call it Klesha Nashana kriya, that means, an act which will take away
the impurities that gather around you. Because your body is not just here,
your body doesn’t stop here – it extends itself. Have you noticed – probably women
are more sensitive to this than men, you don’t have to be touched by somebody, if somebody comes a bit too close – not a psychological thing, that’s a different matter, psychological and emotional aspects are there
– leaving that, if somebody comes too close, right there itself, there is a feeling that you know, you want some distance? They haven’t touched you, just like this,
this itself, causes some disturbance, isn’t it? Because the body doesn’t end here,
the energy is little beyond that. How much beyond that – depends on
how exuberant your life energies are. If you’re life energies are truly exuberant,
you can fill this hall with it, otherwise, it is at least little bit – for most human beings, it could be anywhere between
three to nine inches outside of their body. So as impurities gather on your body,
if you drive out, if you drive a two-wheeler, you will see – I become younger
every time I ride a motorcycle because if I ride for four to five hours and come back, people say, “Sadhguru, your beard has turned black” full black carbon! Nani: Pollution! Sadhguru: So you gather material on your body,
you wash it. Similarly, you’re gathering other kinds of
material upon your energetic system. You can wash this water with water,
certain impurities will go with that; if you wash it with air, certain other things will go,
but air is not always available like that. You can even notice this. If you.. But these days, these fans are going at a certain speed. But if you have the fans set at the right kind of speed,
if you just sit under the fan for some time, you will see something within you lifts up.
Have you noticed this? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Little air wash! Similarly, there’s a fire-wash
which you’re calling dhrishti. Is it necessarily happening because of others
people’s look or not – that’s a questionable matter. But impact of life around you,
upon your energy system, is definitely happening. If you have a spiritual process within you, that is, you’re doing some kriya, or you’re doing some meditative processes, then you don’t need all this, because you know how to wash yourself from within. If you do not have that, these things become significant. I must tell you this, there is a certain way to do, which few
generations ahead people knew exactly how to do, but today I’m seeing they’re just burning
something and doing this, this, this. If you come to the yoga center, we’re doing this Klesha Nashana kriya
in a scientific manner, how it should happen. We have relieved people of various chronic
ailments just by this fire-wash. One surprise element that we found out recently is, we found that many children who are suffering with ADH with learning disabilities, within a matter
of six to eight weeks of this fire-wash, they have changed dramatically
– this we never expected! (Applause) So your mother knowingly or unknowingly giving you a fire-wash might have given you some learning ability. (Both Laugh)
Nani: I agree. Sadhguru: I’m bowing down to her, she did fire-wash!
Nani: Same!

Hare Krishna! Again, beautifully summarised by Sadhguru. It can effect you only if you let it! Don’t let it be an egoic thing, it’s their problem not yours! 🙏


ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ ಕೂಡ ದೀಪಾವಳಿ ಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು
🔥 Happy dipawali festival to everyone 🔥

What a coincidence! I recorded videos today on how to cleanse the 5 elements within. I will upload them soon!

Father is the ultimate equalizer. Father knows all. If Father approves and you have washed the inside of your cup the mountain will move.

Just remember..
All rules are my rules.
My responsibilities are unlimited
This moment is inevitable
I'm not this body I'm not even the mind
I'm a mother to the world…

Thank you sadhguru Learnt new thing about fire wash… But u didn't clarify is there something like " dhristi" or "buri nazar"!!

Sadhguru wise and straight to the point as always, but you guys should definitely remove the music from the background, only silence and his voice we need

This will be my first post on this chat. I am thankful for the explanation offered by Sadhguru. My mum has this amazing knowledge of the ancient practice of cleansing, using fire or water. She clings onto this knowledge which was passed down to her by her mother and her granny. We live in a very westernised era here in South Africa and many of the practices of the ancients is all but forgotten. Sadhguru's explanation motivates me to keep this legacy alive. I am thankful for my Mum's knowledge as she has helped so many with this system of cleansing.

Only rich can afford his ashram food, for yoga 🧘‍♂️ classes $1000s in every yoga program they organize in foreign he earns at-least 30 Lacks $60,000 each program. If you start counting he make at-least million in a month.

make connection to each other to feel love
if you touch fire you feel pain. if you think that you need fire to live – you need to change your thought because living with fire is living less

Namaskaram sadhguru
We would like to watch this full video in hindi and all youth and truth videos in hindi….🙏🏻

Fire Wash, What a bombastic science!!!
The imposters and spiritual thugs existed in every age, who by using some buzzwords and terms out of context feed and flourish on the ignorance and gullibility of naive people. The spiritual thugs of our times have obtained complex skills. They change their colour depending on the audience and their toxic stung has reached and paralyzed a significant portion of academia, intellectuals and journalists. The popularity of such imposters reflects the plague in the society.

all my life i feel like i pick up peoples bad energy from interactions with them and it chocks my life for hours to days and im not even spiritual in any way besides my vague Christian beliefs

Fire-wash can alleviate ADHD?! Does this explain something, or am I just barking up the wrong tree as usual?: In 'developed' countries, we use electricity for everything. The 'fire' is far away, at the electricity generating station. No fire in the houses any more. Explanation for the ADHD epidemic?

His speech is wonderful, Excellent, Marvelous. His speaks English in a tremendous flow. His speeches are very useful for the Indian Society. Hats off Sir

Sadhgutu Ji my humble advice is to, have kumkum in Bhrukuti at least once in a month. I know its not necessary for an Evolved yogi like you. But when Adiyogi Himself wears "Thripundra " being His follower you also should atleast once a while. I'm sorry if I hurt you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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