Calvinistic Ideological Possession

I want to talk to you for a few minutes about possession possession namely ideological possession and when you think of ideological possession or when you think of possession maybe you think of demonic possession and you think I'm going to talk about demonic possession ideological possession in some ways is not much different than ideological then ideological possession is not much different than demonic possession in some ways in some ways they are exactly the same when you look at the word possessed in the Bible and one of the reasons we're going to talk about this is because when it comes to issues like we usually deal with Calvinism on this channel and Calvinism is a is a matter of ideological possession okay what I want to do is I want us to understand it ideological possession from from a biblical standpoint and I want you to have a perspective of dealing with ideological possession to where you don't feel I think once you have the correct perspective you realize that it's not the quantity of things you know it's not the number of arguments it's once once you realize the source of an ideology and how it possesses people suddenly the vision becomes super clear and you don't have to know all they are all the arguments it doesn't hurt to know them but you don't have to know them and not not only to protect yourself but also to help show others where the error is in the Bible you have if you look up the word possessed so what I have I have a search for the word I have the word possessed up here a word search for possess with a wild card on it so that way possession or possessed or possessing any of those will show up so possess wild card with an asterisk on it Astra's when you go through the book of Matthew you see this phrase over there possessed with devils possessed with Devils possessed with Devils possessed with Devils a dumb man possessed with a devil one possessed with a devil you get the idea possessed with the devil when you think of demonic possession you probably usually think of like the maniac of coderre and maybe maybe the movie The Exorcist okay in the Bible you think of this guy who who can't be calmed can't be calmed down and they they try to chain him up they try to control him and he's constantly ripping his clothes off constantly cutting his skin open and he's got strength of several men throwing people around nobody contained this guy so he goes and does his things and you stay away from him and so then when you think of demonic possession today this demonic possession today occur we say well I don't know anybody doing that maybe you do but so I don't know demonic possession doesn't occur but you have to understand that the maniac of Ghaderi maniac of the gadarenes is really an exception when you look at the how the phrase is used first in Scripture and then how it is used later and most often most often the people who are possessed with Devils are are not like the maniac of Ghaderi it's somebody you can walk around with and somebody you can bring now listen to this Matthew four twenty four and his fame went throughout all Syria and they brought unto Him sick people that were taking with divers diseases and torments and those which were possessed with Devils now you take the maniac from Kadare you're not taking him anywhere you're not gonna bound him with change not taking him anywhere but these guys which were possessed with Devils you could you could bring them to Jesus okay that's the first exposure we have to somebody who's possessed with the devil they're calm they're of a relatively sound mind but they're possessed with the devil when the even was come they brought unto Him many Matthew 8:16 that they brought unto Him many that were possessed with Devils his second one you're possessed with the devil you could be brought to Jesus okay not like the maniac of Ghaderi they're more calm Matthew 8:28 and when he was come to the other side of the country of the gadarenes there met him two possessed with Devils now there's gadarenes and they were exceeding fierce so your first two examples in the book of Matthew are not exceeding fierce people they're people that can be brought and they're not so exceeding fierce and when he goes to the or I guess the gurga scenes is what is what we're looking at here not the gathering it's the Girgis thing is there's two possessed with the Devils and they're coming out to meet him so they couldn't be brought anywhere either he had to go where they were all right but the other ones were brought to him so there's different kinds of being possessed with the devil and they're not all like the maniac Ghaderi they're not all like these guys at the gege scene so they're not all like the movie and The Exorcist they're different now am i trying to say that everybody who's possessed who's ideologically possessed with Calvinism is demon-possessed that's not what I'm trying to say per se but I want I want to toy around with some ideas and I want you to get I want to get you thinking about a few things about how you deal with some of these things now in does another one here that really stands out to me and Matthew 932 and as they went out behold they brought unto Him a dumb man possessed with a devil and the dumb man is once he gets healed he can speak and I think some people have the influence of an ideologies or an evil spirit that causes them to not be able to speak or to not be able to say certain things okay now what's what's the logos the logos in the beginning was the word the logos and the Word was with God and the Word was God the logos is Jesus Christ and each one of us can speak when we speak the truth in love we speak out the logos that is speech in action toward truth is what logos is and we we are called as Christians as followers of Christ to embody the loge and in order to do that you got to open up your mouth and say something and if you're possessed with something that makes you dumb that makes you so you know I don't mean dumb like stupid I mean dumb like you can't speak when you're possessed with something that makes you dumb sometimes it makes you categorically dumb like yeah you might be able to carry on a conversation with the cashier but there are certain things that this ideological possession stops you from being able to say certain areas it stops you from being able to explore you don't wanna be a victim of that in the King James Bible you'll see the phrase possessed with devils possessed with devils you know what you don't find in the King James Bible ironically enough you don't find the word demon you don't find the word demon possession or possessed with demons doesn't say that now in some of the other Bibles that says that oh why does it say that now the Greek word is demon it is demon you need to understand if you go back and so if I if I write the English word demon for the Greek word demon that's not a translation that is a transliteration if I were to actually spell out the Greek letters for the word daemon and Greek and then spell that out in English you get the word daemon or demon all transliteration does is match the sounds of the original language it doesn't match the meaning to translate something is to pick something up in one place and put it down in another place and when you pick up something when you pick up the meaning in one place and put it down in another place it's going to be a different word so the King James correctly translates demon into devil now what does that do for you that tells you for sure that it is bad okay it is bad you only say aren't demons bad too well maybe to you and 2019 they're bad but you have to understand in the Greek mind during this time and during the time before this Aristotle and Socrates some of those fellows in in Greek thought Greek contemporary thought a demon could be a good thing so so if somebody was super smart like Aristotle or Plato some of that somebody's a really smart philosopher the people would say that he's got a demon given him those ideas and they didn't mean like a bad thing by it I meant like like we might say there's a spirit giving somebody a good idea making them clever there's and the demon could be good or it could be bad it could turn somebody into a genius it could turn somebody into a maniac a demon could go either way and then the context would determine whether it's good or bad now in the King James Bible the demon is bad every time okay you know you don't want any spirit really but the Holy Spirit working in and through you so they're possessed of a devil possessed with a demon and in the Greek thought a demon could give somebody ideas now today's philosophers and some of the psychologists they say something that really makes me think and the more I think about it the more I think this has a ring of truth to it they say things like people don't have ideas ideas have people and there's a lot of truth to that when it comes to systematized ideas those ideas have people they possess those people so when you have Calvinism for example that is a system that exists already there's no person that's going to change what Calvinism is if you were to change if you boil it down to just the five points if you want to Calvinism is a lot more than that but if you just boil it down to the five points if you take any one of those things away the other four points don't stand without it you have to have all five together they come in tandem they come in parallel they have to be there together they hold each other up okay so you're not going to have one person come along and have an idea to not have one now some some people do on a four-point Calvinist and I'm a two-point count with that kind of thing those people just have absolutely no idea what they're talking about but you either subscribe to the system or you don't it is a fully formed system of ideas you can take some of it and leave some of it but you're not going to but but that system is already fully formed you're going to inject something new into it which changes the system and makes it into something else it is what it is and it's either got you all the way or somewhat or a little bit or not at all what we want is to not be gotten by it at all now when it comes to an ideologies it it really doesn't matter who the representative of the ideology is you see if I know what Calvinism is Calvinism tells me how to interpret scripture the scripture I can find out what Calvinism is without referencing any particular human you say what's the most famous Calvinist you can think of okay you say maybe you're you know there's John Calvin there's baeza there's maybe you're a fan of John Piper or something like that or you know somebody who is you can get Calvinism without that guy Calvinism exists without that person you can access Calvinism without them it is a it is a system it is an ideology and it doesn't matter who's representing it you have to get that it doesn't matter who is representing it so every Calvinist let's call them five-point Calvinist every five-point Calvinist is going to interpret the Bible in accordance with that system now I'm using the word interpret loosely there they're all going to do that now me as not a Calvinist but I know what Calvinism is just as easily as they can I can also interpret scripture in accordance with that system and come to the same conclusions because I know the system now the only difference between me and a Calvinists is that they are possessed by that ideology and I am NOT so when you talk to a five-point Calvinist you're not talking to an ordinary person you're talking to somebody who is possessed of an ideology and all they are is an avatar of that ideology they are a representation of Calvinism coming out to see you and that's why they all sound the same they all have the same arguments they all say the same things now if you listen if you listen to some non Calvinists it seems like a lot of people who talk to me about my channel they also listen to too laden flowers okay if you listen to latent flowers and you listen to me what you're gonna hear is you're gonna hear two different perspectives aiming at the same thing either one of us believed Calvinism why don't we say the same things it's because we're not ideologically possessed there isn't a system that we're following that dictates what we have to say and the arguments that we have to make understand we're free to study and interpret Scripture and to be curious about it in Calvinism there is no need to be curious about anything all you have to do is follow the system you don't have to you never have to search out a passage to find out what it says or what it means okay all you have to do is take what it says and rationalize and justify it with the system because the system is already there and if you are possessed by it that is how you will interpret scripture because it has you and you can't get away from it so where the scripture says that he gave himself a ransom for all you already know from your system that that that gave himself a ransom for all what it looks like on the surface can't be true so your job isn't to interpret the passage your job is to explain come up with a good reason good post hoc rationalization for why Calvinism is still true despite what the passage says so you're gonna have a you're gonna try to you're gonna have a reason for why scripture isn't true and what's you if your account is what you really want to do is you want to have a clever reason for why scripture isn't true for why the system is true despite what scripture says it's clearly against it and this is even true with the Calvinist proof text as many as word deign to eternal life believed well system demands that you have to believe as many as were ordained by God to eternal life before the foundation of the world believed that's what you that's what the system tells you to believe so you have to you have to come up with post hoc rationalization reasons for why the system is true despite the text not saying that so all the places where it says all free gifts and justification to life to all given to all men well that can't be true right so you have to obey the system now what's interpreting scripture if your account is what's interpreting scripture you or the system see if you're a Calvinist you don't interpret Scripture the system interprets Scripture and all the interpretations that you will ever need for scripture are all in that system all you have to do is come up with good reasons for why that system is right despite what scripture says now listen to that let's pay close attention to what I just said all you have to do is come up with good reasons for why that interpretation should be believed come up with reasons for the system over scripture the higher your IQ Calvinist the better reasons you can come up with the more you're prepared and the more you read and the more you study the better you the better reasons you can come up with for justifying that system as the correct interpretation but what you will never be able to do get back to the heart of the matter why why do I need to come up with reasons to justify that system why do I need to do that why do I have to justify the Calvinistic interpretation of Scripture why do I have to come up with good clever reasons for why that interpretation is correct rather than interpreting scripture using the inductive method why and as far as I know there's not a good reason why there isn't a good reason for why I should I should have to come up with reasons for why this system of interpretation is correct so what's interpreting scripture the person or the system the system is so the only difference between RC Sproul and John Piper and James White or whoever you want to mention the only difference between those people is that maybe the difference in IQ the different exposure to reading different things and the different preparation time spent in different kinds of materials can enable them to come up with good post hot and better really convincing good post hoc rationalizations that justify the Calvinistic interpretation of the passage but they don't have a reason for why they should do that in the first place you understand what I'm saying and that's what you have to understand Bible believer you have to understand that we get we get sidetracked and I get a lot of messages from some people one person in particular give him answers the same answers over and over and it's something something ain't clicking he doesn't he doesn't get it it's what happens is we get bill Willard and astonished and confuse to by the cleverness of the answer but you have to understand the cleverness of the answer that you may not be able to answer all that is is a clever reason for why scripture isn't true that's all it is every Calvinistic interpretation goes against scripture so the the better Calvinist can come up with more clever reasons for why the system should be imposed on scripture so the only difference you can debate a Calvinist and you can win and that Calvinist might not be so smart and you might debate a Calvinist and they win that debate because they have a higher IQ and can come up with better reasons but you all the while if you lose a debate to a Calvinist what you failed to get at was the reason for why post hoc reasons and rationalization and justifications are needed to justify the Calvinistic system that's what you need to get to why should i elevate an ideology over why should I do that and obviously you shouldn't so no matter who it is whether it's James White or John Piper or John liquor no matter who it is all they are is an avatar of an ideology maybe they are convincing avatar of an ideology maybe they're not so convincing when you click on a file on your computer when you click on the icon for a file what you're looking at the icon is really directing the computer back to the file it is not the file itself ok and when you are ideologically possessed if you are a Calvinist all you are is like that icon all you can do is point people back to that system you understand your you do not have any truth residing within you all you can do is point somebody to the truth that is neither you nor the Bible it is a system that has to be imposed on to the Bible that's all you are and so Bible believers what I want you to do is don't be so intimidated by Calvinists because all they are is an avatar of an ideology they are ideologically possessed now is Calvinism a demon is there a demon of Calvinism stop thinking sometimes it's helpful you know when you think of a demon of American Christian in 2019 you're probably thinking of some kind of being with a personality as a demon some kind of spiritual being okay and I'm not saying that's wrong but sometimes because there's so many things we don't understand it is helpful to think of things in terms of the influence that they have over people rather than what we think they empirically are if that makes sense sometimes the Western mind mode of science gets us into the the empirical analysis of some thing and lets us forget how we how how behavior is affected or should be affected or should be avoided by something when you back up from the empiricism nothing wrong with empiricism if you want to know what something is but for example empiricism can help you find truth but it can't help you find truthfulness if you get what I'm saying and when you back away from that just rigid what something is and isn't and you start to think of of reality in terms of how you should act okay things influence you and cause you to act certain ways Calvinism is an ideology which influences people and possesses them to act in a certain way just like a demon would and it gives them the ideas it gives them the interpretations that they impose on to scripture just like the demon that might be good or bad influencing somebody to be a genius or a maniac this this Calvinism demon and it's kind of interesting that some computer programs are called demons because of the way of demons with their column because of the way they influence other pieces of software and cause them to do something and Calvinism when you think in terms of computer software a daemon that's exactly what it is it is a radical malicious code floating around out there which once it possesses you like a virus it causes you to do certain things that you otherwise if you were healthy healthfully functioning as a spiritual person as a Christian you would not do otherwise but it possesses you and causes you to act in that way so in that sense if you think of it just in terms of the influence it is demon possession when it comes to the influence now whether there's a personality behind it or not is subject for another debate but influence wise it is inseparable from what happens with demon possession for sure so when I talk about the system doing the interpreting rather than you doing the interpreting through the inductive method does that remind you of anything now where do you go where they say we have the only correct interpretation of scripture you don't interpret scripture we interpret scripture the Catholic Church does that they have the Magisterium and the tradition you know sacred Magisterium a sacred tradition and sacred scripture and the Catholic Church is the interpreter of Scripture and you are to take Scripture back to the Catechism to find out what to make of it alright so the Catholic Church is the interpreter now if I take out I could I could change that for anything if I'm the devil what I want you not doing is interpreting the scripture with the inductive method second Timothy 2:15 study to show yourself approved unto God a workman that needs not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth I want you to not do that and I need something else some other system some ideology to possess you and then you interpret everything according to that the Satan's always trying to get something between you and your Bible and so essentially the system of Calvinism basically replaces the Catholic Church as the interpreter of scripture because all the interpretations of every passage are already found in Calvin you don't need to do any interpreting yourself all you have to do is be dictated to you what the passages mean and then it's up to you to come up with good reasons for why that meaning is true although you don't have a good reason for why you should do that in the first place ideological possession practically is like demon possession you separate things out sometimes it helps a lot I think Ann Coulter wrote a book a few years ago called demonic and she compares how in the Bible the guy that's possessed with a demon run around cutting himself he says the demon speaks him he says our name is legion for we are many and ann coulter draws the parallel to that and her book demonic how instead of one person being possessed with a thousand demons you can have a mob that acts with one mind and nobody is thinking on their own anymore and that's that's an example of thinking of things in terms of the influence they have over people and you can draw the parallel and for sure it is demonic it is demonic I can get a mob you can manipulate a mob to act with one mind a clever leader somebody like Hitler or somebody like that you can manipulate a mob to act with one mind and there is a calvinist mob that operates with one mind because all the avatars of that ideology are ideologically possessed by the daemon the malicious computer code virus of Calvinism that has possessed them all and influences them all to work in a certain way and justify the system while doing it and then the more clever they are they mo the more they throw you off your heels so you have to realize that all day all whenever they give you a tough time all it is is a level of cleverness for something that is essentially arguing for why scripture isn't true so don't let the level of cleverness throw you scripture is still true and there's no reason to impose that system on it no reason to do that so separate scripture from the system separate those things do you have a cup of coffee there's a passage here I want to talk about next in conjunction with this idea of possession and ideological possession Paul tells Timothy in first Timothy chapter 1 verse 18 this charge I commit unto these son Timothy according to the prophecies which went on before thee that thou by them maitus war a good warfare holding faith and good conscience which some having put away concerning the faith have made shipwreck I pay attention that word shipwreck of whom is hymenaeus and Alexander whom I've delivered unto Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme then he gives you examples of people who are doing this making a shipwreck of the faith being held in good conscience so if I wanted to make a shipwreck of your face and you holding your faith in good conscience how would I do that so what are you doing when you're on a ship where are you you're in the water do you want to be in the water you want to be on the ship you want to be on the ship well what happens when the ship wrecks when the ship wrecks the ship gets destroyed and you go in the water that's what happens which is not where you want to be you want to be on the ship now you got a shipwreck what do you do so you're out there in the water you have abandoned ship you jumped overboard you need to grab onto something so you can float you got to stay afloat because you can't breathe underwater most people can't do that too well so you have to grab something to stay afloat with so maybe you're looking for a lifeboat or anything you grab on to anything and what you're gonna so grab onto a piece of debris maybe there's a piece of wood drifting around you grab on to a piece of wood and then that wood that that is your new safety you're so fearful because of what happened you lost your ship you're in the water you're tired of treading water you almost ran out of energy and you just latch on to this piece of wood and a shipwreck and then what that piece of wood is like an idiotic okay it gives you a temporary feeling of safety amidst Atomos you at Amol Chua scat astra fee and you think you're safe and because of the catastrophe and because of your insecurities you latch on tenaciously to that thing and you don't let go and when and when somebody comes along and tries to help you hey man come over here and jump on this boat or whatever if you're scared enough you can't do that you that is your identified safety you identify with that you can't let go you're latched on so tightly that you can't let go and once that happens once somebody presents you with an opportunity to come to safety to real safety and you turn it down you are now in more danger than you were before now what happens with Calvinism is they do the same thing and you know some of these people in the government they say never let a crisis go to waste and then something else that I heard years and years ago when when you want to expand government control over something the saying is disaster warrants or regulation in other words if I can cause a disaster I can bring in a a regulation to calm that to to supposedly fix that disaster or prevent another one like it from happening now I've got more control over you okay so if I wanted to have more control over you at the airport and check all your bags and luggage or whatever in strip-searched you I might fly some towers under the you know planes into the tower or something like that cause a big test I'm not saying that was the reason for that what I'm trying and and I'm not trying to bring up 9/11 conspiracies or anything I'm not trying to do anything of the sort all I'm trying to say is that when something bad happens it warrants some new kind of control mechanism and people will take security over freedom they're more susceptible to do so in the face of katashi in crisis so what you need to do is you need to present them with a catastrophe and a crisis now in doctrine in the doctrinal realm that is where Calvinists come along they don't just give you Calvinism they shipwreck you first and then they slip the Calvinism in there as the only piece of driftwood you can latch on to where you feel safe because that's the only thing you can find so they make a shipwreck of you they take what you believe and they convince you that it's something horrible like what you believe is semi-pelagianism what you believe is universalism what you believe is open theism what you believe is Arminianism they got all these things and you don't want to be any of those things no hope so what you are now you feel a catastrophe like a shipwreck person surrounded by water which they can't tread water in for very long you're not gonna eat or drink and you're not gonna breathe out of the water you have problems everywhere you look it's water water water everywhere you look it's open theism semi-pelagianism Universal everywhere you look they've got you convinced you are in trouble here take this driftwood what is that it's presumption of the human will so Calvinists when somebody becomes a Calvinist they latch on to this ideology and it's all about the will there will worshipers there will philosophy worshipers if you will and is the presumption of the will now if you get presented with that and you resort to Arminianism or Wesleyan Arminianism really by the way Calvinism and Arminianism both part of the same school of thought there are not opposites you don't want to be a Calvinist or an Arminian so you get put into the shipwreck and there's this piece of driftwood you latch on to it you cling to it tenaciously and somebody comes along the lifeboat and they've challenged that like hey just once you come believe first Timothy two four through six with us no no no I'm good I'm good hey why don't you come believe John 3:16 with us no no I'm good hey why don't you come interpret John 6 and Romans 9 correctly no no no no I'm good each time you do that you falsify the nature of your own experience you say what do you mean by that you're so identified to this ideology that you convinced yourself that clinging on to this piece of driftwood that you are better off doing that than getting on a lifeboat what is that's a lie at the lie and every time you convince yourself that the Calvinistic twist of romans 9 is more true than what it obviously says or the Calvinistic view of john 6 is better than what john 6 actually says every time you convince yourself of that you convince yourself of a lie and pretty soon your your soul basically you are damaging your psyche you are damaging your soul to the point where it makes you weaker and unable to determine and discern and decipher truth and to fight for it and to articulate and to work for it it makes you less capable in the arena of truth every time you klatch on to a lie because you can't stand the thought of letting go of it long enough to find a better truth you damaged yourself in that way you make yourself weaker in the arena of truth every time you every time you embrace a lie every time something happens in your past that you become in denial of and you're not willing to talk about confess your faults one to another you you embrace a lie you become in denial of certain things you don't want to be in denial of anything you don't want to embrace the lie you you have to come to a point where you can let go of this so it's kind of funny because if you were to imagine the Calvo or meaning in our minions system this system of thought this ideologue this ideology by which people are possessed and become avatars hey I'm latching on to this you come latch on to it – so the whole piece of driftwood could probably be called presumption of the human will and on one end over here you have not free and on one end over here you have free so these people presume the human will is free these people presume the human will is not free you have Calvinists and people who think they're not Calvinists all latching on to the same piece of driftwood and the people over on this end on the not free side they're criticizing the people on this end and calling them freewill worshippers okay when both of them are making the same ideological mistake of the ideology of the presumption of the human will that itself is an ideology and it possesses them all you have to let go of that possession and it might mean you have to tread water between here and safety it might mean you have to tread some things and you feel like you're being overcome with semi-pelagianism and universalism and open Thea's you feel like you're having to wade through all that stuff before you can finally get to safety but you need to get to safety I mean you get to the real safety that's what matters so you stop falsifying the nature of your experience don't be so ideologically possessed that you have to latch on to this piece of driftwood in in the shipwreck and if you're not a Calvinist in someone's trying to work on you to become a Calvinist one of the ways they're gonna try to get you there they got a shipwreck you first the shipwreck you first and then they put this ideology out there to rescue you from the dangers you perceive now that they have supposedly opened your eyes which is the opposite of what's happening and you latch on to this thing and you identify with it and then you start to justify it and you start to come up with good reasons for why you should cling on to this piece of debris and the more clever you are the better reasons you could come up with but you still can't come up with reason for why you should be justifying clinging to that debris in the first place why should you be doing that and each time truth comes on when you're ideologically possessed each time truth comes along and challenges your ideological possession and you come up with a more clever reason for why you should deny that truth in favor of your ideological possession you damage your soul's ability your psyches ability to operate in the arena of truth in the arena of the logos in the arena where you shouldn't be dumb but you should open up your mouth and speak the truth in love you become less capable of doing that every time you turn down truth in favor of your ideologies every time you're damned it's like shooting holes you're damaging your soul it's like shooting holes right through your soul turning yourself into Swiss cheese every time you do that and then maybe one day you do get a hold of the truth but you can't wield it very well because you're not very practiced at it remember in Ephesians in Hebrews five who by reason of use have exercised their senses both to discern good and evil you have to use the truth you get you have to use it to employ it you have to receive go by the light you have receive the truth that you have so what do I want to happen as a result of this as number one I want you to understand possession and ideological possession and how practically it is very close regarding its influence to demonic possession it dictates what you do and what you say it has you and you will obey it that's ideological possession and it doesn't like when you're talking with a political leftist or a climate change person you you don't have it doesn't matter who the person is you know what they're going to say you know what their arguments are going to be it all they are is an avatar of that ideology they are possessed by the ideology so when you recognize Calvinists as this avatar of this ideology that's that's all it is so I want you to recognize that possession I want you to start accepting truth that challenges ideology that you might be clinging to now this goes for non Calvinists to this last video I did where I tell my story I'm real thankful overwhelming positive and loving respond that's wonderful every couple of people responded very legalistically and those people are ideologically possessed there there are certain things that they're going to think no matter what so once you understand the possession and how that works I want you to understand the shipwreck when someone tries to take you into Calvinism there is a shipwreck phase of entering into Calvinism and if you know that that's coming you can prepare for it and if you see people in the shipwreck phase see if you can do something about it before they fully elapse before they fully identify with this new ideology which is which is possessing them okay so in this video we talked about ideological possession we don't want you to be ideologically possessed and we talked about how a shipwreck somebody makes shipwreck of your faith to make you ripe for ideological possession you may have somebody with a high IQ that becomes a Calvinist but you have to get them ideologically possessed before that is developed or trained or before they study and read and prepare you had to get them young so there are smart Calvinists out there but they didn't become a calvess when they were that smart that became a Calvinist when they were raw when they were not as intelligent when they were not as well-read when they were not as prepared you'd get them into the ideology then and then you want them to grow their cleverness in the ideology okay so that may seem like some big great big giant that you can't defeat but really they're not they're just an avatar of an ideologies maybe they have really clever reasons for why scripture isn't true but at the end of the day all they are really is reasons for why scripture isn't true that's all it is I hope that this video I just want you to think about it for a while I've been thinking about this stuff almost a year and I just wanted to come talk no scripts no slides anything like that I just kind of want to talk to you about thinking about this when you encounter other people that are ideologically possessed and I think you're going to start recognizing this when you see it and you're gonna start recognizing a way out of it for you and for other people and what I really want you to do also is I want you to take responsibility on yourself for correcting ideological possession in yourself and maybe helping shine the light for somebody else to speak the truth in love let the logos come out of you once the ideology has stopped possessing your mouth and making you dumb so you can't speak thanks for watching may the Lord bless you and good day

Interesting idea, Kevin. I've been fascinated and repulsed by followers of various ideologies all my life. But for God's sake don't reference Ann Coulter with admiration. If anyone's possessed by an ideology, she is. Not because she's a conservative per se, but because her ideology has warped her humanity to the point where she has become a horrible person with a heart of stone, and nothing but viciousness for her opponents. She's what's wrong with America today, along with her many counterparts on the left and the Calvinists as well. No one in public life seems to be able to behave like a human being and show respect to other humans who happen to have a different opinion.

The ignorance is strong with this one. Lemme see if I got this right:

– Leighton and I are not possessed by our systems of doctrines. We're free to examine Scriptures, even if we give different views of the same Scriptures. But when Calvinists differ, they're wrong! They don't know what the heck they're talking about because they're supposed to buy the whole enchilada.
– Calvinists always have post-hoc rationalizations, inserting words that aren't there, but we don't. They know how to enunciate their particular renderings, and we don't, so that makes us superior.
– The higher your IQ, the more likely your'e a Calvinist. We take pride in our lower IQ!
– Leighton has an ideology called Traditionalism, but it's not a system because I like it. Calvinism, however, that's an ideology …because I don't like it.

Basically, "Me right always! They stupid wrong always".

Is that how this works?

One of the first rules of debate is this; if you can't argue for your opponent's view, you don't really understand it, and you're not fully prepared to argue against it.
When I hear you describe Calvinist's views, you're so far off the mark it's scary. I could give you a list.
Sorry, but you're not prepared to argue against it.

BTW, on Linux platforms, a daemon is just a program that operates in the background. It is not malicious code; it's supposed to be there, doing its thing. I have dozens of daemons running on my Ubuntu systems.
Sooooo, you're not prepared to comment on computer daemons either. (10 seconds of Googling would have helped you)

I’m reading Noam Chomsky, On Language. It’s interesting, he completely exposes the intelligentsia as frauds who create the illusion that the simple are not capable of understanding truth therefore we need this class of people…reporters, pundits, professors etc to act as intermediaries and interpret for us…. he goes on to say “But that’s nonsense”. The whole time I’m reading it I’m thinking about how it sounds just like Calvinism…

Kevin, I watched a movie the other night, Django Unchained…..maybe you’ve seen it. There is a character in the movie played by Samuel L. Jackson. Having kept in mind this video you’ve produced, I find there to be a resemblance between this character and ideological possession of Calvinists. I’ll leave to you and the reader to affirm or reject the resemblance.

Excellent. Another doctrine that possesses people is a misunderstanding of the historical (1st Century) and Hebrew linguistic use of the word "God", and they will do just as the Calvinists to force the Scripture to say what it is not saying, just to prop up their ideology. The Trinity doctrine makes the 3 Gods to have one nature. So, either you have polytheism or the one nature is the GOD of the 3 Gods. Humans are said to have human nature, but this nature is not what makes us human. Rather, we are humans who have natural characteristics which we may call "human nature". The characteristics don't come first. There are billions of humans, yet one human nature. A common nature does not make us to be one single being. Trinitarian theologians, like Calvinists, are good at using big words and using the word "God" in multiple ways. Many don't even realize what they are doing, since they are surrounded by others who do the same. We need to read the Bible, not to make it fit the creeds, but to make it fit the reality of the time and meaning when it was written. The standard is the Word of God, the Bible. Orthodoxy is the word and doctrine of men.

Thanks for your astute work, Kevin. It sure became apparent to me, as I began to learn more about Calvinism some years ago, that it was indeed a psychoses. It was through your teaching that I saw how the Calvinist have created their own nonsensical vocabulary to try and impress upon others that what they were saying was Bible based, historical, and theologically sound. They certainly have been successful in ensnaring the immature and those that just do not know any better; so keep up the good work.

Strongholds in the mind. This is precisely right. It seems the enemy protects false thoughts in our minds, and uses them to blind us to truth. The preaching of the truth brings light, as we receive it, and the enemy's stronghold is destroyed. This is why I believe that rejecting truth is a moral action.

Wow Kevin, this was next level stuff! I have heard MANY speakers refute Calvinism and read many books on the subject but I've never seen this angle. Great job brother.

Excellent insight. You explained well the process of trying to impose predetermined beliefs on to scripture and how to get free and believe the truth. Keep up the good truthful work. Thanks.

Wow, what a great and challenging video THIS is !! TRUTH that is rarely SPOKEN about ! Thank you brother xxx

May God have mercy on you and your band of basher dividers. You must be reading the type of spirit your teaching is bringing. They certainly puff you up, but there's nothing godly about it. I know scripture and I see other teachers out there with the same "nobody got it right until I showed up" attitude. It certainly doesn't build up anyone with a heart to love Jesus Christ.

What I find so interesting about Calvinism is that no matter who you know that is a Calvinist, they all say the same things and accuse you of the same things, while at the same time telling you that you don't understand Calvinism. You nailed this Kevin. My sister no longer talks to me because I confronted her on Calvinism. I remember when she was trying to indoctrinate me, she often brought up books I needed to read. And then she refused to discuss scripture with me anymore because she couldn't clearly make it support Calvinism and refute what I believe. She also intimated that I'm a bible idolater because I love the King James bible. Its such a sad and wicked deception.

I’m starting to think this channel is actually satire. This sounds like nothing more than an ego stroking for the lols.

This is literally meaningless rhetoric that doesn’t actually prove anything

I have been a full time potter for 50 years Jeremiah 18 The Potter and the Clay The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying: 2 “Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause you to hear My words.” 3 Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something at the wheel. 4 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make. 5 Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying: 6 “O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter?” says the Lord. “Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel!

The Lord sent Jeremiah to the house of the potter to visually show to Jeremiah something by which God could speak to him.

When Jeremiah comes in the potters house, the potter has just put a fresh lump of clay on the wheel. This potter was an experienced potter not a just beginning potter. Most likely he was going to make a large vessel for water.

The potter started to pull up the clay higher and higher while the wheel is spinning around. What Jeremiah sees is very unique and unusual for a trained potter. The clay is marred in [under] the hand of the potter.

What did Jeremiah see. I would think there was a little sharp stone [SIN] in the clay, the most likely thing that could happen. While the potter pulls the clay on the turning wheel it rips trough the clay. The clay now flies of the wheel in a circle on the floor because of the fast turning of the wheel. The potter goes down on his knees and gathers the clay from the floor; makes it in a new lump. He starts working on the wheel again and makes a beautiful vessel better than the first. Then God says to Jeremiah: “ Can I not do what the Potter just did. God said: “CAN I” not can the clay.

The Lord speaks about restoration and reviving that which was lost like the vessel on the wheel. Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost

Jeremiah 18:15 “Because My people have forgotten Me, They have burned incense to worthless idols. And they have caused themselves to stumble in their ways, From the ancient paths.

What the potter did in this old testament Parable is what our Lord Jesus did to restore us and make us a Vessel to Honour. He came down from His Heavenly Glory and went down to the ground. That those who belief in Him will be restored from a disfigures fallen vessel into a New vessel for honour. He only can do that.

Romans 9:21 Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor?

The American Great Awakening was a reformed puritans movement and the doing of the Lord. Millions came to accept Christ our Lord as their Savior. Claiming that that was the work of Satan is crossing a dangerous line. The "possession" claim that fits you. You cannot find the amount of hateful videos from Calvinist on YouTube [I rather say Reformed, we do not follow a man. Calvin was just a small part of the reformation.] I and many reformed read the bible daily and study it. Unfortunately many people today sit in church and no nothing about the Scriptures.
Edwards's earliest writings brought together John Locke and Isaac Newton in a defense of a religious metaphysics. Later, after a career as a practicing clergyman who led the ‘Great Awakening’, Edwards developed a Calvinist theology founded on the covenant of grace whose center was the experience of an omnipotent God. His views were most significantly spelled out in Religious Affections (1746) and Freedom of the Will (1754).


"The Sovereignty of God is the stumbling block on which thousands fall and perish; and if we go contending with God about His sovereignty it will be our eternal ruin. It is absolutely necessary that we should submit to God as an absolute sovereign, and the sovereign of our souls; as one who may have mercy on whom He will have mercy and harden whom He will" (Jonathan Edwards).

The quote above, by Jonathan Edwards, is excerpted from Arminianism: Another Gospel –

Jonathan Edwards

Most historians consider Jonathan Edwards, a Northampton Reformed puritan minister, one of the chief fathers of the Great Awakening.
Edwards’ message centered around the ideas that humans were sinners, God was an angry judge and individuals needed to ask for forgiveness. He also preached justification by faith alone.

In 1741, Edwards gave an emotional sermon, entitled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” When he preached this sermon there was not one with dry eyes in the church because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. News of the message spread quickly throughout the colonies.
It was the begin of the great awakening. Even-though he was not very talented and read most of it. Call it the work of the Devil you may be close or already committed what the pharisees said about the casting out of devils by our Lord.

Edwards was known for his passion and energy. He generally preached in his home parish, unlike other revival preachers who traveled throughout the colonies.
Edwards is credited for inspiring hundreds of conversions, which he documented in a book, Narratives of Surprising Conversions.

George Whitefield

George Whitefield, a minister from Britain, had a significant impact during the Great Awakening. Whitefield toured the colonies up and down the Atlantic coast, preaching his message. In one year, Whitefield covered 5,000 miles in America and preached more than 350 times.

Good Teaching Kevin, I am surprised you didn't use 1 Timothy 4:1 in this Vid
1 Timothy 4:1 (KJV)

4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

So I left the Church I loved in my community in which I invested in ministry and service of >25 years, three years ago because the new pastor integrated and advanced Calvinism in a evangelical denomination church. I did this ALL in a scriptural fashion of course, but I could no longer be associated with the heretical teaching and I didn’t want people to think that because/since I was a member at that Church, then its doctrine being taught there was good. It’s doctrine of Calvinism isn’t. I think most there don’t understand Calvinism, so they are where the are…

Anyway, I have no where else (churches) in my area that are not Armenian or Calvinistic. And even though I don’t like not being in an organized church, I am more comfortable not going to church under these circumstances.

Instead, I organized a Bible Class that meets Sunday evening at a local assisted living place in my community. We have 15 – 20 there each week but scriptural truth and salvation by grace abounds there. We have been meeting for three years. I love our people and that is where God wants me now, best I can discern.

So, I am strongly opposed to Calvinism and its terrible and damnable hold particularly on true believers and for the sake of the gospel of Jesus. As such, I really do appreciate the ministry of Brother Kevin. Thank you Kevin for all you do. God bless you really good.

Calvinists are also fruit inspectors. They inspect your life to see if you were one of the chosen or not, because that is the only way they know it they were chosen or not. Calvinist's can not sin because that is the only way they know they are chosen. The problem with that is First John 1:8 If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. We are all sinners to a degree because we can not be made perfect in the flesh. Only in the Spirit.

Calvinist's take Matthew 7:21-23 And turn it upside down and preach the opposite of what it is saying. That we can not be saved by works. They had never done the will of His Father. John 6:40 And this is the will of Him who sent me, that all that seeth the Son, and believeth on Him, may have everlasting life, and I will raise him up on the last day.

They turn it into a works based salvation. That you were not saved because you were not doing the works required. I do not know how they interpret Romans 4:4-8

Any way, thanks for all you are doing. We need the truth to stay from the counterfeits. That you are doing a wonderful job of helping us to know the truth that sets us free. Love you man.

Total misrepresentation of Calvinism . And you are possessed by your anti- Calvinistic ldeology .

Let's see….believing the bible teaches God's grace alone saves is "ideological possession" but KJVonlyism is good biblical doctrine??


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