Call to Backsliders

There are many believers who were once close
with Jesus who loved Him with all their heart and followed Him. Many of them were baptized
in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. Many of them received spiritual gifts but they
have gone cold, they went back to the ways of the world. They started fornicating with
the world and their love for Jesus grew cold. They were drawn further and further into their
harlotry in this world, loving the things of the world, forsaking Jesus, denying Him.
They have bad friends, they have taken on the ways of the world, they are exactly like
the world and they remember how it use to be. Many of them are addicted to lust, immorality,
substances, drunkards, fornicators, whorermongers, homosexuals, they’ve gone into all kinds
of immorality and sin, lies, cheating. Now they remember what it used to be like when
they were close to Jesus and they want to come back but they don’t know if He will
take them back. They make a kind of half hearted attempt to come back to Jesus but things are
not the same as they used to be when they were first with Jesus.
Jesus never left us, He never left you. That same first love that you have for Him and
that you forsook, Jesus loves you all the same. He died for you, He gave up everything
for you. And all the while, while you have been onto your fornication with the world,
He has been faithful to you. He never turned His back on you but now you doubt Him and
you are the SINNER, you are the PERPETRATOR. Jesus never changed. He is waiting for you
to come back to Him BUT you have to come back with your whole heart. Many want to come back,
they want forgiveness, they want the benefits but they still want their old friends, they
want to go on with their harlotries. You will have to CHOOSE, if you want Jesus,
you will have to choose, you will have to get rid of your bad friends, of the harlotries
that you have brought into your house, of the bad ways that you have become acustomed
to, your love for the world. You’ve got to REPENT and then He will accept you. You’ve
get to get back to your First Love because you deserted your First Love and you’ve
got to get RID of those things that took you away from Jesus. You’ve got to break with
your sin, you’ve got to break with your harlotries.
The message to those, I read in Revelation 3:1 “I know your deeds that you have a name
that you are alive but you are dead. Wake up and strengthen the things that remain,
which were about to die for I have not found your DEEDS completed in the sight of My God.
Remember therefore what you have received and heard and keep it and REPENT, if therefore
you will not wake up I will come like a thief and you will not know at what hour I will
come upon you.” At the beginning nothing was too much trouble, you just loved Jesus,
you just wanted to be with Him, nothing else in life mattered. All that mattered was Jesus.
You wanted to work for His Kingdom, you were testifying, you were so glad because you were
close with Jesus. You have to return to those first works, to the First Love. Jesus called
you for a purpose in His Kingdom. You need to get RID of all those harlotries. Come to
Him with all your heart, come to work for the Kingdom of God.
REPENT and come back to your first DEEDS. Don’t come back and just say:”Lord I love
You, I love You.” Show it! Get rid of those things, come spend time with Jesus, cry out
to Him. Show Him that you are sorry. Show Him that you want to follow Him. Show Him
that you want to be faithful. Show Him that you love Him more than everything and anything.
If you don’t do that, you will be cut off. Repent and do the first works. Come back to
Jesus and you will experience His love. You have to REPENT!
May Jesus bless you.

Seek Jesus with all your heart.. Seek Him while He can be found, till you find Him or till He sets you free from your burden of sin.. You will know when you are set free.. Make Jesus your whole life don’t be passive be honest Repent, He knows everything anyway. He is the only one who can SET YOU FREE.

Thank you for bringing your wisdom to me, and the other viewers as well I guess. I'm glad the amount of dislikes don't bother you in any way. Keep on posting so I get reminded each day what Jesus is all about.

Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? "9Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. One sin is no worse than the other dear friend. One disobedience caused Adam to die. The wages of sin is death.

Dear friend, I am not judging. I am warning about the judgement of God on all of us, those who disobey Him.. Jesus said:"As for the person who hears My words but does not keep them, I do not judge him. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it. 48There is a judge for the one who rejects Me and does not accept My words; THAT VERY WORD WHICH I SPOKE WILL CONDEMN HIM IN THE LAST DAY"John 12:47,48. The choice is ours to obey Jesus and live or to reject His words and perish.

It is written and we will be judged by those words, both you and I. Do as you please friend. You will not be able to say I did not warn you. God is the judge and He does not change. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from heaven, because of their immorality. Do you think He will excuse this generation?
May Jesus bless you.

If homosexuality is not a sin then why would they need to be forgiven? Saying something is wrong is not a sin. Love the sinner but hate the sin. God does not change. No scripture from the Bible will ever be outdated. I pray that you see the Truth before you perish with those who are too arrogant to see.

Just because you are a child of God does not mean that you cannot go to Hell. The Devil himself was also a child of God once. Think about that!

I dont think it is up to you to think about who will or wont go to Hell. That is up to God. All I know is that being gay is not good for the whole of humanity and God has put it on my heart that it is as wrong as adultery. In the end we will all be judged so you cannot say that Jan is wrong for saying being gay is wrong either. Leave it up to God to judge but freedom to say something is wrong still rests in the fact we are free to speak our minds just as you are or are you judging us for that.

Jesus hung out with sinners. He came to call sinners to repentance. Not judge. I teach hell but it only applies to those who are bound to Jesus covenant. The law is fulfilled and Self professing Christians will be judged according to their judgements.

You can quote scripture all day: I stand firmly on the red words of Jesus Christ. That is my redemption, that is who I will listen to.

The only ones required to be judged are those who are judging. That is out of Jesus mouth. Forgiveness is the law.

Friend, it is a process of ruthless obedience. As soon as Jesus shows us a sin we must IMMEDIATELY STOP doing it. If we continue in that sin we have left Jesus and are in danger of hell fire. Jesus requires absolute obedience all the time. It is painful for the flesh to follow Jesus. No pain, no gain! It will always be a struggle that is why few do it. 99.9999% of al people are on their way to hell, even professing Christians because they sin. No sinners will go into heaven.

Dear friend, our opinion does not change the truth. We will all be judged by the words that Jesus spoke, whether we like it or not. What we DO about it is what matters. Jesus never judged anybody, the words that He spoke will judge us in the last day. Am I judging you if i remind you of the words of Jesus? No certainly not because I will fall under the same judgment. I warn because I care and at the same time I remind myself to be careful to obey His words or else I will end up in hell.

Where did I judge anybody? If you don't believe the words of Jesus, why does what I say bother you? Why don't you just laugh it off?

thanks for making a video that I can completely agree with…. I was one like you described… a prodigal son… but our great and awesome God desires that none should perish so he is patient with us hoping that everyone will repent and turn from sin…. he desires us to return back to our loving father… even thow we dont deserve it and are filthy he calls us to come back and be reconciled and washed clean through the shed blood of Jesus.

This is older but I needed to here by somone who nows.think u I've been fighting so hard and been threw a lot.but I''ve been fighting to truly TRULY get back to my love.if only we would stop fighting and love . But I don't know how to repent .I've hurd and tasted how sweet and beloved he is.I sopose u would need to know more. Please read this.i feel under destroyed but I have done foolloish things.but I still always talk to him but i.please need help

but the bible says ,if you sin willfully after recieving the knowledge of truth , there no longer remains a sacrifise , this is confusing 

I have repented and not looked back but how do i do my first works over brother cause i heard i need to do that

Brother do you believe that JESUS can send tormentors because when i backslid i was face to face with a demon i tried to call out to JESUS but couldn't it never hurt me but was allowed to scare me but since i read my bible and pray everyday and have went back to my church and put JESUS CHRIST at the heart of everything i say and do im not attacked any more why?

Born Again Backsliders are still going to heaven ,in the pretrib rapture.,god is married to the back slider.All born again believers are going to heaven.

God was talking to the unbelievers ,who are fornicaters ,,drunks ,or anything else.they are the unsaved who will not enter the kingdom of heaven.The only Sin that will keep somebody from going to heaven is Rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


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