Birdy #1: "Wait, I'M the one who knows KOYA well! We're best buddies!"

Birdy #2: "Hey, what are you chirping about!? I'M CLEARLY THE CLOSEST."

Can someone please tell me who tf let Jungkook and Jin write the dialogue for this episode? 😂

Those two little birds reminds me of myself and my friend chirping about who loves Koya/RM more, me or her…. 😂

This was so beautiful! 💜

ive looked through so many comments but have not seen one stating how koya was almost left to not be a part of it all. in this animation, van was originally going to leave him bit then heard him whistling and basically putting the other animals to sleep as after a few seconds you can barely hear any animals there. also,, true namjoon vibes here and yes i did cry like half the other people watching this

Here are the comments:
50%: i love Koya's whistling
10%: the lovely background
20%: why does the song sound like Tokyo
19%:poor leaf!

Idk how you did it BTS but you have touched my heart 💜 I look up to you so much because you made it in the world my dream is I want to make the world a better place people o believe not one person just matters in world but we all matter and BTS you have taught me so much you give me hope in the hard times
Kim Namjoon taught me to be strong in what I believe in and to be knowledge an what I believe in
Park Jimin taught me to always keep my chin up during the hard times
Min Yoongi taught me to never give up on what I love
J-hope taught me to spread kindness and compassion around the world
Jeon Jungkook taught me to keep a smile on my face and be positive
Kim Seokjin
Taught me to be proud of who I am
Kim Taehyung
Taught me to always be mindful about things
BTS taught me how to Love Myself 💜💜
Without you BTS i honestly don’t know what I will be, I purple you BTS and omg 😢I love you with all my heart and I truly want to thank you for everything listening to you gives me hope when life can be so hard 😭 Thank for everything omg I can’t describe what you mean to me
You are my light in this world with your light I can finally make my light shine brighter than a star and make this world a better place

이렇게 예쁜 동물을….누가 산불을 낸거야. 화재의 원인의 대부분은 인간이 저지른거라던데. 대체 어떤 악마가…..

The start of Koya’s whistling reminded me of the wings era. Like, at the end of the short films or something like that, I can’t remember exactly.

Edit- it wasn’t necessarily the end part, I just watched Jungkook’s Begin short film. Somewhere near the end of that it sound like it. But that’s just my opinion.

With the recent bush fire at the outback down under, which literally wiped out EIGHTY PERCENT of the Koala population, this episode made it even more meaningful🥺
-Double D

ive slept to the koya's sleeping music video so much as soon as i heard the whistle i got tired, and when it played i yawned XD


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