BrisbaneRVs – New Ideas, New Beliefs, the New Brisbane RVs!

BrisbaneRVs - New Ideas, New Beliefs, the New Brisbane RVs!

g'day everyone Steven is a ski of Brisbane RVs here I'm just going to say a few words about the company and what's transpired over the last couple of months and moving forward on the 1st of March the company after 18 years of business went into administration I worked there myself for that period of time of the whole 18 years and was working with the administrators when they took it over I stayed back with him and an opportunity arose and they were they approached myself to purchase the name Brisbane RVs by considered it for the next two weeks and decided then to accept the offer I could see the potential of the business and I could build a new team with lots of experience a lot of you will know them that worked in the business I am very excited moving forward to offer new opportunity for customers I have taken the initiative to open trust account for customers for the security and peace of mind I do want you to know that this is not a rebirth and I intend to build good customer satisfaction and service we we're at the same location 270 Bruce Highway we have reduced in size slightly we no longer do motorhomes there's been many different changes to the business I've managed to keep really good key staff Marty sure in administration and the best customer service you'll get I've got Jack Webb our service guru he could pretty well fix anything on your caravan in he's the master of car accessory fitting Wayne kashin Caravan sales for 22 years if you want to know something he'll know it so I have built the team it's very strong I'm very excited about the what they can bring to you we are open for service insurance warranty and we're at 270 Bruce Highway burping Gary come and say hi and have a look at the new Brisbane RVs thanks guys hi my name is Jack Levinson's I'm new to caravanning I had a camper trailer and decided to upmarket to a caravan went to the Brisbane Caravan show and dumped into the guys at Brisbane RVs I saw this beautiful fortitude track 16 which suited me down to the ground for my boys so there are over 900 caravans at the show but this one that stood out and I could not leave the show up out buying it the guys met Steve and Michael and all the guys at Richmond RV terrific guys and I've already committed to buy the next bottle up in two years time so we're fantastically happy with what tonight it's Andy Wendy bishop here so far we bought three caravans off Brisbane RVs and Steve and Marty have treated us like kings and queens they we just couldn't be happy with them glad that Steve has bought the the Brisbane RVs name that's mean it'll carry on for a long long time okay thanks very much you take care bye bye

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