Brian Houston TV // The Person & The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Brian Houston TV // The Person & The Power Of The Holy Spirit

(upbeat music) – All right, we’re gonna
talk about the Holy Spirit. So thank God this is a
conference that’s all about championing the cause of
local churches everywhere. And we need the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit. Where would we be without the Holy Spirit? I wanna know the power of the Holy Spirit, I wanna know the person
of the Holy Spirit. I get to travel, I travel
all around the world, as many of you know,
and like others here do. I know so many pastors. I know pastors of some of the biggest and well known churches on the globe, some of the most significant ministries. I know pastors of small,
seemingly insignificant, not to God, but maybe unknown churches and I love pastors. I love pastors. I grew up a pastor’s kid. I am a pastor. I’ve got kids who are pastors. I love pastors. And you know, an interesting
thing I’ve noticed is sometimes off the platform, you meet pastors and, well, I’m talking about
Jensen Franklin, for example. My experience of Jensen Franklin when I’ve spent time with
him off the platform, he’s southern, he’s a gentleman, he’s polite, he’s, I
would call him almost shy. And then he gets on the
platform and the guy, it’s almost like he
becomes a different person. Powerful, got authority, just can break a huge arena like this open with the power of God. I love to see what the Holy Spirit can do on a person’s life because sometimes He makes us different people. Not in the sense of
hypocrisy and being one thing down there and another thing up here. But in terms of authority
and power and anointing. And we need the Holy Spirit. As a pastor I know I need the Holy Spirit. We all, in whatever it
is God’s called us to do, we need the Holy Spirit. Israel had judges, but they wanted a king. An ultimately God gave them their desire and Samuel anointed Saul,
Israel’s first king. Even though it ended badly with Saul it started so well. And this is what happens
when the priest Samuel anoints Saul. In First Samuel 10 verse six it says the spirit of the Lord, that’s who we’re talking about. The spirit of the Lord will come upon you and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. Become someone different. Turned into another man. And in verse nine it was, when he had turned his
back to go from Samuel, that God gave him another heart, turned him into another man. God gave him another heart. And all those signs came to pass that day. I went to Bible College 45 years ago. 45 years ago. I’m that guy now talking
like 45 years ago. That’s me now, used to call the old guys but now it’s us young guys, 45 years ago I started Bible College. Well, I got asked to speak at the chapel. Honestly, there was 50,
probably 60 students. But I had to speak at
chapel for 20 minutes. You know, I got so worked
up, so nervous, so shy, that when the day came I
literally got in my car and drove in the opposite direction because I couldn’t face it, and pretended I forgot. Well, I’m still that person. Same DNA, same blood
running through my veins. But something’s changed. I believe God’s turned
me into another man. We all need the Holy Spirit,
we all need the strength of the Holy Spirit and
it’s a presumptuous person who believes they can do whatever it is God’s called them to do
without the Holy Spirit. We need His strength. In Second Corinthians
chapter 12 verse nine, the Apostle Paul quoting Jesus said this, “My grace is sufficient for you “and my strength,” he
talked about strength, “My strength is made
perfect in your weakness.” In other words, your
weakness is the perfect match for my strength. I love the fact that my insecurities, my weakness, my inability, my humanness is the perfect match for God’s strength. And so is yours. The perfect match. And then in verse 10, again
Paul talks about strength. He said therefore I take pleasure in infirmities and reproaches, in needs and persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I’m weak, then I am strong. It’s interesting Paul
says, “But when I am weak, “then I am strong.” So Jesus says, “My
strength is made perfect “in your weakness.” Paul says, “When I’m weak, I am strong.” But you know the two times
strength is mentioned there it’s different Greek words. Dunamis is one of the
words for the Holy Spirit, its explosive power. And so when Jesus said, “My
strength is made perfect “in your weakness,” that’s dynamis. Like dunamis with a Y, dynamis, and it’s talking about
here inherent power. God’s inherent power,
strength, is who He is. He is strong. But when Paul says, “When I
am weak, then I am strong,” it’s a different word, similar, it’s dynautus, but this
time it’s not talking about inherent strength, Paul’s own strength, it’s
talking about imparted strength. That’s what the Holy Spirit does for us. The Holy Spirit imparts strength into us. In the Old Testament,
various words translated strong to be strengthen,
sustain, resolute, firm, to prevail, to grow in strength, to become powerful, to
arise, to be bold, alert, brave, secure, to
strengthen, to make strong. And in the New Testament
some of the words for strong or strength are mighty, powerful, able. He makes us able. Strong. You need the strength of the Holy Spirit. Pastors, maybe you’re
struggling and you’re under the weight of it all. You need the strength of the Holy Spirit. In 2017 so many vexing things around and about us more than ever. We need the strength of the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. The way the Holy Spirit
works in our lives, especially when we’re weak. Romans 8:26, likewise the spirit also helps in our weaknesses. You know Jesus Himself,
when He walked on earth, He knew He needed the Holy Spirit. And if Jesus needed the Holy Spirit how much more do you and
I need the Holy Spirit? Jesus, of course when He was baptized in water in Luke chapter three, He comes up from the water and this is what the
verses tell us, verse 22, Luke chapter three. The Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him. So the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove came upon him in this verse and a voice came from
heaven which said you are my beloved son and you are at well place. So the Holy Spirit is on Him, but then it says, just
moving on a few verses in chapter four, verse one and two, that Jesus, then being
filled with the Holy Spirit returned from the Jordan. So not only did the
Holy Spirit come on Him but the Holy Spirit was in Him. He was filled with the Holy Spirit. Ah, I pray for everyone
here to believe to be filled with the Holy Spirit. See, for this conference I believe the Holy Spirit is on this conference. And because you are the
temple of the Holy Spirit your bring Him in here and so we know the Holy Spirit is in this conference. But not only was the Holy Spirit on Him and in Him, but reading on there in those verses, verse one and two, and says He returned from
the Jordan and was led by the spirit into the wilderness, being tempted for 40 days by the devil and in those days He ate nothing. And afterward, when they had ended, he was hungry. Really? 40 days? He’s hungry. Big shock. Big surprise. Hey, Holy Spirit came on Him, Holy Spirit filled Him, now the Holy Spirit led Him. And then it moves on from there and says the Holy Spirit empowered Him. In verse 14, Jesus returned
in the power of the spirit to Galilee. Whereas Galilee in ministry
was about to start. So now, the Holy Spirit’s on Him, in Him, is leading Him, and now is empowering Him. Finally it goes on and
tells us in verse 17 the spirit of the Lord
Jesus speaking is upon me because He has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor. He has sent me to heal the broken hearted. Without wanting to be too repetitive I want you to get it. If Jesus needed the Holy
Spirit to come upon Him and for the Holy Spirit to be in Him, and for the Holy Spirit to lead Him, and then for the Holy Spirit power to be His portion, to empower Him, and then for the Holy
Spirit to anoint Him, and finally for Him then
knowing that He was sent by the spirit to heal the broken hearted, there’s belief of that for our lives. There’s belief of that for our ministries. There’s belief of that for our churches. We need the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit. You need the Holy Spirit. Where will you be without the Holy Spirit? I want my life to know that I am sent by the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew exactly why the Holy Spirit was on His life. He knew what He was anointed for. For Him it was to preach
the Gospel to the poor, to heal broken hearts, to sit at liberty those that abound. I wanna know the power of the Holy Spirit. But you know, I really
wanna know the person of the Holy Spirit. He’s not a wrecking ball. He doesn’t just come and crash and bash and He’s not a wrecking ball. Maybe you’ve been in an environment where it looks like He was a wrecking ball. He’s not a bully. He doesn’t come in and
bully us and force us and, I guess you’d have to say about Paul when he was Saul and on
that road to Damascus he definitely got hit with
a pretty powerful punch when the spirit of God touched him. But I don’t think the
Holy Spirit’s a bully. He’s not a showman. He doesn’t parade Himself. But He’s also not a pushover. You can’t manipulate the Holy Spirit. You can’t control the Holy Spirit. You can’t. You can’t somehow think that you can treat the Holy Spirit like your puppet. He’s not that. But man, the fact that He is on us and in us and empowers us and leads us and anoints us and sends us, means that we really can live in the strength of the Holy Spirit. When I’m weak I know He is strong. When I am weak, in my weakness, I know His inherent strength
is imparted into me. That gave me confidence to get up here. Each time I do it, to know
the power of the Holy Spirit. You know, I don’t know that everybody fully understands just how close to us the Holy Spirit actually is. When I grew up in the
1960’s in New Zealand, most New Zealand houses seemed to have the same little ornaments across the wall, three flying ducks. Ornamental ducks, each one
got smaller than the other to make it look like they were moving away and they were further away distance. Interestingly they were there for most of my childhood, if not all my childhood, but the never seemed to make any progress. They were flapping away there. But you know, maybe as a kid to grow up realizing that the Holy Spirit wasn’t far from us. That God was not just a
distant God out there. He’s actually in our house. He’s actually in our lives. He actually hears our conversation. Imagine if we really
believed He’s on standby, the Holy Spirit is here. It’s how He’s described
in the Amplified Bible. I wonder if our conversations
would be different. I wonder if we’d live our life or live our lives a little different. I wonder whether we’d panic a little less and whether we’d be a little less quick to just step in in our own strength and try to do everything
on their own strength to make things happen
in their own strength because our inherent strength is pretty puny compared with God’s. Dynamis, inherent strength. So I don’t always wanna know
what the Holy Spirit does. I didn’t just wanna know the
power of the Holy Spirit even. I wanted to know the
person of the Holy Spirit. And John 16, in verse seven, Jesus, talking about the Holy Spirit, promising the Holy Spirit, He says the comforter will come and calls Him the comforter, but I love it in the Amplified
because it truly does bring those words to life. In the Amplified Bible it says however, I’m telling you nothing but the truth. When I say it is
profitable, good, expedient, advantageous, for you that I go away, because if I do not go away the comforter, counselor, helper, advocate, beautiful words, intercessor, strengthener, standby,
will not come to you and take what, close fellowship with you. He’s close. He’s close. But if I go away I will send him to you to be in what, close fellowship with you. Think about that, the Holy Spirit. Not only comforter,
counselor, helper, advocate, intercessor, strengthener, standby. I hope you realize right now, it’s gaining a pretty solid ground. We’ve got a pretty solid
ground to build these churches in Australia, no matter
what the statistics say. No matter what the sensors are saying. No matter what people are saying. No matter how marginalized we become over some of the issues
that confront society today. No matter how much
accusation which seems to be on the rise every single
month and every single year, what a powerful thing to know that we have the Holy Spirit because no force in hell and no force on earth is
stronger than the Holy Spirit. Jesus built His church,
He looks after His church and He will always look after His church. I need someone to help me. I mean, I need someone
who maybe is a family man, good believer, man of the spirit. Oh Jerry, look at that. What an amazing thing,
you’re standing right there. Come on up here. Jerry, Jerry’s a good man. He’s got two little children. Beautiful wife. One of our pastors. He’s handsome. (audience laughing) Jerry, you’re just walking out life. You’re walking out life. I’m the Holy Spirit, you can’t see me. You can’t see me, you can’t see me. You can’t see me. I’m, we all know I’m not
really the Holy Spirit. If I’m the Holy Spirit, we’re in trouble. (audience laughing) I certainly don’t wanna be, you know, presuming on anything. Pretending for one moment
I’m the Holy Spirit, but I’m the Holy Spirit and you’re walking your way through life. And as you’re walking
your way through life you think about it, you got some pretty tough stuff happens. It’s a pretty vexing situation. But the comforter is with you. The comforter. You’re gonna be all right. It’s gonna be okay. I’ve got your back. I’m on your side. The comforter is with him. And then he just keeps going through life and man, he’s got some
big decisions to make. You’ve got some of those decisions that we all in ministry and in leadership and as parents and husbands
we need to make in life and so he’s gotta make some big choices but the counselor is with you. I’m gonna tell you,
this counselor is better than any therapist you could find. He is cheaper, by far, and he will never prescribe
prescription drugs. And His council is impeccable. His council is impeccable. His council you can stand
on every step of the way. So you’ve got the comforter, you’re gonna be okay. Everything’s okay. And you’ve got the counselor, better than any
psychologist you could find. You got, also, the helper, because man, life has
its burdens, doesn’t it? You got the helper. Sometimes you’ve gotta
pick up that burden, I know the Bible tells
us that Jesus carries the burden but just for the
sake of the illustration, pick up your burden. Pick up your burden, and look at this, the helper. The helper is right there with you. It’s amazing when you lift weights, which I used to do many years ago, it doesn’t take much for the coach to just take a little bit of pressure off, he’s spotting you, they call it, and it’s incredible how much lighter that impossible burden becomes. The comforter, the counselor, the helper. And then you’ve got the advocate. He’s your advocate. What’s that means is people
are speaking bad about you, things are coming against you, life is being unfair, you
don’t know what to say, you don’t know how to respond. It just seems the unfairness
of it catches you. But your advocate is your spokesperson just like the poor have advocates, there are advocates for the poor, there are advocates for women’s rights and every other kind of
right you can imagine. And you have an advocate. And He is speaking for you. That’s what advocates
do, they speak for you. And so you’re under attack,
like some of you are, but the advocate, He’s got you. He’s got you. He’s gonna fight for you. He has got you, the advocate, yeah, nothing to fear here bro. Look at the advocate. Hey, the advocate. He has got you. And then the intercessor. I love that one. That literally means the Holy Spirit, when you’re desperate,
is interceding for you. When you’re facing
challenge in your ministry, He’s out there praying for you. He is going to the Father, He’s seated at His right
hand and He is interceding for you. How powerful is that? That you have Jesus praying for you? And you have Jesus praying for you. As your intercessor. The Holy Spirit, of course,
is Jesus intecessing. The Holy Spirit, though, the expanded and amplified version, is your advocate, He’s your intercessor, I love this one, He’s your strengthener. The Holy Spirit is your strength coach. Come on, 10 spiritual push ups right now. I’m your strength coach. It’s for your good. 10 spiritual push ups. Come on, come on, come on, you’re only going down a third of the way. Six, seven, eight, come
on, go down further. Nine, come on, one more, 10. How’s that? He’s your strength coach. We got a strength coach. And then He’s your standby. Your copilot. Means when you’re driving your car, you got the standby, your copilot there, right beside you until you
go one kilometer an hour above the speed limit. And even then He’s pretty gracious. I would think, else I
possibly wouldn’t be here. Hey. You think about that for a moment, thanks very much, Jerry. You think about all that. (audience applauding) No wonder we need His pastors and leaders, His people are got big lives and their own personal worlds and still sowing in and giving their best to the kingdom and being heavily
involved in their church. What a beautiful thing to know. The Holy Spirit is with us. He’s on us. He’s in us. He leads us. He empowers us. He anoints us. And He even sends us. I love the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit. He is and is God. I was talking to two 30 year old guys, they’re both 30 and the two conversations were totally unrelated to each other. So different conversations,
different times, but they both told me the same thing. Two, actually under 30
year olds said this to me. They said by the time I’m 30, I’m believing to be a millionaire. As I said to one of them when he said to me at 30 I’m believing to be a millionaire, I said, “Why do you
wanna be a millionaire?” He said, “Well, I wanna be rich.” Well you know, I don’t
know where that guy is. I don’t know whether or not he’s rich. I don’t know what’s happened to him, but the other one, in a
difference conversation, when he told me that by 30
he wants to be a millionaire I said, “Why do you
wanna be a millionaire?” And I’ve never, ever forgotten his answer. He said, “Because I wanna
be involved, I wanna help “fund the salvation of the earth.” And that particular man,
now well in his 50’s is still in our church and
indeed he is helping fund the salvation of the earth. Because he knew, his because. He understood there was a because. And the Bible says the spirit
of the Lord is upon you because. In Psalm 80, verse 17,
speaking to the Lord the Bible says let your
hand be upon the man of your right hand. It’s talking about us, humans, it’s not in this talking about Jesus. The son of man whom you
make strong for what? For yourself. The Holy Spirit, He makes
us strong for Himself. Jesus knew the spirit
of the Lord is upon me because. We never should lose sight of our because. One 30 year old, he had no real everlasting eternal because the other one, he knew he wanted God
to bless and favor him but he had the most powerful because. He wanted to so enter the kingdom, make a difference and
see the Gospel spread. And for us, that’s why the
Holy Spirit is upon us. You’ll receive power in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost comes upon you. And you’ll be witnesses
to Him in Jerusalem, Judea, Sumeria and Australia. All the way to the ends of the earth. Powerful. So we got out because
it’s called the Gospel. And the big and the broad way that we represent the good news of Jesus. We got out because I
believe the Holy Spirit is our strength today and I
know we need the Holy Spirit and I felt in my heart, we just gotta spend time
focusing on the Holy Spirit. I really felt it. And people know their because, you know, that demonized man. In Gaddarah, the other side on the Galilee that Jesus goes across the sky, He was in the tombs and
no one could control Him. Put chains, He’d break them. He was naked, He was a fearful sight. I’ve dealt with a very many people would go and roam in
that cemetery at night because this guy and all the demons in Him were ruling the cemetery but when Jesus come along, obviously, the demons were no match for Jesus Christ. They started begging
Jesus that they could go in to those pigs, to the swine, and Jesus gave them permission. So sure enough they went into the swine and the swine, they ran off the cliffs into the lake, into Galilee,
and killed themselves. So now the Bible talks
about this man, listen, clothed, headed his right mind. He was clothed and he
was in his right mind and this is what he said to Jesus. “Hey, Jesus, I’m gonna stay with you.” Who wouldn’t wanna stay with Jesus. I wanna stay with you. But Jesus said, “Return to your own house “and tell what great things
God has done for you.” And he went his way and proclaimed throughout the whole
city with great things what Jesus had done for him. You see, there was a because. If we ever lose sight of the because, then we lose sight of the real purpose of the Holy Spirit. You have a because, I have a because, we have a because. And the because is what’s eternal. The, He will make you
strong as sons of men, as dust people, in the form of Adam, he will make you strong
not just for yourself but for himself. So cool. I need the Holy Spirit. You need the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Could anyone say thank
God for the Holy Spirit? ♫ Jesus you’ve brought heaven to earth ♫ My sin was great, your love was greater ♫ What could separate us now ♫ What a wonderful name it is ♫ What a wonderful name it is ♫ The name of Jesus Christ, my dear ♫ What a wonderful name it is ♫ Nothing compares to this ♫ What a wonderful name it is ♫ The name of Jesus ♫ What a wonderful name it is ♫ The name of Jesus – Well thank God for the Holy Spirit. We all need the Holy Spirit. Thanks so much for joining me today. I believe God’s got great
things in store for you. What a blessing that you were able to be, for that short moment, part of a Hillsong Conference.

HI, I am from Paraguay I love your preaching but I do not understand English very well and I would love if you could put the subtitles in English to facilitate the compression of the preaching

The founder Frank Houston was a pedophile and this guy his son covered for him for many, many years…. Brett Sengstock and many others will have justice your satanic organization will parish your father satan is coming for you.


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