Breaking Through Old Paradigms Within Oneself | AWAKENING PEOPLE

your awakening message begins now so open your soul maybe that is for you feeling the recent um dot of what one
did before and giving our energy out a way to currently a brand new method
pulling off a recent world timeline with each one there on new begin new starting
new material possession go of everything within the human physical and
consciously and not solely within the Astros in putting it out there – doing
the inner heart and soul material possession go breaking through recent
paradigms inside oneself the last word of facing self with self creating the
latest personal timeline inside all else happening within the world this takes a
complete transportation our energy back during and returning home to ourselves
in the latest method on all layers and levels spirit soul mental emotional and
tending to carrying a nurturing of the physical the last place we tend to feel
a shift is on the physical for the down into the up to recommence and begin once
more during a fresh more during a freshly embodied human soul joined with
spirit in this takes time this can be in progress a method this creates or
permits further house and time for ourselves now this further gap or
distance from others energies while remaining around others energies
everything we tend to decide to do stop and permit and feel the distinction of
the recent and the new enable area house and time for the new adjustment path of
our new train track to create bit by bit by consciously doing so Dodd this won’t
be in deep trouble us personally it takes all we tend to every got to
undergo as there’s no comparison to anyone else’s divine journey of however
way you have come and what you’re browsing there’s no higher
lower within the seat of Ascension of what’s every of our personal divine
journeys as every people maybe a spark of the divine focus on you yourself on
the inner outward and not the outward and a few of the inner dot there may be
a massive distinction in doing this and that’s okay this can be a brand new
learning for the several freshly ascending souls as new ascending earth
masters during a new soul embodiment method we are freshly in instead look
however way an extremely way you have got come for yourself inside the
collective of what your transportation through and transmuting all your in your
personal scenario we all have gifts to save with the best gift in returning
from you find yourself any and any in permitting time and house in between
moments currently to stretch out time for a few well required attained and
merited rest peace and love name asked as forever I’m
right here with you we are masters we tend to are ascending and we are
gathering much unconditional love truth and honesty anastasia campos
multi-dimensional master healer / teacher / guide all anastasia shares is
from experiencing energies herself first of all to the earth in seven the human
embodiment as an ascension pioneer trailblazer she feels the energies
through her soul and spirit to save 2:5 humanity the layer beneath with the on
top of a transparent vessel of supreme divine white rainbow light of having
been in 5d zero purpose for 13 years with her mission role to assist guide
others to link their soul to their spirit higher self through their
emotions to progressively vertical-bar increasingly vertical-bar more and more
merge their spirit higher self into the human into new earth 5d energies as an
ascended earth master within the physical
as a multi-dimensional 5d ascended earth master Anastasia willed this and time
period expertise each as a model for Humanity as a rainbow bridge of spirit
to soul and with all of humanity by functioning on herself to the core of
her soul consciously for 24 years this time period and past lives to the start
of your time from the traditional ones share our messages dude I will provide a
daily angelic guidance number love and angelic blessing send of the message
watch your channel awakening people previous videos for a universal
understanding subscribers will be updated with the latest articles and
informations leave your suggestions in the field bellow while the love to you
beautiful Souls and we are proud of you as viewers and of your support for your
channel all for awakening people and please support us to develop our work of
lop our work you

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