Brave Hindu who confronted a large Christian missionary goons on street

Brave Hindu who confronted a large Christian missionary goons on street

I want same rights to go to mecca and Rome and speak about thier religion atrocities and enslavement and loot poor by treachous means just think off why hindu been attack west lost own area's leaving xtian church now business shifted to Africa India and Asian nations soul vultures on rampage in India

Religion like this have few good people and lot of lot frauds doing for money . If nothing goes good in life its because u r not in church and if something is happening good its coz the church poor people got distracted and follows blind legion ………..

We dont need the cooked up jesus and christianity save us. If a religion has any integrity or truth. It is not necessary to preach or annoy people or convert poor people offering sops and money. Shame on all these ignorant cunts.

Missonary ne hi india me ek se ek bade school, collage hospital bane hai jese sherwood nanital, cmc vellore,cmc ludhinana,kgmc Lucknow, st jhons agra aur unsab kyu padne kyu jate ho har ek city 90% sirf convent hi top me kyu hote kyu sher ke bade logo ke bache sirf convents me padte hai dharam parivartan ki hota na ko ye channel wala bhi christian hota kyu hamri holiday ko mante ho kyu sirf sunday ko hi holiday hota kyu hamra calender, new year sunday.

So Pilate said to the Chief Priests and the Crowd " I find no fault in this Man, 5. But they were more fierce, saying " He Stirs up the people teaching through all judea, beginning n Galilee to this place". Even after 2000 years, people are still condemning innocent when they have broken no laws. Jesus Christ broke no laws, yet they crucified him. This man broke no laws, yet hes being threatened .

Hinduo ne apne logo ko chutiya banake rakhe koi kuch b bole to uski bato me aajate bina dekhe samjhe

Abe itte kamzor hai tumhare log ki tumlogo ko sambhal na padta
Itta kamzor iman hai hinduo ka

Wtf is your people problem if people wish to share the faith why cant they are they doing forced conversions like ISIS lol you Hindus are weak in your faith if your scared of Christian's preaching. I will admit I dont like his style but as ling as hes not hurting anyone what's the problem

i am sorry to say that some of our Hindu brother afraid in the powerful name of Jesus.look at the title of the video "brave" but he did have any philosophy or evidence to support his own faith. what ever they do not know that the name "Hindu" came from Persian word "HINDUSH" and non of their religion book say HINDU Religion. ha ha but they are proud to recognised them self as Hindu..

Christianity is Satan's religion. It forcefully sucks in believers who play the roll of good innocent people, but they eat pork. Hahaha. Not Ibrahims religion at all. Isa never ate pork. They put a "J" in his name and call him Jesus. Hahahahahaha. Even after you explain to them that he spoke Aramiac and his name was Eshoa. They're the people of Ibliss (Satan) they are his true fallowers, hiding behind a religion that stole Hindu, Babilonian and Yahudi (Jewish) religions teachings. They are all possessed and they are definitely not saints. They think they can do whatever they please and they'll be forgiven because they worship the Messiah. Which explains why pastors and priests are molesting and raping little boys. They must be shouting oh I'm forgiven while they're raping them. Pieces of trash monsters. I pray they all find the true path and stop commit crimes around the world killing innocent Muslims by invading their lands, hiding behind government lies. Stealing, raping women overseas. I hate that religion. Satan did a well job creating this religion. It's evil as hell.

How sad for those people because a terrible days are comming for these peoples…..who doesnot blv in jesus……they blv in idols….which is made by them tell if shiv is God y does he smoke ganja….y he could not recognised his son ganesh n cut off his head if he is god y he could not save his wife…?y……jesus shows us love….but u peoples bring the hatredness we just share a good news gospel we dont force…..

No missionaries are not trying to convert, do u know the history of missionaries without them there is no schools in India, till the day we say Mother Teresa as a sign of love, she is a missionary,if you get something u need from some palace we wont hide it to others we were experiencing the love of God in our life so we are sharing it to our people, what wrong in it, its ur wish to accept or deny it


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