Born Again Ideology

Born Again Ideology

born-again ideology this is a meeting in the contemporary American mind of two great historical tendencies on the one hand an apocalyptic scenario Brutus is a faith-based cosmological based on brief very fundamental form as a religion that runs directly from the Puritans to contemporary form as a fundamentalist religion which spreads everywhere in the air and live day coupled on the other hand with the growth of the security state in the United States which itself was based on sacrificial violence and a real will to disciplining the flesh of the American body and certainly disciplining the flesh of the world itself colonies together really comprise a new ideological information which is alive and very light until the spirit of apocalyptic sacrificial violence it's called the contemporary American monitor Nietzsche's prediction about the death of God which he made 1900 to be absolutely incorrect these the beginning years in the 21st century the world is a flame everywhere with in fact a God who is very much alive it's rolled the dice once more not just Christian fundamentalism in the United States Hindu fundamentalism in India Twinkie BJP the India shining movement Islamic fundamentalism Judaic fundamentalism and form of Zionism everywhere the question of God is alive and trembles begins to infect world politics except this time the second appearance of God does something really different it's not simply the return of God in traditional religious format but in fact a great kind of historical intersection has taken place an intersection between the reappearance of religious belief everywhere as the animating spirit of politics and culture ethics in personal life you know faith-based politics it intersects with something that was not supposed to touch at all with the question of Technology everywhere the question of religion today runs completely parallel to is supported by and as really reinforced by the strength of the empires of Technology I think for example in the United States where faith based religion runs parallel is really reinforced by the emergence of an imperial project which technologically upon not simply Empire politics which projects its power and in virulent way around the world but which is also involved in building within its own domestic population the kind of surveillance network it's completely dependent on forms of cyber surveillance which are technologically enabled in India Hindu fundamentalism was made possible going to be was encouraged by the BJP political party party the India shining movement to create the software industry in India so and Islamic fundamentalism and agitate fundamentalism there are forms of religion you know which runs alongside in parallel to really experimental innovative and very powerful uses of technology as so so what's to explain the fact today that when God comes alive again and we're living in the age of the second coming of God that the question of technology is not upsetting is not the opposition to the question technology is not an opposition to or an opponent of religion but in fact intersects and runs directly parallel to the question of villager you you

Nietzsche said: "God is dead, but serpents will continue to live in his ruins for centuries to come."
Also, the one about "a messiah founding a religion, but the devil setting up the

The future holds limitless possibilities, but the neurotic repetition of a theatricks of
militancy, condemning the species to interminably relive the stuttering iniquities of
its own stupidity, need not be one of them.

The ultimate soldier in one context perhaps fears being the ultimate victim in another.
A sufficient incentive to perpetuate a military context, to exclusively render the
lineage of avaricious violations as somehow "primal" and ineluctable, rooted in
"human nature"…
"History" is always derived from the books that weren't burnt, only from the voices that were he(a)rd.

To solely treat the application of technology according to an archaic sociohistorical
valorisation, the psychomodalities of heroic warfare, a "danger" Olympics, is most
assuredly the way to ensure the "end".
"Evolution" is eminently capable of deleting entire species, and has no vested
interest in anthropomorphic categories ("Will"?) or narratives.

There are many ways to evolve.
Science, and technological development, is by its "very" nature cautious. It wants to "know" where it is going.
It is only in the realms of doxa, sociopolitical manipulations, that disingenuous ignorance comes into play. Herein lies the "danger", and it is an atavistic one.

sad how a great mind can dissipate into a black hole of insignificance simply because of the constraints of institutional restraints. Neitzche would throw up on Kroker for his Boring discourse on a surfical analysis of america. yawn.

Let us recall that while Nietzsche announces the death of God, he also notes that it will take thousands of years for us to simply overcome the shadow of the dead God. Thus, Croker's criticism that Nietzsche was "wrong" is odd as Nietzsche was clearly aware that belief in God would continue to exist. He was not a naive "atheist" as many superficial atheists today. The event of god's death as Nietzsche says is far too great and distant to even just think of it as having arrived as yet. . .

Oddly, Croker claims that Nietzsche predicted the death of God in 1900, which is the year Nietzsche died. That gods can perish is actually noted in Nietzsche's first work, the Birth of Tragedy, but the infamous dramatization of God's death is made in 1882 in The Gay Science. As for an oversight that the gods can be reborn well, there is none: there are numerous passages where Nietzsche speaks of that possibility and of the necessity of creating new gods, i.e., a new mythos.

Let Will take it's path. As one once said, in through the danger comes the saving power. Those who degenerate due to the advance of technology is the shedding part of evolution. Those who jump into the danger, are the saving power. History always favours the soldier. And a soldier doesn't panic in front of the end, the soldier faces the end.

I would say that god did die as Nietzsche predicted; the oversite on his part was that gods can be reborn:For example dionysus.


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