Blood Religion The true Nazi Doctrine

Blood Religion   The true Nazi Doctrine

The rainbow flag is the new swastika. The rainbow flag is everywhere and is pushed like it is a symbol of love ,but try to oppose it and see what happens.!

I never understood that criminals like Wilhelm Hoettl , former SS officer, in this doc. sitting presumably free in his livingroom, never were LOCKED UP for life ??

All fun & games until you start killing millions of innocent people. This channel is called Anarcho-Inside. I think you should learn a bit more about The Modern Anarchist Movement b/c it has nothing to do with war, hierarchy or military.

Just as there are hidden powers of light and good, there are hidden powers of darkness and evil. Nazi Germany deliberately and consciously invoked the demonic, Satanic powers, with what results we have seen.

This is titled wrong this is Nazis The Occult Conspiracy narrated by none other than Malcolm McDowell

All this stuff is just common scenc ,put people in similar situations today and you would get a similar result

I am shocked as well as horrified as I peruse the comment section and the posts wherein I seemingly detect in between the lines as what I perseve as idolized admiration. I pray feverently that I am simply over reading into this. These unholy demonic rasist murders hold absolutely nothing to be admired. They were all shown in the end (despite all their rhetoric and posturing) to be nothing short of absolute cowards Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Goering and many more all took the ultimate cowards way out eg: suicide, the others ran away under cover of night like frightened dogs, still others hid by way of altering their true identities, once again reminiscent of little scared bullies on the school playground once they are shown to be pussies hiding behind the strength of others and preying on the weak and helpless. I repeat absolutely nothing NOTHING about these human piles of garbage is to be admired. Neither in their rhetoric or cowardly actions!!!!

A video made by ONE OF THE THREE LIARS of WWII!  The U.S. Great Britain, or Soviets!!   Do some Fact CHECKING!

I like the idea, but the nazis was so stupid ofc. u mix some kenyan genes with iselandic giants, then the efficiency of Japanese and organization of nordic, and the fighting genes of the Caucasus… there my friend is the ultimate human race.

It concerns me that the mysticism of Catholicism could morph into racist occultism and that Hindu religious metaphors could be appropriated to support facism. Political powers will always, either appropriate or eliminate religion, because religious faith holds people to a higher moral authority than the nation state. This becomes problematic in securing national loyalty for dubious policies, wars and other agendas. This is why the Nazis suppressed religious objection to their Nuremburg race laws , their street violence , their deifying Hitler, their occult interests, and their war. It is why they jailed and killed so many so many Priests, Rabbis and Ministers. They even denied that Jesus was a religious Jew.

Omg, only 5 minutes into this and it's 100% DEMONIC! This thinking is pure evil. Deception that appeals to frivolous thoughts nd fragile minds. Proof of inferiority actually. All they do is borrow from others! This video said it! Even to this day, Aryan/ northern Europeans take credit for things ancient cultures achieved. Ugh… thank God for Islamic infiltration of Germany.. they need a good watering down… genetic power wash. Lol. KARMA! Good brings down those who think more highly of themselves..

That Hess was shot down soubds a bit odd. It seems unlikely, that he should be shot down at the exact location, that was the goal of his journey. Also when they talk about Hess getting into fighter, a Messerschmidt 109 is shown. Hess flew a twin engined Messerschmidt 110 on his mission. If indlede he was shot down, there should be a papertrail of who,when and where it happened. All other times i’ve heard about Hess flight, it has been stated that he bailed out,when he was close, to the residence of the Duke of Hamilton . The final flaw comes at the very end : “ Goebbels poisoned his six children, shot his wife and then committed suicide “. Actually it was Magda Goebbels, who murdered the six children. They were given sleepingmedicine disguised in chocolate. When they were asleep, frau Goebbels, the old dear, put a cyanide casule between thier teeth, and one by one forcing thier mouths shut, cracking it. (Talk about a mother from hell).

With all the fake propaganda around WWII, here are a few question I had…..with the common belief that the Nazi's wanted to rule the world, why was it that Hitler only attacked Russia because of their buildup that appeared to be staging for an attack on Europe? (Which Hitler turned out to be right about.) And why didn't he wipe out the French and English at Dunkirk? He could have, but he didn't, saying didn't want to because he respected GB because they were much like Germans…….those do not fit the Narrative that he wanted to rule the world.

Britain also had a Hitler follower. His political system was also based on NS (National Socialism)
Remember Mosley ???

Remember the Black Shirts…..

Seems that some of you need a History Lesson.

Makes you think !!!

PHCNKG BS FILTHY JOO propaganda… GARBAGE total LIES! The JOOMINATI at work… The FILTHY JOO specie!

Fake News being repeated over and over to continue the GREATEST LIE in the History of Mankind.

Get yourselves educuted and understand AGENDA 21 driven by the Global Elite Corporate Internationalists.
Funny how the nations that fought Germany are having financial and economic difficulties. Funny how these accuses of the German nation are in political turmoil and there political home affairs in a state of shame and disgrace.
Funny how all these so called allied states that declared war on Germany are now being overun by alien's ….Multiculturalism.

No wonder that Trump needs to build the Wall.

London and surrounding townships….no longer Brittish. A walk downtown and you get the feeling you are in some foreign nation.

France having a Yellow vest revolution primarily because there nation state is being destroyed by Cultural Marxists.

Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Now a region of the Nether….
lands. No longer European and Dutch. As the name says…..the ROT.

Canada….one big political joke….

Sweden the rape nation of Europe….

The same nation states of allies who pitched together with a low lying tyrant, Stalin. A Communist naturally. The West created the greatest atrocity by committing high treason. Your hypocritical policies by standing with barbaric Communists that slaughtered the Christian Tsar family and over 35 million Russian Christians.

The Hypocracy of the West and there downfall.

Tell the author of this false testimony of history that things would have been very different if Europe and the USA had sided together with Germany and defeated the Global Internationalists and there Communist thugs. But no….they have to churn our garbage and self-hatred in order to create guilt amongst the European people. This self guilt complexity is the gateway to oppening the floodgates to multiculturalism and the self destruction of Europe.

Every Dog gets his day.


Get life support you Cultural Marxists. See the Sunshine and Smell Heavans Roses.

German during that time they knowing only making wars that's why jewish come in to make money for German and become rich people in German that's why later German hate jewish because they control the economy of German like during the the Jesus era the jewish also control the economy of Roman beccause roman known only making war the same thing happen

Human beings have always needed to feel a sense of the divine on Earth. Hitler was just one in the long history of humanity. Whether it is religious, political, or racial. This is all part of the human condition. Weak minded people are particularly vulnerable because they will not only curse those that do not agree, but kill them.

History is told by the victors,watch Europa – The Last Final Battle for a different insite.

Heinrich HIMMLER: The "Nazi Aryan Superman"…who looked like a little bespectacled Japanese!!… LMFAO!!😂😂🤣🤣


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