Black & White music – Missionaries Background

Black & White music - Missionaries Background

All my Friends are leaving Skype or Teamspeak when i Start singing or whistling this Song xD
Good old times….

Ohhhh we got this notion that we'd quite like to sail the ocean, so we're building a big boat to leave here for good. We're not keen on sinkin' so we're all sittin' here a-thinkin', cause we built it too big and we've run out of wood.

neeeeiiiiiin! nicht die schon wieder! XDD das beste spiel für den pc ever! danke fürs hochladen des soundtracks.

is this really the name of the track? because they really are explorers… their mission name is "The Explorers"

@CaptainMauin I use the latest beta for OS X. I dunno why it isn't opening them. Don't upload it as a video, ruins audio quality (I'm an audio guy, which is why this whole thing is fairly annoying to me). Just send me a PM and we'll discuss further.

@cactusjack901 What version of Audacity do you use?
The version of Audacity I'm using can open, edit .SAD's, and convert them to MP3's.

Do you just want the "Eidle Eidle Eee Eidle Eidle Eee" that plays between verses? I can get that and upload it as a video if you'd like. I already have the full song up.

@CaptainMauin I'd do it myself, but Audacity doesn't play with .sad files, although if you could get this done for me, I'll be that one worshipper you can't get away from the temple even though the totem is at 0%

@cactusjack901 Just that bit?
I could go into the game files, find the "MissionariesVerse1.sad" file, and edit it in Audacity to get just the Eidle Eidle Eee bit…
Simplest thing I could think of doing.

Though, just for amusement, I think I might make a full version of the Sailor's Song. Mess with Audacity a bit and see what I can do.

@CaptainMauin Worst part is this is the only copy of the song I can get, I want "EIDDLE EIDDLE EEE, EIDDLE EIDDLE EEE" as my text tone =(

Is it a good or a bad thing if you know the lyrics to their song?
If I wanted to, I could sing along to this music.

It's either the sailor's song is so catchy, or I've played the game far too much. Probably a bit of both.

Once I threw a sailor when I was done with the quest, and when the vid came where they leave. HE FLEW THROUGH THE SCREEN O_O

@45Imagamer I have modded the game manually actually…. quite hard, and I am still working on it. The first island is the only place that my voice command mod works porperly, 75% at 2nd land, 50% in 3rd, and 25% in the last 2. Helluva lot of work.

I still have the game, singleplayer heavely modded. I made so I can issue commands by talking into a mic. And I yelled, with part of Megatrons voice: You demand ME to get WOOD for YOU?! How dare you!
Reslut: They started to panic. I yelled: Creature! Destroy these fleshbags!
I got a load of evil for it! Heheheheheh!


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