Beware Of RELIGIOUS Atheists

be aware of religious atheists hmm you say there's no such thing as a religious atheist poll actually yes there is Psalm 14 verse 1 down through 3 get that in one hand atheists out there freaking it out we cannot believe the Bible way to play the Bible yeah yes I know I know I know it's so fun to deal with a this when you don't believe in your book of fairytales read it okay well just get one of these Bibles and look up some things just to see if I'm telling you the truth or not don't have to believe what you're reading but just check and see is this preacher actually telling me the truth you know it's it's not gonna bite you right look out oh it's a Bible oh look how poor atheists Psalm 14 verses 1 through 3 here's secular atheists The Fool hath said in his heart there is no God they are corrupt they have done abominable works remember that there's none that doeth good the Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any that didn't understand and seek God they are all gone aside and they are all together become filthy there's none that doeth good no not one that's why he had to die on the cross to pay for your sins because you're too rotten to be a good enough person to make it to heaven and so am i all right but the fool hath said in his heart there is no God keep your hand there and go to Titus chapter 1 verse 16 they profess that they know God who are the people that profess that they know God not believe in a God or I think that there could be no no they bled the profess that they know God people and religion that's who it is they profess that they know God but in works they deny him being abominable hmm and disobedient and unto every good work reprobate religious atheists he said well I just want to give you a couple examples how about the Catholic pervert priests that rape children a lot so I wasn't organized religion for you know that's religious atheism for you what those priests be raping those children if they really believed that they were going to stand before a holy righteous god that saw everything that they did and judged him for it no they wouldn't would they really rape children if they understood that there is an eternal hell burning down there one day going to become a lake of fire I understand but what they believe that or what they do what they excuse me would they do the things raping children and things if they believed in eternal hell no they wouldn't you see the used-car salesman that goes to church that rips you off lies to your face what'd he do that if if he believed in God like he actually professes to do no you see the only people that you can truly trust are those of us Christians born-again Christians like myself and there's others out there but those of us that actually believe this book and try our best to live by this book were the ones that you can trust all the other religious people out there or atheists that's all and you don't judge them by their profession either I'll see that's a that's a real tough nut to crack for some of these people out there that say all it is is just your belief it's just your profession you say you're a Christian you're in that's not what the text says those people profess that they know God but in works they deny him you judge a Christian by the fruit that they bear you judge them by their works did their life change if there's some kind of a crooked wicked devil that does evil things that that if God exists that you know they're gonna be judged by that they wouldn't possibly be doing they're saying well then you're dealing with a false convert you see hmm very interesting be careful of religious atheists the fact of the matter is you know they say atheism is just a small percentage of the people well secular atheism I mean you have to be a real fool to believe that everything came from nothing accidentally at some unknown time in the past and you're nothing more than an animal with no purpose in life I mean boy happy times are here again you know I mean that's that's a small minority but the truth of the matter is religious atheism is the majority of people Muslims and and Catholics and things like that the two biggest religious atheist cults in the world they're filled with people that profess that they know God but in works they deny him and they're abominable I remember hearing a story back in Pennsylvania back when I lived there many years ago I was born and raised in Pennsylvania live in Maine now but there was a couple in Pennsylvania that they were foster parents to two children that were mentally disabled Down syndrome type of children and they were keeping these children in the basement and feed them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they had them in cages in the basement good Catholics church-going Catholics very faithful everybody was so shocked because this couple was such a they were such nice people and how could they be doing something so so vile and so cruel because they professed that they knew God but in works they deny him they were abominable yeah so my advice to you watch out for religious atheists in many ways they're more as dangerous maybe even more dangerous than secular atheists so that's gonna be it thank you for watching

You DO realize that atheists tend to know more about scripture than christians, right?
So, your assertion.. the nonsense that you had us WAIT for was a book written about a god, where the passage CLAIMS that someone said that GOD said something?
Well, it would be impressive if the passage were rationally defensible.

Let's turn that around.. Proverbs 14:15
"Only simpletons believe everything they’re told! The prudent carefully consider their steps."…

That would seem to indicate that people which believe in any god would be simpletons and imprudent and naive, and stupid.

So glad you brought up Catholics. I was talking to my cousins husband the other day and he said that he knows that what the bible is mostly telling you is to stop being a jerk to people. And that guy he cusses a lot which I do not condone. But I feel more comfortable around him than I do with some Christians because some Christians are so crazy and overly religious they make it seem like you literally can't enjoy anything. Like my cousin for example, he is very strict on his kids to the point where he won't let them just be kids. He won't let his son swim unless he's wearing a shirt, and his daughter(who is only 3) has to wear a skirt over her bathing suite. The other day they had to leave because my cousin said he never gave them permission to be at the house and the little girl was crying because she didn't want to leave and my cousins girlfriends daughter looked at her and said are you done crying yet. So he sounds to me like he allows his girlfriend and her daughter to talk to his kids however they want but if they go swimming with their cousins(people that actually love them) then he yells at them. So pray for him and pray for his family because I just don't see how God can be happy with that kind of behavior but maybe I'm wrong.

The book won’t “bite” me, but its selective morality-ridden contents have provoked its adherents to “bite” for centuries. See the correlation?.

I probably agree that they might not be saved. And perhaps they really believe that they can do whatever they want because then they are forgiven through confession by another priest! Or if they are Protestant saved by grace through faith alone, they believe that they are already saved, no matter what they do! You'd be surprised. Besides, doesn't the Bible say that Atheists know that God exists? They suppress it and/or probably let the devil in.

Oh the audacity to know why we do not take the bible seriously and just don’t give a f***

As opposed to finally come up with a good case to make a case FOR your Bible. It’s called being lazy and dishonest.

I judge you by your work and you are a victim of indoctrination.

Religious people are atheists who pretend to believe in God but live like there isn't one.

Citing a book that insults people while the same book says not to insult people.
The analogy of christians raping children being atheists is just terrible. Throughout history christians did every atrocity in the name of their religion. Why? Because christians always did evil things according to a book that promotes in detail how and who to enslave, how and when to kill people for imaginary crimes like witchcraft, when to sell your daughter to her rapist, when to physically abuse children, how to oppress women and so on. The no true christian fallacy just doesnt work because christians dont agree on what a "true" christian supposedly is like. Which makes sense because the thousands of different christian denominations all dont agree with each other but all proclaim to be the "one true" denomination.

And furthermore according to christianity EVERY atrocity will be forgiven once a person believes in jesus. So a christian can very well believe all he/she preaches, rape children and then get forgiven. Why? Because salvation isnt a matter of works: Ephesians 2:8-9
For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

You should have read the whole book and not just cherry pick the most common verses. The inconvenient parts apply too.

Good points here and great study. Came across one recently. And you run into them all the time when you go out. (shopping, walks on the beach, etc). The Religious Atheists are very hard to deal with. God has given us the Truth(Jesus and his perfect written word in English, KJV) and they do not want to hear it.

"…oh look out, it's a bible, poor atheists…" hahaha Comedy gold. So true, they are so scared of it.

Great message, brother. Shed some light on their hypocrisy and false beliefs. I am of the same mind – same mind and same spirit on this entirely.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ,

Of course there are religious atheists. Buddhism is a religion and yet Buddhists are atheists. What is key however is that atheists tend to be irreligious AND that ATHEISM is not a religion.

Otherwise, anyone dishonest enough to start their video citing Psalm 14:1 is not interested in or engaged with reality as it is. So, if that changes and you seek to put aside your dogmatic blinders, let us know.

LOVE this quick video, Bryan. I have learned SO MUCH from your ministry, with the guidance of the Holy Ghost, of course!

Um, yeah. So your claim boils down to being that if a person does evil but claims to be a Christian, they're actually a "religious atheist". And at the same time, all people are sinners, and hence evildoers, which means… All of the Christians are "religious atheists".

It's not they know god, Its that they know about the claim of a god. So who's the fool? apparently you.

I love this one. I heard this one first out of Lawrence Krauss, recently again from CosmicSkeptic. The argument goes: There’s been over 30,000 so-called gods throughout man’s cultures (or how ever many, it changes somehow), and they’re all fake, Zeus, Apollo, Krishna, all of those are fake, but yours yours is the real one?
…Yeah, that’s cute coming from two guys that believe so many billions of years ago organic life arose out of inorganic material such as a rock melted and stewing in a pool of primordial soup. Do tell, there are trillions upon trillions of rocks today that don’t produce organic life but yours, yours did? That proves nothing, no more so than counterfeit money disproves the existence of legal tender.

"Muslims and Catholics are the biggest atheist cults in the world…they are really abominable." Wow! never knew biblehuggers could stoop that low.

Thank you and thank God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for putting you in this ministry.

Atheists take it by faith that nothing blew up and formed the sun, moon and stars and that we came from goo that evolved into what we are now… It's a religion…

Amen and Amen! I do not believe in coincidence brother. I believe the Lord put this on your heart because just the other day the Lord gave me the opportunity to plant some seed for both a religious atheist and secular atheist at work. This video encouraged me greatly. God Bless!
Your fellow brother in the Lord,
Michael DeAngelo


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