Best Religious Funny Moments

What the fuck has the Christian religion become now. You MF you hit my child in the head like that I will f you up and shove that Bible up your ass.

"How can you say NO TO GOD"
Former Pentecostal Pastor Alex Jones and his 65 Congregation converted to the Catholic Church

Okay why no one talking about the black woman that literally got beat up by the priest. And did anyone notice the priest in the green cape didn't hit the kid with his mom as much as the others

lmmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! he said get him outta here, he's schizophrenic! what in the hell is this?!?!

This the perfect example of someone knowing that folk just stupid and will do the worst knowing that no one will say a thing or stop them. Who allows someone to do that to their kids…….like what is that to begin with?!?!?! He's basically clowning these folk and could care less.

No one has any respect for the filthy, nasty catholic priests! The Catholic Church and faith needs to be eliminated, permanently! It's evil and not what God wants!

The Catholic priest would of got slapped! He's way out of order! I didn't know James Brown created that footwork what they do in churches.

🤔 now I could just be high right now.. but my spidy senses are telling me that dude in the green robe just … don’t like kids.. maybe one of them 😏…ratted on him and he can’t tell which… soooo he is just gonna go ahead and abuse all of them. In front of their families. Probably about to lose his seat.

..Oh I’m definitely not high

I know you guys were disgusted at the priest slapping the kids in the head, but the priest jerking off was worse(to me).

You gotta be kidding.

And that's how the priest is releasing all his frustrations, since he was little kid, by punching other kids in the head! 😁

The second video of the priest shaking the heads of the children was here in Brazil. This is a joke of it, the kids like it, he always does it. It fills with children to receive the "radical blessing."

I have never seen that head shaking thing and smack ever in my many churches I have been in. It does look pretty freaking hilarious, even if it might seem like abuse to some.

2:44 – 3:00 what's wrong with the priest??? Or should I say what's wrong with the Catholic church? No man of God fights that is the law Jesus gave Christians. And said praying for children is hitting them?? God help people to open their eyes and know the truth.

What the hell did I jus watch the 2nd preacher beat n k8cked dem kids omg I would've tore that sanctuary up about mine!🔥

I cannot…Omg, I'm DYING…When pastor threw that bucket of "holy water" her I fell clean OUT!!😂😂😂😂🙌🏾


😳😲IF for some inexplicable reason, I DON'T slit Padre's throat for tryin to paralyze my child, or I don't move quickly enough, REST ASSURED, both of my sons would've caught a case up in that pulpit…They would've needed Holy Water AND Anointing Oil up in that piece!! Where is THIS scripture, huh??? Talk about "NOT leaning towards your own understanding"…Here's a scripture for you oh holy one, "Parents, provoke NOT thy child to wrath…". 😒I mean…They DO call YOU Father, don't they🤷🏾‍♀️

Would of slap the SHIT! out of that priest…"get over here you little boy loving pervert" "SMACK!!!


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