Best Christian Youtubers! | 5 Top Christian Youtube Channels

Are you looking for great Christian
YouTubers? In this video I show you five of the top Christian YouTube
channels. Check it out Hey guys welcome to that Christian Vlogger
where you get to join me and experience faith in the first person. If you’re also a
Christian, you’ve probably had the same challenges as me trying to find good,
positive, and quality content on YouTube. Many times it can be difficult to find
good Christian content on YouTube and that’s why I wanted to make this video
today. So here are my five top Christian YouTube channels. Be sure to stick around
for channel number five because I think it’s a channel that most people haven’t
really found yet. Before we begin, I want to give a little disclaimer. My endorsement of
these channels does not necessarily mean I agree 100% theologically with everything
that these channels say. Differences of opinion exists all the time amongst
Christians and that’s totally okay, it’s healthy! Every single one of us, myself
especially is constantly growing, constantly learning in our understanding
of who God is. The main thing that I would like to say that I have personally
been blessed by these five Christian YouTube channels and I want to encourage
you to go to them with a prayerful Spirit and an open mind and see what
blessings you receive. As I was ranking these channels, I was looking for three
things. Upload frequency, entertainment value, and content. So with those three
factors in mind let’s get started. As we go through this list, don’t forget to
check out the notes section below as there will be links to every single channel mentioned
in this video. The first channel that I like to recommend to you is a channel
run by Chicago based native John Jorgenson. With nearly a hundred and
eighty thousand subscribers, John runs one of the more popular Christian
YouTube channels out there. Known best for his spoken word poetry, John
has a handful of really successful YouTube videos. In fact some of these
videos have been viewed in the several millions. So how exactly does John rank? In
frequency, John gets a huge “A.” Over the last few weeks, he’s decided to
upload every single day in a daily VLOG format. In fact for myself, I’ve
been watching John every single day from the moment I stumbled upon his channel. With videos running about six to ten
minutes or so, every single video showcases a unique sense of style and
art. I give Jon an “A” for entertainment as well. as a poet, a spoken word artist, an author and all-round really cool guy… John definitely gets you coming back
looking for more. His videos tend to have a different theme depending upon which day
you watch his videos. For example, on certain days he has a “Day in the Word,”
where he opens up the Bible and does more of a Bible study format. He has “Story time” with his wife “Sweet Bear,” and even has entire video dedicated to his
spoken word poetry, so no matter who you are or what your interests are, you are sure to find
at least one video that you are really going to enjoy. Channel number two. With nearly
a hundred thousand subscribers I want to recommend to you a new challenge I
stumbled across called “The Bible Project.” “The Bible Project” is a channel run by a
couple of guys who are really doing their best to help other people like you
and myself understand the Bible better for
ourselves. Unfortunately the Bible project only earns a B- as far as
frequency is concerned and really this isn’t a knock. This is actually a compliment. With videos averaging about once a week
my only complaint is that there’s just not enough of them. The videos are of such a
high quality that it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that each of these
videos must take dozens upon dozens of hours to create, which is why I’d
recommend you check out their websites and
support them to help them get more videos out there. “The Bible Project” earned an “A” for
entertainment. The storytelling and artwork done in conjunction with these
videos is of a top notch quality. In fact they’re able to transform what is
usually at risk to be a boring and dull lecture into something that’s very
engaging and very interesting. With a bird’s-eye view of entire books of
the Bible and themes of the Bible, anyone looking for a serious and meaningful
content on YouTube will definitely be pleased by this channel. Channel number
three. The third channel I’d like to recommend to you is called “The Good
Christian Music Blog.” It’s exactly what it sounds like, an entire channel
devoted to great Christian music. At only thirty-five thousand subscribers it
definitely is the smallest of the channels on this list, but I believe there’s going to be
something for everyone there. In frequency, this channel earns an “A” by posing
sometimes once, sometimes twice a week. In addition to it’s regular posts, I also
give an “A” in content as well as entertainment value. No matter who you are
and what your preferences on music are, there’s definitely going to be something
for you to find. WIth plalists that focus on a specific genre of music such as
hymns and even acoustic music ranging all the way to electronica and hip-hop, you are
sure to find some music that can be a blessing for you. Our fourth channel is “Chase
God TV.” Chase Got TV is another really solid Christian YouTube channel. With rants
and talks about a variety of different subjects all the way from dating, discipleship
and even music, “Chase God TV” is definitely a relevant YouTube channel
for young people. With post averaging once or twice a month, I give “Chase God TV” a
solid “B” for frequency. Content and entertainment definitely get A’s as Joe
is not afraid to tackle some of the harder subjects in life. If you’re a young
person looking for someone to talk about relevant issues like social justice,
dating, women, and even pornography, make sure to check out Joe’s channel. Our fifth and
last recommendation is a channel run by Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey certainly isn’t
known for his YouTube channel, in fact he’s known for radio. He hosts one of the
largest radio programs in the entire United States. Known best for his no
nonsense approach to financial advice, Dave Ramsey is someone that I’ve been
tuning in to on a regular basis. For entertainment value I give Dave Ramsey a B-. Some people
might find his approach a little questionable, a little harsh. However don’t let his in-your-face attitude stop you from learning something that literally
hundreds of thousands of Americans have learned from him. As far as content is
concerned I give my personal recommendation of an “A,” as I am
actually using some of his methods this year to get myself and my family
out of debt. If you are looking for Bible based advice on all things financial,
be sure to check them out Well guys that’s it, as you can see this isn’t an
exhaustive list. Which of these five channels did you enjoy the most? Or did I happen to miss one that you really
enjoy? If so, let us know in the comment section below. If you happen to be new to
this channel, I want to thank you for spending some time with me today and I invite you to check out some of my other videos and if you see something
that you like, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button below. Until next time
I’m “That Christian Vlogger,” and I want to encourage you to experience “Faith in the First Person.” God Bless! So you’re wanting to know how to study the
Bible? In this video I give you three key tips that have revolutionized my
personal Bible study experience. Check it out!

I’m inspired by you and this video. I’m starting a Christian livestream. I’ve been doing live streams as a Christian man, but not as a ministry. Thursday July 12th is our first show.

I love The Bible Project! Great videos just not enough. Completely agree.

God bless! I found you on a Google search! You’re ranking well. Great SEO my brother.


Thank you for sharing =) I will defiantly check out these channels. I just started my own Christian you tube Chanel so this information helped me with my blog as well.

If anyone has some free time, I'm a growing channel who inspires and encourages others in their walk with Jesus! I am very truthful and everything comes straight from the bible! Uplifting christian videos that vary from many topics and singing videos! If your interested come check out some of my videos! Thanks so much! Have a blessed day! <3

I have a small christian channel as well! I do them in Spanish and English. Its called "mountain shredders".

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I recommend: Desiring God on YouTube. It’s a great an informative channel, they upload new videos basically every day and are very informative.

Love finding other Christian youtubers! Hoping my channel encourages others with their spiritual walks as well.

well ''still small voice'' is awesome channel to visit. it teaches you a lot about Jesus,how to hear him and about spiritual warfare and a lots of other stuff

I'm a Christian Youtuber! My channel consist of:
– Christian content
– Weekly inspiration
– Even some comedy here and there
– New episodes EVERY Wednesday @7:00 AM ET
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It would mean the world to me if you would just give it a look and tell me what you think. God Bless! 🙂

The wise man builds his house upon a rock the foolish man builds on the sand, only one of the two believe the letter j was ever scribed by Nazarene hand

Hi peoples, I have created a youtube channel for the purpose of sending
The Gospel to all parts of The World, as Christ had commanded. My way of
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You are welcome to join us too!
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Jesus saved and healed me from 2 major dangerous diseases (from past 5 years which I was suffering )and many unsolved and uncomfortable problems and discomforts within 1 month with the proper way of praying the way it should be done ,which am learning ,u may be praying guys for months or years but it is not that the prayer doesn't work , but ! … ur not praying the right way it should be done ,there are lots of honest videos in you tube to how to have power in prayer ,plz search on YouTube guys there are lots of videos online ,if he can heal me then why not can't he heal u too ..god loves and treats every of his child equally,he is the good shepherd ,its my personal inner experience in my body and my mind which cannot be a lie which am being healed now ,but u may not be experiencing it as it is mine,but I had!but am sharing it to u all guys of my experience for saving u all . GOD BLESS U ALL AMEN !!! ,and thank u man for sharing this video for inspiring others ,u have done a great work 🙏

Hello everyone! I am starting my own Christian based channel, I’d love if you’d check me out and subscribe and like my videos! I’m just getting started so there isn’t much but I’m EXCITED!

Thanks so much for this..
I'm a new christian vlogger, and it is my hope to encourage more people with Godly inspirational messages

Hey! Thanks a lot for this video! It's really interesting and motivating to see that there are so many christian youtube channels 🙂

God bless you mightily! Would you share me your email please!

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I'd like to mention some good quality YouTube content from my favorite teachers and atheists. Check em out!
Christopher Hitchens
Richard Dawkins
Sam Harris
Daniel Dennett

Cai 1000 on YouTube and Facebook!!!! You can find him there. His name is Robert Jones, he is from England his ministry is so so good. If you wanted to get into the deep stuff about God, this is the channel to go to his done over 600 videos. He puts videos out everyday. You can also join his free Bible study . Plus on Wednesdays it is live chat called Kingdom connection and also on Saturdays he does live chats. I have grown and learned so much from watching his channel. He is very knowledgeable about the things of God and truly gives you great understanding of God and the Bible. very informative ! Everybody looking for some really intense study you should check him out . People from all over the world are on his channel and everybody comes together as a family to talk about God. I love his channel, Bible study and live chats I look forward to them. God blessings sisters and brothers♡

Servant of Christ Ministries is a great YouTube Channel. In-depth Bible Study made easy to understand.

I'm looking for CHRISTIAN subscribers, it can be hard to attack CHRISTIANS — thank you for the Video GOD Bless

Hey I just started mine with prayer Videos subscribe please and I'll do the same type done Fast may God bless you All Abundantly 🤩💎🌹

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hi…. ​I am looking for religious people to talk with on my channel. The topic is belief in god. And would like to talk with a believer to get their viewpoints. Just send me a note when you will be available to chat and I'll setup a stream.

Christian channels supporting other Christian channels – now that's the way we should be! Right on, brother! Blessings abundant, Shannon A. 🙂

Super helpful! Watch my channel too and if it blesses you, please do share and subscribe!

We need Christian channels….what occupies our minds , influences our Christian Life..we need biblical, uncompromising Christian to flock with.


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