Behave by Robert Sapolsky, PhD (Enhanced audio)

Behave  by Robert Sapolsky, PhD (Enhanced audio)

You are progressive and pacifist, but hypocritically seek to brutally torture leaders of rival Left fascist factions.

Congratulations. You're a socialist.

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Thank you, Michalis.

"Oxytocin doesn't make us nicer; it makes us nicer towards people we are already predisposed to be nice to." I hear people talk about how we "need more empathy." We don't. We don't need any kind of instinctive behavior more. We need more careful consideration and deliberate behavior. We need to try and remove the situations where instinct takes over. We evolved in a world much different from the current one.

Look at each race (Tribe) through a historical lens, observing the dominate traits that helped each tribe to survive and thrive in their environments is abundantly obvious.

Black African: Undeniable physicality, raw athleticism, a hostile environment where an overactive Amygdala is highly effective.

Dominate in Athletics. e.g., Olympics, Boxing, Basketball, etc.. Look at the NBA Hall of Fame over the last 50 years. A small % of the US population represents the majority of the Hall of Famers.

Indo-Asian: High IQ problem solving, effective collectivism due to large groups and limited resources, long-term planning for crop yields etc..

Dominate in Academics: Look at the demographic of any U.S. Ivy Leaugue campus, especially in STEM fields.

White European: High Social IQ "street smarts", war strategy, conquest of other tribes competing for resources & territory, tremendous risk takers and innovators.

Dominate in Business, today's war of resources. Take a look at the top 100 Billionaires per capita of racial demographic. White Europeans have dominated, for the same reason Black African dominate Athletics – these dominate traits are being expressed and put on full display in these environments.

Trump is dishumanising Mexican to the point that for nationalists, Mexicans are synonymous with insects. What's next? Genocide.

Buddhist Monks on testosterone. Lol. We need to give them testosterone. Gangs of Buddhist Monks doing random acts of Love and Kindness. That would be beautiful.

i wonder how neural net AIs could be programmed with an innsular cortex. and i wonder what would happen lf one removed an amygadala class in neural network AIs. Would that make them safe? Hmm…
i wonder how medications and drugs affect epigenetics of our descendents. Could they cause rare genetic mutations such as Mitochondrial diseases?
And how would neurotoxins such as MSG do with epigenetics accross generations.
video game violence, next it will be Virtual Reality violence causes violent behavior.
if we lower our
oxytocin levels would that end racism?
i wonder if autonomous weapons will go Norman AI with combat experience.

OKay, It saddens me that people are still referencing Col. Grossman and his book, On Killing. First of all does a primatologist really believe primates have an uneasy feeling towards killing other primates? All the work Sapolsky suggest primates kill quite well and easily. Second, Grossman obtained all his information about soldiers "posturing" (which is to say the soldiers in combat shot over the enemies head) from a Army historian named SLA Marshall. Marshall did a study in WWII stating the firing rates of men were extremely low, the book he published was Men Against Fire. Marshall suggested that only 1-4 men in a platoon of 35 would be the actual killers annd the rest would posture. It is widely believed with much evidence to back, that Marshall completely fabricated the study. For one, it would be entirely impossibly to produce the type of causalities the US inflicted on the Germans and Japanese with Small Arms Fire (SAF) from 1-4 men per platoon. Just recently in Feb this year, 40 US Commandos killed 200-300 Russian mercenaries in Syria, story online.. So according to Marshall and Grossman only 1-4 out of the 40 did all the killing!!!
Now Sapolsky uses the Grossman example to answer a question and states that drone operators are getting PTSD at the same rate as front line soldiers. Well, first of all we develop PTSD mostly from a fear of being maimed or killed, NOT FROM KILLING!!! PTSD comes from juxtaposing the murderer/killer (that resides in EVERYONE) and between the normal loving caring person that one is in their everyday life. Continuously informing veterans that humans have an unnatural position when it comes to killing our fellow human is doing much more hard in therapy. Because when that soldier goes home and he reflects upon the war he /she remembers that they had no trouble pulling the trigger and when they hear we should not pull the trigger because it is not right to ill our fewllow humans we are left in constant confusion.
What we need to do is come to terms with the shadow in us and realize that we are killers but we are also loving people.
Continued use of fabricated information about firing rates and that all throughout history we have had an hesitation about killing each other is preposterous and needs to stop. We are hurting too many combat vets with this false narrative. I am not blaming Sapolsky, he probably just doesn't know that the information he knows that come from Grossman was a complete lie!

Sapolsky is my favourite “popular” scientist in the neurology/psychology field. I could listen to him for hours!

22:15 just want to say we do not have any hostility vs. Germans At All! But yea, we don't like the Muslims in general 🙂

I think I have to devour all of his speeches on youtube. How can I be someone like him with excellent verbal fluency? Especially when public speaking! It's like there's no gap in his thinking and everything flows very gracefully from his mouth!

15:00 A large male is far more likely to commit a violent crime. That's not an irrational prejudice. That's a biological survival mechanism that no amount of politically correct cultural revolution struggle sessions will help.

18:30 Testosterone does not heighten everything that is already there. It heightens behavioral tendencies that we call 'aggression,' even indirect ones. This is complete double talk. Testosterone does not have the direct corollarial effect that was once supposed, and environmental factors are important, but the data is no where near proving a correlation with generosity.

25:00 Looking at epigenetics as an environmental effect in this sense is like calling zygote conception an environmental interaction of your parent's egg and sperm. Technically true, but not an 'environmental' factor in the 'biological vs environmental' dichotomy sense.

46:45 Virtually all concussions damage the frontal cortex. So considering that the cdc reports millions of concussions per year in the US, a 25% rate of concussive damage may very well be below the national average for males. But fine whatever, let's separate prisons into two sections: those who do not act sociably and those who cannot sociably. Agreeing that justice and punishment are nonsense- then what practical difference is there in removing both of these groups from society?

52:40…my sense… is that PTSD…is something that is never cured 
53:13…drone operators get PTSD…at same rate as warriors out in the battlefield…
54:00…its not about the fact that there is nothing more….about somebody killing us, but rather the utterly bizarre and abnormal notion about us killing somebody else….and that has caused enormous rethinking about what PTSD is really about.  A little optimism…Col. David Grossman, book On Killing….history of battles, found enormous inhibition against firing them firing their guns…killing someone they don't face to face (easy) killing face to face, hand to hand, enormous inhibition against that.

Entertaining, informative and well-analyzed. However, what realistic solutions does he give? I mean practical methods that can be implemented here and now.

Thanks for posting. I can listen to this man all day. Have you heard the podcast between him and Sam Harris on the subject of free will?


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