Be A Modern Master by Deborah King

A defining episode the changed your life.
An incident that left you permanent pain. We all store emotional wounds in
our own way but most of us allow them to shadow us. Unresolved cars that tear at our spirit, and eventually our body, leading to illness, addiction or misery. Yet innate within each of us since we were born is the ability to not just heal with the
physical, but also through energy. A gift known to masters thousands of years ago, that the world has made us forget. But it’s time we remember again, and
become modern masters of that power we all have inside. What if you could live
with your spiritual senses reactivated, connected to your true divine calling,
with an awakened intuition, a higher consciousness, and the strength to stand
strong before traumas that would otherwise trap you? With a natural ability to heal
yourself and restore the energy of those around you? You, a modern master of your own life? 20, 30 years ago there were very
few people who were ready for a program like this, for special knowledge like
this. I learned this amazing set of secrets a long time ago, back when I was
in my twenties, and it changed my whole life. I got over cancer, I kind of discovered
my true purpose, I developed gifts that I never thought I had. I had no idea I
would become a speaker, an author, a teacher, a healer – I was a lawyer! Best-selling author and spiritual teacher Deborah King has spent years studying the ancient Eastern practice of life force energy healing. One of the tools that she’s discovered, a tool unlocked five thousand years ago is called the Sutras – powerful words and phrases that, when initiated, can elevate your consciousness
between spiritual planes, and restore your ability to heal your health, awaken your intuition, strengthen your
relationships and discover your personal inner power. And it’s become Deborah’s mission to share the Sutras with the world, so you can be a modern master. So you came in with these special gifts,
and I can sense them up above you in your higher chakras.
They’re just waiting to flower. They’re waiting to manifest through your body and
your personality, and it’s the Sutra practice that is so compelling and
forceful, and you have no idea where it could take you. It can certainly take you to those
high levels. Be a Modern Master takes you on a 6-week guided journey through 20 Sutras to reignite your spiritual powers. It tackles trauma in an exponential way that is almost beyond comprehension. The course itself will advance and
expand your consciousness. So your consciousness is You – it’s the part of
you that was here before you arrived on earth, it’s the part of you that doesn’t
die, that goes on. And that part of you, the more you can expand it while you’re
here on earth, the more you can achieve whatever it is that you’re so desiring.
Whether it’s better relationships, better health, better experiences at work, a new
career. It’s so individual. It’s whatever you really want. That’s
what the Sutras can deliver, and that’s what this course is all about. In Week 1, Deborah begins to you clear and cleanse your personal space, to introduce you to the five Sutras that impact your body and begin to heal your traumas. These are the ones that most clear
all trauma, so we start Week 1 with something super powerful. In Week 2, you’ll learn to increase your frequency and experience a higher vibration level using mantras and intentions, so that more Sutras can be initiated and seeded within your journey. Week 3 will open you to your world of paranormal gifts that your spirit was designed to embody. What powers do you
lean to? Which ones do you wish you had? Do you wish you were clairvoyant? Do you
wish you could be a professional speaker? Would you love to write a book? Those are powers. Would you like to teach? Those are all powers. And I’ll also, in that week, teach you how to
ethically use them, so you don’t lose them. In the fourth week, Deborah introduces you to Initiation or what is known in the east as Kundalini Rising. You really want to do your soul’s highest desire, which is to become an even bigger and more important person than you are now. Your fifth week with Modern Master
lets you experience your own Soul Star. Where Deborah will help
you seed your final two Sutras. Now this will prepare you to step into that Self that’s really longing to emerge. This week is perhaps the most mind-blowing one of all. I can’t even tell you what might happen. Once you’ve received all 20 Sutras, you’ll complete your course with yoga and breathing techniques to strengthen your mastery and learn about the many
descended masters of Sutra. Now I’ll do the final seeding of the full 20 sutras,
in that 6th chapter, and you will be well on your way for them to do their magic
and unfold within you. Join Deborah King to activate your spiritual senses
and discover your gifts with the secret magic of Sutras. To Be a Modern Master of your being.

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