Backpacking Washington - Preacher Mountain 1: Rainy Lake

good afternoon everyone and welcome to a special backpacking edition and the reason why I say special is this is revenge revenge for what the preacher took from us last time no not gonna happen this time is it Jen no this time we are prepared we are both tell about last time Oh nobody knows right so a year these are bloodlust come from us so a year ago we decided to do a hike – preacher mountain it was a really great hike we had no bushwhacking skills at the time and it was mostly a bushwhack and a scramble and route-finding hmm so this hike is a trail to a boot trail to up to rainy lake and then from rainy lake you have to get to upper rainy lake and that portion is the route finding bushwhacking and then it's the route finding scramble what are the stats to get up to upper rainy and the summit a preacher so the well from – preacher I know it's a it's a gain of 5,200 feet that's the summit rainy lake is at about 3,800 or so and upper Rainey's it yeah all right well this is a backpacking adventure because this time we're not gonna run out of time we're gonna go up to upper Rainy Lake and we're gonna spend the night there and then in the morning we're going to do our summit attempt there's plenty of parking here as you can see really nice facilities but driving in can get a little sketchy there is a North West Forest Pass required but the good news is that there's a pay station here for you and then there's things like bathrooms and picnic tables well what do you say we get on the trail all right anything else they need to know um I don't think so this is the part of the Middle Fork recreation area I guess and so this trail we actually will start out on the Middle Fork Trail which is recently graded has a nice fancy bridge crossing the Middle Fork River at some point I think the whole road up here going to be paved so you'll even have that bonus it's a really nice area well let's get on with it so a little over half a mile you'll cross that Creek and you'll come to this little spur trail this is the one that you want to take this goes up to to rainy this will continue that's the Pratt leg connector and I guess goes on to the Pratley but from here the trail gets less and less maintained so this is where we get to go yeah this is the start of the boot path even though there's a nice little entrance here that's all gonna slowly fade away and nature here we come yep there you go and this is a harmless garter snake he's getting ready to shed so he can't see really well that's why he didn't he could smell us but I'm gonna put him down and let him uh or just get him off the trail huckleberry Oh I remember this from last time it's nice to go downhill a little bit we've been constantly popping over huge blow downs uh-huh really making things a little more difficult than I remember from last time how far are we into it uh we're about three miles in we have about a mile and 1500 feet left to climb excellent I know well it's a rainy like so rainy yeah and then it's upper rain it's like another era we've got quite a ways kind of ways let's go some kind so let's chop footsteps which unfortunately or for a person but can I try this cuz I can do it you need a push you got it and oh my gosh yeah that is not easy with 25 pounds on your back and you know being five foot six and under if the trees get to lay down so do I yeah just talk this through here I don't know if it's gonna be any good that is a big salmon berry down the hatch mmm tastes like salmon big seeds big berries big seeds I mean wash that down with some huckleberry we're getting near the top of a ridge that will then drop back down into rainy like I remember barreling through these bushes last time see it right in there pretty Lake ah there you go I have fairy stains yeah you do all right everyone it took us exactly three and a half hours to get up here to beautiful rainy Lake and what a beautiful lake it is it is it's gorgeous it's a four point two miles away we checked because I realized that we had that info on my GPS track but it feels like a longer hike really because you're constantly up and down and yeah clambering over the blowdowns yeah my GPS said we did a little over 3,000 feet elevation gain to get here that's pretty steep bugs here but yeah we're gonna actually take a break here enjoy the surroundings and then we're going to go up that up there where the campsites around here Jen um from what I've read there's a little side trail I think we saw it really came in that hooks around there and they aren't there on the side of the lake I don't know if there's it looks enticing over here yeah there could be from what I've read there's not really a lot of space to set up a tent I think the campsite on that side only has room for maybe two or three and most people recommend that if you're gonna come up here bring a hammock also protip hammock is lighter yep all right everyone well that's it for this episode join us next time when Jen and I finish our hike up to upper rainy like through a crazy bushwhacking madness sound good we're gonna do it alright all right we're right down by the water and it looks like this area here would be good for campsite it's probably the one of the two spots I found but everything here is at an incline so you better be comfortable sleeping kind of tilted there's a fire pit here and there's a lot of wood that people have brought up here and there's this interesting plaque up here let's go take a look at that here's the plaque I mentioned it says this plaque was placed here by trailblazers in memory of George Lewis 1922 1989 and it's hard to read but all right here is the second campsite this one's a little bit further up from the lake right next to that plaque I showed you and there's a lot less room here and it's a lot more bumpy so there you have it bring a hammock or a small tent

Wow amazing area you guys are hiking, looking forward to the next vid. Thanks for taking us along on these wonderful outings , I for one look forward to each and every new adventure you guys go on.

Log riders…late berries up that way. Pretty lake, yes…lucky you had the orange ribbon to tell you where it was (one of my pet peeves). Pro tip?…are you goes professionals?

Nick and Jen, Thanks for all the excellent videos on hiking in Washington and elsewhere.  I really enjoy them all.  I appreciate the passion you both seem to have for undeveloped natural settings.  I'd like to hike to many of the locations and your videos provide very useful previews. You two move a lot faster than I could, especially on your scrambles, bravo.  Is there a possibility of more comments on the geology along the trails where it comes into view?


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