Awakening Your Everyday Wisdom #1-Reality – Part A (2019)

(smooth music) – Awakening your everyday wisdom. Video number one, reality. Everything vibrates. Our scientists are making
a lot of breakthroughs in the concepts of reality right now. For me, it’s changing the
way I’m looking at things, and maybe you too. But before we dig into this topic, I’ll do a brief introduction of myself. I’m a lightworker and a seeker, and in this video series, I’m playing the role of fellow traveler. I’m not trying to convince
anybody of anything. I’m mostly sharing my everyday wisdom and my goal is to help
you access your own. So, let’s start with a quick overview of the two parts of this video. The first part, I’m just gonna skim on a lot of topics that are coming into my
awareness these days, and I’m going, whoa, is that right? And I’m questioning reality. I’m questioning the forces
that control of our world, and you might be too. So, that’s why I think
we oughta look at ’em, but I’m not gonna go into depth today. I do have other videos coming out where I’ll take these various topics, and dig into ’em with much
more detail and information. Then, in part two, I’m
gonna share information on how you can access
your everyday wisdom, and also ways to stay balanced. Our world is changing, and we need to be able
to maintain our balance when things might get a little crazy here. So, that’s really the reason
why I’m creating these videos. We’ll start with a few
definitions of reality. Now, these are coming from
the Oxford Living Dictionary, and there are lots of definitions, and you could choose the ones you like. I just chose these for this video. The first one is reality is a state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic
or notional idea of them. At their definition, reality is a thing that is
actually experienced or seen. This is especially true
when it’s unpleasant, like the harsh reality. There’s another definition, that reality is a thing
that exists in fact, having previously only
existed in one’s mind. An example of that could be
turning a dream into reality, and then this one I really like. Reality is the quality of being lifelike. I got to thinkin’ about that. Now, there are people who can see angels, and ghosts, and some see demons, some see beings who’ve already passed on, and I go whoa, well, if they
can see all these things, and they seem to be lifelike, maybe what we’re saying
is they’re all real. Then, here’s a cute example. So, I have a little dog, and every now and then,
he’ll look up at the ceiling, or one time he looked at the wall, and then all of a sudden,
he went like that, and I go, what did he just see? I didn’t see it. So, the question is are
these animals crazy, or are they just seeing a
reality that’s not available to us as humans? We’re not gonna try to make a distinction between the two words reality and truth. Some people see those as the same thing, but what we’re gonna do today is just stay on the reality side. It’s up to you to decide
what’s true for you. So, let’s take an example, ESP. Is it true? Well, it’s been documented that people can read other people’s minds, and if you’ve ever studied
anything about remote viewing, that’s a little freaky, and that can happen in way distances. So, what remote viewing is
I could go into a trance, and I could see what you’re seeing, even if you’re hundreds or
even thousands of miles away. So, where does that come from? This is very well documented. The military’s done a
lot of work on this one. Then, there’s this idea of levitation. Now, this isn’t just for monks. There are some famous
catholic levitating saints, and I’ll put some links in the references for you if you want to look
into that a little further. Where I’m comin’ from is
if these people can do it, it must be real, even if I can’t do it today. Maybe I will someday. Another question mark is intuition. Where exactly does that come from? Is it only real to the
person who has the intuition? So, here’s an example. You may have had an experience with this, where you followed a hunch, and it turned out to be a
fairly remarkable outcome, and you got to thinking, wow, if I hadn’t received
that hunch from somewhere, and followed it, this wouldn’t have turned
out the way it did. Keep that one in mind, ’cause a lot of us have
these hunches that we pursue. Or how about the converse? I knew that was gonna happen, and I didn’t do anything about it! Yeah, we get those all the time too. So, back to our opening statement. Everything vibrates. What does that mean exactly? I’ll delve into it a little bit, but I am not a scientist,
I am not a physicist, so, I’m only gonna come
to you with information that I’ve heard from other sources. Let’s take a look at
why everything vibrates, and we’ve all learned about atoms, and how they’re constantly moving, and they’ve got electrons,
and neutrons, and protons, and now neutrinos, and quarks, and all kinds of little things
going all around the atom. So, that’s the idea. It’s all in a vibration. It’s all moving. Now, the way reality
gets formed in our brains is our brains are like computers. They’re taking in all this
vibrational information, and translating it into
touch, taste, sound, physical matter. So, our brains are the interface
between the vibrations, and the physical reality
that we are aware of. Now, some people think that reality is only defined in physical terms. Well, that’s kinda gone
out with the transition from Newtonian thinking to
the quantum physics world. Now, the quantum physics
world gets a little strange, and you’ve probably heard about this, where they can take these quarks that are little, little,
little parts of the atom, and separate them over long distances, because they exist in pairs. So, they break the pairs apart. This could be thousands of
miles we’re talking about, and if one quark is affected, the other quark instantly
reverses its spin. So, if this quark spins this way, and all of a sudden goes this way, instantly, no time delay,
this one will reverse. That’s what making us think
whoa, what is going on here? Now, they’re also trying to find a theory that applies to these
little bitty particles, and the whole universe. Like, big masses of planets, and rocks, and gas giants and all. So, the scientists are looking
for a theory of everything. Years ago, I read this book by
Walter Truett Anderson, 1992, “Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be.” When I read that book, I
started having a wake up call, because it challenged some
of my thinking of the times. I don’t really remember
too many of his specifics, but I remember how I felt. I really was disappointed, and disillusioned about the institutions of the time that I trusted. So, it made me question
reality from that perspective. Now, I’m gonna give a few
examples of our changing world. Remember, I’m only bringing these forth because I think we need
to be able to adapt in order to survive as a species. So, I’ll hit on a few of ’em. We’ll start with a basic in life. Food. Now, we’ve all heard
about GMOs, and gluten, and food additives, and taste enhancers, and all kinds of things. We may have heard about how the livestock is being treated today with
steroids and antibiotics, and growth hormones, and
chemical food, and yikes. You know, I used to think
that the USDA and the FDA kept tabs on all this stuff. I’ll just give you one quick example. Aspartame. Gosh, it was probably 10 years ago, I discovered there are
over 900 scientific reports with proof galore that aspartame was harmful to the human body. Yet, it’s still on the market. What? Yeah. 900 reports 10 years ago. Can you imagine the information
that’s available now? Why is it still in our food? So, now let’s talk a little
more about quantum physics. If you’ve ever listened
to any of the videos by Jim Al-Khalili, he’s a British professor
of theoretical physics at the University of Surrey. He’s done a number of videos. In one of his video series on the atom, he blatantly states that
physical matter is an illusion. Now, he’s not the only one. There are a lot of
really brilliant people, a lot of these folks are
starting to align on this idea that physical matter is an illusion. What? You mean this chair is an illusion? That’s where it gets hard
to get our arms around it. Artificial intelligence,
now that’s not an illusion. (chuckling) That is happening at a very rapid pace, and if you’re not able
to adapt in that area, you will be left behind. I’m already feeling left behind. I grew up in the generation where we didn’t even have
a TV when I was a kid. We went to the neighbor’s
house to watch TV, and now look at technology. Look at video games 40
years ago and today. You can see how quickly we
are moving in that area, and if you ever watch any of
the interviews with Sophia, she’s a robotic artificial
intelligence gal who’s very realistic, and she does some of her
own independent thinking. Very interesting. In the area of artificial intelligence, I was watching this episode,
number four of Nova Wonders, and the gal who was talking about it was trying to put me at ease a little bit, and she said, well, robots
are really pretty stupid. They can’t figure out basic problems. And she showed a picture of a
robot trying to go up a step, and it kept falling over. Now, I’ve seen other videos where these robots can
jump up those steps. (chuckling) But she said you don’t have to worry. It’s gonna be decades before
artificial intelligence is capable of thinking on its own. At first, I’m like phew, but then, I said wait, wait, decades? Actually, that could be 20 years, (chuckling) or within the next hundred years where computers are able
to think on their own. The singularity, learn more about that. Then, there’s the concept of peak oil. I heard about this maybe 10, 15 years ago, and back then, it was reported that we had about 50 years of supply of fossil fuels on the planet. Now, this isn’t all the fossil fuels that’s been detected. It’s the fuel that’s accessible. So, if we run out of the accessible fuel, and there are a number of
countries who are oil producing, and they’re already tapping
into their reserves. What does this mean? Does this mean in 20 or 30 years we’re not gonna be able to drive cars? That’ll change our world, won’t it? We’re oil dependent. Does it mean we’re gonna
spend $20 a gallon for oil if the extraction costs go up too high? Yeah, things are changing. Another question is
there’s a lot of research in alternative, thank goodness,
finally, renewable energy, but are we gonna get there in time to supply the world with
energy on an alternative basis if we don’t do more now in that area? So, we’ll see what happens
in the area of energy. There’s a lot of talk about free energy. I’ve got a video comin’ up on that. Here’s another one for you. This one is a bit nightmarish. Transhumanism. If you’re not familiar with
it, it’s already underway. Scientists have been successfully able to merge human DNA with animal DNA. So, what does that mean? Why do we care? Well, we could have some
pretty weird characters running around on our planet here if they’re successfully able
to create a crossbred human. Now, this would be great for the military. A soldier that can hear like a dog, smell like a cat, run like a wolf. Yeah. And if that creature didn’t have a soul, we wouldn’t have to worry
about sending it into battle. There are a lot of moral
implications on transhumanism. There’s an organization
that’s dealing with these. It’s called the Institute on Ethics
and Emerging Technologies. You might wanna check them out too, and see what they’re grappling with. Then, there’s the old idea
called the New World Order. Now, there are several sources
of the New World Order, so you might wanna check ’em all out if you’re curious about this. One of the concepts is that there’s a very small
group of people, 13 families, who are in control of all
the wealth in the world. The Cabal, the Illuminati,
the Global Elite, you may have heard various names. Could a small group of people
really run the whole planet? Maybe. There are other concepts on this idea of the New World Order. The reason I’m bringing it
up is because apparently, the objective is to bring humanity into a form of slavery. I’ve got a whole video
on slavery coming up. There are lots of different
kinds of slaves in our planet. If humanity loses its ability to act in its own best interest,
and if we’re dominated by either this wealthy group
of people, or by aliens, that’s another concept here, what does that mean? Well, it’s gonna be a miserable future if it ever occurs that way. This could be fear monger talk. I’m not saying it’s not true or not true. I’m just saying it has grabbed
my attention, maybe yours. How do we deal with it
on an every day basis? Now, the last one I’m gonna bring up is the simulation theory. When I first heard it, I went oh, hogwash. Then, I did a little research, ’cause that’s usually my reaction
when I hear something new that’s foreign to my way of thinking. But I decided to research it. I think Tom Campbell is a
very good resource on this. He’s got a lot of videos,
he’s done a lot of thinking. He presents it really well too. I’m starting to pay
more attention to this. When I first heard it, I said really? We’re in a virtual reality,
not a biological world? Yeah, right. I would check it out. It could mean a very
different interpretation of the way things are, and
the origin of humanity. It could change our interpretation of a lot of religious
concepts, scientific concepts. So, this could be a game changer. There’s a lot of stuff going on. Thank you for listening to this, and thank you for doing your own research. All of us have our own inner
wisdom, our everyday wisdom. We can tap into that, and that’s what part B of
this video is all about. How do you develop it? So, you’ve got it, you can use it, and I think we can all do very
well in our changing world. Thank you for watching the video. Blessings. (smooth music)

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