Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins ► Animated Book Summary

(soft music) – [Presenter] Lesson one,
decisions determine your destiny, not your conditions. Decisions are a tool that
can change your life. The minute you make a new
decision you set in motion a new course, effect, direction, and destination for your life. You literally begin to change you life the moment you make a new decision. But remember, if there is no action, then you haven’t truly decided. The quality of our lives
is based on our decisions. So let’s learn how to make them. The five elements that
make up a decision are beliefs, rules, values,
references, and emotional states. We’re going to talk about these now. This brings us to lesson two. Beliefs of events shape our lives, not the events themselves. Beliefs are a feeling of
certainty about something. If I get my dream job
it’s my belief about it that will shape my life,
not the job itself. A dream job means nothing
without the belief that it enables me to support
myself by doing what I love. Most of our beliefs are
generalisations about our past based on our interpretations of painful and pleasurable experiences. To change a belief, link
pain to the old one, and pleasure to the new one. To help you understand this,
let’s look at an example. Tony doesn’t drink alcohol. He believes alcohol brings
him more pain than pleasure. He reinforced this belief
by drinking so much that he felt horribly sick
and vomited everywhere. He hasn’t drank since. I can resonate with Tony’s story. It is very rare that I drink enough to the point of feeling sick, because I have linked
massive pain with this through past experiences
of drinking too much. I find it much more
pleasurable having a few drinks than feeling sick, having your
friends clean up your vomit, and suffering from a
hangover next morning. So if you want to give up alcohol, for legal reasons I’m not going to suggest that you get blind drunk
until you feel like dying, but it’s something to think about. Alternative ways to link pain to drinking is to go to a seminar and learn about the negative effects
of alcohol consumption. You should also link
pleasure to giving up alcohol by keeping track of the money you save, and embracing your family and friends positive response to giving up. The more experiences you have, the more potential there
is for changing beliefs. But if you want to believe
you can become a millionaire, how do you gain those
experiences in the first place? Well, Tony Robins advise
is you read books, and learn from the experiences of mentors. Although your own experiences will have a bigger impact on your beliefs, reading about someone else’s experiences that led them to become a millionaire will reinforce the belief that you too can become a millionaire. Lesson number three, create
rules that make it easy for you to feel pleasure
and hard to feel pain. A rule is a type of belief that describes what has to happen in
order for us to feel good. We all have rules. For example, I have a rule that I’ll only feel productive on a
day if I’ve read a book, watched an educational YouTube video, or put effort into creating these videos. Now that we know what rules are, how do we take advantage of them? The key is to create rules for ourselves that will make us feel great, and aren’t determined by
events outside of our control. Having rules that are
reliant on being fulfilled by external influences will
set you up for disappointment. In my opinion, a bad rule
is to expect appreciation to allow you to feel good
every time you help someone. The reality is that not everyone will thank you for your efforts. It’s human nature. A much more empowering
rule would be to expect to feel good by knowing
you’ve helped someone out, even if they don’t thank you. If you donate blood and nobody thanks you create a rule that
allows you to feel great about the fact that
you’ve saved three lives, rather than only allowing yourself to feel good after being appreciated. If you’re longing for
happiness what are your rules for what has to happen
to make you feel good? Tony’s big claim is that
nothing has to happen for you to feel happy. You could feel happy right
now for absolutely no reason. Think about it. If you make a million dollars, the million dollars doesn’t
give you any pleasure. It’s your rule that says
when I hit this mark, then I’ll give myself
permission to feel good. So just change your rules. The moment you decide to feel good you send a message to your brain to change your responses in
the muscles of your face, chest, and body to change your breathing, and to change your biochemistry
within your nervous system that causes you to feel the
sensations you call pleasure. This rule doesn’t rely on outside events, just changing your own thoughts, which makes it a rule where
it’s easy to feel pleasure and hard to feel pain. Create more of these rules, and you’ll make massive
improvements in your life. The fourth lesson is your values determine the quality of your decisions. The direction of our lives
is controlled by our values. For long-term happiness we must
live by our highest ideals. We can’t do this if we don’t
know what our values are. Every decision is guided by our values. So if you don’t know what
they are, prepare for pain. Anytime you have difficulty
making an important decision it’s because you are not
clear about your values. Let’s have a look at how Jolie’s values affected her big decision to become a performer at Disneyland. Initially, she was thrilled
to be working at Disneyland. Her schedule, however,
was extremely demanding. It required hourly commutes
in rush hour traffic, several hours of rehearsals, and she had to get up very early. This became tiring. The worst part is it cut
into her personal life and prevented her from spending time with her family and friends. She began to cry and complain. One morning, she’d had enough. Disneyland became painful for her. Why? She could no longer spend time with all those she loved most. She also felt being a trainer, which she was before
she went to Disneyland, helped her to grow more than
anything else in her life. She didn’t feel like she
was growing at Disney. So Tony asked her what her values were. She said they were love, health, growth, and accomplishment. He then asked her what’s important about working at Disneyland? She said she was originally excited and saw it as an opportunity
to make new friends, receive recognition
for her work, have fun, and experience a sense of accomplishment. At this point, she said she
wasn’t feeling accomplished, healthy, or like she was growing anymore. Tony said, “If you left
Disneyland, spent time at home, “and then went to Hawaii,
what would that give you?” She immediately brightened up. “I could have some time with my boyfriend. “I’d feel free again. “I could start exercising and
get my body back in shape. “I could find other ways
to grow and achieve. “I’d be so happy.” Before she started working at Disney she was fulfilling her top three values. Love, health, and growth. By going to Disney she aimed to work on her fourth value, accomplishment. However, by in so doing, she missed out on fulfilling her top three values. This is a common experience where you’ll have to realise that we must accomplish our highest values first. So identify your values. Ask yourself what is most
important to you in life. Write down 10 values and order
them by their importance. Some examples are passion, freedom, family, and friends. You can also have 10
values you want to avoid. They could be emotions like humiliation, frustration, depression, and anger. List these in order of which ones you’d like to avoid most. So for ultimate success make
sure to live by your values everyday no matter what. There are two more important
elements you need to know and how you can use your master system to make great decisions. You can learn more in
part two of this video. I’ll see you there. (soft music)

LESSON 3: change begins with your thoughts, it's by how we communicate with ourselves , we create reality , i like it , keep posting videos 🙂

For someone who is hard to stay foccused this helped me a great deal. Thank you , a definite new subscriber to this channel.
I am not a huge fan of TR but he has good points..

What an amazing video (Y)
just started reading this book
amazing and your effort appreciated (Y)

this video is great! thank you! will it be possible for me to talk privately to you more about your channel?:)

this is truly wonderful content.  to the author – minor point – if you re-do this you should change the opening – you have Tony's last name as "Robins" instead of "Robbins"

love your videos and channel and content. i gave up going to my local pubs and etc due to circumstances, personal development and the new people our family hangs with; i haven't been to a pub to stay out all night since last november. also over xmas i got sick drinking with family friends and felt ill all day so it was the final straw. i find drinking reasonable amounts at the weekends/holidays and staying in watching films & tv boxsets much more fulfilling and positive. I also made a decision to leave the job centre/unemployment office based on past experience of being trapped within the system and a nasty interview on thursday just gone, so i haven't gone back regardless of the costs of that action. but I've proved to myself I'm more productive and successful without the job centre and being an independent filmmaker / seting up multiple incomes via my creative businesses and ventures.

Hey, first, thanks for all your summaries, I really liked them! (I started to listen to the audiobook The Power of Habit and reading GTD). One question though! You mentioned in the video you watch educational videos on Youtube. (Crash-course style?) May I ask for channel recommendations (I am already subscribed to yours and Clark Kegley :))?

I am tired of YT recommending me Pop music or Youtubers screaming while playing and I would really like to have more interesting and informative content to watch.


hi , I really love the intro music. can you please give me the source you used it from ? thanks so much!!

I love your videos! If possible please correct the spelling for "Pleasure" because it's driving me crazy lol

Love your channel & books. However this summary is pretty fast.There is no breather. You may want to slow a bit and give some time for viewer to digest the content.
All the best! You are doing great job 🙂

Positive Values

1. Self Development.
2. Growth.
3. Accomplishment/Achievement.
4. Happiness.
5. Family & Friends.
6. Health & Fitness.

Negative Values

1. Regret.
2. Depression.
3. Disappointment.
4. Anger.
5. Procrastination.
6. Being comfortable.

How much value of your life?
Value determines decision
I really like the line most
That how many we believe
Until we know our value?
Value make life valued!
Do you want to add value?

-Damodar Boruah, Author of 'Whispering Windows'

Hey, i really like this is wonderful.
I also want to learn making video. How can i learn this??
Can you give me some suggestion..

It is important to have the right belief. People think events make us but it is the beliefs that shape us.

OMG …I don't think I have ever received more concise and more direct advice in such a short space of time…one could strip decades of pain out of their live giust by listening to you breaking down the wisdom that Tony Robbins puts to us all…Bless you 🙂

Thank you so much for all your summary book video that i watched. I would like to do something about customer services, would you please guide me how i should start making an animated video on services. Do i have to come up with a script first before anything? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

Man its a bigi when you write someones name at the begining false, its Mr.Robbins with double bb, so carefull with that man

Thank you for sharing, this was perfect! Our channel is similar to yours in so many ways, love that i stumbled across you


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