Avengers: Endgame – Fighting the Impossible Fight | Theological Analysis

ah Endgame was just so awesome and so
unique and deep there’s so many different levels we could take with this
in so many directions we’re gonna go but let’s pick a direction and let’s dive in
and analyze this movie welcome to Durbania I’m Durban and this
is my theological analysis for Avengers Endgame now this analysis will be full
of spoilers because I don’t know how to do this any other way if you’re not
ready for spoilers put this in your watch later category come back to it
after you’ve seen the movie because this movie is deep man and it is so worth
talking about so let’s dive in whatever it takes when you get into
Avengers Endgame I feel like the whole theme of this movie is fighting the
impossible fight but how do you fight that impossible fight when you’re facing
that wall that is insurmountable when you’re facing that thing that is
immovable and unchangeable how on this green earth do you fight the impossible
fight well I think it’s about a change in the mindset okay and I think one of
the best pictures in this movie of that mindset change comes from The Incredible
Hulk himself when you go through the MCU first you have Edward Norton playing the
Hulk and he looked at the Hulk as a disease he fears what’s inside of him he
fears that giant green monster he fears what it’s capable of for him it’s an
object of fear and it’s a disease that needs curing but there is no cure it
becomes this impossible fight in this impossible battle so he begins to let it
be something that he lives with so when you dive into Avengers you get that epic
line you get into age of Ultron and he help Tony create Veronica you
know as a fail-safe so he still fears the danger he still fears the power that
lives inside of him but he’s found a way to live with it
rather than figuring out what to do with it but finally you get to Endgame and
something changes he stops looking at the Hulk as a disease and he starts
looking at the Hulk as the cure when he changed his mindset and turned around
how he’s looking at things and instead of looking at things through the eyes of
fear that’s impossible and looking through the eyes of faith anything is
possible something changed and now the Hulk and
Bruce Banner exist as one being all the strength and power of the Hulk all the
wisdom and intellect of Bruce Banner it was amazing to watch this movie and
see Banner and Hulk as one person and the way he won that impossible fight
again he stopped looking through the eyes of fear he looked through the eyes
of faith he changed how he was looking at the situation and
again you can apply this diving deep into the character of Tony Stark an
incredible fascinating character arc this guy has where you have Iron Man one
where he’s all like this is my private property
no that’s Iron Man 2 You want my property you can’t have it but I did you a big
favor I have successfully privatized world peace all the way to Civil War where he
wants to hand over his freedoms we need to be put in check whatever form that
takes I’m game what changed fear and Avengers he saw
something he couldn’t comprehend and fought an alien army in Iron Man 3 he’s
going through the post-traumatic stress of that event and then you dive from Iron
Man 3 in age of Ultron where he acts on that fear and ends up creating the
fearsome Ultron himself finally after all of that you get the Civil War where
he doesn’t even trust himself anymore and he’s ready to hand over those
freedoms and you see him starting to build back up being a mentor to Peter
Parker getting back together with Pepper Potts and finally you get into Endgame
and I like the beginning of this movie where you have a weak sickly Tony Stark
finally coming back to earth and he is ticked off anger fear and biggest of all
was resentment resentment had really built up in him against cap and when he
sees Captain America I mean he lets it rip saying I wanted to put a suit of
armor around the world you said no and we’ll die together or we’ll lose
together and guess what we lost we lost together and I get it that pain that
fear that loss had to have been incredible when the movie time jumped
five years into the future something changed in Tony’s life he got together
with Pepper Potts they had a little girl together and that type of perfect love
in his life began to chase out fear it began a work in him that began to undo
that resentment it began to change the way he was looking at things and so now
there’s this impossible fight how do you undo half of the universe being gone and
dusted how do you undo that I don’t think you can especially when they all
go to where Thanos is sitting on that garden planet they cut off his head well
not they Thor cuts off his head because he already destroyed all
the Infinity stones it’s impossible you cannot fight this fight you cannot gain
back what has been lost it has utterly been dusted until a change of mine comes
ant-man gets out of the quantum realm and reveals this knowledge that if we
can figure out how to navigate the quantum realm and navigate those times
vortexes we can pop out at a different time we can collect the stones we can
change things but Tony is still a little bit in the mindset of fear and it’s
interesting because it is a bit of the mindset of fear about the same time it’s
very justified because look at where Tony’s at he’s got the love of his life
Pepper Potts and the love of his life a little daughter I mean in the midst of
tragedy in the midst of pain this man has found the brightest light so I think
this ups the stakes in the movies in the movie especially because it’s not let’s
go time-travel and change the past because Tony doesn’t want the past
changed he has found the greatest love in his life and you know what you have
to assume in this movie in the span of five years you’ve got to assume that
people moved on in some degree and found some measure of love in their life and
found some measure of goodness and so it’s not just Tony that doesn’t want the
goodness he’s found undone but it’s like you can’t undo the goodness others have
found either but what you can do is do your best to bring back those that were
lost but they couldn’t solve the problem of time travel or how to travel through
the quantum realm and here’s the deal Tony was afraid of losing the light the
love the goodness that he had gained in his life and so he actually discovered
how to travel through the quantum realm and debated within himself whether to
not use that time machine whether to tell them this stuff or not to let it
sit put it in a lock box and drop it at the bottom of a lake because he did not
want to lose what he had see herein is what love does love reminded him yeah
you might be able to put it in the lockbox and drop it in a lake but you
would never be able to rest hmm such a powerful line in such a
foreshadowing line that’s what love did love changed his mindset so instead of
this time acting on fear the way he did when he
created an Ultron this time he acted on faith
this time he acted on love and he brought the knowledge of how to navigate
the quantum realm to the Avengers so they could go back in time collect the
stones and have this ultimate battle and I’m telling you in this analysis there
are so many things that I could dig into how about Captain America and his
steadfastness through tragedy and how his steadfastness and his leadership and
his strength was inspiring and was the full backbone and muscle that just
inspired them to do what they needed to do what about the smartness of ant-man
there he is seeing his daughter all grown up missed so much of his life
but man he had a plan and he knew what to do to bring back those that were gone
I mean it’s amazing when you look at these Avengers and not just their powers
and their outer strength and you look at their inner strength there’s so much we
can dig deep into and analyze in this movie so much that this movie has given
us but man I’m loving the idea of this we have these impossible fights that we
fight in life but half the time they’re only impossible because that’s how I
mind see them half the time they’re impossible because we keep acting out of
fear we keep acting out of a fear of loss we keep acting in that way rather
than looking at what’s in front of us with the eyes of faith jesus said when
you stand praying whatever you ask for in my name believe you’ve already
received it and you will have it he said speak to your mountains and they will be
removed and cast into the sea is that impossible yes but with God all things
are possible so when we change our mindset from this is impossible and I’m
afraid of what I’m gonna lose I’m afraid of what’s gonna happen but we move our
mindset to God with whom all things are possible then it changes things Tony did
pay the ultimate sacrifice in this movie but I think that’s the ultimate
testament to his character arc that he put aside fear and he acted in faith and
if you want my personal view as a believer yes he paid with his life but
man oh man can you imagine what happened after life can you imagine him truly
entering his rest the way we enter that rest with Jesus is our faith in Him it
might seem impossible that we could be saved
it might seem in the dirt that’s on us to be removed but
when we look at God with whom all things are possible and place our faith in him
the rest that we enter with him in this life and then the rest we get when this
life is over is just absolutely incredible so when you watch avengers
endgame what do you see in this movie let’s talk about that in the comments
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Gonna watch endgame for the 3rd time today, it's probably beat my record watching revenge of the Sith 9 times at theater 😏

This Movie is EPIC…..I Really want to see it the 2nd time. That's how amazing it is. Plus as a writer, I got some inspiration for the plot and character arcs…..plus as a christian myself, I feel like the word you spoke is really Inspiring and stir up my soul. I used to live in fear until yesterday I gave everything to God and just walk in faith.


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