Athiest asks ‘what about STONING HOMOSEXUALS?’ #islam #morality

Athiest asks ‘what about STONING HOMOSEXUALS?’ #islam #morality

I usually don't allow my sexuality where 100 years ago you a tabudi sang it's terrible it's wrong who's where I'm a UX or the greater hundred years ago we would be having church Sergey believe you are fors leaving it's fine to be gay like we're pendants moral comfort altruism meaning like okay the most primers for example if you have a some people have more tendency to gather information that's actually something some people so if we've agreed the point that we're born with a certain morality we've also I'd like to get to the point where you believe that I've said – I believe the one that created me has given me more of my morality you you've been quite happy that almost process of people gathering together and creating laws that you follow whether we talked about the age of consent objecting to that so so what what do you believe are you born with with that or is that to say this event I think before every vote most people think it's bad maybe the person has yes I think we'll just know that that's bad I mean most of us you never want to hurt children like yes functioning if you just check normal people whenever you look at the child you will almost automatically smile yeah but then is like it should be 15 16 17 years most are just you know those are stuff that were just debating I don't know what the right answer is I don't think there's a right now yes yes but less saying both of our paradigms are correct they're saying there is a god for me and I'm taking my morality from a creator when you still set us a lot stronger position what you've what your base is saying is we're born with a certain morality our own laws as we go along which may change depending on you know different things that happen you are you are susceptible to following morality that I would do guide you is wrong because obviously for me morality is objective what's right here is what it is it's not something that can change overseas something is bad you will still follow so I gave you the example cannibalism it's kind of is about some tribe the tribe does it and they believe it's fine what gives them I'm arguing for Islam there are the religions that may say different things I'm obviously a Muslim and I'm I mean I'm saying like how can you prevent that I'm a healer and I'm not gonna argue that all religions are right I wish you believed in one villager then you're an atheist who we're kind of ivory matching nose on all giggling that once these people are lucky you can get to keep the stone homosexual or now is it now we're getting into where have you got to Stein homosexuals is this interesting you may look now I think now there's some I mean the now we're going into the real we all your your you'll be on Islam in the comedy that you can stone homosexual so why you asking me if I believe it's fine if you don't even know example for me let me let me land this point for me if I fought that your ideology stone homosexuals I would go and read their and see that you've just gone with what people have said and you've come and judge me but I'm a person that's a lonely question to us Joe that's a low discussion to Muslim which exposed which is expose that you are willing to go and look into the actual original you know for me I would go looking for the source as you really believe that you know because there's so many crazy losers around I'm not gonna plan you have to just believe them all you're happy to just take it in and go yet those know each other aya Christians do you go for just pure logic like like you can argue for what everyone but the song is based on logic and reason agree with like take it right yeah yeah of you told me good God tells you that something must happen I don't care about it I thought tells me that they're getting you know special messages I get that point but you're you're avoiding my question because at you here to greet you I believe you believe in Islam they start on the section I know that they do it the country's Islamic contraband they use is the lady their life they may they may do some horrific things in Christian countries they may do some horrific things in atheist country Sweden a group of people killed killed somebody I wouldn't come up to to and say oh you know your Swedish I would look into the reasons why they did it yeah you see my point without yeah every time never happened they've used Islam as an excuse yeah so what do you say you take that you take that on board and you say yes and you say you're so you're essentially and so we've we've gone on I'm seeing you can always longer leader but not only is your morality from people your your your even your world perceptions of other people is from media and from from these let's get back to cuz I'm really interested because we often do you I'm not saying you do I believe you say why you are so there are I mean you have degree there are Muslim kind of big like Islamic countries now are stoning or hurting them sexually there are many countries there are there and they are using Islam as an excuse yes are they so how do we know because they keep saying about this objective morality and if you were from that country you'd believe that so because from what I've gathered for the issue you are but shall educate you on on get on homes which resonates on do you want to know okay so in Islam is that in Islam you can't be punished ports in your head so you are a gay man yeah but so if you have sex with another man yes if you have a sec to another man yeah there's there's various conditions to this and in its verge leads to the point oh you'd have to be almost docking you have to be doing it in public because there has to be four witnesses there is a lot of it's almost impossible to catch that person but obviously the law is in place in Islam the laws are there in place to show you is to show you sorry so then it's okay to execute a person that is the dog okay if you shall take two men were having sex over there they would be they would be subject to the law in this country it's not just Islam yeah but you know you're the key to execute that perfect if they if they are having gay sex in public yeah they're like and you just really yeah I don't think you should be executed for that with that well that's where we disagree but but but you said yes like people over like nonviolent whether more have I said – I believe I believe groomers should be do you believe do you believe they should have cut generally just the same reason I don't believe in it is clear the reason you don't find it abhorrent the two men are having sex out in public it's progressive you've taken in from your society I just imagine your children are there but it makes you punishment why of limit let me wash this wire punishments in place why why doesn't why does the country has hot punishments is it because it wants to kill everyone or is it a deterrent to make sure that you don't have too many it seems to me you're fine to go around it men having sex over their eyes final work I won't all right I think human life is precious human eyes great pressures yeah yeah do you agree that you're not you're not you're are you ever gonna have sex with men in public no so you don't need to worry about this worry yeah your life is safe like you don't execute people we don't even have capital any mayor's point to them because this is another morality thing if I was having this chat to 100 years ago you'd be saying to me that have to punish it's fine because your your morality is subjective your al Ahmar dope you've almost got 11 e you've got a left the AC of atheist morality I'm great right wing okay interesting but you think it's fine to have two gay people having sex in public no I didn't think I think it's I think it's like yeah I mean it's wrong oh I think I think the pendulum Paula Jeff I'm raising my voice for me Islam has the punishments are they're bad that they're a bad consciously place the reason is because some people in society needs need that de terrible okay would you agree with that I mean the best go back to pedophilia a PDF I think needs a deterrent not so I think to protect your children in your society for two years and have a real serious thing if your experts say you know what all pedophiles need is they need two weeks rehabilitation and in America what because I know that once you done good endure exactly but if they are you're relying on it you know because your opinions available because you're not your you're just going to do research there's other scientists can say you've done right the world like a falsification test let's do that two weeks of we have a vision which picture for life or say yeah but you'd agree with that if it were to picture my life if we knew for sure then I'm saying you got children no I promise you if you have children you know for you a very different to be very very different yeah of course I don't think like me personally I probably won't but you do want them to let me I'll after we are born are you enjoying this conversation you know a comfortable I apologize I apologize if I'm raising my voice to I don't want this to be because I think this is interesting because atheism to me is the fastest-growing religion otherwise okay okay so fastest-growing like seeing a lot of religious people are it's almost people believe that atheists are have an intellectual superiority and religious people are dumb and I think I've got that from you earlier on when we have Cooper listening to you scares me because because you are you are actually fine in your morality being decided by experts no you're willing to have children in society you're willing to have you know you're willing to have gay people over there having sex I believe that what next what next first of all I will next view and then you've got no you've got no objective morality to make these things trip tomorrow generally people violence like the children for example [Laughter] so that's coming my and this is it your you've acquired this and I'll be honest to you my – of mine I've taken mine from the Quran you know we're arguing but like a sailor in summary for me and you know you may find it scary that maybe someone who's religious is looking for certain laws partial or looser it scares me more that there are people who are willing to kind of allow things to just slip down use our traditional values in the country let's go on what we spoke about gay marriage yeah but what it's like if two gays get married how does that person the interesting question that's a good question so it doesn't have any particularly but I'm if I have children they growing up in the society in Islam you're all you're thinking about yourself in Islam it's about yourself and also about society so for a cohesive society to work gay marriage does it is not it's not a good thing and you agree no you said yeah I guess I'm talking to a man that said it's okay for two men to have sex on the street so you know probably marriage if you claim something give me the free I'll tell you I'll tell you what for me gay marriage so marriage is a religious ceremony let's say christianity christianity is against it so I think it is obviously a sign of that that religion is obviously losing its personal values there's things like civil ceremonies which may be different I mean I would personally agree with that either but I'd rather you said that rather than the green bouquet marriage I mean I generally as long as people enough hurting anybody else come by or whatever they do yes be nicer up then I'm a now so that scares me that's good because you should know I'm pretty sure care of other people okay I promise you look it like if your issue already if your child is doing whether we're talking about the moment you are I don't care because they're just very precious they know how yummy do you want right that's the police they're denying it you already know but the police are like the loss basically they're in the local environment I mean we're giving this state but it's another example I work we were going biopsy are you where Islam prohibits alcohol so there is an example where you might be okay for one beer but what if we have people in society that their lives are being Bruins well you know everyone was questioned you see as I've gotten the beer in their hand people lose their families over let's take gambling is another one people losing their houses people so I might say for me cam is not right and now comes arrival but how of care of society I care about you so I don't want you to become an alcoholic when you lose a loved one returning to beer I don't want you to lose your house I want the best for you illegal I care it's a really regulated so there's like four four casinos alcohol is also extremely regulated so we all know like God monopoly if it's interesting we would probably if we went down the line of these things for green and society would probably ever be an agreement of a lot of these things doesn't take the risk there's no funny business treats I would say that an example or when you like the first thing I said an atheist believe they are intellectually superior but did you get that feeling me as a religious person now when I speak to somebody because I'm religious they almost assumed that I'm sort of brainwashed or I don't have the thing I think in that conversation we had a really nice guy but I think he exposed the fact that his morality is changing its subsets of subjection to whatever society decides and I think it's quite it's quite a scary thought when you hear people saying it's fine for two people to have sex over there it's fine as long as they're not hurting me I'm fine and I think you know like I said for me Islam cares not only about the individual but society and I think people do need to not just turn a blind eye and then this liberalism isn't it's I can do what I want as long as I'm not hurting anyone and to me that's a scary concept and it's probably one of the reasons why are why you know why Islam appealed to me as an Englishman so

Assalamu aleikum brother Jordan, someone has just taken his shahada and I'm at loss as to what to say to him or tell him what he should do next. Do you have any websites or books that you can recommend? Is it possible for him to contact you, or do you know anyone who can lend him help?

Wow… super Great explanation from brother Jordan, almost brought the atheist to silence.
And as usual most of atheists don't want to look like losing so they make excuses and acting like they are smart by having empty/weak argument/refutation.

In Sweden you have the right to be a terrorist posted on your Facebook page
Acts that incite terrorism and follow up on thousands of followers

And incites them to go to Syria and Iraq to fight

And join terrorist groups there

The terrorist groups in Sweden are working in social networking sites

They have the right to publish anything related to terrorism

And incite Muslims to fight

Brunei has implemented stoning to DEATH for sodomy rape adultery robbery and insulting the prophet. Is this just? also why not do lesbians recieve the same punishment. 40strokes of a cane and or a max of 10 yr sentence in jail is a far cry from Death

3:41 He should have said ‘throw homosexuals off of roofs’ …..because that HAS happened !!!

As a doctor let me inform u that the main reason why HIV transforms to AIDS is untraditional sex …male sperm has immunosuppressive function but woman's physiology protects her body from it in traditional type of sex…so evrth that teaches our religion makes sense…

Pedophile society is a big problem. Britain is in top 5 countries with the highest pedophiles. The biggest religion in the world is money where most people get thier ethical and moral behaviour justification. If all men become gay then thier be no more humans being born end of society that's why it is against the teaching of Islam. Islam is persevering our humanity with mum and dad its the only natural. Everything else is brainwashing, programming, social engineering and social conditioning. The punishment is more a detergent rather than actions because society has to have to be eveluated before any individual is punished.

Depends on your Definition of violence? Does your Butt hurt? Also according to Health Professionals is it a Healthy thing to do?
If it's not healthy then what's the difference between it and drug use?

Definition of Violence
"behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt" im sure it hurts……

Masha Allah. Good discussion Jordan.
Keep this up And Hamzah will be out of the job lol. Joking aside you have a good manner in which you discuss certain issues. Keep it up.

Under Liberalism, can someone GUARANTEE Me that Incestuous relationships will NOT be legal in a few years? As long as they use Contraceptives and thus are not "hurting anyone else", it would be ok right? Cuz we can redefine words like "love" just as Transgenders have redefined "gender". Liberalism/Utilitarianism/Postmodernism are cancers 2 society. The cure is Islam yet they will never even give it a chance in reflecting on it. A shame. You don't have 2 blow up the West, they are slowly imploding from within by their own hands.

But say if a certain people was to eat the flesh of dead humans rather than bury etc under their logic is that ok? Cause they are dead to it's not hurting anyone


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