[ASMR] Hearthstone Ranked: Chef Nomi Priest

[ASMR] Hearthstone Ranked: Chef Nomi Priest

hey everyone welcome back to the midnight sessions today I think this time will play me breathe now I will admit I did already try to record this or go to the opening we had a couple of good games but I like the impression I got from that is that this deck is good at the moment like good ish I'm just not very good at it there are a couple games that I lost work out of one if I played optimally sorry but for those of you died Marion this deck is built around a chef Nami and what chef Anatomy does is when you play her if your deck has no meaning Tina my cards are you can its that tells your pot with six sixes so you're gonna get to the bar that deck is quickly as possible um yeah I could have played the Northshire but I don't like just dumping the dogs both Shia and I get started especially against something that's remove with his mage I want to wait until I can guarantee a drawer of it there's a good chance that we're about to be cycling I know what they just play countess about that that's okay what kind of mage this isn't it runs counter spell let's draw heavy is this some sort of come by deck I would like to gather this what I want that more health oh this guy can't spell anyway it doesn't matter yeah I can't now probably kill this that's actually it's tricky because if you just kill this it aren't the drove on whereas if you if you leave it up potential it drill small but then this can't go pretty nuts so you basically want to draw the boat on that deck so we have a couple of catches hands we have a lot of one and sorry Madison if we draw so I think this is an important card to come back what you do is you throw out your ID chef know me because I've got seven mana on the same to you silence to put another one in your hand and you do that twice so that post you can play three chef thaimee so usually you don't need to let in some matchups I haven't played against the deck okay we need to fast I think I think we just go for make it out get out your arm Topsy this we just need to make sure we don't mail I can't become Jaime okay that wasn't a bad day we found the gun nine cards left we've got one contravention if we drop Iron Man so we are in that exquisite spot yeah we really need to hurry up because I'm a little bit worried that I just kind of get run over by big things that's why we have stuff like grave all right man that's why in the deck this two masses Darius oh that's just a requirement I like the genius is the real okay okay what's done this shunt Rojo deck can we kill him so hey this which are us three ma I know this dresser formal I can't this is fine and then last one it doesn't matter what it is oh we didn't have to do that actually No thank you I'm silly because we would have drawn the card next and anyway next time we play chef and I mean seance that's fine that's fine I think that's great well less likely to die okay Shirley hits that unless he grates it and me it's that matter reservoir is this some sort of come by this feels like some stuff like janky gone by braced Alexstrasza okay well in that case I actually have two nicest area wow that's actually perfect define him great horror okay man alexstrasza that's really put us in the dead am i took one there yeah that's fine that's why I'm gonna do this we should be in the dark a spot here as long as they don't run like Deathwing but I think there's anything that he can play here he's got another country is calling as well because this was that yeah this was the Transpo frost Nova why can't be taking three damage okay Wow I think we have to do this I'll be dead anyway dead nine ten eleven twelve yeah what Dad but dead if they don't try to clean it it's possible that they don't realize they have lethal this is the trap with this deck oh man if I hadn't taken that extra four take we might be living in we're taking like four or five less damage oh this is the trap with this deck is that he's gone to fatigue immediately and you just have to hope that he can stick it in I mean even a wax we can see him that's it oh wait happy you've got the good thing if that running mana reservoir then they must have had some better as much as I like saying go compass that was no guarantee he was gonna be able to do it anytime soon okay sorry that was my ADA he probably heard a lot of the video slightly it is extremely cold at the moment and usually I try to turn her off for the videos I think if I do that Oh freeze okay I don't want to keep seance would be nice this guy has a clarity anything you do that's interesting I wonder if I just silence that I may not have enough date now that's fine draw a heavy deck it's possible that this is that's interesting Mary's not to do that now unless he's got a shout out at night this is usually two guards at least it is clerics nice it's just a ten light that's why these clerics oh do be dead cat friend god I used to play this is an extremely gravy play okay drove three more recycle that I didn't think what worried about getting mailed I'm gonna go for it I'm gonna throw that out then I'm gonna let him try to mail me if he can't hold out to him he's going for it you see we've got we've got all the pots of the cover we need that's everything okay I just have to like get to dead nine at the very least let me think about this if we okay so we've got four tens before he can drop the combo if I draw 6 cards now because I hit what did their fault what did their fall that's too many fine fine fine six counts okay we're on the razor's edge here manwich got both mass hysteria is just in case something I should anything like what death rental stuff could they walked is this like the mega thing back at the end list because if so he he wants to get to the party stag as well oh boy do I wish I had my my sounds six five cats left in the deck three tens this is correct yeah cuz I don't want to draw any more cause I think I think we guaranteed to get at least one more drawer out of days okay okay good tickets left this is whether I think but I think we can have time this perfectly to get it out on turn nine like and what could this guy be that's one mass hysteria gone by the way which is the only way that they have to clean I don't want to play that Tim Isis Terry is it basically the only way they have to clear this combat so unless they've got alexstrasza room ten nine should be fine they got twelve eleven okay well we should have this I'd be very surprised if we managed to lose this game now we've got to regenerate okay so this is 36 damage so I have to clear at least I'm sorry this is 42 times I have to clear at least three semesters Terry all right yeah that's fine Berkeley that you're a bunch of cards they must be the cathode deck they make it that neck fire nice going for it belamis once he does the combo he just wins I have to do that because I don't want him to get I am gonna restore health to myself but be very surprised if this Merriman's unless I put a deal six damage do everything considering its it's a one health you'd have to you'd have to have like office and stuff he's coming party but now convinced isn't it Mecca third deck Holly fire that's fine okay we did it oh it feels good to win this game probably chef 90 day off the fun deck basically this deck gets like Raja my really strong mid-range decks you can see if I had the occupy in the deck I don't think I actually need it in fact I might take it out now it's basically just dad to deal with like I cry so Dex but I guess at the same time guess like it wasn't in the decklist but i taked it in because I thought maybe a just a shutout death was something I could be interesting just a deal with like this a lot of a lot of a big big thing back slightly yeah I think one shadow of death is I can't must do I'm okay this is one of those decks where I played it for ages when I when I infest build it and then I didn't play a hood for a while so when I planted last when I tried to record it I was awful at it because I think this deck really requires a lot of practice just to sort of know what's right like you can say in that game that was I kept very specific amount of drawer I wanted to do and against appraised I really could have overdone it I think we played that lost game this is just like MechWarrior above Mario he's really get these out here before before he has any sort of easy why the glib is I've been saying a lot of bum Mario recently I'm not gonna do that I'm not gonna here with it because I don't wanna like he didn't have execute an execute thing last time but like I really don't want to take any chances if I make this Grady wrench Calabar okay well at least we get one card off the Aguilar yeah catch it sounds interesting well there's an upside and a downside to having a bomb in a deck the downside is obviously we have to draw the whole deck and get all of the bones the outside is there's a good chance we'll a lot of if that sucks but at the same time we've got a pretty neat catch it's into ten six ten zigzag up like this is five a spell so we can play ten six to our five dots make this guy five minutes pretty pretty good elack okay so we need to deal with that I'm not sure we have a way to deal with it oh we do if we hit is this upgrades now or if we draw another dog she did I'm gonna weigh office hats I might actually wait till today and like where the free Lily's wedding till next time may be till today though I think 10-8 is a bit too greedy yeah no it's definitely decorating you've gotta do it now say okay I'm an idiot we didn't have to I are such an idiot topsy-turvy there's a good chance of he died actually now that I think well that's a day some chance the white daddy yeah they needs to damage from and or her bomb this is not a good matchup for us I'm guessing but it's not actually when I played before if I can't remember he's got face does the avatar is he just having a gamble okay well but not necessarily dead here yeah I can't we had it I'm lucky I think we could have stabilized maybe but then such a powerful God that there's a good chance we would have we would have just died I think otherwise we'll always have that one game where he played really really well I will throw at me back in God I need him right now I gotta be Grady and I'm gonna kick this game just to kiss this guy may know something well okay this is all of a sudden they're in the bad hand I shouldn't have done that maybe we'll get it or just win the game nothing much sort of like mid-range II almost control nothing particularly aggressive yeah I'm not even sure there's like a bit specific like galvanized I can't say this is running the MEK wreckage in that case I'm glad that I have mass hysteria that would just be nice to draw sort of like any minute at all I'm sorry miss that's a silent it sucks one of eight days but sometimes it has to be done particularly by my side very far behind on the board what kind of dumped eye catches and next turn just believe it's gotta be its greatest gadgets into it you've ever seen it's good chance of dying but we've got a mass hysteria here I think the question is do we silence this I think was hot sad because there's a better chance that that's the best that's fine and do you now he's got one less attack now he doesn't your God we really really really do need to draw okay well I never grab the sounds I really need to catch a 10 now otherwise we just gonna sort of selfie oh okay fire okay Wow holding onto the Kachin century this has gotta be the worst and possible like I guess with the bar we can actually clear a decently sized board like an OP this bought mine it exactly catches him and like exactly grave hearth I can't let's see how we can do very generate right generate little scam before heal this guy I don't care that this is gets yelled yes now we've got a little skin for it again this campus caucus I badly what a shock of the game watch means your captive dead catch a thing now great awesome we can't wait in this game there's no way ball of out gotcha and like the bottom off of that day that's fine I always bet just a joke okay I don't want to leave it on that let me let me say how long we've been cooking for said III I don't care what okay because I don't want to leave it on something that's a bit small as that I'm greedy I know this videos running a bit long but paladin now I'm gonna keep the silencing because I've been seeing a fair bit of mega paladin like the ones that make three massive mix and then goes a Masami this one used to be a secret paladin double sacrifice avenge I doubt they'd run repentance but if they do I suppose when I get my god oh geez okay so this is some sort of hell paladin then that's really interesting I don't think I've played against days before like I've seen this God be played and like constructed yeah we kind of really saw that because he's gonna have a any concert go he's trying to have least another one it's a twin spell um so this is gonna be really interesting we may have to do is 60 damage if indeed we can live that long I gotta try something out okay either way hoping for a big buyer Matt's done oh well I being before a big catch Atlanta I this fine if it's your apartment so we'll do that okay so it's catch center okay noise damn sure four day okay I don't date it's not a bad he dealt with his dealing him in a lot we've drawn a fifty god we've got a pirate man's attack coming out but she's gotta clear his boat okay that's fine my god six cut in the deck I don't care if I mill anything what if I got that got my chef my me I've got by the Sansa's I've got by the mysterious actually is this is a job okay wow that's a combo if we do that we just malacara that's maybe actually but I've done this room oh it's fine actually okay we can probably do the gumbo next down which is pretty good actually sorry my brains not quite big enough is this gonna be a viral quality yes that's actually great for us cuz he's just he's absolutely not playin around Oh do you say what a scumbag that's frustrating oh no okay damn I just said he said he had we can do this shuffling corrupted blood and age play his deck oh he's come he's gonna clean one of these and he's gonna start making a steak insane amounts of damage but he does have to clear the board so this is 38 oh we might actually have to mass hysteria but now I said I think we do it anyway I don't waste time thanks for watching everything

Hi there, new subscriber here! Your Hearthstone videos are really good, especially that one with the gum chewing. I'd love to see a Hearthstone video with hard candy, if you like eating them ofc


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