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ladies and gentlemen we have a lot to talk about today good I'm not convinced what we're going to talk about is a bad thing yet okay to be bad great I'm sure to be good as well gonna throw this out to you guys but we're also gonna really talk about how this whole thing worked it's so unnecessary and how close it is to be something really cool yet slightly misses the mark and shoots it in a completely argumentative sort of quagmire that's gonna upset some players and annoy others and make other people relatively happy I think okay we're talking about the benthic lottery oh okay lottery so as many of you have probably realized recently if you've been checking out streams and taking part discussions and of course preparing for raid so this is really a Raider topic and is that the benthic armor has the or is in many cases for several classes and specs actually the best possible armor you can get spoil your character for the entire tier and that is good I'm completely okay with that I want to say that right now I think that's completely okay that's it it's your best we actually have Richards abyss that's what people wanted right hey oh they give with one hand no it's not you guys think that it's not well here's why okay let's let's just get to the video I've already paused twice three times in one minute that's not how we wanted there be can we just get it nice and wrapped up in a nice tidy package why must it be this way Blizzard I don't know so if you're unsure as to how a max upgraded benthic peace which is 45 can either even come close to beating a 4 5 5 which is what the max Titan Forge will be when the gear it's a secondary stat so for the effect it's simple the benthic armor comes with affixes right it's also seen this in the new zone as guitar and some of those are they're suffering from the same problem as the essences which means they are generic bonuses across a whole slew of classes and specs yeah one thing we know all the classes are X play differently that's a good thing variety is the spice of life but Blizzard is fighting this war with themselves that their gear is boring they're fully aware of it they're quite admit I'd open about it to be honest Israelis talk convention with the guy who designed World of Warcraft salute way back in the day where they knew back that is like a luau it's not soaring dude and it kind of needs to be because when we make super weird items it tends to fuck up the game somewhere yeah really screwed that's what makes it good and I know some people are like screw balance let's just have fun that's fine in like a sandbox world of like Diablo and things like that but when you apply that to a persistent world MMO it really sucks I've played an imbalanced MMO this is the only thing that happens is everybody plays one spec because yes the imbalanced one everybody plays it and the whole game becomes just like hunters that would be its final destination Fox only no items like what he's saying is kind of true you go and you watch a private server a private server video that there they have like you know 20 rogues 20 warriors and you know somehow there's other people in there as well that's true like obviously people always gravitate towards a meta and this is going to happen in any game that's not dynamic and changing regularly I don't really know how much you can really fix that I again would be Holmes's because they're broken right and then suddenly it's like rogues the broken one and yes we're having all this imbalance crazy fun everybody just plays a rogue it's super boring it doesn't work it generally ruins the whole game so these affixes are things like bonus critical strike damage right so exemple but remember this is on one item and this item still comes with secondary stats and main stats it's not like it's void of all the other stuff that the mythic piece would have yeah stacks now if you're a character I'm just making this simple if you're a character who crits heavy and a lot then bonus critical strike damage is massive it's so big it's so much extra damage yeah that's even 30 is fucking great stats can't beat the fact that your characters producing all this extra damage and these bonus critical strikes right so that's how you need to think about it this is how powerful some of these are fixes are now it varies on a spec by spec basis of how good I need benthic pieces of mist for you in some cases it's like four pieces I think from here take the real forest is something like that the same quest easy content now the best armor you're going to get and the important thing to remember this and this is why some people are really having a problem with this okay is that it's the best armor you can get before like the new raid and the new mythic plus season even starts you have like potentially four slots don't already if you have a crafting profession are two crafting professions that's another three slots of gear which are pretty much done because with crafting professions you can get your best possible stats even though again the item level isn't scary great you can get the best possible stats and a guaranteed gem slot which is huge huge bonus to your layout and it would take a ridiculously good super rare really difficult to get drop to replace an idyllic piece of gear which is what you can get from professional slots and that takes up another three so that's like seven of your character slots the neck obviously I'm not going to replace because it's the harvester aha shit that's too bad and then we think about asura armor which is relatively abundant and once you've got it it doesn't do anything else right cuz it's kind of harken back to this old one you can old system of tier gear where you can kind of see the conflicts in what Blizzard tries to do now where they're still trying to mix it with like the old systems and it's causing this like muddled and it's really I know what they don't know that's basically whether cylinder which like done and dusted so you have in some cases like ox nearly eleven slots of gear which are done like really really quickly when the new season starts not only that the remaining slots which like trinkets and weapons and things like that they can also be gained for a mythic plus which is a non-stop farmville content that I I hate that like the fact that you have to go and farm mythic plus for these trinkets and gear and stuff I found it it's just so boring like it just takes forever and if mythic blessed enough titan forging I think it was fine but the problem is that mythic West does have titan forging which means that you have to go in there constantly do wake rest manner to farm out some bullshit trinket and then whenever the next season comes out you have to do it again and you never get the best item and so I actually yeah I'm happy that the benthic items are in the game because at least then you have the item that you want and you you can make it and craft it yourself and it's Biss baby the site and lotion there but you get the idea that you can just keep trying and you can't get a look at that but overall some players are looking at this going I have so little character progression to look forward to before the new content even really comes out and that's a really sad facts for a lot of people to face and understandably so what are the pros to this system let's talk about the pros obviously from like a casual players perspective we can look at this and say I'm getting really good armor without having to take part in any multiplayer content at all and we know there's a lot of people who for some fucking reason and it just still blows my mind play a massively multiplayer online game and desperately do not want to take part in the multiplayer aspects of it and are more than happy to yeah all quests yeah that's true and we've seen many posts recently of people who are doing emissary quests like 7 or 8 times a day on 7 or 8 different characters and that's their gameplay which is hours and hours of gameplay but they're literally just cycling through emissary quests over and over and over and over again sounds very fun I mean I as I said I think that it the traits and everything are fine and III that this is like one of the examples where this benthic armor is bad for the top like maybe 3 or 5 percent of players but everywhere below that it gives all those players a way to actually progress and move their character forward that they have a certain degree of control over yes obviously the benthic armor is rng what you roll but it's not rng what you upgrade so you basically just roll until you get the item that you want with a socket and then you upgrade that up I think that is a very very good combination of deterministic RNG versus re deterministic upgrades and power with a little bit of RNG I think that's fine it's my opinion oh wow Thank You seracs holy shit thank you dude and now they they're probably pretty happy that they're going to get the best piece but now I say this is a Raider problem because it is a problem in Guitar Mecca go I think and the eternal palace the new raid okay it doesn't work you mythic plus so the bantha gamma doesn't take effect of these extra bonuses in myth it plus so for that you will need to get extra gear it doesn't work in PvP either so it's a very raid a specific problem yeah it's sure okay so I don't ever want to lose their minds like Oh everybody's getting the best gear in the world dead easy no but for Raiders this is the case and it's also led to the been take lottery what is the benefit lottery well as people have started working out that this Penta Karma is so powerful the trick has been of course so you get as many cap salts as you have throw them through nice guitar very quickly and on your first I'm getting a for an Italian sea banner pearls which is the currency to buy been together each piece only cost five mana pearls so you can run a character through there and in an hour or so you'll have 8c mana pearls and then you can just buy an absolute ton of braces if braces happens to be your battle to see anything wrong with this send them all to your main character so this whole purpose of your character is just to get mana pearls to buy this armor that this character is never going to use send it over to your main character and then just sit there and play the lottery and hope that it will proc the correct piece because there are multiple ethics is personal because you're not at operator well you're absolutely right very and I'm not do you think that the perceived problem by top Raiders with this system should influence the entire game like preaches that he's a very high-end Raider just because some players are no yeah of course not of course not like this is a good system for 95% of the player base that doesn't even really it it hurts a little bit of the progression that like high-end Raiders have but I mean the progression system was orangey to begin with it was a shit progression system anyway just keep watching like four or five different types of braces get the right one with a gem slot because that means that you have the best one and that's the one you can upgrade indefinitely and you'll be fine and dandy so this is where it's led a lot of players to be doing who care about character progression so I think we should probably mention here the guys who think this is toxic if if you're if your mindset is that people who play an RPG care about their character progression and want their characters to be the best thing you possibly can sounds good sick I'd kind of lost in the discussion with you I really am at this better fucking Italy normal to me that if you're playing an RPG you want your character to be as strong as it possibly can be that's what would make sense I don't see by that I don't see would this grow it this seemingly growing mind sir and it might not be the mindset that that is somehow a bad thing it seems like almost pawing at people for doing well and going you suck like a schoolyard bully thing that's what it feels like to me anyway okay so this is what's happening this is what's going in the game right now I'm taking part in it myself because I'm a Raider of course I want to get the best time of my coach I'd be doing facing very difficult bosses of course I would my character being the best it can be will probably help in order to defeat those bosses probably yes it's multiplied by my entire guild to doing the exact same thing yes as are most guilds across the entire playerbase right now who are looking forward to the new eternal powers right okay now the negatives of this let's be reasonable here the negatives of this one much less character progressions look forward to in general right that's just going to be a thing the potential for farm raiding is what bothers me the most actually along with the next point I'm going to make these these next two points of my most concerning if there's very little if there's very little character progressions to be done once the bosses die what's the incentive to keep playing at all it's kind of the same issue we had with aldea where it became very apparent that the gear was so seasonal the farming raids and sticking together with your teammates and doing that kind of thing was kind of becoming a total waste of time it is it's a complete waste of time like going back after you clear the raid once there's no reason to go back why so you can get the same piece of gear but this time it has a sock on it maybe you can get the same piece of gear but maybe he hits five item levels higher what kind of a fucking idiot dedicates specific nights of their week to go in there to roll the lottery on a piece of gear to hopefully get five extra item levels on it only four to get replaced three months later you've got to be a fucking moron so who cares about what happens for farm raids I mean it can from the other pieces anyway right and I really just don't see how this is any sort of a meaningful a problem for anyone except for like maybe a few know why furs that want to progress every single piece of game it's how video games work it's not how wow used to work and Wow was better when it didn't work that way by the way can somebody invited me to a realm that has this rare up I'm trying to get this rare same with mounts what the fuck no because mounts never become invalidated later on if I have invincible I have invincible it's not like there's season 2 invincible and this time he's red and we could just play another game together the problem is that destroys guilds right there I'm sure there's some people out there who've probably never raided who believe that guilds can kill the last boss and then just like just not disband but just stop playing and then come back next season yeah I really hope people don't think that's a good thing the whole point is to build a community and work together to progress and make your guild more powerful that's that's what the whole idea of a guild is in the first place and whatever moles are generally built upon yeah but that's a bad thing I'm worried about is like what's what's the boss's doughnuts like there's really nothing I can get a feel of that was super rare Titan forges which if this is the system going forward and the next season they do the same thing whenever the next raid say comes out is they release some more casual armor which we're just going to have to farm bejeweled and locking ley lines and just tagging mobs yeah there I did not decide yesterday with a three three three rogue that's how easy it is to complete now since our and get all these pearls you don't need anything you can just go in as a fresh card it's designed that way easily I'm that's obviously a big negative like gills Argus right off I want to play and this is the issue you're in sir I want to play World of Warcraft yeah there's really just no reason for me to do it anymore see this is the thing is that I think that yeah obviously these high-end employers are like I want to keep playing but do I think the systems in the game should be changed to create repeat play and repeat rewards for the top 1% of the players I don't think so wait did I kill this rare well wait I killed the rare oh just a second dude just a second I'm altering just tell him to stop DPS tell them to stop you guys tell them to stop EVs I'm gonna go buy them one of the character real quick I just invite my other character we bees okay just a second sorry guys we have a little bit of a delay no no guys just give me one second the rare popped up and we might be able to get it okay let's see here now it's good Ryan assume running nothing it's boring yeah I agree with that I'm just trying to get over here okay faster so Mecca God can you invite Faustus in makig on we bees let me see what was it what server was he on load load load I'm gonna lose my mouth who's the fucking mountain man fuck what server was the junk what server was young what server was young what server boys young let me check right now Kazik okay he's not alright I'm just gonna go I'm just gonna go over to Russ feather I'm so stupid dude actually you know what fuck it I'm just gonna wait for this rare de-spawn no I'm not fuck it I'm going to go I'm going to go to restroom okay and we can't get invite just a second I might be able to get it anyway let's find out sorry I had to pause this video I want to make sure that I can get this uh I get this mount well anyway like what he's saying here is that I don't think like Titan forging I don't think the problem of mythic Raiders right mythic Raiders running out of things to do once they've completed the entire mythic raid is a problem that Blizzard should solve i that doesn't seem like it's a problem like you're done you beat the game it you got it okay awesome and now maybe you can run it a few more times and maybe get the gear trying to No okay maybe you can get the gear it depends but you can just get best in slot and then wait until the next tier comes out or you can do sail runs you can sell the runs to other people there's a million different things that guilds can do and I don't really see the problem but they want to do mount sales and make money well then they can do that it's up to them and they can parse or they can pvp but the the point that I'm trying to make here I don't want to go too much off on a tangent is that this whole idea that like content always has to be infinite for every single type of player is I think toxic and bad for the game a lot of people get a lot out of being finished with something finishing something being done yeah obviously mythic readers want to play constantly but I'm sorry like eight eight weeks in the farm I don't think anybody's looking forward to doing the same fucking bosses again like III did mythic and like heroic raiding like heroic back when were heroic was for years ever since Burning Crusade and after a while I just got fucking tired of it you know what outside you know what I don't get tired of I don't get tired of getting this mal watch this watch this and we'll start the video again Mount God 200 gifted subs if I get the mount right here 200 let's get this done and then we'll get back to the video I do apologize guys for the for the detour but sometimes the mount the mount becomes very important and I didn't get it and I fucking hate this game let's go ahead and keep going with video and that's sad it's really really sad for those guys that's a really understandable point those guys are coming in with ok the second of all the most concerning point I have is how well tuned is it sonal palace going to be if there are some characters which includes mine by the way yeah which will be almost at their maximum potential damage output on day one how well tuned is this raid going to be because we're going to run into one of two scenarios potentially which is either Blizzard hasn't really prepared for this and there are signs of that giving yeah they violently nerfed gems because they just suddenly realized they're way too powerful and they've also given gem slots guaranteed to profession gear and benthic gear can get our slots and now they've realized gem slots too powerful you should have seen that coming which makes me think is the eternal palace going through either one be completely squashed because they're gonna be players going into there that's why any gear progression really happening they're gonna get that's why they miss relatively quickly and they're gonna be super super strong ok that's what you would ordinarily see in a race here which is some sort of character progression week on week on week obviously the world first guilds try and push past that as much as possible but this is a general guess not find what the far is this time around that's not find what the fuck wolfen just a minute wolf in one 1:09 if I had your armory I can guarantee you probably like maybe a normal mode or a heroic Red Raider Road Raider or maybe you know what maybe you do mythic maybe you've killed mythic jana and your guild is world 500 the problem that you have with high-end guilds clearing content quickly is completely % it's completely in your own head it doesn't matter like this whole idea that these guilds and these fights need to be as hard so method can't just wipe the raid and like the first day is stupid that's again them designing the game for the top 1% of the player base and then fucking everybody else up like who cares about 1% of the guilds they should make the fights fulfilling and good not unlike like super ridiculously hard just to make sure that some really really high-end guild they literally plays the game more often than somebody goes to their fucking job is able to be challenged by it it's a completely stupid notion games are made for fun well it's not even about fun it's about making the game fulfilling for everyone and not just designing it for some like micro community people say that about the ease of levelling though that's it's a completely different paradigm because you're doing levelling by yourself and it's based on your own time would be true that wouldn't have four different difficulty levels that's the problem right and how is that done for the game good point yeah you're right so they solved that problem by just creating different versions for the raid and oh wow now everybody gets to do it and nobody cares a lot of guild is going to be the scenario where your characters are very very powerful from day one yeah and maybe squash the raid which I really don't like is raid dislike it and it's done we waited months for this the other side of it is I think who is weed this is a thing right is who is we is we you know method because like if you're like who is we like this is like the top 100 guilds in the world everybody else is probably just playing the game naturally that's what I'm so confused by is nobody else good players if there's not that it's not just good players because there are plenty of good players that don't raid because they don't have time it's so much more than that you're on ironically making casual player arguments oh I am because I care about the health of the game like I'm the most I'm the biggest advocate for casual players and wild that we've ever had and everybody thinks that I'm not I'm yeah I'm the biggest advocate casual players well I want casual players to have a good experience are the reason I want to get LFR out of the game because I think it's bad for casual players casual players are what the game is built around like what what do you mean like it's bad for the its it's a bad experience for them they don't enjoy it you're talking about mythic scaling mythic it's not for casuals or most you're right but the fact that they had to make mythic is because they had this idea in their head that they had to create an entire subset of raids all for these top 100 guilds and it's caused the entire development of raids to become completely contrived and based around the highest type of player and having too many mechanics it's too complex most people don't understand the bosses they don't understand the mechanics so they have to make them super easy and alle far the damage is cosmetic nobody feels good never they complete the boss because there's nothing they have to learn and it just as a bullshit it's just bullshit that's all it's just fucking bullshit it's a terrible system units not like mythic unna where unit was tuned around having best characters like characters that could barely even potentially differ around professor thinking whatever the triangle cos barely do that and the boss was designed around there and their design it this way which means mechanically it's gonna be extraordinarily hard yeah which again is just not an ideal it's not an ideal to have boss reached a point where like units okay my mind and a lot of people are upset about how that was handled but for me it made perfect sense mythic units was designed for guilds that had already killed Jaina in the short window between the next one and gave them a chance to push for something harder whereas gild still working on Jaina weren't going to progress on sir you know it's in a nice niche spot where they could play around with it all I did see a number of people annoyed even though they weren't particularly taking part in it that more girls didn't do myth hakuna however mythic unit was designed with a very specific area of the community in mind given the sharp window it was going to be accessible and of course given the essences were coming which crush uno they destroyed our challenge whatsoever and therefore getting the cutting edge whatever is a real not worthwhile thing so yeah is it the turnip is gonna be chewed extraordinarily hard and looking at how a shara is designed it has it could easily be that way well it's just extraordinarily mind-boggling Lee mine are nominally hard and I would also send a personal note here as a Shara is based on line-of-sight mechanics it's not that fun right it's not that fun to be out of line of sight of being something that you have to deal with all the time yeah and I was just standard not do damage while you hide I have to go around corners and pillars and things which could get very tedious in terms that progression it's not fighting particular looking forward so I'll be honest with you anyway that's the benthic problem love to see your thoughts on that I really would it's a good thing coming the wall thus accessible gay or is it spoiling it for you that the best gear in an RPG literally in multiple slots is now coming from well quests which is unnecessary talking about necessary let's be honest them in vanilla Wow the lion art helm just came from blacksmithing there are plenty of items that were valid all the way up until like a cue forty that were just crafting gear so there are plenty of examples of this being the case previously in the game and it being a good thing like dark moon cards being really good in Wrath of the Lich King we had the dark moon card being really good the Fathoms card being good here that you're able to to get very early on in the expansion there's a lot of examples of that happening I actually think that it's completely fine personally everything has to come from raids it shouldn't in order to have the best character possible you should have to do all of the content possible I don't like the idea boys are trying to create micro communities it's been dad for the game it's so close to not being the case so my issue here is that's all that stuff right that's all the benthic karma stuff as it is right now let's dispense with that for now why in the fuck are we even having this problem at this point why in the actual fuck are we having this issue because Blizzard is fixated on random rewards surprise mechanics oh boy that's why is there fixated on these random rewards and they want to have different levels of RNG that keep you fucking turning that hamster wheel forever that's why that's the whole reason like that's why we have Titan forging that's why there's so much RNG that's why you can never accomplish a goal in the game anymore because Blizzard puts up all these artificial barriers to make sure it doesn't happen there's no barrier however between me and this mount I'm gonna look right it I'm gonna go first-person here just a second I'm gonna lose this mount first-person watch me get this mount first person now world first first person on this actually probably is the world first kill of this guy in first person mode at least I hope it is okay here we go watch this no silver dragon no loot what oh no no it's bugged out its bugged out I haven't killed him this today on this character trust me like I do this every single day I'm very very confident that I know I know when and if I've done these mom's okay here we go watch this no hair no loot ban that guy all right let's go literal God if I get this mountain I'm gonna give two hundred subs in my stream right now actually you know what two hundred and fifty I've been waiting so goddamn long for this who cares okay here we go give me one second most feathers almost dead my damage is very very high as you can see I'm doing a 4/4 okay alright let's get ready here we go this whole concept of gear being ubiquitous across every aspects of the game yep is just so boring yep and tedious yes and annoying yeah all the leader oceans like this it only leads to people being pissed off or being like happy for what I believe in the wrong reasons but that was always had I'm not gonna try and take happiness away I will why in the actual city loving Christ ball is this even a thing let me explain nashit are a makig on are so primed to have an amazing wonderfully creative set of armor designed around being in that zone where they could have get totally a mixture of affixes which made being in those zones super fun okay off the top of my goddamn head right nashit are armored benthic armor that these guys who've been living there they'll be destroyed a thousand years so come up with themselves which make being in Nice guitar a way of survival and a way of dealing with the issues there you could have had armor excuse me I've still got the flu you could have had armor in here come here comes preach with a dozen ideas it's better than boys er it has ever thought of anything in the game right preach has a lot of really really great ideas for the game I wish that Blizzard would consult with him more often but unfortunately preach exploited a potion six months ago so Blizzard now will never talk to him because he committed the cardinal sin of exporting the game and leveling his characters up too fast it's odd that gave you really cool someone's going to helpful features they could have had a chest Pete a chest piece that literally came with a trident on it that actually visually stuck out your character and this trine allows you to throw it extreme long distances oh do great damage to ram up slowly towards the target oh that's a lot of problems people have with zones like now zits are tugging Ram mobs and getting to them Oh what you can have is this fucking trident that you throw and it's actually there you can also have had nets we're dealing with fish people so if you don't want the we're tagging thing because now maybe you've got flying or no I get your character now you could have had nets which actually slow hole where is a link just to me sorry about that someone just subscribe to me well thank you for you I was so fucking confused a good about a different chess piece which applies Nets which slows everything all things together which copies your territory shows that's why massively increasing the radius at which you attract mobs so you can do big AoE balls oh yeah do you got about a belt that covers you and kelp and stuff that scenery allowing you to blend in so you pour way less enemies Oh many easy that's really good I want that capes that increase the drop chance of mana pearls if mana pills is what your fights looking for they increase the drop chance of rarer items that you're looking for increase the drop receive exactly what I say all these things that you might want to focus your character on this is allow you to instantly shoot to the sky or even someone a manta ray temporarily right you could have had shoulders that have some sort of manta ray blinkers on this is all visually in cosmetic apply to your character which allow you to attract local wildlife allow you to do various things and it's all contained in agita guess what would happen then in my opinion this is my guess people would come up and design their own avatar gear set for how they like to do nice data has no effect on the raid whatsoever has no effects on mecha gun has no effect anywhere else but when I mean I should side with this gear I'm fucking awesome I would like that a lot awesome I've got all this yeah that'd be awesome that allows me to do stuff let's go to Mecca gun same thing again how in the actual city loving Christ all did we not think maybe stocking up maybe the fact in the nature of the theme of this zone that we can actually build essentially a modified setups power armor which works in Mecca gun we have the robot there this is what I'm saying yes we have the technology we can rebuild him that's true holy shit man I've never even thought don't just goes you got a fan I'm EJ thanks for 20 bucks wishes that McConnell annoying go get my friend to SWAT McConnell thank you guys very much Tony for a $10 appreciate that whole eyes been all over my vanilla ally warlock dude and it's covered at the epic red seed quest mats if ever you need to kill the rare boss or transmog your extreme content I'd love to help you bro thank you very much Amalia for the $5 Tom Kersting crutch the tears pre-sub I appreciate that man or any of these skills even ready for mythic eight of eight heroic none of them I don't know about that I have no idea poisoning top of the world without giving everything we had captive cap I don't know about that power blaster it's been here since five I appreciate that I just want to make sure that I read all those the warlock thing I don't know I mean I've already done that before on my stream but maybe sometime we could do it if people were interested in seeing the the warlock hidden boss i just wanted to catch up with those so close to having something really cool and by the way we are going to be doing the speed run the speed run for bo d after we finish this this video we're gonna try to clear it in under an hour yeah we could have this whole storyline where he's like well I don't want to modify and rip off my arm and replace it with an armor right I would gladly wear some blocky robotic armor while I'm in Mecca gone cuz he only works in Mecca gun right it's only got all these bonuses in Mecca gun sure which allow me to do some really cool fucking shit I can apply jetpacks to it right and that's visually attached to it onto this cool blocky looking armor of course you can transfer it away if you really don't like it right but you could have had a ton of fun modifying this armor that structure your currency to make you look like a robot and similarly fucking awesome similarly it's what we had an avatar you could have modified your armor so that it blends you into the environment so it's got like radio eye camouflage things like that you can apply go red so you can move much faster now you literally have fucking wheels that you can roll around them because we're in a robotic mechanized zones we're building giant Iraq no spider-man house which allows me to father wanna shoot things out the sides right okay I get that why not it's a fucking world quest so what's the problem why can't I get that that works there and it's powered by the local area so I can obviously I can't go to a different zone and work it there's a power source in mecca gan provided by the Rust Belt resistance which allows it to work that requires energy cells to work now okay awesome all this stuff every amazing to make that zone so much more fun because while I'm there I can modify I can do paint jobs again we're so close so you having this be really cool in my opinion I'm making this zone super cool and it has no effects anywhere else if I take this gear to a dungeon or something it still has its raw stats just as benthic Gaydos but it doesn't have any of these and similarly when I get gear from Najat are the eternal palace I should say it has bonuses and affixes and things that work inside there because the environment I'm in there's guaranteed to be some power source some energy something that's happening there can we right now I just want to say right now he's in chat can we are at Mikkel revi and say congrats bro he just got flying Congrats dude it's been a while I just saw him in Gil chat he just got his mount right there a nice fucking job there it's about goddamn time congratulations that nice fucking job ok just one second I wanna make sure I pause I I said something about it congratulations you made a little bit late but that's ok power of nosov which lurks below at which is allowing some extra bonuses that really helped me play around inside there but it works there I'm not gonna be terrible if I go to the old zone I'm not gonna be terrible it's not like I'm not wearing gear when I go back to now cetera Mecca and I have Rost that gear if I only read no need to do dailies my gear is fine is it tailor made and design I'm gonna provide many more options for me no but what I would do is a Raider I absolutely would do this is I would have my rate set if I was going to do now sheet ah I would switch to my nauseous asset which is visually and cosmetically themes to that zone it provides me a ton of bonuses or visually doesn't matter I would use mansion on be something that's dynamic depending on how far I'm away if I'm close it changes what it does so I can play around with just one extra button which allows me to do all kinds of extra things with my character one thing I saw I agree with what he's saying but I also don't think the two things the the current system and his proposed system should be mutually exclusive I like the idea of being able to get content from world quests and get items from world quests that you can work towards with some sort of a deterministic you know direction and you're able to get those items and work towards those those types of things being really good in raids I think is awesome and I would like to see more elements of the game that's why I really like essences 2 for the same reason it's because you had to do different content outside of your you're just your lane of content in order to get sometimes the best essences in the game and I think that's really what makes the game the world of warcraft and i don't like the idea that every single system should only be this closed system that doesn't interact with and overlay and you know just overlap with the other better system or not better Susan but the other systems in the game well I'll be honest and this might say this is gonna make like five people mad I can guarantee to be five field map remember says I liked that the pet battle is an avatar in and mecha GaN gave you a lot of extra reputation I like that because that made pet battles relevant it made them matter yeah I thought that was cool easy as fuck in my mind and way more fun okay and we don't end up in this discussion where it's like why the fuck is the best possible are in an RPG coming from playing bejeweled which is a legitimate argument we're having right now right again I'm not convinced it's a good or a bad thing we'll see how it plays out it has potential to be good it has potential to be bad I'm just saying that for me there's so many more opportunities to have way way more fun with this stuff right way way more fun more interesting stuff more player customization in each of these zones and make me probably wants to do that I could kind of see myself if I could play around my armor and make a big stupid like fucking lost in space ARMA set I'll shit is that Star Wars what does while I'm in mecha gone I would probably have more fun I probably would if I could color it and do all this kind of slime and all the fucking time in the game which it's in mecha gone right now but it's just used in a sort of base ground level way but maybe I'm way off base here but am I wrong to think that that would be better and as I said it's not like this gear doesn't work in the raid it just doesn't carry all these extra benefits so you still go in fine and if anybody's gonna say yeah but won't that really screw up like how much damage I do in the raid versus how much damage I do in X Y and Zed zone that's how it's always an ICC I've really said is about dealing but I already happened any of these bonuses that come in that are like percentage crit encrease damage does extra damage to certain things like that's boring it's really boring and it creates violence and problems instead think fun stuff shooting across the zone throwing a fucking trident like Aquaman that's why not both man that's pretty fucking cool to me allows me to tag a ram up that I've seen in the in the distance it allows me to shoot up and grab things out the sky without having to wait for a quest I tend to do it I can actually just equip a chest piece or a pair of gloves that have something like that like a Batman around shaking place why because that's what the guys who've lived after 10,000 years that's how they survived that's how they got their fathom Raimi they had to learn how to do this stuff and that makes sense yummy let me says to me all right end of rants end of discussion in summary I just feel like so much of this is unnecessary we have to go into these deep dive conversations about systems that are overlaid and intricate and working together and levels of difficulty to acquire them and all this kind of stuff like we're having with the benthic gear and for me it just feels like it's so unnecessary because it just doesn't need to be this way it really doesn't well here's what they can do they can just make mythic raids drop the best gear so here's what they do you take mythic raids and you scale down here's what you do I'll go actually know what let's finish the video then I'll show you guys what I would do right now there's no reason that people who are really super focused on doing well question of stuff should also be getting the best in slot radar man that to me that's nonsense it doesn't work like that in any other fucking video game in the world it's so crazy except for classic wow it's so crazy and if it's ice level you want put the iron level up to a fucking thousand I thought I gave a shit I couldn't give a shit nearly every Raider in the world right now is dropping their item level for better DPS that's what they care about the number on their screen they don't care about what the item level of – I'd already up to 18,000 if it makes those guys happy I don't give a fuck I couldn't give a fuck what I do care about it doesn't care one this needless convoluted massive gearing where you seemingly at this point have to play every single aspects of the game whether you like it or not to enjoy the one thing you do enjoy and know it hasn't always been this way and I think this is another thing that people say it's always been this way no it hasn't when did when was it this way can you tell me how much stuff you had to do before you started raiding let's even just go back walls are dry not okay in fact most people tell you they raid lock throughout that entire expansion that's – yeah yeah what I really love in my region is when it really picked didn't have to do anything arming and fucking AP and all this kind of stuff this endless grind that needed to take place yeah I don't like the endless grind and now we're here where you've got people who just want to raid or just once a do mythic plus who just wants to do this stuff who are farming their fucking ass off on characters they have no intention of playing for shitty pearls you're right it's a it's a duck it's a dumb way of doing it he's right it's dumb that you should go on your alts and buy the items on your alts and mail them to your main and identify them on your main it's stupid it actually is a dumb system but you know it would be even dumber is to change the system that works for ninety five ninety nine percent of the population because Raiders don't like it who cares like if mythic Raiders don't like it that doesn't mean that the entire game should change shitty fucking pearls because for some reason that's now the best stuff in the game right and they don't enjoy it and I can see why they're angry because it's like why the why does this will even happen this way why does this happen this way and again we'll probably get back to you well you don't have to do it's like we've already discussed that issues of death I'd love to know your thoughts right I just feel like there's a better more interesting way of going about this and we're almost fucking there like it seems like the idea is there it's just not implemented well these vary right about that let's do it hey let's do it

Legit America right now.

All catered to the 1%, we're all upset, blizz aka the us gov is too big and disconnected from their audience to realize and at the end of the day none of any of it matters because we're all apart of a game we have no control of. Lol

so boring…. from the streamer who bitches & begs for 'rares' & 'shard transfers' for them…. and who'll praise literally bis gear from a wq content that's less then 3 minutes to do…

Then complains that M+ is farmable? …. .. cunt perhaps?

Damn, almost 1st… but guess that makes me the 1st loser. To be honest, this is what happened to me a while ago, in Legion actually. Our guild would just clear the raid within a week or two and then it's like… okay, so…. what now? And eventually people just quit.

Since legion, hasn't Blizz just been making worse and worse ways of implementing the old glyph system which used to augment spells and abilities? In legion they had them on legendaries, which did have quite a few problems with a number of silly problems, and in BfA they first wanted to put it on azerite gear, then the essences and now it seems benthic gear?

Couldn't they just bring glyphs back and cut out so much fucking around?


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