Artists Draw Original Dark Souls Bosses (ft. Brian David Gilbert)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take dumb ideas, – [Jacob] And make even dumber drawings. – [Nathan] I’m Nathan. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob, – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Brian] And I’m Brian. – [Nathan] Guys, Brian from Polygon is here on the show, what a pleasure to have you with us. For anyone who is unfamiliar
with your wonderful work, why don’t you tell the people
a little bit about yourself. – [Brian] Yeah, I’m Brian David Gilbert. I work for Polygon. I make very long videos about things no one has ever wondered
about video games before. That’s basically my whole job title. – [Nathan] They’re a real
treat, highly recommend people check them out
if they haven’t already. – [Jacob] Yeah, they’re called Unraveled, which you didn’t say, but I’m gonna say. – [Brian] No, I like to
let people google that. I want it to be a little
search and find, so. – [Julia] They have to
do their own research. – [Nathan] Yeah, we also make long videos. Yours are much more prepared
and polished than ours, but, – [Brian] That’s a strong term for it. (laughs) – [Nathan] Your most
recent video ended with a very fun list of how to come up with your Dark Souls boss name. – [Brian] My pal Pat
Gil and I worked on this boss Souls title generator because when you play a lot of Dark Souls, you realize that they all
are basically the same and how totally depressing all
of the boss title names are and we wanted you to share in
that depressing-ness, I guess. – [Nathan] Well we’re all
gonna share in that now, because we are going
to be drawing ourselves as our Dark Souls boss names, based on that list. – [Jacob] Perfect delivery, Nathan. – [Nathan] Thank you. – [Jacob] 10 out of 10.
– [Julia] Good job. – [Nathan] One and done, we got there. Brian, what is my Dark Souls boss name? My last name begins with Y
and my birthday is the 19th. – [Brian] Your Dark Souls boss title is Nathan Yellow, sorry it was the 19th? – [Nathan] Yes. – [Brian] Okay good, I
wanted to double check it. It’s Yellowed Lord of Sin. – [Nathan] Yellowed Lord of Sin. – [Brian] Something very
jaundiced, something very exciting. I think the beauty of
Dark Souls titles is that you can go in expecting
something from the name and then just be
completely, just taken aback by how much worse it is
– [Nathan] Yeah, that’s… – [Brian] That’s pretty, I sound gross. (laughs) – [Julia] Yeah, yeah. – [Nathan] I sound like,
some of the bosses are just actually scary and some
of them are just gross. – [Brian] I’m wondering if
you have any ideas about how to really emphasize
that you are a Lord of Sin. – [Nathan] Well I’m thinking of just all the sins right now. – [Brian] Yes, just list them off. – [Nathan] I’m thinking of the sins. The one I’m going with,
that feels the most me, gotta be sloth. – [Brian] Okay, yeah, that’s a good one. – [Nathan] Yeah and I
think that sort of goes along with the yellowed,
like maybe, I imagine you come across me and
I’ve just been sitting on, I don’t know, some
sort of sinful throne. – [Jacob] Yeah, thrones are the most sinful seating arrangement. – [Nathan] Just really sinning it up. – [Brian] That’s very true. Do you think the yellowness is coming just from a pallor of
staying inside too long, or like Cheeto dust? – [Nathan] Yeah, I think
a healthy mix of both. An unhealthy mix of both, rather. I think sloth is definitely number one, but gluttony is gotta be a close second. I imagine the beginning
of the boss fight is just the person wailing on me for a little bit. – [Julia] He’s really trying to coax you out of the chair, even. – [Nathan] As I’m getting up. – [Brian] I think that’s
both a good game mechanic and also just really
characterizes you immediately. – [Nathan] Once you get to wrath, that’s when I really start. – [Brian] You really gotta hit through all of the
seven, so I am a little bit wondering about how you’re gonna show pride and greed in this very intense Dark Souls boss battle. – [Jacob] Is this a seven phase battle? Like seven health bars? – [Brian] I wouldn’t
put it past FromSoftware to give you a seven phase battle. – [Jacob] Not at this point. Not after I just beat Sekiro recently, and that final boss fight
just kept giving me phases! – [Brian] Well done. That’s impressive. I have yet to Sekiro and I’ve
just given it up, I think. I’ve accepted that now
that I work for Polygon, a company that talks about video games, I don’t do any video gaming. I just read, that’s my whole job now. – [Nathan] And making
spreadsheets, apparently. – [Brian] Spreadsheets and reading. So it’s basically like
I left my terrible job as a copy editor for a
financial publication and started doing the
same job, but for Polygon. I love this pose already. There’s so much, I can
tell you’re really just leaning into that chair
as much as possible, like me at four o’clock in the afternoon every day in the office. – [Nathan] Yeah, you and I
have similar office behaviors. – [Brian] It’s good, I have
to sometimes catch myself when one of my coworkers will
come by and ask me something at 4:30 and I have to
do a whole 30 seconds sitting up from the bottom of my chair. – [Jacob] Just accompanied
by the biggest groan. – [Brian] Yeah, exactly. – [Jacob] Now, though,
you’re Brian David Gilbert of the successful internet
smash hit, Unraveled. So do you get to take any
of that clout into your day-to-day life at your job? Do you scream at people more? – [Brian] Well I’ve
been screaming at people since day one, so that
hasn’t changed much. – [Jacob] That’s a power move. – [Brian] I definitely
have, I’m not sure if clout is the correct term for it, it’s more like resigned acceptance when I’m like, “Hey what if I did a Dark Souls bosses as actual bosses?” And my
boss with just be like, “Whatever, I don’t care. Feel free, I guess. We’ll see how this goes.” – [Julia] What is your
Dark Souls boss name? – [Brian] Mine is Brian
Gallant Pallbearer, which is kind of simple and maybe a bit normal, but I can’t give myself
the good ones, right? I have to accept that, if I were to be an unbiased creator of this
Dark Souls boss generator, I gotta be the gallant pallbearer,
which is fine, I guess. – [Jacob] I mean, you sound delightful. – [Brian] Yeah maybe that’s
it, is that it’s possible that I’m the pallbearer
that does the job when there aren’t enough
pallbearers at the funeral, and I’m a little too excited about it. (laughs) It makes people a little
bit too uncomfortable. – [Jacob] It’s more of
an emotional boss fight, of dealing with you
while also going through the loss of a loved one. – [Brian] Exactly.
– [Julia] Hey, who died? Your grandma? Let’s get this done! – [Brian] Oh guys, I
haven’t pallbeared an uncle in so long, you guys I’m
so excited for today. – [Jacob] You guys are in for a treat. I love pallbearing, – [Nathan] This big smile on your face at this very somber occasion. – [Brian] Exactly, I’m just at the back as everyone’s crying, just
on my toes bouncing up and down, just waiting to pallbear. (laughs) – [Julia] Ah, yeah that’s
a solid uncle in that casket, you know what I’m sayin’? – [Jacob] You guys had a thick unc. Tell you what. – [Brian] I do appreciate the idea of a thick unc and I really hope that I can be called a thick unc at some point, whenever my brother or
sister have children. – [Julia] That’s thick unc Brian! (laughs) – [Brian] Is that a greasiness? What is that residue you have there? – [Nathan] Yeah, I think it’s just, well you mentioned Cheeto
dust, so I’m trying, I mean, I haven’t played the Souls games, but is there an equivalent gross food that the bosses might enjoy? – [Julia] The old blood, but
that’s a different kind of, – [Brian] Spoiler alert,
I too have never played a Souls game, but I have to keep that on the DL, I just read wikis. My thought process is
that people know that and also I kind of appreciate the fact that I’ve now done
multiple Unravelds about games that I have no
connection with whatsoever. But it allows me to be really neutral and can really cut into the meat of it without feeling bad about it. Same thing with Dark
Souls, but to be honest, the Estus Flasks that you drink as the actual player character,,, I can’t imagine drinking so many of those would be good for you. You know, I’m sure it’s alight if you drink one Coca-Cola,
but if you drink 50 cokes, you’re in for a bad time. I think it’s the same thing. – [Jacob] As the player
character, at least, you’re chugging those
Estus, like on the reg. If you wanna survive, you’re drinking 10-20 Estus per boss attempt. – [Brian] Why won’t they
let the Dark Souls character pee, is my question. Why haven’t they put that in? – [Nathan] That’s the
next unraveled video. – [Brian] That’s, (laughs) I feel like that’s a bigger thing. There’re very few games
that allow you to pee. That’s a sin, maybe, that they haven’t accepted that into their
gameplay mechanics. – [Nathan] And I am a Lord
of Sin, as we’ve established. – [Jacob] This boss pees. – [Nathan] This boss definitely
has some rude attacks, some. bodily functions. – [Jacob] When you get to
lust, it goes off the rails. – [Brian] I’m just imagining whatever poor guides video make on YouTube would have to explain the lust section of
the Lord of Sins and be like, “For this one, you guys
just wanna go ahead and equip your greatsword and, I don’t know, turn away from the TV for a bit. Just wail without looking. It’ll be best for you.” – [Julia] Maybe put it on mute don’t listen to the squishy noises. – [Brian] If your parents are
at home, that’s a bad move. – [Jacob] I just imagine
the very professional YouTuber with a series of
deep sighs, being like, “When the boss his dong swipe attack, you’re gonna wanna, oh god.” – [Brian] Now you don’t want to confuse his thrust attack during
this section with the same thrust attacks that happens before. Those are different attacks. – [Jacob] Now Nathan, I
do have to get into this, ’cause I am an avid player
of the Souls series. – [Nathan] Yeah, how am I doing? Is this looking, ’cause I know that faces need to be obscured. – [Jacob] That’s critical and you’ve gotten that done really well. I just need some lore. It’s not a Souls boss if it doesn’t have a little bit of lore. So deliver me some lore
tidbits about this guy. – [Nathan] I’m obviously
I’m a lord, so I think I was probably some sort of, noble who commissioned the
most comfortable chair, be chiseled from the comfort stones. – [Jacob] Sure. (laughs) – [Nathan] Once I sat in it,
I never wanted to get up. – [Julia] “I just love these
lazy stone furniture seats. They’re just so comfy,
you just sink right in. You can’t get out. – [Brian] I can’t tell you
how many great leaders have been taken down by a good chair. (laughs) – [Julia] Winston Churchill,
never saw that dude standing. You know? Always sitting. – [Nathan] FDR. – [Julia] FDR. – [Jacob] Big sitter.
– [Nathan] Bit sitter. – [Julia] Big sitter, yeah. Powerful leaders, powerful chairs. – [Brian] They go hand-in-hand. – [Jacob] I’m unclear as to why
we, as the player character, need to kill this boss. – [Julia] Because you just
don’t want him around. You wanna make sure this
guy can not get to you. – [Brian] I feel like,
Nathan, you’re definitely an optional boss, like if you
walk into this throne room, you can just walk right past
you and nothing will happen. But everyone wants to fight you. – [Nathan] Alright, that’s me. Yellowed Lord of Sin. – [Brian] It’s gorgeous. – [Jacob] Excellent work, Nathan. – [Nathan] Gotta make sure
it’s real nice and yellow in the render, Julia.
– [Julia] Yep, noted. – [Nathan] Okay. Jacob, do you wanna draw yourself? – [Jacob] Yes, it’s my turn. Alright, Brian. I’m ready for my Dark Souls boss. My last name starts with an A and my birthday is on the 9th. – [Brian] Perfect, alright Jacob, you are Jacob Accursed Blacksmith. – [Jacob] Accursed Blacksmith.
– [Julia] Accursed. – [Nathan] Accursed Blacksmith. At least you got a job. – [Julia] That’s true!
– [Brian] Yeah, that is nice. – [Jacob] That’s nice– – [Julia] You have employment. – [Jacob] I think the economy
in Lordran, not the best. – [Brian] No, they’ve been going through some difficult recessions, but blacksmithing is a very
solid one, perhaps too. Maybe you’ve been cursed into this job. You’re stuck there forever now. – [Jacob] Is that my curse? I don’t actually enjoy blacksmithing. (laughs) – [Brian] You just wanna
go off and study law, but your parents forced
you into blacksmithing. – [Jacob] I really got into
the blacksmithing trade early and now it’s like, I’m really good at it, but is it really what I love? – [Brian] That’s a question we must all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. – [Julia] Doesn’t Dark
Souls have a blacksmith that kinda hangs about in the game? – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s a few. – [Nathan] Are any of them accursed? – [Brian] Probably. – [Julia] I feel like everyone’s accursed. – [Jacob] One of them’s a skeleton. – [Brian] That’s pretty accursed. – [Jacob] He seems accursed to me. – [Julia] Now that’s a guy who’s really stuck in stuck in his job. Can’t even escape it in death. – [Jacob] He’s a skeleton
and he’s down at the bottom of really deep pit
and it’s a hidden place. So I don’t know who
he’s blacksmithing for, but he’s down there
hammering away all the time. – [Julia] You know, why’s he have to be blacksmithing for anyone? Why can’t he be blacksmithing for himself. – [Brian] You know what,
isn’t creation its own reward? – [Jacob] I’ve learned a
valuable lesson today, you guys. – [Brian] Especially for a skeleton. (laughs) – [Julia] This skeleton
blacksmiths for himself. – [Jacob] So is this just me? – [Nathan] Yeah, you’ve
just sort of started drawing you classic bean boy face. – [Jacob] I’m drawing me right now. (laughs) – [Brian] See that’s good. I feel like there’s the potential for more Dark Souls things in the body language ’cause there are some characters. Granted, not many, but there are some that look like normal
humans, that just have a special, fancy, weird armor set. – [Jacob] Yeah, for sure. – [Julia] That is true. – [Nathan] And you make that
armor set, as the blacksmith. – [Jacob] This is just gonna be me. It’s gonna be my head. – [Brian] Totally normal head. – [Jacob] And then I really think I’m gonna curse up the body. – [Brian] There are
not that many people in my life who I would immediately
describe as accursed. If someone was like, “Hey, how’s Jacob?” And I’ll be like, “Oh
he’s accursed, for sure.” (laughs) – [Jacob] Accursed as always. – [Julia] Oh, that is a shape. – [Nathan] This is a good shape. – [Jacob] I’m kind of flying
by the seat of my pants here. I’m gonna start with this
shape and we’re gonna see where we go. – [Brian] Oh, I love that. (laughs) – [Nathan] I really
like this image (laughs) You’ve got a blacksmith but
you don’t have any limbs, you’re just a head popping out of a blob. – [Brian] Good old potato blacksmith. – [Jacob] I’ve been cursed with a perfect blacksmith’s body, so blacksmithing is all I’m really suited for. – [Brian] Jacob, it’s okay
to say that you’re just making a self-insert right now. That’s super hot. (laughs) – [Jacob] This is my super hot (laughs) Dark Souls blacksmith OC. I got that thick blacksmith’s neck because I think I’m gonna
have really big beefy arms. This one’s got the hammer. Oh I’m so accursed. – [Brian] Yeah, really accursed. – [Nathan] So cursed with
this strong muscle body. – [Jacob] My giant muscle
body and my cool big hammer. – [Nathan] I drew myself
as a gross fat guy. (laughs) You’re just drawing
yourself with big muscles. – [Brian] Look, sometimes you can have a curse if you’re over-muscled. There was this PE teacher in
high school who was so jacked that he couldn’t clap his hands over his head because his muscles
just wouldn’t allow him to move his hands over his head to clap. And just imagine how
terrible that would be. Like, a Carly Rae Jepson
concert or something, right? You can’t even participate – [Julia] You can’t participate. – [Brian] Right? It’s terrible. – [Jacob] So here’s my
big, like my back muscles and my pec muscles, also very strong. And the shoulder muscles too. – [Nathan] More and more potato. – [Jacob] All of this
stuff is really good. I’m just gonna sketch this in here. – [Nathan] So why does the hero of the game have to fight you? – [Julia] You beg him to fight you. – [Jacob] It’s a favor. – [Julia] “Please, for the love of God, I can not.” – [Brian] “Put me down.” (laughs) – [Jacob] It’s like, “Well I wanna try out some new things, you know?” It’s like, “I’ve been
blacksmithing my whole life. I’m cursed with this perfect
beautiful blacksmith’s body.” So I ask the hero of
the game and I’m like, “Can I try out, just test
maybe being a boss for a bit? I’ve been thinking of
getting into bossing.” You can choose to accommodate me or not. – [Brian] Another good optional boss. We have two optional bosses here, which is really solid. – [Jacob] Julia’s gonna have to hopefully be a main series, main line. – [Brian] Julia’s gonna
be the end boss, for sure. – [Julia] Nice. – [Jacob] Let me get another arm in here, I should have two of those. – [Julia] Your anatomy
really is just something. You are just a plate of chicken wings. (laughs) We’re seeing from above. – [Brian] That’s very good. – [Nathan] It’s the good chicken wings, lots of meat on them. That’s what you want. Is this the type of hammer
the blacksmiths use? – [Julia] No.
– [Brian] Yeah, this is right. – [Julia] It’s not. – [Jacob] I think so!
– [Brian] This is perfect. – [Jacob] It’s just a big version. – [Nathan] It’s just a big version of a hammer
for building a house. – [Jacob] Yeah and I have two of them. Do I know how to blacksmith? That’s the question now. – [Brian] It’s actually, I feel like at that scale, Jacob you’re just holding two novelty inflatable hammers that you can smack your
friends around with. – [Jacob] Bonk, bonk, bonk. – [Nathan] Makes that squeaky noise. – [Jacob] I think we’re just gonna get my torse kind of curving around. – [Julia] Oh no.
– [Nathan] Oh, nice. – [Julia] You really
crushed into this room, huh. – [Nathan] This is a pose. – [Jacob] Yeah, for sure. The abs rippling, for sure. But then the legs. – [Nathan] You can do what
I did and just, oh, oh wow. – [Julia] Oh, how do they
support your beefiness? – [Brian] They are so wide spread. I’m so happy about that. – [Nathan] They’re cute!
– [Jacob] Really wide spread. – [Nathan] Cute little baby feet. – [Julia] That thigh gap, you know? – [Jacob] I’m on a little stool. – [Nathan] Oh do the feel
not even reach the ground? – [Jacob] The feet, I’m like,
– [Nathan] They’re dangling. – [Jacob] I’m like doing little kicks. (laughs) Hold on, let me reflect that. This one’s kicking out. – [Nathan] If you try and get too close, there is a hit box on the kicks. It’s very small, but it does a fair amount of damage. – [Jacob] I’m just doing my little, this one’s kicking back. – [Julia] It’s mostly
embarrassment and damage to your ego, if you get
kicked by these little feet. – [Brian] Psychic damage for sure. – [Jacob] I need some kind
of Dark Souls-yness to me. I’ve played so much of these games and this is what I’ve drawn. – [Brian] Well obviously because it’s the most accurate to Dark Souls because you’ve played them the most. – [Jacob] Maybe if I just add, okay I know what I’ll do here. Like a knight helmet. – [Nathan] Oh but it’s on your back. – [Jacob] Yeah it sits up here. – [Julia] Someone put it up there and you don’t have that range. – [Jacob] I can’t clap above my head. (laughs) – [Brian] That’s the mystery to his curse. Your friends are so mean to you. It’s like the medieval equivalent of a “Kick me” sign. – [Julia] If you are defeated by the hero, the hero does get that helmet. It’s not very good, but it’s something. It’s more like a trophy. – [Jacob] Yeah, I mean,
it’s something someone would be willing to waste on a joke. It’s a play on me, the
Accursed Blacksmith. – [Julia] Excellent. – [Nathan] Jacob this is great. It’s so good. This is so accursed. – [Brian] Can I add one
more curse to you, Jacob? – [Jacob] Yes, please. – [Brian] It’s that you are cursed into this blacksmithing job but
you’re only okay at it. – [Jacob] Oh no! – [Brian] You’re armor’s
just a little bit misshapen, a little wobbly. – [Jacob] It’s because
my heart’s not in it! Like I’ve got two big
strong arm and I have two very large hammers,
but that’s not enough. You’re not putting your
soul and heart into it. I hope that my character’s
arc is that you can help him really figure out that his passion does lie in blacksmithing. And then he makes you
some really good armor. – [Brian] There’s two
ways to beat this boss. One is with stabs and the other one with self actualization. – [Nathan] I was so concerned
about smithing the armor I didn’t think about smithing myself. (laughs) – [Jacob] That’s his final quote. I guess this is done. I drew me with a giant
torso and two hammers. – [Nathan] It’s pretty good, I think it’s pretty good, Jacob. – [Jacob] Julia, do you
wanna do a good job? – [Julia] I’ll do a job. What is my boss name? My last name starts with L and
my birthday is on the 12th. – [Brian] Oh, now this is an exciting one. You are Julia Luminous Bloodletter. You just are radiant as you’re putting leaches on people. (laughs) – [Jacob] You definitely
sound like a mandatory boss. You would be like one of the Dark King’s, you know, advisors. There’s always a Dark King. – [Nathan] You’re the
smith of the Dark King. I’m like the Dark King’s shitty nephew. (laughs) – [Brian] Now you have your Dark King’s homeopathic medicine. – [Nathan] Luminous makes
me thing of crystals and bloodletting is
leaches, so you really got all the crystal leaches.
– [Julia] Oh, see, I was mistaking bloodletting
because I know for people who have those things where they can’t stop producing
iron in their blood. They have to get it taken. So I was thinking like needles and stuff. – [Nathan] Oh, even better.
– [Jacob] That works too. – [Brian] That’s also
very Dark Souls, yeah. – [Jacob] Any way you can get the blood out of there, I think is fine. – [Brian] It has to be let, is the thing. That blood gotta be let. – [Jacob] That’s the
most important facet is that it needs to get let. – [Nathan] Any way you can get the blood outta there, that
sounds like your slogan. (laughs) – [Julia] We will for sure
get that blood out of you. – [Nathan] You just show
up and you’re just like, “Oh, I can already tell
you’ve got way too much blood. Let me help with that. (laughs) Keep stabbing then with needles. – [Jacob] Keep accidentally killing the player character and be like, “Okay, little too far that time again. When you respawn come
back, we’ll try it again.” – [Brian] Yeah, your big goal here is just quantity and speed of bloodletting. That’s how your entire medical license was based on and you’re gonna go for it. – [Nathan] Brian, I do wanna
say, a lot of times with these lists, the first
letter of the name is just sort of a placeholder, it
doesn’t really have much to do with the words you get, but I really appreciate
that with your list, the last name letter,
it does correspond to the letter of the adjective. – [Brian] Why thank you. Yeah that was mostly a
Pat Gils’ insistence, he’s very particular and
very meticulous about his adjectives and so I really appreciated his ability to find things like zygomorphous is one of them.
– [Nathan] That’s pretty good. – [Brian] Which I had to look up, that just means symmetrical. A few of them I put in
there, like xylophonic, which just means like a xylophone. – [Nathan] I’m just imagining one of those old-timey Skelton’s cartoons, where they just play their ribcage. – [Brian] That’s exactly what it is. If you can get xylophonic bone collective, then you’re really rolling in it. – [Julia] Oh, that sounds like a band. I wanna be in that band. – [Nathan] Get tickets for that. – [Brian] I really liked
their third album best. I feel like they sold out after that. Maybe it’s just the lack of xylophones, they really, – [Jacob] They still put on
a good live show, you know? – [Nathan] They know to play the hits. – [Jacob] Yeah, they play all the hits. Is this gonna be your big needle? – [Nathan] Needle staff. – [Jacob] Does it go into a
syringe or is it just a big, – [Brian] No, it’s just a good, this is like a sewing needle almost. – [Julia] Yeah basically. – [Nathan] Once the blood’s out of you, I don’t care where it goes. – [Julia] That’s not part of my job, my job is to get the blood out, alright? – [Nathan] Not my department. – [Brian] I imagine that
just scattered around this boss fight is just
a bunch of metal tubs and you hope that the blood goes
into them at some point. But if it splashes, whatever. – [Julia] I’m gonna try
to push you towards the right of the room, just ’cause that’s where all my tubs are located. – [Nathan] Blood Tubs is
opening for Xylophonic Bones. – [Julia] I need luminous. – [Nathan] You’re also luminous. – [Julia] Let’s try to
figure that one out. – [Brian] Here’s the thing, that luminous, most people would say
is a positive adjective, but then there’s also
Dark Souls bosses like the Dancer of the Boreal Valley which, we’re like, “Hell yeah. I wanna go see a dancer. But no, it’s very spooky and bad. So, who can say what’ll happen? – [Jacob] Yeah, the
dancing involves a lot more stabbing than you would like, ideally. – [Brian] It’s like it’s a very,
very modern piece of dance. – [Nathan] Very interactive. – [Brian] Super immersive dance
theater where you could die. – [Jacob] I mean there’s also bosses just like moonlight butterfly. – [Julia] That’s a boss? – [Jacob] Which sounds very
pretty and is very pretty, but also a giant asshole. – [Julia] That’s Dark Souls,
so you have to have a crown – [Brian] That’s a very intense, intense headgear is a
major part of Dark Souls. – [Nathan] And I like
that you’ve combined the needle aesthetic with the luminous. You’ve made sort of a sun of needles. – [Brian] That’s like,
if you’re gonna headbutt, it better bloodlet as well. All things much cause
some sort of bloodletting. – [Julia] I need to be
very pointy everywhere. – [Brian] I really love, Julia, the fashion Souls you’re putting into this. – [Julia] Thank you. – [Brian] Not to say that the first two bosses weren’t fashionable. One of them was shirtless. – [Julia] That’s a look. – [Nathan] He was wearing
(laughs) just a helmet. – [Jacob] He had a helmet. – [Nathan] Yeah both of us were shirtless. Yours just had a helmet
and mine was just a shitty loin cloth and a bone belt. – [Jacob] Yep, that’ll happen. We were counting on Julia
to really bring the souls. – [Nathan] We knew Julia
would draw clothing. – [Brian] This is very intense, very good. – [Julia] Listen, if I
get to design some sort of medieval fashionry, I’m gonna do it. I’m wearing some, you know, sometimes pass out, gotta
get on those elbows, little bit of elbow protection. – [Brian] Do you think you have a cart of cookies nearby, just in case
someone loses too much sugar? – [Julia] Absolutely I do. – [Nathan] Every time
you die, when you fail to beat this boss, you do wake up with a cookie in your inventory. (laughs) – [Brian] They give
you a note that you can give to your work to prove that you were going to a bloodletting. – [Nathan] All the other bosses
that you were scheduled to fight were like, “Oh yeah, okay.” – [Julia] “Uh huh, this is
why you were taking so long to get to me, is this right?” I feel like I’m not pointy or big enough, somehow. – [Jacob] You could add some points to those shoulders, I bet. – [Brian] I will suggest that a lot of Dark Souls bosses
have just the one name, but they do have weird pets
that come in at a random point. So there’s a potential for other bloodletting creatures to help you out. – [Julia] I like that. – [Nathan] Like how gaping
dragon has his buddy, like the Chandler from Friends. – [Julia] I want a big
cape, ’cause I have to. – [Jacob] That’s gonna
get covered in blood. It’s gonna be so heavy. – [Julia] You know when people pass out? Tuck ’em in, tuck ’em in with the cape. – [Nathan] Tuck ’em into the blood cape. (laughs) – [Julia] Hey you know
what I just realized? These arms don’t make sense, huh? – [Jacob] Wow, they really don’t. – [Brian] But let’s talk for a second, FromSoftware does some
wild things with limbs. They can be as long as
you want them to be. – [Julia] That’s true, however, I have one little baby arm. – [Nathan] Yeah these arms
aren’t very zygomorphic. That was my vocabulary word. – [Jacob] That’s like word mayhem. – [Brian] I’m very glad, I will test you on the rest of them. – [Jacob] I don’t know
how I didn’t notice that. – [Julia] I didn’t
either and I was the one drawing it, you know what I mean? – [Brian] I feel like you should just make that right arm six feet longer. At this point, just
make it a design choice. – [Jacob] That’s your reaching arm. – [Brian] That’s for bringing them in for a close embrace so you can bloodlet. – [Nathan] Like, “Where you goin’ bud? I wasn’t done.” – [Julia] I do want a second needle. – [Nathan] This pose is so cool – [Julia] Thank you. – [Nathan] It’s sort of like, “Oh hey. Didn’t see you there.” – [Julia] Sorry, just moving my needles to the other side of the room. Are you here treatment? You are here for treatment,
you have no choice. Let’s get you in. – [Nathan] Let’s get you letted. – [Julia] Do you have an appointment? Doesn’t matter. – [Nathan] Do you have an a-point-ment? – [Julia] Hey. I need an animal. What kinda animal should I have? – [Jacob] Perhaps a mosquite?
A swarm of mosquites. – [Nathan] Just draw a bunch of tiny bugs. – [Brian] Yeah just do that. That’s fine, I’m sure you can. – [Nathan] A vampire bat? – [Brian] Oh that’s
another good bloodletter. – [Julia] But I need
something that says luminous. – [Nathan] Well mosquitoes
like to go towards light. – [Julia] I’m not drawing mosquitoes. (laughs) – [Brian] One time my dog ran into me and I fell into a table and I bled, so that was kinda like a bloodletting. (laughs) – [Nathan] That’s a good dog prank. He got you, he got you real good. – [Nathan] Julia would have a dog. – [Julia] I would. – [Nathan] That’s just a Julia thing. – [Nathan] Is it a bloodhound? (laughs) – [Julia] I don’t know how
to draw bloodhounds, so no. – [Brian] You can just insist it is. – [Julia] No this is my bloodhound. “Are you sure?” – [Nathan] It’s not the species, but it is a hound that loves blood. It’s my blood hound. – [Jacob] There’s just
a row of human teeth. Does that dog have an overbite? – [Julia] I’m taking some shortcuts here so I’m not here all day. – [Jacob] It looks like
the dog has dentures. (laughs) – [Brian] They also do dentistry in the other part of the office. – [Julia] We’re not so much
known for that, but we’ll do it. – [Jacob] No, I love the dog
with a mouthful of human teeth. That’s a very Dark Souls thing. – [Julia] That’s true, he can
still have the human teeth. – [Nathan] And Sonic movie thing now. People love human teeth on
all of their furry creatures. – [Brian] It’s weird, they
kept doing these focus groups for random things and
someone would, inevitably, mention human teeth and
how great they were. – [Jacob] How else will I
relate to this character? – [Brian] That’s what I also learned in my playwriting course. So if you’re struggling to
make relatable characters, give them human teeth. (laughs) – [Nathan] Just write that
into the stage directions. – [Brian] It is important to note this character has human teeth. – [Julia] Well yes,
you’re talking about your main character, who is a human, why would you note that
they have human teeth? Nope, don’t worry about it. – [Jacob] Well you have to write it a bit more cleverly so the character will say some dialogue like, “Let me comp my human teeth, on this sandwich.” – [Nathan] You just wrote
a scene here where the main character just opens their mouth real big and goes, “Teeth.” – [Brian] See, that’s what people are expecting to see in the third act. It’s like, check offs human teeth. – [Jacob] At the very
end the villain is like, “We’re not so different, you and I.” Reveals their own set of human teeth. The audience no longer
know who to root for. – [Julia] I think I’m done. – [Jacob] This is wonderful – [Brian] This is very
good, high fashion Souls. – [Nathan] Just Julia and
Scout going out for a walk. – [Julia] Scout got
much bigger in this game than he is in real life. I think this is me. – [Jacob] They’re Radiant, no Luminous. – [Brian] That’s fabulous. I’m so amazed at all three of your bosses. I’d play this game. I would be confused, probably halfway through
playing playing this game, but I would play this game. – [Nathan] It takes a
dip in the middle act, when you reach the Accursed Blacksmith. Very big total shift. – [Nathan] Two optional bosses and one, – [Julia] One person is just trying to very passionately doing their job. – [Brian] Maybe this is
also an optional boss, but she will come find you. So it’s gonna be a mandatory boss. – [Nathan] Would love a game of just all optional bosses, you
can just go to the end. (laughs) – [Julia] Just have a nice time exploring. – [Nathan] Just see a
bunch of where it’s like, “Ah that guy looks weird. Bet it’d be crazy to fight them. Well, see ya later.” – [Jacob] No reason to find out. – [Nathan] Brian, thank you so much for coming on this episode,
this was a real treat. – [Brian] Thank you so much for having me, I’m so happy to finally use someone else’s artistic
talents to portray my visions. – [Nathan] Yeah, any time. People can find your videos on Polygon. You got anything else you’d like to plug? – [Brian] Not really, I
mean the good and bad thing about being named Brian
David Gilbert is that, with three first names there’s only really me that is that way. So you’ll find me if you
try to find me, I guess. – [Nathan] Great, well definitely check out Brian’s stuff, Unraveled. It’s great, it’s a good time. – [Jacob] It rules, go watch it. – [Nathan] Go watch it
and leave a suggestion of what you’d like to see us draw next. If there are anymore internet
creators out there that are making cool stuff that you
want to see us collab with, leave it in the comments. As always, we’re very sorry. – [Julia] Sorry!
– [Jacob] Sorry!


Download the INTERNATIONAL app here:

If you can get Andrew from Binging with Babish that would be an amazing episode simply due to how recognizable and lovely his voice is.

I did the generator and I got a depressing one: Mutilated Mistake.

Pretty much my entire existence in a nutshell.

if you woke up with a cookie in your inventory every time you died to Julia's boss, there will definitely be players who will be farming that for 30 hours to get thousands of them.

The heck am I supposed to be if my boss name is [First name] Zygomorphous Child? 😂 I’m just a little kid that’s symmetrical to the point of being creepy.

For Nathan's, I was thinking maybe the Lord of Sin's brother or something journeyed out, and YLoS waited and waited and waited for him to come back, and slowly lost his mind.

I think I’ll be doing some fan art based on your guys’ character’s, I tried the thing, and I used my real last name, and my character’s last name, and got these, Crucified/Mutilated Living Mountain.

Thinking about this, my title doesn’t have to be true to each word, so reshaping it, and using my character Jacob Cross, his Boss (not final boss) name would be “Jacob, the Entombed” and “Jacob, the Scorching Inferno”.

Nathan, Yellowed Lord of Sin, thinking about his cheetos attack would probably be smilier to the Gaping Dragon’s attack. Greed would probably be Nathen stealing souls or Estus from the Player, Pride would be him getting series, and lust… enrage bloodlust would be perfect. 🤔

Jacob, Accursed Blacksmith, seeing his character reminded me of a Tank, and I can picture all his attacks in battle, just running with his arms, rolling randomly, in every directions, there are so many possibilities lol 🤣

Julia, Luminous Bloodletter, probably smilier to the Dark Son Gwyndolin, so maybe a hunter of the blood moon. Hmmm er boss character probably found herself in the Hunter’s Dream, and found and tamed a bloodhound from the nightmare, and chasing down the Player, sounds a lot like “The Pursuer”. 🤔

For yellowed lord of sin my mind went straight to "HE'S TOO LAZY TO GET UP TO PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and now I'm disappointed in myself

I dont know who the lad Brian is. But I now like him, because he sounds like the happiest dude ever XD Combine that with ORIGINAL DS bosses and Drawfee themselves? Eeyup, love it!

Hearing anybody just say Brian when talking about BDG instead of Brian David Gilbert is so weird, cause like hes somebody you gotta say his whole name, like Barack Obama, or Robert Downey Jr.

Aside from the modern style glasses, Jacob's Character is basically a combination of blacksmith Andre and Hawkeye Gough, a big burly cursed blacksmith whose buddies play cruel jokes on him.

i do love, from a gameplay mechanic standpoint, the idea that Luminous Bloodletter just wanders the world and she’s optional, but that’s assuming that she doesn’t show up in the middle of another fight and you just don’t run into her. Because upon seeing you she will take your blood.

Anyway please do more self-insert episodes i love them

No, it's simple. You have to find a belt of chastity before you confront the yellowed lord of sin. It makes it a 6 phase fight, which is much easier.

Just an idea for "Accursed Blacksmith". It's a blacksmith who works with some kind of dark, evil metal (maybe something tied to the abyss?), and has spent so much time making weapons out of this metal that over time, they went mad under the influence of their curse. I could totally see the weapons that you make from his soul all having health draining properties.

What of this weird and punishing game mechanic. There are a ton of "optional" bosses, as the ones you've drawn. They are optional only in the sense that it's optional to fight them alone. If you don't beat them one by one, they will all meet up and wait for you in the hallway just before whatever End Boss of Cinder this particular game would feature.

Did this with my siblings and best friend. I'm the Mutilated Bloodletter, my older sister is the Mutilated Conquerer, and my little brother is the Mutilated Sun Guardian.
I guess we're some royal trio whose kingdom fell into ruin, so now we are the only ones in the husk of our castle.
My friend got the Mutilated Golem, so I decided that she was some guardian of the palace before it fell

Missed opportunity for Julia's pet. Butterflies will drink blood and decaying bodies. Would have been perfect.

I just did the challenge myself and got "Torturer Beast" It was one of my best drawing yet, the Drawfee Channel has been my inspiration for drawing, thanks for everything

I'm not complaining about Jacob's drawing, it was a good one. But the other two I could actually see appear in a souls game.

I got name that sounds like a tentacle monster: The Knot Ridden Deacon
But okay that is not nearly as bad as Britney Spears: Brtinet, The Sunken Wretch, little bit too close to the truth
Or Christina Aguilera: Christina, The Accursed Construct. Hell, somebody has intentionally come up with the just the right words


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