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(dramatic instrumental music) – I guess, you know, there are some days I’m like a James Bond martini, more shaken than stirred, you know, but it’s just me on that day. You know, on the next day, it doesn’t mean that’s the way I’m gonna be the day after. So just learning how to deal with things in that moment, on that day. And the great thing about art, the great thing about painting, is that you’re unable to think
about anything other than the paint on the end of that brush right at that moment. You’re not thinking
about anything you lost, you’re not thinking about
something around the corner, around the, you know, in the future. You’re not thinking about
10 minutes from now. You’re thinking about that microsecond, that moment, putting that
brushstroke on the right spot. The freedom from that
and the liberty of that is just incredible. But you keep taking those moments, and you keep painting and keep painting, and keep stringing ’em
together, so I would paint like eight hours, 10 hours, 16 hours a day, every day, seven days a week, and suddenly, I wasn’t scared anymore. And I wasn’t angry, and I wasn’t fearful. I wasn’t anything. I was just in that sort of mindset, where I was in the moment. If you think about it,
all a sighted artist uses their eyes for is to
know where on the paper or the canvas that they are
and where they’ve been. For me, I use lines that
I can touch and feel. Every mark lets you know
exactly where you are on that canvas you touch. And it’s interesting to hear stories, like I just love stories, and that’s why I love commissions, ’cause like I’ll talk to people and then they’ll say, oh, you know, I met my husband when we
were in Paris, and on and on, and it’s this beautiful
story about how they did it, all these little quirky facts. But it’s hard for people
to talk about emotion, like, well how did you feel? It’s hard to put that into words. But I can ask them, well,
what song reminds you of how you felt, or what
song feels that way, and they’ll come up
with two or three songs, you know, that gives
them that same emotion, that same feeling. So whenever I’m working on the painting, I can listen to the music, and it gives me kind of a window into how they felt, so I’m using the colors that
I’m seeing through the music, and, you know, it’s just a way to connect. (dramatic instrumental music)

Such an inspiration, and his paintings are breathtakingly beautiful. The way he uses his feelings from music and such is just…I'm in awe. <3

That's amazing, and gives me hope, if I ever go blind (one of my worst fears). … I'll still be able to create art (it's my whole life, really). Thank you for sharing this. =)

This is absolutely incredible and he is so inspiring!! Also, what orchestra pieces was played in the background for the duration of the video? I really enjoyed that as wel!

I'd have a hard time believing this if he was blind from birth, but he was likely a kickass painter before he completely lost his vision so he still carried that intuition. Now he uses his other senses to guide him through. Very cool.

Absolutely brilliant! But what is title and composer of the music in the back ground?! It sounds so familiar but I can't remember it.. o.O

that's amazing, I wonder how he feels not being able to see his own work in the conventional way we do … I also wonder if he used to paint before he lost his sight ๐Ÿ™‚ incredible and amazing still!

Wow! What a masterpiece painting by an artist who cannot see! This is the best painting I am ever seen! I think it is the mystical aspect of God's beautiful creation where some people have been given the super ability to connect music and painting literally! Great job Ron!

Ron, I thought that your editing was truely classy! My only criticism is that you could have zoomed in to the finished painting, in the end, to allow the audience to get a true feel of the actual class coming through that art! Intact, I tried to zoom in to see the final product! Well done and God Bless You! Liti

Amazing art from a truly gifted man. What you see as a disabled person he is not, maybe less-abled? I see a gifted artist.
Great story.

It's cool how he can still figure out what paint is what color. I'm sure there is some type of physical indicator (i.e. Braille) for each color, but still remember those colors and associating them to their appearance must be difficult.

How does a blind person visualize colors, let alone arrange them together to make the paintings look wonderful?

This is Amazing , i can see and i love art but not great at it (im only 14 tho) But This man's Art is Beautiful despite his disabilities to see . I'm here thinking i can never be great at anything and there's this dude which blows my mind.


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