Are You Frustrated By Others’ Spiritual Immaturity? – Iain Duguid

Are You Frustrated By Others’ Spiritual Immaturity? – Iain Duguid

Well, that really takes us back
to the previous point about Christ’s work. So the mighty
power of God is at work first of all in sending Christ into this
world to live the perfect life in our place, to die on the
cross for our sins, to be raised up from the dead, to be exalted
into heaven, and now to be seated in glory at the right
hand of the father. Thereby earning for himself a people, a
people whom God chose before the foundation of the world to be
his. The Holy Spirit is active in all of that, it’s a key
moment in the beginning of Christ’s Ministry when the
Spirit of God is poured out upon him in his baptism. But the spirit of God does not
leave us, in fact that’s the whole point of what Christ says
right before his ascension. He says to his disciples, “I will
not leave you orphans”, I won’t leave you on your own even
though I, Christ, am going back to the father’s right hand and
I’m going to pour out the Holy Spirit upon you. And the Holy
Spirit’s work is to be at working in us, growing us,
sanctifying us, glorifying Christ in our hearts, and
through us glorifying Christ in the world around us. So the spirit is at work both in
the history of redemption and accomplishing our salvation but
also actively in our sanctification. It’s really
important that we grasp that for ourselves and for others
otherwise we can often be frustrated. Sometimes we’re
frustrated with the lack of sanctification of those around
us; our spouses, our children, our workmates. When will they
get their act together? Often we pressure them sometimes in ways
that are less than helpful instead of remembering that the
Holy Spirit is responsible for their sanctification. Which
means we can pray for them and we can trust that the Holy
Spirit will not leave them half sanctified. If they belong to
Christ then the Holy Spirit is at work in their hearts as well
as ours and he will bring their work of sanctification to
completion on the day of Christ Jesus. Which is so comforting in the
midst of a world where Christians around us are often
very broken, we ourselves are very broken and we wonder will
my life ever be different? Will I ever get victory over this
particular besetting sin? Will I ever be able to live to God’s
glory the way I want to? The answer is yes, the Holy Spirit
guarantees it. He is at work, he will continue to be at work, and
he will finish that work on the day of Christ Jesus.

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