Are TATTOOS A Good Idea Spiritually? Do They Create Energy Portals On The Body?

Are TATTOOS A Good Idea Spiritually? Do They Create Energy Portals On The Body?

hi there and welcome I'm Nikki Sutton and I help people realize the infinite nature of self and of reality so we have an awakening reflections Q&A video today and I have a question on tattoos and spirituality and how tattoos can affect us spiritually and our energy so I have a question from a viewer just doing one question again today because again it's a really big topic so I hope you find this interesting now before I begin please support this channel via patreon so that I can bring you more videos like this one and over there you get question-and-answer sessions where I provide responses via video response and your questions are answered guaranteed and also there's a service over there to have your questions answered by me personally and privately via message response and more stuff that you can get over there as well so the link is in the description to my patreon if you want to receive those additional services perhaps some help during your awakening general support and ideas spiritual concepts that I can help you with if required okay and this is from Keith via email thank you very much Keith in sending lots of love hi Nicki I was excited to watch a new awakening reflections Q&A video lovely I'm a big fan of these quickfire question answer sessions I think this is going to be a really popular series with people I hope so – thank you so much Keith my questions are about spirituality in getting tattoos I've been researching getting one from a metaphysical perspective and after seeing your video today I was wondering what your thoughts might be on the following so spiritually are they a good or bad idea do they affect the chakras can they open portals to our energy field can energies from the artists and tattoo shop attach themselves during the process what are the best or worst locations to get one energetically can the image and colors raise or lower our vibration okay so spiritually our tattoo is a good or bad idea well both it just depends first of all it depends on the image you get tattooed on you obviously certain images evoke negative responses responses and that's negative emotions which is a negative energy so if one was to have a skull tattooed on them when people look at a skull it evokes for most people a negative energy of something is sinister or death something like that so every time someone sees your tattoo this energy will be manifested in them and projected it you so in that way it kind of does become a bit of a portal for negative energy it's inviting the focus energy if someone else's thoughts his thought creates reality focused energy at that point on your body so therefore you are that is a receiving point for negative energy the person may look at the tattoo and really not consciously think anything negative even think the artwork is really amazing but the image itself evokes something negative now in addition there are certain symbols which exist within the subconscious reality of our collective consciousness we have incarnated in many lifetimes and in those previous lifetimes many people have seen and learned about various symbols and their meanings and those meanings float around our collective unconscious so you could put a symbol on your body and could represent something good or it could represent something negative and when someone looks at it it subconsciously evokes that meaning they may not consciously realize it and you may not consciously realize it but then you would be the subject of the energies that that mean reduces within their mind again opening up a bit of a portal on your body for receiving whatever energies it produces so you have to choose your images and words wisely when guests get a to another things worth knowing is that some symbols have a positive as well as a negative meaning in different people's minds there can be a dual meaning so let's say if you had a third eye tattooed on you many people would see that as positive especially people on the spiritual path that's positive because it means that let's say you're the all-seeing eye or something it's a positive meanings it means you know wisdom of for size and and and knowledge spree streaming in through creation it's a gateway to intelligent infinity lovely beautiful wonderful but to others the all-seeing eye or or even a third eye you know similar thing when people see it it represents something different it represents the control system in our reality and those who are behind it and it's a symbol for for them and as you can see it's you know on the dollar bill it's there on on the money there in the US so it represents societies who do not have our best interests at heart so that symbol means that to the person looking at your tattoo they immediately see a negative slant on it and it evokes negative energies within them so it depends on the perception of the viewer so that's why you have to be careful of the symbols if you're putting symbols on your body you can put a flower on your body and that will be okay I'm that doesn't look much unless the flower has a particular meaning so choosing the nature of the symbol to put on your body being aware of dual meanings it may have in different people's subconscious mind I actually have a tattoo it's just a little flower it's not very amazing this is a forget-me-not I was supposed to be anyway it's not very good I had it done when I was 18 I think I went down to Brighton in the UK and had it done one one afternoon after after college so before I get on to my tattoo and the concerns it gives me I'll just list a few symbols that you might have tattooed on you some people do like the Tree of Life so that represents something positive and you know that that's going to be pretty pretty positive sort of meaning to that without too much variation or a lotus flower meaning enlightenment now if you have like a pentacle that can represent the qualities and the aspects that are essential to life but sometimes there's some people a pentacle can mean something different especially if it's the other way up it can have very negative connotations and people see it as evil so if you have that then it may evoke different perceptions in people's minds which will direct energy at you and then there's things like duality you see many famous people with a tattoo of a checkerboard floor on their body representing duality in keeping us separate in it in a polarized dual conceptual reality stopping us from unifying and in oneness I'm not saying you're going to get a checkerboard floor put on you but that's a good example of of where by putting those tattoos on their bodies and they're famous you know they get photographed it's voguing certain things and people subconscious minds reinforcing the concept of of keeping a separate in duality in their minds now back to my tattoo which I got on a whim one afternoon I wonder what on earth is in it actually because at the time I wasn't too concerned about what's in it and it has blue and a bit of green and some white and some black and I think what is in that what's in the colors so tattoo ink is actually not subject to as many regulations in most countries as other things we've put in our bodies nowadays you can search for a tattooist who uses organic healthy inks okay good make sure that is your priority because still today they put some pretty hideous substances into tattooing substances that you would use to sort of paint a car or something and you don't want that under your skin so here's some of the things that they use mercury lead cadmium nickel zinc chromium cobalt and aluminium great that'll be great if that's under your skin now I've got blue so does that mean I've got cobalt under my skin that's something very toxic I wonder it's a bit late now you know so definitely be aware because this will create obviously it may probably make you feel a bit generally sick ongoing but it's all negative energy these these substances have a polarization and negativity when introduced into our bodies it has a negative effect on us so you must watch out for that really important probably too late for me now this was in 1998 that I got mine done showing my age now ha so you know what's going to happen there what do I do so do they affect the chakras do tattoos affect the chakras well very possibly if you are on the receiving end of negative energy it could be affecting any one of your chakras it could be affecting your entire energy flow within your system it could be affecting your physical well-being depending on what's in the inks so that's going to affect your Rutten sacral chakras if you're receiving negative energy by people looking at a tattoo and it's at a tattoo and it's a poking negative feelings in them subconsciously that could be affecting your solar plexus and heart chakras so your chakras are affected by these different aspects that go on and yes it might be slightly hampering the energy flow and blocking them up can they open portals to our energy field as I said I believe it would because they are like a picture in a certain occasion on your body which could be receiving negative energy which is away in a focus can energies from the artist and tattoo shop attach themselves during the process hmm when you meet anyone you can receive negative energies from them it's possible you're in close proximity to them they're touching you they're focusing on you they are creating artwork on your body which is theirs how many most tattooist I've met several create wonderful works of art that are filled with loving energy they love what they're producing the images are beautiful it's nothing but a picture of love and and just wonderful beauty some attackers I've seen have been out of this world gorgeous now that is a great thing to have on you when other people look at it you know all kinds of animals and scenes and people things like that that they're wonderful and they will evoke positive energy in that way that will become a portal of positive energy on your body you see if possible find a tattooist which is recommended to you that someone else knows because as a person depending on their general vibration as a person that can make a difference as I said to the amount of love and joy they put into their work now if the tattoo takes pride in their work it's beautiful and all of that then that you'll receive their positive energy but if they're a bit tired or worn out and they're not taking pride in their work or if they don't like the drawing they've done too much make sure they're happy with the design before it gets put on you once they've sketched it out so they're happy with it that positive energy will be on there if they're remembering into the future oh I did a tattoo on this person and it went wrong I really hated it they liked it but I hated it they're thinking of your tattoo negatively which makes a connection through time and space to your body so make sure the tattoo is likes it themselves get me can the image or colors ray raise or lower our vibration as I said already said about the image and the colors I don't think it matters too much with the colors okay even if you had something red nearish to your heart chakra that's not it's not going to make a difference colors only affect our chakras when it says very specific hue when it's a very specific shade so if you're doing like color therapy it's only going to affect a certain chakra if it's a very specific shade relating to that chakra you can wear a blue top over your solar plexus it's not going to affect yourself Lexus chapel's I don't worry too much about the colors okay one more thing about tattoos is that they can reinforce aspects of the ego so because tattoos are a wonderful way of expressing ourselves and that that's a great thing that's creating positive energy in you when you look at it that's even better Wow and you want to be able to express yourself makes you feel good and you can show others how you're expressing yourself wonderfully now that's another great aspect of tattoos it's a personal creativity expressing yourself to the world and that's one reason why you want to do it is because you want to express yourself show others who you are so when you get the tattoo put on your body make sure you're sure of who you are that 10 years down the line you're not going to look at the tattoo and think oh gosh that represented me at a certain point in time but not me now because then when you look at your tattoo you're going to be feeling like oh I wish I hadn't had that done or that's not representative of who I am as a person that can cause negative energy from self to self that's why I got a flower tattooed on me because even back then I was aware that that was going to be there forever obviously and that I needed to not hate it later that would be great if I could not hate a part of my body later or at least just dislike it so when you get something done make sure it's going to present you ongoing and that you're not going to start disliking it something pleasant that's always going to be pleasant and that generally it's going to evoke Pleasant notions in other people's minds but as I said it's a wonderful way to express yourself it's just like creativity it's just like art so as an artist you create a beautiful painting or something and show it to others that's you expressing your inner beauty to the world and they reflect that energy back on you it's not all about me me me when you paint something is it it's you're aiming to make others happy and inspire them as well so no matter where you get your artwork done whether it's on you or on a canvas or something you're still inspiring others and that gives you joy and it makes them go wow and you are expressing your inner beauty to the world and there's something special about tattoos in the permanence of them you can take a picture down and put it away so it's rather daring to get it put on your body it it shows people something about you on you so that's the wonderful expressiveness of it but we don't want to go down the road of guessing to ego driven with it because there are those who will tattoo themselves a lot trying to represent who they are and this is a reinforcement of the ego so I just say to be aware of that and just to walk the line between tipping over into is this boosting and reinforcing the ego of mine or is it this a natural intuitive expression of me because it's okay to have some level of ego in this reality your human being after all it's just being aware of it being aware of who you are and the parts of you and being the best you you can be and you can express that on your skin but if it's reinforcing too much ego a certain identity just be aware that that may be hampering the evolution of your ego and reinforcing a certain type of ego it may stop you from changing in the future if you have an image of something which represents who you are now but you want to move in another direction later you may feel like that's holding you back because that's representing a former aspect of you I still feel like my tattoo represents me it's a forget-me-not so I don't want to forget how far I've come and again all those years ago I was aware that I didn't want to forget my journey and that was way before my awakening and so that helps me to remember my journey as a marker in time to see how far I've come since then because I remember that day however we don't want to be always looking back doing living in the past but that's just a marker marker of it no harm done so it may not be that artistic not sure who even did it cut remember a bit concerning but it's I view it happily and possibly and it's of an image that I still identify with fevers that you go right there being aware of that so what are the best or worst locations to get one energetically well anywhere you like I think if you've got one that was constantly visible like on your neck or something and depending what the image is that's going to be sending and receiving more energy because other people are going to be seeing it and sending and receiving more energy towards you they're going to be seeing it and directing energy at you it's going to catch someone's eye and their focus and there's going to be energy with that depending on their thoughts and feelings that it's going to focus it at you there so be aware that that will always be happening if that's in a really visible place and also depending on the image getting it put over one of your chakras it's going to receive energy directly into a chakra if it was a slide a negative image that would evoke negative emotions in people's minds so I think we've covered everything I can think of anyway I didn't really write anything down to say so it depends on the image image it votes in people's minds feelings and emotions remember some images have dual meanings think about where you put it if you want it viewed all the time or just sometimes like if if you're going to be wearing your bathing suit it'll be seen sometimes but if you put it on your butt cheek it's gonna be seen like mostly never just by certain people so obviously just choose that depending how much you want it seen okay so I hope you found that useful on tattoos and spirituality today please leave me and others a comment on what you think about that maybe what tattoos you have what they mean to you what you feel about them what others seem to feel about them I know we shouldn't care too much what other people think but they are still gonna project their energy towards us when they see it that's just the way it is and as I said the link to patreon is in the description thank you so much for considering that and remember to click subscribe and hit that Bell button too for notifications because we're raising the mass vibration together so go now in love and peace

Just to add i saw one of your mates in town a few days ago.
There is a street where some of the local young people come to show off their new "TATS".
Amongst which a young guy with g/f strutting like a peacock through the street with his arms all slathered in painted …….. he clearly thought he looked gooooooooooorgeous.
I do kinda wonder if this guy is a reincarnation of one the courageous men who piloted Lancasters (to a probable death) during the 2nd world war.
We must all form our own conclusions.

Great Video! 🙂 Would you say listening to metal music whilst being spiritual affect the energies, aura, etc?

Hey Niki you have explained in very wonderful way everyone can understand easily. I have made a Tattoo "Breathe" on my right wrist & it's make me happy because I know the value of breathe & it's projects positive meaning. It doesn't matter for me what people think. But I feel good it's important.
Lots of love ans Gratitude.♥️

You have to be careful coz we don't actually know for sure what symbols mean as we are tricked . You could put something that you think means love but it could mean something else ! That could create an actual energy portal on your body which entities could use . The fact the ink contains poisons that go straight into your blood stream is worrying , you don't need FDA approval to put anything under your skin ! I've got tats & would love to be covered but until they make a natural & safe ink I'm stearing clear . And don't think henna is ok , there's a ingredient that reacts with alot . In my hairdressers if people came in who had had a henna tattoo with in 6 months we wouldn't go near them with colour because of possible reactions . Also agree that the person's energy can get transferred . As good as they look they probably are not a great idea !

What about people thinking negative thoughts about you or your body in general? It’s reality, people have negative thoughts about you no matter what. You can’t control anyone’s thoughts and it has nothing to do with your state of being. Choose your own thoughts wisely and don’t let thoughts of someone else determine who you are or what you should do. 🙌🏻❤️

I’ve got two tattoos and getting my third tattoo soon I have a rose with my dads birth date and death date and owl eyes with my mums birth date and death date and now getting a quote from Harry Potter saying I solemnly swear I am up to no good now to me I think of it as my playful side but I do worry how others may see it but I really like the tattoo and I’m a Harry Potter fan

We Chinese believe when you altered your body, you may have changed your future/luck – to the worse. Especially body piercing. I don’t understand why one would want to put a huge hole into one’s lips, nose or ears. In the rules of face reading, these alterations of your body, could alter your life chart. Whether you believe it or not, just imagine what some of these massive tattoos or body piercing would look like when you’re in you are in the 80’s, 90’s+.

Thank you so much! A lot of great info. I'm very sensitive to animals and I would be devastated if my tattoo contained animal products! I never thought of the ink being vegan. You're a lifesaver!

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In the comments I read so many people talking about that any tattoo you have is your own. That you choose to put it on your skin and you shouldn't pick one that pleases others instead of yourself first. But that's the ego coming in. Be aware of the fact what Nicki said about the energetic interaction a tattoo can evoke, no matter if you yourself like your tattoo. But also be aware of the fact that it's up to you how to deal with possible negative energy. Some people are able to convert it into positive energy. Some people are able to create an energy shield around their bodies. If you smile a lot and if you are a kind person, people will perceive the same tattoo differently than if you are a not so warming person. So it's not only the tattoo. It is so much more.

I have a tattoo of a skull, a pirate imagery, on my leg. I identified myself with that at the time but I no longer do… not that I don't like pirate stories anymore but I just can't seem to like it anymore. So what can I do? :/ removing is out of question due to money and pain. So if someone doesn't relate to a tattoo, is there a way to make peace with it? To neutralize its power ?

As I understand it, some geometric images are conducive towards flowing energy, some mandalas are very effective at this, so the design and placement of such images may contribute to one's energy field based upon the geometry represented on the body.

Regardless of what the image is, it can have either a positive energy effect, or a negative energy effect based upon your own state in being, and the state in being of those who view it. What I mean is, the same image can evoke good energy when viewed by one person and the opposite energy when viewed by someone else.

Personally, I choose not to mark up my body temple because at this point in my awareness, I don't know where the river of my life will flow into the future. I have a general idea, but the bends and turns in the river of my life are changeable without restrictions being place upon it due to markings on my body.

I have one simple tattoo on the back of my neck. It says "Veni, Vidi, Vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered) and I dont really regret it.. I'm sure glad i didn't get these Greek tattoos i wanted. Went through a phase where i was obsessed with the culture. Very glad i didn't gave the money at the time 😂

I love what you’ve said about this subject. This has always been a concern of mine. I do believe also that…the colors do effect your chakras and person. I do believe say orange underwear can give you more energy or black socks can ground you..

Tattoos are prison culture and a form of conformity, a desecration of the body and can cause ink poisoning. You don't need to cover your body with graffiti to be spiritual.

I got the chakras tattooed on my arm, the following two weeks were pretty 'intense' but really awakening. I wonder if it would have been more intense or different if i get them on my back

they say spirituality and weed are very close with each other so I think you have been smoking before the video.

Smh. This is so dumb… you've not only lost me as a follower you've made me want to rethink "spirituality". Do you realize what your even saying? You're basically telling people not to do what makes them happy because someone MIGHT look at it negatively. please people do what you love and do what makes you happy. I'm covered in ink and skulls. Im not afraid of death and nobody should be. If someone wants to look at it negatively that's on them that literally has nothing to do with me and my life. Is this not what you've been trying to teach us?" Be good people we cant change others, only ourselves. "

My boyfriend has been wanting a spiritual tattoo for a while. This is great! Definitely want him to think their thoroughly before applying anything. Thanks!

Thank you for this was really worried about my tattoos and my spiritual journey I have a moon and heart and the words were again on my thigh (left ) I have an artwork by a great tattooist. I have positive energy on my body.

I tattooted chakra-symbols in my sternum. Love them and i’m sure those tattoos give me peace and love ❤️

I rarely express what I think. However, tattoos to me are a huge part of the human being I choose to be this time around. So here goes…
I'm sorry, but if you get a tattoo wondering what others will perceive, please don't get any! Ever. Tattoos are about you and you alone. There will always be someone out there that perceives something negative, wrong about any of us and will judge us. And it is not up to me, you, any of us, to carry what others think or feel or what gets triggered in them just because we breathe. Or do we should also consider very carefully what clothes we wear, how we use our hair, are we maybe smiling too much, not smiling enough, etc, etc, etc??
I know that I'm done wondering how I am is or is not at all understood and seen by others. All that matters to me is to always act from and be in unconditional love. And if my extensive collection of tattoos bothers others, oh well, love and light and we go on our merry ways.
One thing I know: I used to care a looooooooooooot and worry a looooooooooooooot about that. And with no doubt, I was not accepted or valued most of the times. The moment I dropped that need, my tattoos stopped bothering others. From young to old, all races, all types of people look at them and I can feel nothing but support. And I have skulls 😉
Much love and blessings to all

whoa…..I kept telling people that face tattoos that have a connection to the people represented. Like when i see an R.I.P tattoo of a lost loved one. I can feel the spiritual connection to those lost loved ones.I will never get a trump tattoo on my butt! I don't like the tribalism associated with tatoo's

I love tattoos and have a lot of them, they are all cheerful and colourful because that’s the sort of person I am, I see a lovely tattoo shop which has such a nice atmosphere I think it’s important to look into that. however I think if someone is awakened they would protect themselves and keep grounded so people looking with assumptions they shouldn’t affect us or am I misunderstanding?

Tattoo is an expression of one’s spirit and energy , the perception others give is the true nature of their own true self not the person who has the tattoo/ tattoos! The Art itself and the process of getting it symbolizes the journey of the wearer and can be the artist as well ! Real emotions involved in it! May it be grief, happiness , carefreeness, frustrations , anger etc. And for whatever reasons , we do not have any right to invade by sticking our noses and judging the person who wears it! I, in my part have utmost respect to who has it and to the artists who made it! FYI, I don’t have a single tattoo, Positive law of attraction in terms of finances , time and artist will draw me to have a beautiful tattoo someday! 😘💜💜💜


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