AMV Code Geass – Sacred Worlds – Arlekin

AMV Code Geass – Sacred Worlds – Arlekin

baby…u really worked hard……
a little bit scary vid….at the begining
wooooow………i cannot have words… sososooo coool!!!!
love 7:29
love the slow motion
….epic ending!!! lovee itt!!!
and….a beautiful song

Wow, im really really glad that u like it…seriusly, thx u very much four your nice comment. U can see, and comment my other videos too. Thx again…Arlekin

My baby, the first comment!!!…..aaaaaaaaaaaa……love u
Yup..was a hard work doll…3 weeks…very very hard…ouuuuuuuu….u really like the video baby???….So glad u like it…..
Thanks u so much darling….i'm so…so glad u like it….i really do…thx for your nice support….

woot!! *__* I see you really worked hard at this!!
I would have never managed to finish a 9 minutes video and make it this epic at the same time! *__*
this goes directly to my favs! Code geass is already an epic anime and you expressed all the epicness through this video! If I had to choose a moment I liked the most I'd be in trouble because I liked every bit of it! *__*
Lelouch is also so hot xD Code geass FTW!

Buajajajajajajaja….Lelouch is like me….Buajajajajajajajaja….XD
But seriusly, girl, thx u so much for the so nice comment!!!…i mean, u know the anime, so u can tell how many efects i put…Was a hard work, 3 weeks, but i think was a very good job….Neko, thx u so much, really, for your nice words, and for the support….I'm so glad u like it. Arlekin

aaaaaaaa….she talk in spanish…and i read it and i'm so horny now….Buajajajajajaja….many many hugs and kisses sweety…

Ou…now is diferent…before, i was thought that u write the spanish so hot…Now, i can hear u….and…OMG!!…belive, is gonna give me a hearth atack…Yo tambien te quiero mucho…..

It is getting hard to think of what to say about your videos because each new one is so amazing that it leaves me speechless. You have taken this beyond just a music video; it is more like a film. The effects are mind-blowing. By the way, Blind Guardian is an awesome band.

I was waiting for this comment. My dear Kara, so glad u like it. I have to say that your comment leaves me speechless. I mean, i really try to do my best here, and i really apreciatte that u like it. Thx my dear friend, thx u very much for the support, and i'm agree, Blind Guardian is such a good band!!!…Arlekin

AWESOME AMV….awesome anime, awesome song. Great choices, and your meticulous care throughout shines through. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Sweet…i'm so glad you like it. This is my work, and i'm very happy that you love it. So, thx to you, for watching and comment. Thx my friend for your nice words. And you can see and comment my other videos too. Arlekin

Ouuu..i see, but look; I can't be more specific in the titles of my videos, because for the title they can block me the video…So, that's why some times the title can't be specific enought. Ou, so you like it???…woow…i'm so glad that you like it. I try to give my best, with the effects, the song choice and the quality of the videos. So, thx again buddy, for the nice words and for take your time to watch it. I'm so glad!!. Arlekin

Ouuu…was that. I usually make video of unknowed songs. That way i can make the song a little bit more "knowed", and not always i try to make fit the lyrics of the song with the anime (this is not the case) but i always try to make fit when the video is too long. Other of my videos are just like i make the opening (like "own little world) where the lyrics dosen't fit.

Btw, i don't know really how to treat you. So, i like to know if i have to be gentlemen (if you are a girl) or i have to be your pal (if you are a boy)…I really hope that my question dosen't bother you. You see, i'm really nice with the girl, i send kisses and stuff. So, i need to know. =)

Yeah…but now i know, and i feel more comfortable. So, nice to meet you pal, and i can thx enought for your nice support and comment. I'm so glad that you like what i do. Thx!. Arlekin

Ou, i was thinking that this was the first comment of yours in this video, but you comment before, so you actually cant' stop to watch this video….wow darling, i'm honored, belive me, i'm very proud of this one and you have to wait to see my new videos of this 2011, with new programs and effects. Again, as always…thx darling, for your nice words and support. 🙂

Ou…thx you very much my comedian friend. I put a lot of work in this one, is a long play video, and i try to mach the scenes with the lyrics the best i could. Thx again, and check my other videos, i have more of "Code Geass" and many more. You can comment, watch and rate all my videos. Thx again pal!! Arlekin

Hahahahaha…well, i'm sorry, i forgot put some "spoiler alert"…But thx my friend!! I'm so glad that you like it. I'm working in a remake of my Code Geass video. I have one more. You can watching and comment as well. Thx again!! Arlekin

Well, i'm not used to do that…One time i did it, and then i saw parts of my video in other AMV!! With my effects and all, but i have to tell you, many people ask me for the link to this paticular video (and other i have) So, i think i will upload the video. The next week my friend. I will put the link in the description of the video. Thx buddy. Arlekin

Well…another question from you. It's ok…glad i could help. Search for "Sony Vegas Quake"…it's a pluggin for vegas and that gives the video the sence of shaking. Remember to look out the "Sony Vegas Quake" for your version of Sony Vegas. You are welcome! 🙂

That was f*cking AMAZING. O_O Code Geass pretty efficiently summed up in 8 epic minutes, some great timing and awesome effects. You have definitely done the song and the anime justice 🙂

Oh, don't you think??? Well, i try so hard to make it epic, and i was afraid that the video was too long in time, but it seem that you like it!! I'm so glad. So, thx you very much my friend!! I have more videos with Code Geass. You can see them and rate as well. Thx gay my friend. Arlekin

the next time I'm asked why I think Code Geass is the greatest anime I'm just ganna point to this AMV and just say "pretty much that" well done

Yeah, that was the idea: I have more amv's with Code Geass. Check it out!! Thnx for the comment my friend.

Wow….excellent!! What a great comment my friend!! Thanks you very much. Well, i try to make justice to the epic feeling of the anime with the song. I have more "Code Geass" videos my friend. You can watch them and comment too. Thnx again!! 🙂

And the lyrics fix perfect. That is why i decide to make this video. I'm a big fan of Blind Guardian, and i have many videos with song by them. Thx for the comment my friend

I feel very proud with this video my friend. Like you said, a powerful Metal Band like Blind Guardian fits perfect with Code Geass. Thx my friend!!

My favorite anime with one of my favorite metal band, and they are perfectly associated in this amv, really, good job! 😀

(I know, I know… I don't speak english very well, it's useless to tell me that).

Goes very well with the lyric, don't you think?? Blind Guardia is one of my favorite bands too!! I'm planning to come back with the new ovas of Code Geass soon. Thx for the nice comment my friend!! and don't worry, your english is great, and i don't speak english too XDD


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