All Religions Are True, All Lead to Same God | Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna

All Religions Are True, All Lead to Same God | Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna

All Religions Are True; All Religions Lead
to the Same God. Hello everyone, I’m Pulkit Mathur and this is a new series in which we
shall go through short excerpts from the Advaita Vedanta teachings of Sri Ramakrishna. Now
although Sri Ramakrishna himself did not write any books, his day-to-day teachings have been
preserved by his direct disciples in a couple of wonderful books. One of these books is
the Ramakrishna Kathamrita written by Swami Abhedananda. Swami Abhedananda for those who
are not familiar was a God-realized disciple of Sri Ramakrishna who in his early days of
discipleship spent many an hour, immersed in deep discussions on Vedanta with his brother
monk Swami Vivekananda. In the enclosed excerpt from the Ramakrishna Kathamrita, Sri Ramakrishna
explains that the different religions of the world are simply different paths leading to
one and the same ocean of God. However on account of the spiritual immaturity of the
followers, who have never experienced God themselves, who have never seen God Pratyaksha
that is face to face, who therefore indulge in narrow-minded interpretations of religious
texts; it is because of the spiritual ignorance of such followers, that the fires of bigotry,
casteism, racism and fanaticism have succeeded in deluging the world. In sharp contrast to
this, the knowledge that Sri Ramakrishna shared with his disciples was not obtained from any
intellectual interpretations of texts, or regurgitations of bookish wisdom, rather it
came from the plane of super-conscious Anubhava – from directly experiencing the Ultimate
Reality first hand. As Swami Abhedananda has explained: “Everything that is known in that
state of super-conscious Samadhi is beyond the reach of intellectual reasoning. Ordinary
philosophers attain to certain truths by reasoning i.e. through an intellectual process, and,
therefore, their conclusions are not perfect.” But the conclusions of the Rishis of the Upanishads,
as well as of Avatars like Sri Ramakrishna, “will remain the same always, and cannot be
changed, because they are Absolute truths.” These sages “did not reach these truths by
following the rules of logic, or the rules of reasoning, but they realized them first,
and then, synthetically, applied the rules of logic to explain and make them understood
to the ordinary mind. That is the difference.” Furthermore, these Absolute and Universal
truths can be verified by us too, provided we put in the effort to ascend to the same
state of super-conscious Samadhi. Now as way of taking a small step towards rising to a
state of higher awareness, let us gather at the feet of Sri Ramakrishna, the embodiment
of the Eternal Truth, the Incarnation of the Supreme, and learn from him directly, how
all religions are true, and how all religions lead to the same God. Let us listen to what
he had to say. When there is true devotion and love, one can reach God by any of the
sectarian religions. The Vaishnavas, the worshippers of Krishna, will attain God in the same way
as the Saktas, the worshippers of the Divine Mother, or the followers of Vedanta. Those
who belong to the Brahmo-Samaj, the Mohammedans and the Christians, will also realize God
through their respective religions. If you follow any of these paths with intense devotion,
you will reach Him. If there be any mistake in the path chosen, He will correct the mistake
in the long run. The man who wishes to see (Lord) Jagannath (at the temple of Puri) may
go towards the South instead of towards the North, but someone will sooner or later, direct
him in the right way and he will surely visit Jagannath in the end. The one thing necessary
for realization is whole-hearted and whole-souled devotion to God. Vaishnavas, Mohammedans,
Christians and Hindus are all longing for the same God but they do not know that He
who is Krishna, is also Shiva, Divine Mother, Christ and Allah. God is one, but He has many
names. The Substance (meaning the Sat-Chit-Ananda Divine Consciousness) is one, but it is worshipped
under different names according to the time, place and nationality of His worshippers.
All the different Scriptures of the world speak of the same God. He, who is described
in the Vedas as Absolute Existence-Intelligence-Bliss or the Brahman, is also described in the Tantras
as Shiva, in the Puranas as Krishna, in the Koran as Allah, and in the Bible as Christ.
Yet the various sects quarrel with one another. The worshippers of Krishna, for instance,
say that nothing can be achieved without worshipping Krishna; those who are devoted to the Divine
Mother think that the worship of the Divine Mother is the only way to salvation; similarly
the Christians say that no one can reach heaven except through Christ; He is the only way
and Christianity is the only religion, all other religions are false. This is narrow-mindedness.
“My religion is true while that of others is false,” – this kind of belief is not right.
It is not our business to correct the errors of other religions. He who has created the
world will correct them in time. Our duty is in some way or the other to realize Him.
God can be reached through many paths; each of these sectarian religions points out a
path which ultimately leads to Divinity. Yes, all religions are paths, but the paths are
not God. I have seen all sects and all paths. I do not care for them anymore. People belonging
to these sects quarrel so much against one another! After trying all religions, I have
realized that God is the Whole and I am His part; that He is the Lord and I am His servant.
Again I realize He is I; I am He (meaning that at the level of the Atman, the soul,
I am one with God – the infinite ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda Divine consciousness). People
dispute amongst themselves saying; “God is personal, with form. He cannot be impersonal
and formless,” – like the Vaishnavas who find fault with those who worship the Impersonal
Brahman. When realization comes, then all these questions are settled. He who has seen
God can tell exactly what He is like. As the great saint Kabira said: “God with form is
my Mother, God without form is my Father. Whom shall I blame, whom shall I praise? The
balance is even.” He is with form, yet He is formless. He is personal, yet He is impersonal,
and who can say what other aspects He may have! And with this we reach the end of this
short narration from the Ramakrishna Kathamrita. Listening to it one is reminded of the wise
saying that all those teachings of religion which benefit mankind, have come directly
from God, from the plane of super-conscious realization; whereas all religious ideas which
create dissension and hatred amongst people, have come only from the deviant mind of man
himself. I leave you with a powerful thought of Swami Vivekananda, who has said that: “In
all religions everything degenerates upon being practiced by the ignorant. The camphor
(of spirituality) has evaporated (from the bottle of religion), and the followers are
fighting over the bottle.” Whose bottle is the best this is the quarrel, but no one wants
to find the camphor, that is “no one wants to find God Himself and know what He is. We
have to go to God Himself to know (what he is like).” Until we do that all outer pretences
of religiosity are in vain. It like fighting over what the Taj Mahal is like, without actually
undertaking the journey and seeing it Pratyaksha that is first hand, ourselves.

thankyou very much didi..
for this video..
i was wating since long time…
love and respect always eager for your videos blogs and blessings

Excellent video. But one thing to say that, author of Ramkrishna kathamrita is Mahendra Nath Gupata. Not Swami Abhedananda.

didi I a subscriber of your channel I have watched your all videos I like it plz tell me how I attain samadhi what to do for newbie u make next video on it plz thx didi

thank you very much didi for coming back.. Its been a long since you'd uploaded any videos. I've been waiting from august'16. You are my first guide. After that I have been reading Complete works of Swami Vivekananda and my way of seeing this life and the whole world has changed, though there's a lot of way to go. Thank you once again. Hope your parents are well. May God bless all and show the real nature of us.

Didi, I have been watching your videos for last 3 years. When you released the karma series video it changed my life….I have become very strong mentally and pledge never to degrade my character…But I have many confusions and questions regarding day to day life…I have not found anyone to answer those.Can you please reply to my queries and if not to whom I should consult?

thanks for this video… please make more videos, which explains time, reincarnation, universe, why soul needs to evolve, where souls came from, is physical reality a illusion…

Such an amazing video! You should do more of these videos so that people can get the real knowledge of Vedanta philosophy. Thank you. 🙂

Ramakrshna said " yatha matt tatha patha" that means " there are paths as many as there are minds/ideologies " that is not the same as " all paths lead to the same goal:"….. he said all paths are valid / not all paths lead to same goal

Excellent explanation.. Thanks a lot didi for sharing Vedanta Philosophy with us time to time. Great to see your video again after long time of 10 months.. I wish good health and happiness for your parents… I have a request didi please make a video on "Harnessing will power to attain material and spiritual growth" Swami ji Vivekananda had spoken lot about will power.

Very Excellent Video.This spiritual Bee channel clears all my doubt about Spirituality.Thank You Didi..With 5 star ratings.I eagerly wait for these videos. Thanks A Lot

Thank you so much Mam.I really love your video's.But please do a video on Swami Vivekananda's very very rare incidents.I know that you are follower of Swami Vivekananda.Please upload it mam

Thank you sister for coming back. Have been missing your videos… Please continue to enlighten us.

Thanks for another great video, i downloaded that book and put it on my kindle. Please know that people like me wait for your videos, and i'm always excited to see a new one. God bless.

After watching the videos and after a serious thought i m confused that what should be the aim of of our lives… Yeah i know that we should be a spiritual person but how..???? There are lots of distractions out there and in todays world,there is not even a guru like swami vivekananda,so please answer me.

Thank you for another great video Pulkit. 😇Excellent explanation and straight to the point. Absolute truth contained in a small video. God bless 🙏✨💖

The principal that drew me to RAMAKRISHNA was this ideal,then came, after my research about him,my admiration for the man.
No saint ever will state their religion is the only TRUTH.No true saint ever demands to be worshipped.

thank you so much for this . im not in any major belief system but i am native american and we were killed by christians for believing the same as christians .. i prayed and prayed for years now …and 4 days ago my inner good wolf( kituwah story explaining good and evil(we're all born with two wolves fighting. one good bad..which wins …the one you feed ) ) got a answer …very similar to his message he got ..kinda scared me but fear feeds the negative wolf . again thank you .

If you dont beleive in yourself, the creation of God, than how on earth can you beleive in a God at all? Thats like saying you dont exist but God does. or that you dont matter at all and only God matters and theres no purpous or reason for you to exist. The fact is, religion points to satan every time… Go figure. Right… Satan tells you to indulge, be wrathful and ashamed, and to take everything you want and be your own God. However, I say do the oposite because the opposite if a lie has got to be the truth… Right?

Amazing wisdom❤ Iam so sad when I see people argue over wich god is the right doesnt make any sence-this is all ego talking,true way of knowing god is from deep within the heart of oneself..L&L,namaste

Nice job Madam.It is understood that spiritually you are UP! How you schedule your work, reading of spiritual books, pranayam all in a balanced manner?

How all religions leads to one God when there are two types of religions…
1. Only one and Almighty God
2. God with humanoid helper Gods

Nice… Different religions but the same and one God.
I want to share an incident from Quran…
"Prophet Abraham (P.B.U.H) sat to have lunch while He was on a journey, He was not used to eat alone so He looked for someone to share His lunch. He found someone and they both sat to eat but before eating Prophet Abraham asked him to say Allah's name and thank Him for this food… But that man replied 'I don't believe in Allah'… Prophet Abraham became upset and told that man to leave, cause He don't wanna share His lunch with a non-believer. When the man left an Angel came to prophet Abraham and told Him that Allah said 'believer or non-believer all are My creation and you don't have any right to prevent them from having food, because as the creator of all, I provide food to My creation.'
Then prophet Abraham ran after that man, looking for him, and asked for forgiveness and invited him for lunch, that man was shocked and asked the prophet Abraham that why a sudden change? Prophet Abraham told him about the message… And after hearing it, that man became a believer.

I can see that some fake spiritual masters, he or she copied Shirdi Sai (but without Sai quality if people can be deep enough to see) and tried every means to make people worship him or her as Messiah. They are cunning and shameful. That is why for myself I only tell people to worship Allah. Shirdi Sai never says that He is the World Saviour, only Him people can get salvation. No! Sai never says it. He says He is only one of the ways. There are many ways to God. Objectively I can say that Shirdi Sai and Prophet Muhammad are far more greater than Jesus, as the mission of Jesus is only three years, how many and much He can do? You can imagine how little. It is only the advertisement of the western domination monopolize the salvation of Jesus. No saints have ever existed in this world claim this monopoly except fake spiritual masters.

As a Christian, thank you. This is truly how we, as humans, will finally achieve peace and balance. I care not if you are Hindu, Muslim, Islam, Zion, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist, Luciferian, or a worshipper of the Flying Spaghetti Monster; you are ALL my brothers and sisters, friends! We must put aside our religious prejudices. We are ALL stuck on this rock, whether we like it or not, for the rest of our lives, so it is time to get along.

Wonderful video, thank you.
If you have the time please watch this short video, some Geometric similarities regarding various religious symbols.

Geometry to unite religions:

Here's the truth God has many names in many nations through many belief systems. The one thing all the religions of the world have in common is this, they all have faith that there is only "1" supreme being that created all things. When every believer in the creator starts to unite, no matter what their religious practices are, but rather ban together in their shared love and faith in the creator. We can completely change the world uniting all nations under love, grace, mercy and the protection of the great Creator.

Im really surprised that there are someone else beside the Ahmadyya who understand the purpose of religion

This a lie from the pit of hell. There is one God and one way to Him. All other gods exist only in the minds of men.

Religion could be a fiction. Watch Yuval Noah Harari on YouTube. Ted talk what explains the rise of humans.
You must have also heard of Charvaka , the atheist philosophy in Hinduism.
Recently I read Manu Joseph’s illicit happiness of other people. He describes this illusion well. Personally, I am an agnostic, don’t know.

To be honest this is completely illogical. All religions can't be true. How about none of the religion ate true ?

God is one…god is everywhere bad thing they are fighting for one god…using different names…I explained to my friends…but their mind is unable to digest it…in mediation I realised I m soul…

Thank you, dearest sister. So many people here stuck in their mind prison. There are millions of species in the vast universe and all will realize God in their own ways. They dont need any earth religion, because they have their OWN. May all beings in all worlds be happy!

M'am first of all gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge that you put forth in such vivid and simple language🙏
It would really help if you could clear a confusion of mine. The rishis of India & the holy men like Jesus Christ & Prophet Muhammad also had spiritual realizations and divine revelations. Then is it possible that when they codified these experiences in books eg. Vedas, Upanishads, Bible, Quran etc., they really some really inhuman revelations like the Purushasukta, or the misogyny of Manusmriti, the Sword Verse of the Quran etc. It is a very baffling question in my quest for the ultimate truth. Please reply

This religion is a big contradiction. It’s impossible to be with form yet formless, personal yet impersonal and so on.

sri ramakrishna isnhimself a hindu ( santan dharma )…..and we believe that all religions and gods leads to supreme god

Do you have any contact information? I have many questions to ask about different topics. One being, where I may find a guru here in America? I want to change my life, my diet, etc. But I feel so helpless and weak. I don't know what to do..


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